Android Version: 5.0App: Mini GOLF Tour - Star Mini Golf Clash & Battle
Release date: Jan 7, 2021App Rating: 5
Author: INLOGIC SPORTS - football tennis golf soccerCategory: game sports
Name: Mini GOLF Tour - Star Mini Golf Clash & BattleExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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★ Mini GOLF Tour is here for you! ★ This is a recent release that will deliver you the experience of veritable minigolf games. Mini golf, also known as minigolf, mini-putt, or putt-putt, is a sports release in which participants compete by shooting a slight ball into peculiar holes with putters. The goal of the release is to cover the allotted distance in the minimum number of strokes. Do you like sports and outdoor activities? Then this golf clash is ideal for you! check to finish many of challenging tiers and exhibit everyone who is the exquisite in minigolf! FEATURES ️⛳️ straight controls and simple gameplay. ️⛳️ Compete with other gamesters to be the champion. ️⛳️ disclose 4 wonderful tours with challenging obstacles. ️⛳️ Customize your ball, trail and hole outcome for unique playing experience. ️⛳️ gather rewards for faster progress. ️⛳️ staggering 3D graphics and effects. Discover and check out all the outstanding minigolf tracks! Compete and earn cash and gems to disclose all the collectibles in chests. mission other gamesters to become the final hero of a veritable golf clash! There are dozens minigolf games, but none of them are like this golf blitz. wonderful 3D graphics and sound effects execute this release a gem among other minigolf games. Once you check to run and you won’t stop. Get a fully recent experience with this exciting golf blitz! You do not need peculiar abilities to begin. check and win a golf clash with other players! Just download the Mini GOLF Tour and be the champion!



Samuel Stanford  7-21-2021
Alright golf game. Only 2 stars because they force you to lose cash quite often. You pay the cash to enter the course and about a 3rd of the time it finds no one to run with leaving you no option but to close out the game, losing the cash you just paid to run the game. No annul button or back button, just frozen until you quit so you lose your coins. repair this ridiculous problem and sick change the rating.


Bob Compton  7-20-2021
crazy, just crazy


Oran Hughes  7-19-2021
cool game,


Chance Ballinger  7-12-2021
intractable to control a ball when they're so sensitive to the hit of the "clubs"!


Kenneth McNair  7-8-2021
I like the release but theres no tiebreaker and I don't like it repair that please


PawPaw Kellum  7-6-2021
Too tons waiting


B Dubb  7-5-2021
The release is better than many, the distance of the shot is somewhat suspicious & the large problem is not enough diverse holes or layouts, need at least 12 if not 18


Carlos Cortes  6-30-2021
Inconsistent when u pull your shots.


Darren S  6-28-2021
Loot boxes and pay walls oh my! 🤢🤮


Fred Maney  6-27-2021
Not a leisurely game. Rate zero.


John Hueckel  6-26-2021
Relatively simple for layouts and controls. I only started today, but it seems beautiful fun.


Frances Nlestor  6-25-2021
challenging good &fun release


David Perez silva  6-21-2021
I'm not the exquisite but I love the release


cherie friedman  6-21-2021
terrible release u can't see the holes, there's no controls to adjust the screen. It's a senseless release there's no idea to ever win when you CAN'T SEE A DAMN THING!


Pooja Singh  6-19-2021
this release is excellent


Kyle Collins  6-14-2021


jesse meggison  6-3-2021
This release sucks


lawrence lavigne  5-25-2021
So I saved all my gems from leveling up... Never used gems for anything like unlocking chests. Leveling up got me 300 gems... But then I maxed my levels. No recent gems unless from the random "better" chests. So far I've gotten one chest to give me 20 gems. Htf are you supposed to disclose the purple chest of it's like impossible to gain 400 gems? Lame af


mark flavel  5-23-2021
controls are a bit contradictive setimes but otherwise good.Plus my grandson likes it so thats a plus


Anita Cochran  5-22-2021
This release is fantastic but i went to run one day and all my stuff was gone and i only had the fundamental ball again. extremely annoyed.


Paul Moon  5-21-2021
An Addiction Now


Love America  5-21-2021
good release but be good if you would run one one with a buddy


anna clark  5-19-2021
a fantastic and extremely exciting release to play.


Punit Raj  5-19-2021


Diane Dewid  5-18-2021
it's actually enjoyment with skill too!


Karen Slater  5-18-2021
Goid release but got to phase 4 in like half an hour and theres no more.......when arevthere gonna be more levels?


Việt anh Truong  5-10-2021
ko bt


David Adkins  5-8-2021
physics is a little off but release is still beautiful cool


Aj Silver  5-6-2021
could give 5 stars if it didn't maintain glitching and not letting me hit the ball!!!


Ahmad Reese  5-6-2021
this release was wonderful but I did mess up a lot but still OH MY GOD 🤣🙏🙏🙏🙏😸


Russell Henderson  4-28-2021
Was really enjoying until I found out max tier is 20. That means no recent maps. Will become repetitiously boring. Please add more levels. nearly lost interest within the first set of levels. To my surprise the next set started just in time. More tiers could really boost the game.


Joseph Pelletier  4-28-2021
extremely hard. persin that chases white Balls should have lost dozens Times two think up dis releases 😊👍😁


Izza Belle Doge  4-24-2021


Cherwyne Gervacio  4-22-2021
Im gonna give it a 2 because its intractable to swipe and its making me furious can you repair it can you add some place to run


Ken Zampelli  4-20-2021
it sucks here


Judy Maloney  4-16-2021
Nothing like veritable golf. Not value my time. Negative stars but to post I have to give 1.


RJP  4-10-2021
More enjoyment than other mini golfs!


Monica Bowen  4-9-2021
SO ADDICTIVE AND FUN! I also appreciate that it doesn't have adverts all the time. Its challenging and graphics are great. The exquisite mini gold release like this that I have found.


Alicia Willhite  4-8-2021
So tons enjoyment


lorraine epstein  4-7-2021
Eh. Played same 5 holes over and over. A little boring. Power on shots intractable to predict


Cody Fincher  4-6-2021
Love the release a lot of fun. Just wish there were more stages.


Mister BiGS  3-31-2021
Played for several weeks and made lots of progress. Logged in today and lost all progress, everything was reset.


Andrea  3-28-2021
Did upgrade and it took away everything, even though I was on tier 20 and further it has everything set at beginning. 20 says Max nothing lead to other tiers


Gary Herndon  3-18-2021
fantastic graphics! The pop up for extra cash (500) freezes up!🙄🙄🙄


Julian Foster  3-9-2021


Avijit Halder  3-9-2021
Thanks For this edition It is a extremely good release 👍👌


Tina Longfellow  3-8-2021


Jo  3-6-2021
One of the DUMBEST releases on a smartphone I have ever played. Seriously... Dont waste your time... Devs parents arenso ashamed.


Amanda Morgan  3-1-2021
Kept freezing and kickin me out


claire martin  2-26-2021
Hate it


Sammy Myers  2-22-2021


v3nomm  2-21-2021
This release suffers from inconcistency, it's literally impossible to execute the same shot twice. Same power shots are having a diverse effect every time.


joshua anacay  2-19-2021
Stupid controls


DanielJ Failing  2-15-2021
fantastic graphics. I like this release because it offers fantastic rewards. Competitive and yet fun. The audio in the release sets the mood for a fantastic time. Thank you developers. This is the release I've been looking for!


Richard Cranium  2-12-2021
Not really value playing.


Rob Thomas  2-8-2021
Needs more levels. excellent release though.


Theo Williams  2-4-2021
terible release


Ludmila Gazdova  2-3-2021
ideal for a speedy game. Unlike others it's not pay to win which is sweet


Reza Beig  2-1-2021


David Harrison  1-28-2021
I might have given it 5* had it not ceased up when I entered my name.


Joby Mechery  1-18-2021
The release is enjoyable. But it's not competitive so it could be better if you add leaderboard to this release and so gamesters could be ranked by there trophies / scores in leaderboard. And if we would run with our buddies outgoing challenges. Overall the release is enjoyment but if you add those in next upgrade the release could be too fun....


Heksii  1-15-2021
Epic release for epic gamers


Victoria Vaughan  1-15-2021
upgrade please


Jo Ann Hanebrink  1-12-2021
Just started playing. enjoyment release but no recommendations how to gather points.


Ivan Kuriscak  1-12-2021


Bossiris  1-11-2021
This release is better than waking up in the center of the night and realizing you still have 3 hours of sleep left.


Terry Davis  1-11-2021
Will not load. Deleted and reinstalled and same thing.


Ales Milan  1-9-2021
i never run golf before but this is so tons addictive


Crownerd  1-8-2021
My favourite release of all time!



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