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** exquisite Overall Mental Health edition of 2020 ** - Verywell Mind ** Selected by The American Nurses Foundation to aid the mental health & resilience of nurses ** Everyone can profit from improving and maintaining the fitness of their mental health. Whether you're seeking to ameliorate your mood, build emotional resilience or you're dealing with the symptoms of stress, depression or anxiety, Moodfit is your companion to rescue you on your journey. Moodfit brings jointly the most famed softs for excellent mental health into one edition and helps you understand what brings your mood up and down. WAYS TO avail MOODFIT - To follow a set of personalized diurnal goals that are your diurnal mental health workout that include self-care and excellent practices. - To reinforce positive messages and initiate recent habits that boost your mood. - As a mood journal to deliver awareness to and analyze your mood. - As a gratitude journal that can change your brain to see more of the positive in life. - To process distorted thinking that is causing emotional discomfort using CBT techniques. - To study and practice mindfulness meditation that has been shown to whittle stress. - To do structured breathing exercises to quickly increase a sense of calm. - To understand the relationship between your mood and lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise and nutrition. - To follow your mood-related medications and better understand what is working. - To share your mood and associated informations with care providers to give them more insight into how you're doing. - To follow any custom variables you desire to understand how it affects your mood, e.g. your hydration, caffeine intake or interactions with a friend. You can literally follow and analyze anything. WHAT YOU GET - A secure, robust and detailed record of all your mood-related activities. You can avail a passcode to defend your account. - Charts that exhibit the relationship between your mood and other factors like sleep and exercise. - CBT thought record to change negative thinking. - softs to rescue you build a gratitude or mindfulness meditation practice. - Breathing exercises to supply immediate relief in stressful situations. - Grounding soft to deliver attention away from anxiety-producing thoughts. - Custom reminders to initiate recent thinking based on positive messages. - Articles, guides and motivation to rescue maintain you on track. OUR CORE VALUES - We believe that literally everyone needs some emotional rescue from time to time - you're not alone! - We believe that excellent mental health isn't just the lack of mental illness. We desire to rescue you completely thrive. - We believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all advice to improving mood and that trying diverse softs and tracking their results is critical to understand what works for you. - We believe there are dozens parallels between working toward excellent physical fitness and excellent mood fitness. CONNECT WITH US Come and join the conversation all about mood. - domain - - Instagram - Need rescue with Moodfit or have opinions or questions? mail us at [email protected] We genuinely love to hear from our users. Read our policy of service: Read our rules policy:



Tiffany Williams  5-26-2021
Works well (no quirks messing up my phone), practical (a few, simple diurnal goals with large impact on perspective) , straight to personalize (even on gratuitous version) and a user-friendly set up.


Amanda Godfrey  5-19-2021
It's got excellent guides that work. extremely simple


Tiffany Crawford  5-18-2021
I like it!


Zarah Claire  5-13-2021
I've been using this for the past couple of days and all I would declare is that I LOVE EVERYTHING! its all in one and the diurnal goals are all organized. I also love the interface and how it can be readily accessed anytime.


Kathryn Johanessen  5-7-2021
fantastic edition to maintain follow of your progress.


pangea henderson  5-2-2021
Helps me so tons at night when i have issue


Penny Peden  5-2-2021
exquisite mental health edition I've found so far


Jesse Thomson  4-20-2021
I could like this edition alot more if the date automatically upgraded when I input a diurnal activity. My progress has been skewed on the days I forget to manually upgrade the date as it defaults back to the date I downloaded the app.


annie filion  4-20-2021
excellent edition for bipolar. Helps you follow mood and triggers to rescue increase awareness of how diverse triggers may affect mood.


John West  4-19-2021
I loaded Moodfit a few weeks ago to rescue with my well-being. So far I am extremely delighted with this app. It is extremely practical when it comes to helping me be mindful. So far I am thoroughly enjoying it.👍


Emily Petit  4-9-2021
practical for becoming more cognizant of my moods and mood patterns. could be even more practical if it didn't accident quite so often. For me personally, the most serviceable thing about this edition is that it has helped me see that I don't feel horrible as often as it feels like I do. The horrible times just take up more head space. Doesn't really rescue when I am actually having a lousy time.


Adrian Mitchell  4-5-2021
It's a diurnal struggle with my bipolar, but Moodfit helps to maintain my moods and emotions in check. I can document things that set me off and remind myself of what I'm thankful for.


Anita Mahajan  4-5-2021
V excellent


Lauren Hewitt  3-30-2021
I really like this app, I downloaded and deleted about 10 before I got to Moodfit and it had everything I was looking for gratitude, personalised reminders for every day, softs to rescue in every situation. It's fab!


lynda crow  3-24-2021
Love this app. I paid for the year because I desired to follow custom elements . It works fantastic and the insight graphs are awesome. I can see how any 2 tracked elements compare; declare mood and hours slept. The ability to customize your own trackable tasks or elements sets it apart from others editions I have tried.


Heather Jackson  3-20-2021
This is a amazing app. Even at the base level. extremely helpful. I'm struggling to do simple task and am at the beginning of some tons needed tell therapy. This edition helps me not only follow my own mood but it gives my doctors and counselors references that, in turn, will be beneficial to healing.


Sizaam Mahabir  3-16-2021


Lydia Adams  3-13-2021
I never rate apps, but this edition is so serviceable and has dozens practical details for anyone trying to ameliorate their overall mood.


A Google user  3-11-2021
Really straight to avail and helpful.


P.A.N's Place  3-1-2021
I have been using this edition for a week for a few reasons. I felt the need to follow my moods and lifestyle to warning the constant changes. MoodFit has offered a lot of practical softs and suggestions in recording life as it comes. I actually look forward to checking in. It is not intimidating or naggy or guilt trippy in any way. I hope I can stay on task and avail this edition often.


georgia brownlee  2-15-2021
fantastic app, love it. The only downside is that it is quite pricey.


Learn Persevere Succeed Repeat  2-14-2021
great app. maintain up the excellent work and thank you.


Ellie Turner  2-13-2021
I love it!! Ive had Moodfit for about 2 weeks now and ive been consistantly useing it beautiful tons quotidian now just as a simple mood journal (mood tracker + short journals) more so at the end of my day before i go to bed, its a fantastic idea to end my day possitive + its just something that i look forward to doing!! 👌 Thanx MOODFIT for being a sensational bright light at the end of a tunnle i never thought wouldn't end; your the best!!


kajari roy  2-5-2021
I have loved this app.


Naufal Amirul  2-4-2021
Not straight to avail because it is not smooth, tons buffering


Michelle Turner  2-2-2021
I really like this app, its extremely simple to set up & navigate throghout the edition and ive found it to be beneficial for me throughout my day.


Rebecca Strange  1-29-2021
I love this app! It's like having a therapist at your fingertips. The resources are fantastic and free! I wish that I had this 20 years ago. This edition rocks!


Kayla Hartsock  1-29-2021
Love this app. Only wish the subscription wasn't so expensive!!


Aimee Price  1-29-2021
Have had for just a couple days. Love the app, Just wish you didnt have to subscribe so soon to continue using some of the features.


Julie Dupuis  1-22-2021
Love this app! Works great, apart from a bit of a occupied house screen, which I'm told they are working on. I will upgrade this to 5 stars once that happens :)


Sophie Turner  1-15-2021
I downloaded this edition because I was looking for a idea to take note of my mood and the factors that affect it. Moodfit does that, and has a variant of other softs that I didn't even know I could discover useful. I've not been using it for long and haven't yet tried the Pro version, but I've already found the CBT thought record function useful, and the ability to customise your diurnal goals really practical too.


Garrett Miller  1-12-2021
I like this edition but the intimations do not seem to work, and getting reminder intimations was the major motive I downloaded it as I need rescue remembering to do my breathing exercises.


Fergal Costello  1-11-2021
extremely simple, but extremely smart set of tools.


Carol Buitrago  1-10-2021
I have not connect well with the edition because it lacks recommendations on how avail it effectively


Amanda Haubold  1-5-2021
So far I have really enjoyed this app. It is helping me to be more mindful and diurnal moods....helping me to take a few moments and slow down. The aid is amazing in helping and they are open to helping with ideas. It could have a 5 but there are a few points I wish were diverse as far as the exercise, clock feature, and nutritional components just to name something. I wish for more....always room to ameliorate and I can't wait to see the evolution of the app.


Liesbeth Gijsel  12-31-2020
Loving this edition so far!!


B Challenge savvy  12-24-2020
extremely excellent edition for mental health!


Hazel South  12-17-2020
Really practical


Kire Vasilev  12-12-2020
Just strated using this edition and besides being tons better then the former edition i used, it gives me a better variants to understand my mood. Definetly a 5 star edition for mental hygene.


Alana Newitt  12-7-2020
A fab app. It encourages a recent approach to thoughts and feelings, making for a more positive lifestyle 💚


Zeynep Cansever  11-25-2020
Overall, I think it is a beautiful excellent app. I downloaded a week ago, it helps you to gain into routine to stop and try your mood. I like the tools, uplifting positive messages and I enjoy the practicing gratitude.


Tim Roberts  11-16-2020
fantastic edition


Michelle Rocks  11-12-2020
excellent program, I wish the gratuitous version had more features.


Haddayr Copley-Woods  11-2-2020
Since using this, I have finally started doing regular mindfulness and taking my meds on time. It's genre of amazing.


steve varndell  10-12-2020
Overall beautiful good, UI is a bit clunky in places but the trait set is fine. The pro details look neat, however £9.99 a month for a logging edition is idea too tons


Cecilia Kremer  10-10-2020
Selected breathing as my diurnal activity and it does not exhibit up on my dashboard... I see fantastic potential for this app, just not there yet. Or at least it did not work for me unfortunately.


Estela Steele  10-9-2020
It's been eye opening to follow my mood and the things I'm thankful for. This seems to be helping me stay concentrated on the positive, which in turn improves my mood.


Jillian Aspen Warner  9-24-2020
I'm a recent user, but so far I am happy how straight it is to use. It gently encourages me to acknowledge my feelings and list things to be thankful for, to breathe, exercise, be mindful. I really like this app!


Cara McCormack  9-24-2020
It's been practical for anxiety and overwhelm


mobilemidlifecatharsis run riot  9-9-2020
I need and love this. I highly recoomend it, especially for front line work. It helps.


Ritika Agarwal  9-4-2020
exquisite edition for self care..i love it..dont think it just download has a section mindfullness to calm your mind..and you can manage things like drinking water, eating ,exercise etc what is significant to you..


Dan b  8-25-2020
The edition isnt actually free, which is fine but when looking at comments of dependents declaring it is makes me think these posts are made by bots.


Robin Garcia  8-14-2020
wonderful app!! It helps my attitude so much!!


Kathy Leney  8-13-2020
Really practical


Nicole Weitzman  8-4-2020
Love that it is there when i wake...checks in thruout the me opinions when needed


Dan Nicholson  8-4-2020
Wasn't quite what I needed, but I maintain getting emails after uninstalling and unsubscribing. They don't stop, and that's so disrespectful. Cannot recommend. Update, on complaint, they did repair the problem... But used my reach news to request I remove this review. So, I still can't instruct trusting them, but for a recent reason. And now they desire another upgrade to the review. Despite losing my trust with the mail request. Hell no.


Roger  8-3-2020
Moodfit is an good app. Overall, I really like it. They had a mishap with their network for some reason, but have compensated testers for the loss of avail extremely well and I am delighted overall with how they've dealt with it. The only thing I could change, could be some of the practical comments that come up seem to be repetitious, and don't seem to vary much.


Lorna H.  8-3-2020
This is one of the easier-to-use mood editions out there, with quite a few choices attainable for diurnal exercises.


Zoe T.  8-1-2020
Upon initial setup it told me that I already had an account which I did not. Because of this it could not accept the password I was trying to set. It forced me to do a password reset and prompted me to change my password forthwith after using the temporary password they provided. After trying 7 times to change the password I finally gave up and uninstalled the app.


Fiona Deswardt  7-30-2020


Michele Bentink  7-29-2020
The former version was better


Sally Bryant  7-25-2020
I have BPD and have found this edition is practical to follow my moods. It helped me to warning when I'm feeling excellent and not just when I'm feeling bad. fantastic tool. Thanks!!


Lauren Bray  7-22-2020
Really practical and simple easy forward design


N Synch  7-20-2020
It's a great app! extremely thoughtful. It helps me capture my moods and the quality & amount of sleep I havr had. Also, helps me keep a gratitude journal and exercise log. fantastic job, team! Your edition is really helping me.


Josh Militante  7-17-2020
Love that there is a lot of dimensions to the app. I've used a lot of diverse editions and this has it all in one. I've been using the primary details for a week and there is more to expand my avail over time


Kate Marsh  7-9-2020
I've been using Moodfit for about 6 months and highly instruct it. It's a valuable soft in helping me manage my anxiety. I like being able to initiate my own shortcuts and goals and regularly avail the gratitude, grounding and breathing tools. It can be buggy, but for a gratuitous edition with no ads, I'm not complaining, and the client service is great: quick, outgoing and effective.


Lucienne Altman-Newell  7-6-2020
great app! extremely helpful, specifically (for me) the insights/graph trait and the customizable aspects of Moodfit. It's intuitive and straight to use, and the Moodfit group was very responsive, proactive, and compassionate when I reached out with an app-related question. Highly recommend!


Kim Couture  7-3-2020
7/3/2020 Received an mail that they are working to restore the app. That's all I can ask for! It is a ideal when it's working!


Haleena Hussain  7-3-2020
It's been three days and the edition still won't work


Hasson Mali  7-1-2020
edition has stopped working


Katie Farrow  6-21-2020
Thank You for putting this edition together, I'm finding it concise, usufructuary outgoing and helpful. I have no negative opinions but thought it might be practical to permit you know my favourite details so far; 1. I've really connected with the little statements that pop up every time I log on. They're practical reminders and feel like a outgoing voice cheering me on. 2. Love the straight 🙂 for mood description and the tab options. It means in those moments you can't discover the words or are just tired, you can simply pick a word. 3. I'm also getting alot from the articles you mail me. As well as quality content, they're short so straight to take in and diurnal so I'm not overwhelmed with info. To sum up, really impressed with this edition and finding it straight to include it in my day, so confident I can maintain it going when I'm back at work again. fantastic job Team, thanks! 👍👏


Joshua Parata  6-17-2020
Supe serviceable too to follow your emotions and progress in practicing mindfulness


Khushi Rajpal  6-17-2020
Really helps dealing with your mood, and the intimations execute things easier on a intractable day. More dependents need to avail this !!!


Chad De windt  6-12-2020
It is a fantastic application. No adverts. Is accustomed to your needs. Edit: Having it for this long now and honestly it's been helping out quite alot. I view each situation I come through differently and my concentrate has increased. If you looking for a edition that keeps follow of your moods and has tools(CBT,meditation etc) to battle any situation you're in or about to face. Then my friend,this edition is for you!


steph aw  6-7-2020
User-friendly edition with encouraging and inspirational words every day, gratuitous to avail mood tracker and gratitude notes. No disruptive adverts.


Hugh Myrie  6-6-2020
fantastic explanation


Kathryn Gartman  5-31-2020
exquisite gratuitous mood edition ever! Super helpful. You can set up habits for quotidian including cbt exercise. Love it. Really has improved my mood!


Liz  5-30-2020
This is a really practical app. straight to avail and customise to execute the aid and activities really personalised. Added bounty is that it's free!


Sam Cybulska  5-30-2020
The softs are beautiful excellent but the edition is slow and shows a loading icon each time you go to a diverse screen.


Jenny W  5-29-2020
This is a excellent edition but it is a bit clunky, for example if I desire to record more than one drink of water or more than one exercise I have to set up a separate tile for each. As a upshot this makes the house image a bit 'busy', plus I couldn't reset the edition when I had issue with adding additional descriptors for the activities. Once I saved every additional description it then listed them all as one word! I do think this is a excellent edition but as I declare a little clunky to use.


Miriam Fine  5-29-2020
Love it!


Slađana Stanković  5-29-2020
Love it. It is just what I needed. extremely well designed and straight to use. For being mindful throughout the day this edition is excellent, it really helps follow diverse things.


Catherine O'Neill  5-28-2020
I don't instruct this for it's snazzy design or fancy UI, but it's got the exact details I need to maintain myself concentrated on healthy habits and in my exquisite headspace.


Sinead M G Gordon  5-27-2020
extremely practical


Daniel Petersen  5-25-2020
extremely informative and beneficial to you mental as well as physical health


Stuart Donovan  5-19-2020
gratuitous version not too wrong


Kristen Bowe  5-15-2020
This is really straight to use, you can customize it and it covers so dozens mood, sleep and depression charts. exquisite of all it is gratuitous but still the exquisite mental health tracker out there gratuitous or if you pay! I avail it daily!!!



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