Android Version: 4.1App: Mosquito Simulator
Release date: Apr 22, 2021App Rating: 3
Author: HCgamesCategory: game simulation
Name: Mosquito SimulatorExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Mosquito Simulator is a simulation release that allows you to experience the experience of being a Mosquito unscrupulously sucking blood from a crowd!This is a large sunny desert, rhinos, elephants, antelopes...Ah, it's not only a paradise for large animals, but also a paradise for mosquitoes! Game play - Constantly dodging attacks and sucking human blood at the same time; - gamesters will be in the form of a bloodsucking mosquito and hunt around, increasing their score while making dependents feel itchy and painful. Sounds like it's a bit of a dark pleasure; - 6 fantastic great scenes, absolutely novel experience, diverse experience, the same refreshing. - Realistic 3D release picture, super veritable simulation process - Alternative simulation game, become a mosquito to go on an adventure



Gage ultra instinct  9-14-2021
To meny adds and it's to swift when you are playing the release this gain a 1 star


Mart pia Julian  9-14-2021
Ala lng


ali b  9-13-2021
adverts each 3 sec wow , you should initiate adverts gaming uninstall after 3 sec playing


Dimas Gaming  9-13-2021
TO tons AD


Odranse Esnardo  9-13-2021
tnginang editions nato puro adds


TinyTeddie  9-12-2021
Literally an ad each 3 second not exaggerating at all. Opened the edition and promptly got an ad, closed the ad and got another one before I would even hit run


NMedia  9-12-2021
This is so enjoyment game😂🤣you can edit ideal meme clips


ryu gane  9-12-2021
gamenya sudah bagus tapi tolong diberikan lebih realistis khususnya di karakter mama dan kakak perempuannya supaya lebih realistis... thx


Piper Daniels  9-12-2021
Why did it desire to execute and manage calls??? genre of weird and unnecessary.


Envious Mass  9-12-2021
It could not permit me remove my adds


Laina Austin  9-12-2021
Adds maintain comeing


Reena.  9-11-2021
This release is enjoyment but there are so dozens ads!!


Ashraf Sappayani  9-11-2021
Oh my God wow!..........this lovely lass


Average RandomGuy  9-10-2021


Confused Scenario  9-9-2021
Motion sickness


Cath Arnaldo  9-9-2021
It's pretty releases and I like it check to install


Chi Okafor  9-8-2021
This release is interesting


Wirendy Huang  9-8-2021
adverts too annoying


thwe thwe  9-8-2021
(\_/) (•_•)


ThorudesuDD D  9-7-2021
Cringe release but yeah,i download this release just for looking the milf😋


Eswar Allagadda  9-6-2021
The he'll, so annoying adverts it comes each 3sec,please trust me don't install, i read comments so I didn't trust SO I installed after installing my god I can see the hell 😡😠


Laila Krista  9-6-2021
good release


Hayden Steve  9-6-2021
Too dozens adverts


Riki Franseco  9-6-2021
Mosquito Simulator🥇 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AZFAR ZIQRI  9-6-2021
release ini boleh gigit pypy orang


โมมายคิดทีวีผีสาวTik tok Tik tok  9-6-2021


Lenard Galaura  9-5-2021
I'll rate this 5 stars because I'm simping sister


Ara Ardi  9-5-2021
Everyone love dis release aim like disis gama


Siddhant Barua  9-5-2021


ann serudo  9-5-2021
its original plan was to gain gratuitous


Elter Wolf  9-4-2021
The release is rubbish and so dozens adverts and intractable to control


cedric james tabusares  9-4-2021
I hate your edition si have dozens add


Ethelbert Lepon  9-4-2021
Ako lang ba pilipino dito


Yufia Ayu  9-4-2021
Terlalu banyak adverts


CruzerBlade 9369  9-4-2021
Intrusive ads.


Gerald Roy  9-4-2021
The anime character just 1


Nick Schoenberger  9-3-2021
This release is wonderful 10/10 instruct and it is extremely silly and enjoyment and the sister is hot 🔥


Bahtiar Note1  9-2-2021


Sakuni Aishcharya  8-31-2021
Mmmm shoiy


Lamia MJ  8-29-2021
excellent simulator 🎮... excellent Grafics...The home is good & of 🦟 & Why & how the things they do..but only victims are 👵.. 👨.. 👩..👶..👧.., Overall bit enjoyment to Play...


Rushil  8-23-2021
It's enjoyment but only for a while. There are nearly suchlike challenges everytime. Still excellent ngl.


Elyza Miralles  8-23-2021
It's so dozens adverts


Jael Hernandez  8-23-2021


Elena Fabros  8-20-2021


siti khadijahkadir  8-19-2021
please upgrade the sister in bahtroom pls🥺🥺


Clever Anthony  8-18-2021
Its not working...why is that? i just installed it but it's showing a purble colour on my image and nothing else I dont really wanna ger furious because i love stimulated releases Please work on it as soon as possible


Sevilla Salonga  8-17-2021
I will give you tree star becouse i don't know ok😊


Gloria Armwood  8-14-2021
wrong but excellent maintain up the excellent work


Ron Kids  8-14-2021


Andi Lucena  8-11-2021
I can execute it 5 stars for this release but too dozens adds so 3


S.E.Irving Whitfield  8-10-2021
i can't even run >:(


Jasmine Sanders  8-8-2021
Life the mosquito simulator


Maricel Mondido  8-8-2021




Roy Rioja  7-31-2021


Muhamad Azrul  7-31-2021
Stupid release


Aladino Arnaldo  7-30-2021


Godzilla need help From ghidorah  7-29-2021
this is so wrong like fr. I passed tier 2 and the adverts are so annoying the creators gain money off the stupid ads.


Paula Ann Serrano  7-28-2021
Aliana And Alexa And allysa and Paula and lhen and nilo my family members and monsieur and love


rosadealova 79  7-26-2021


Muhhamad Aqib Haris Mohd Afindi  7-25-2021


Wala Wenta TV  7-25-2021
like the release but why i had to rate it 4 STARS is because idea too dozens adverts and no trick at the first tier but it really works and 3 one is because


Wilson Francisco  7-25-2021
Ang ganda pona laro😊😊😊


Mayvicente Garcia  7-24-2021
Diss is so bor


Fidel Luzon  7-24-2021
I give 2 star because this release is Boring


Eunice and Alexa Manio  7-23-2021
Worst edition for me because always i am tier one is so straight but when i got into tier two it's really intractable but if i need some 1 more life the ad won't work and seen alot of bugs please repair this! I was about to rate it 5 until the bugs came! I'm so sorry I had to rate to 2 star 😔


Marc Cayanan123  7-23-2021
extremely veryverybad game😥


Jaykishormathur Jay  7-22-2021


Karandeep Brar  7-21-2021
Wha beta moj kar dii


watts up!  7-19-2021
To tons adds


Oderfodog Legnacra11  7-19-2021


samir dasdamirov  7-17-2021
cox gozel otun. zide kocrun


Niño cello  7-17-2021
extremely cool


bandeesha 70  7-14-2021


Yee Rewgert II  7-14-2021
Hey not for babes bro I think?


Troll Darius  7-13-2021
It needs a lot of polishing there are a few bugs there arent dozens animations and moves for the humans and not tons release mechanic with no lvl selection menu its quite boring but what got me the most is that the "sister" is a pretty lovely and sexy anime lass while the mommy grandmother dad and the infant look like ugly disney characters lol


Mr Sandesh  7-12-2021


Davin Lasakto  7-11-2021
excellent app😁😁😂😂😂


Serina Mae Zapanta  7-11-2021
I love it's so tons


rex lim  7-11-2021


jazheel joy gabawa  7-9-2021
cool release give a 5 star



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