Android Version: 5.0App: Monster Mingle
Release date: Jun 10, 2015App Rating: 4
Author: Cowly Owl LtdCategory: family
Name: Monster MingleExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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** nominated for Children’s BAFTA award ** Choose diverse body parts to rescue examine the world and search every unique island. find enjoyment creatures, musical scenery and hidden surprises as your behemoth plays in this magic kingdom. A gratuitous run imaginative landscape helps infants to be creative, residence the units they desire and learning what is needed to fly high, swim swift or simply stroll around. Can you discover all 40 body parts? Features: - Combine diverse eyes, mouths, noses, beaks, arms, legs, wings, fins, horns and bodies - Hop and stroll on land, swim under the sea or fly in the sky - discover eats to feed your hungry monster - tell and sing to the other creatures - No goals or objectives, just a gratuitous run sandbox Child outgoing app: - No in-app purchases - No third-party advertising - No social media Created by Cowly Owl, a British micro-studio creating playful digital toys and educational games.



Galen Downend  1-6-2021
I love it since egtv played this


Stan Silverman  11-3-2020
enjoyment for a little while but seems like theres only 1 tier and you can discover all the behemoth parts in about 20 minutes. I hope I'm missing something.


R K TYAGI  10-31-2020
I desire you to execute more releases such as this


Mollie Baldwin  10-31-2020


Michael Kelly  3-20-2020
I LOVE THIS release its soooooo hilarious and wonderful run now THIS IS THE exquisite release EVER


Christa Bethel  12-16-2018
I LOVE THE behemoth parts


A Google user  8-21-2018


Ahren Masters-Davis  11-29-2017
Wowser! excellent release mixing parts


spooky month  10-8-2017


Becky Sibley  10-7-2017
It calms me down , it helps me imagining recent things in the release and it's usually a fantastic game!!!


cameron Pinkston  9-30-2017
Refund just to afford another release (no offense)


SavvyYew555  9-7-2017


Tatsiana Malochka  5-11-2017
I could like to talk u that this release is awesome! I love it even though I'm 4th grade student


Prentle Frondu  2-6-2017
This is a fantastic edition by practical and responsive developers. Based on my toddlers reaction to this release it is a hit. Using simple touch controls you can customise your behemoth as you navigate around a fantastical landscape. Both above and below water there are lots of tidy interactive items to enjoy. Controls are simple but intuitive and have already provided hours of fun for my son. Well thought out and will implemented.


Kaspars Berkis  11-8-2016
Thank you!


vDub Jon  7-3-2016
To execute and take smartphone calls? Fixed, thanks. babes love it.


Nerd Keiana Stewart  6-16-2016
I tried to install this SO dozens TIMES! I only have 2 editions on my smartphone now! NOPE TO wrong YOU CAN'T INSTALL THIS!!!!! SO MAD WASTE OF MONEY!! >:( ...sorry... P.S I have a T Mobile


Chi Michalski  6-2-2016
extremely cute, absolute of enjoyment characters!


Wayne Cockram  6-2-2016
My daughter plays the release most days and really enjoys residence behemoths and interacting with the units she finds. Written by a developer who cares about the edition and takes time to answer to testers and listen to opinions


Zachary Mar  6-1-2016
I completed the release but I desire a refund


Ben Black  5-24-2016
This is a fantastic enjoyment way that helps entertain some younger babes however it runs horribly on multiply of my devices, it seems to max out at about 15 fps for some motive making it nearly impossible for the character to be controlled accurately


shoug abdullah  5-23-2016
My babes just love it. What's an wonderful release it grows their imagination


Marco Antonio Alfaro Cruz  5-22-2016
So boring.


Matt Edwards  5-22-2016
fantastic app!


CaptainNegol  5-20-2016
Well designed, intuitive, charming and addictive. babes love it, I love it.


Art Gig  5-20-2016
This is a really smart edition that gives babes lots of room to run and find on their own. good job.


Emmanuel Espinosa  5-19-2016
pretty and amusing my babes love it thanks


Kyle Morris  5-19-2016
excellent but for the price I genre of expected there to be a little more. Not a enormous territory of play. The way way is fantastic and what they can do, but not delighted with the price for what you gain


Per Haglund  5-19-2016
My two girls loved it :)


Oliver Sutcliffe  5-10-2016
My 7 yr ancient loves this game,has lots of enjoyment creating behemoths and role playing.highly recommended


Trevor Boyack  3-25-2016
I'm not even gonna tell about this one


Charine Gey Van Pittius  1-18-2016
I love it when babes can be productive and avail their imagination. This edition is fantastic for putting smiles on little faces


Curtis Dye  1-15-2016
Stopped working after fresh upgrade


Misfits World  11-28-2015
Edit works fine now looks plays fantastic can't wait discover relax of parts


M. Smith  10-18-2015
My son and I watched Ethangamer run this and HAD to have it. fantastic job Cowly Owl! You are on our list of fave developers 💕


Jose Antonio Sutton  10-5-2015
My son loves this app. The maker of the release was outstanding when we contacted him on a minor trouble and repaired the problem. I as a parent am extremely contented with the edition as well as the developer of the app. THANK YOU


edie bergquist  9-6-2015
Really about hilarious and creaton


chayplays 13  7-24-2015
Its my favorite. I instruct downloading. value the 2.99.


Beatus Murphy  7-22-2015
It a excellent release a will give 5 stars


scar aka Adison A  7-22-2015
Everything is black



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