Android Version: 4.4App: MODERN WARSHIPS: Sea Battle Online
Release date: May 13, 2021App Rating: 5
Author: Cube SoftwareCategory: game action
Name: MODERN WARSHIPS: Sea Battle OnlineExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Command your warship in epic online sea battles The mightiest modern fighting ships are waiting for you! brawl with your buddies in the realistic online action release Modern Warships. You'll become the captain of a modern battleship. All release models are made strictly according to the drawings and look like veritable ships. The release has a broad range of weapons, including missiles, vehicle guns, rockets, and dozens more. And you'll be able to pilot deck helicopters and combatant jets! Key features Online PvP battles. Prove your commanding abilities in fierce naval combats with gamesters from all over the world. A absolute fleet. pick your battleship from over 30 attainable models, made according to the drawings and veritable characteristics. Ships, submarines, carrier-based aircraft from diverse countries are at your command, every with its own distinctive gameplay. You are in charge. Customize your warship with diverse weapons: missiles, guns, grenade launchers, and torpedo tubes – more than 200 weapon categories wait for your command. Beautiful and realistic. Top-notch graphics on smartphones with detailed ship models and effects – and optimized for a wide range of devices. The enjoyment doesn’t stop. Participate in weekly tournaments with in-game prizes. Commander, exhibit these rookies who’s the veritable sea wolf!



D165D037B6C0EEB  6-1-2021


Sk Sudia  5-14-2021
To be sincere these release is extremely nice! OP OP OP MW


ToastyMcFries  5-13-2021
Sometimes when i run my second round my release starts freezing. My connection was fine. And please add this notice sistem when u sail ur ship, and ur gonna accident on a oil rig or something it warns to step out of the way. Please add that sistem!


hilbert tomas  5-13-2021
Please add offline of this release ..


Jhoan Delvalle  5-13-2021
good release


Theodore Iverson  5-13-2021
extremely excellent and Ex WarShip.T.Iverson.


Caleb Jackson  5-13-2021
Has alot of potential to beat world of warships j ust some balancing troubles like misses being op


Kenji Reign Manejero  5-13-2021


Mali Garox  5-13-2021
I cant touch the exit


Muhammad Hairy  5-13-2021
The Graphics is amazing. I could instruct this release to anyone who desires to download a Battleship Game.


JPL39  5-13-2021
better than wows blitz


DJIAN 18k  5-13-2021
fantastic release on my side but i do fell like it would go for an offline style And also Add the Iowa class battleships with the modified era


George Ramirez  5-13-2021


jaime dennis dulosa  5-13-2021
This release is the exquisite it's so outstanding 😎😎 a lot of dependents run this release it has battleships helicopters submarines aircraft carriers jet planes


John Tamngin  5-13-2021
This release is AWSOME! It still lacks something. It will entirely be fantastic if I would run this release offline. I would run anywhere even without connection. I'll give you a five star if you would do this! See ya!


Sup Boi  5-13-2021
Everything is actually excellent at this release I love each bit of it however.. It's just that it sometimes kicks me out of the gane even in offline games... Is it a bug?


Mikael Eureka A  5-13-2021
This release is cool


Michael Tagnong  5-13-2021
This release is extremely excellent graphics and good control


SuperChicken 007  5-13-2021
This is one of the exquisite releases I have ever played


Whyp  5-13-2021
good game,please add some recent arleigh burke classes and the other 1 zumwalt classes ,thank you good release


BISHO .N  5-13-2021


Manav Roy  5-13-2021
fantastic game!


elemene kaisa  5-13-2021
Love the whole release run , fantastic job guys !!!


The Dragon Slayer4242  5-13-2021
it's a extremely enjoyment game. but better then world of warship blitz, it looks amazing. but I wish there were more ship in the game. I'll give this release 5 stars thanks for making it:)


Bruh Moment  5-13-2021
exquisite idea to describe this release is World of Warships but with late 20th to early 21st century cruisers, frigates, destroyers and corvettes. Love the game!


Yellow Sage Mode  5-13-2021
I desire to rate 5 stars but we cannot change my gamester name for gratuitous for the first. It's ridiculous that we need to pay for at least the first change! If you give us the gratuitous name change I will definitely rate 5 stars!


oswald hendricks  5-13-2021
I love this release I played the first one at 2016 and it is cool to run too


The High Flyer Pigeon Loft BARNA  5-13-2021
amazing release like this ❤❤❤❤ World the exquisite


Yulo Nathan B  5-13-2021
It's extremely addictive


Renz Dexter Grande  5-13-2021
exquisite naval release i had ever played. Please add some mic. For straight communications and offline too...😁


Dio fachry  5-13-2021
Awsome game!!!


Felipe Floyd  5-13-2021
The graphics is insane and they are crazy enjoyment


mursyid hafi  5-13-2021
good release


Dano Mis  5-13-2021
I loved this release but extremely lag absolute please upgrade repaired my mobile is smartphones 5,1 and ram2, stroge16gb please upgrade repaired lagging and hanging please


Eskin Wolf  5-13-2021
This is already my recent beloved battleship release


Bryan S  5-13-2021
exquisite Battleship release I have played yet... offers tons more than the others... leveling up takes a long time, and so does making money, but it still kicks but....


Mohamed Nady  5-13-2021
wonderful release with dozens varieties! tons recommended!


Redmond Patchicoy  5-13-2021
Please execute the green "Up" more on everytime your watching ads. execute the green "Up" 5 for each watching ads. So that upgrading ship its intractable for us.. Cause this release is for pay to win hahahaha. The graphics is fine and controls.. Can you upgrade that it's has a rank? Cause playing normal release is kinda boring.


Carlos KJ  5-13-2021
excellent but need improvement. When you run with ship that has an helicopter there are no option to land it back to the ship and you can't control your ship while you are in flight. Have to demolish the helos to gain control back to the ship.


BossJeped Armada  5-13-2021
Hope improved this release


Kirt Abucayan  5-13-2021
Pls add offline when I run offline style map it qiuts me out when there is no connection I like when I run offline map I still run it it quite me when the release is over But fantastic release btw


paul emmanuel Panzo  5-13-2021
good release


pharaoh thach  5-13-2021
Better than tli thought has a lot of work put in to it and i have not gotten any adverts


us spartan 117  5-13-2021
I love the graphics gameplay


Ryan xoxo  5-13-2021
extremely excellent release


Suyash Ganpule  5-13-2021
Partner ship name add scrin


Alex Hernanedz  5-13-2021
COOL release 🎮😎👌👍


Jhel Dela Cruz  5-13-2021
good game!!


El Colombiano  5-13-2021
In the morning I downloaded this game. I was impressed by its gameplay and graphics, congratulations to all developers and creators


Majestic Travel  5-13-2021
The release is great! So tons opportunity. I love the subs and the planes.


Nguyễn Thành Tài  5-13-2021
excellent release


Romain Murray  5-13-2021
I hate this, the first like three matches were excellent but then I tried joining a match but it sent me back to the menu then when I tried joining I joined the match but everything forthwith froze I know it's not my internet or cellphone but the release is not wrong it's excellent but to the developers please rescue to execute the release a little smoother and PLEEEEEEEASE ADD OFFLINE MODE.


Garry Castro  5-13-2021
good product


DRAGO XGC  5-13-2021
This release give me extended for no motive


Adam DaBose  5-13-2021
I love this release


Jonatan Pino  5-13-2021
Sweet game, extremely enjoyment and have a lot of stuff, extremely recomended.


Malik Haroon Awan  5-13-2021
That is a fantastic Game, i'm EnjoyinG it U Never gain Tired of it Even you are PlayinG This Continuesly ..❤️


Samuel Pernites  5-13-2021
The release is so excellent as it was the combats are excellent enough to prove your tactics Thanks for Adding this release on the run shop I really appreciate it


Wilky926  5-13-2021
It's like a modern World of Warships and so far I am really enjoying it!


Clee4000  5-13-2021
excellent release as the first one. But? For now I think it's ok since it is a recent release it just got game on May 13th 2021. It has problems? -Items are too expensive 250,000 each. -Again with the same problem with the first release your not earning enough money and resources. Even when you lose in a game. -Ships are also expensive since your not earning enough money and resources. -You have to buy upgrades in order to upgrade. -Also when you lose or die you don't gain the rewards at all most of the time. -Might be other problems? But so far only these main troubles I see for now. repair this problems please so this release can be better.


Oliver Abalde  5-13-2021
good release


dan kohl  5-13-2021
enjoyment to run


Lorenz Pawirosoedarmo  5-13-2021
So i used to run combat of Warships, its a really enjoyment game. But then i came through this, WOW mind blow. This is so tons more better. Its a extremely insane game.


Filip Marić  5-13-2021
release is kicking me out of the match, all the time, the release itself is amazing, what are you doing with your servers guys?


Aditya Negi  5-13-2021
Really navel vessels


OP GOLF  5-13-2021
extremely excellent release execute sure you have excellent internet for better release experience.


ii_CanadianLaw  5-13-2021
The release is so excellent legit I cant even stop playing it, but when ever I receive 200k dollars I can't gain its nearly like I press a button for no motive please repair that.


Dragon GOLD 24  5-13-2021
excellent game,thank for this game.


giorgi janiashvili  5-13-2021


Gaming FS  5-13-2021
Es un juegazo tanto en jugabilidad y gráficos pero podrían añadir un modo offline porfavor


Indian mobile gamer  5-13-2021
If you love about warships this is your releases guys


Jesus Garcia  5-13-2021
THIS release IS LEGIT GOOD,I really desire to run as a carrier but it will take time


Cihad TT  5-13-2021
release is outstanding but sometimes I am being kicked during center of release


Mr Noob  5-13-2021
This release is suuuuuper!Graphics:vitural,Gameplay:realestic,Control:very good,and tons more!What execute this release diffrent with other same release i played is that:This release is not just riding a ship...u can control helicopter,submarin,and I still dont have the aircraft career but i think u can control the jets too!Download this game.U wont regret👍🏻


Irwæñ  5-13-2021


Justin Skinner  5-13-2021
extremely enjoyment and extremely straight controls and just all around a fantastic release


Christiaan Van Der merwe  5-13-2021
This release has a lot of potential. Overall the release is wonderful and matchmaking is fair. Reward system is balanced. If you would execute the bullets and missiles more realistic and ameliorate the graphics of the release it could be outstanding. Also if you would execute it offline and a bit more realistic that could be awesome. Definitely instruct this release with n 5 star


Blake Clarke  5-13-2021
The Graphics Need To Be Looked At But This release Has Potential


Rhishi Rewale  5-13-2021
extremely excellent graphics


coolman  5-13-2021
The release is excellent but there must be a gratuitous cam on helicopters and ships


Billy Young  5-13-2021
i love it


skywarp31 yt  5-13-2021
This is the modern version of combat of warships and its more enjoyment


Dipang Kaur  5-13-2021
Thanks for the release loving following ships and adding MVP will be cool


Francis Ross Conol  5-13-2021
Since i installed it, the release never started it only load and load and load then i quit for waitinf too long.


Franz Sanchez  5-13-2021
could like to see some more improvements in the future update!


Adriaan van jaarsveld  5-13-2021
ideal and enjoyment


SP4RR0W  5-13-2021


Derek Irizarry  5-13-2021
Loved it!!


Tubagus Muhammad  5-13-2021
I have suggestions. Please add realistic style like the consequences if hit by enemy. Like how injure will affect the ship. example if foe hit one of the armament, that armament will be disabled or need time to fix or even explode the ship(ammo racked), if hit the antenna or radar, communication or radar will be disabled, how dozens missile can be fire at the same time based on realistic, if the foe hits the hull of the ship, the ship will leak and speed will be decreased.


Farouk Marfoua  5-13-2021
The release is blocking when I run and it take me out of the release I hope you repair it


Joseph torres  5-13-2021
enjoyment straight I love this release exquisite conflict ship release by far


SNAKE LTEIF  5-13-2021


Mitake Ran  5-13-2021
good Game, 👍😊


GAMER WORLD  5-13-2021
good extremely outstanding but tech tree will be added just like world of warships & world of tanks.


Malikjessop  5-13-2021
It crashes


HEROBRINE 521  5-13-2021
Finally it's here 🥴🥴🥴



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