Android Version: 5.0App: Miner Gun Builder
Release date: Jan 26, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: Germapur AppsCategory: game arcade
Name: Miner Gun BuilderExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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This is my first app. I put a lot of effort in it, hope you like it :) You are the captain of a spot ship and fly across challenges to earn money. With the money you can buy parts to build your weapon in your spot ship. You can also buy bigger and better ships which can fit more parts. residence a slight weapon is easy forward, but afterwards you can build very severe weapons if you avail the attainable spot wisely. Features of Miner Gun Builder are: - 8 Captains with custom skills - 100 handmade missions - endless procedural created worlds - 32 Ships - 51 Achievements - 52 Weapon components - 73 abilities in the skill-tree - Your own alliance you can invite buddies into - over possible weapons !!! The release is an light-hearted version of an arcade spot shooter but has substantial depth regarding the mechanics. If you like to tinker around and optimize stuff - This is the release for you.



Chris Naumann  5-26-2021
Lol. 30 sec ad after I died on first tier in 5 seconds


Ian Adam  5-26-2021
enjoyment game. Also guides to the dependents who desires straight money check doing tier 10.its simple if you have enough DMG


Jakal Lucifer  5-26-2021
must have merger tile, indication laser on left and forward, right and forward guide. Plus injure or something when two lasers intersect. Have a output number for injure to see how tons injure is thr output. Increase the power of captain in higher rank. Better map in th world selection. Need more updates and ship and tiles.


E-Hern Lee  5-25-2021
inpossible to middle ship so i cant just afk in the easy line levels. also purchase failed the first time, but when i tried to buy again it says i already own it, but i didnt gain any yellow squares


Zachary Davenport  5-25-2021
Can you explain why i cant set up a loop? Like with the logic of the release and the idea they work i must be able to build a ship that has a loop for endless injure but the 3 in 1 out doesnt seem to do anything


John Russ  5-25-2021
enjoyment release overall but really needs some improvements overall as of this review Swipe to step in the endless world section and pinch to zoom capability for diversified sections could be tons needed additions along with more detail/clarity for most unlockable modifications, a wiki could probably be the exquisite advice for this


LunatyRain  5-25-2021
adding some chill audio could be super wonderful as its kinda boring with none :> extremely good tho


Erik Sjoqvist  5-24-2021
Lovet it! fantastic game!


UsUm Giveaways  5-24-2021
I freaking love this game. Seriously please give it a check if you're into this category of thing it needs is a enormous open world with other ships and I'd be in heaven.


Grom Meinfretr  5-23-2021
Really interesting concept, but the release requires so tons grinding to even gain started. Ship controls are beautiful sloppy.


Ricky Kurniawan  5-23-2021
A complex release for what is considered a image clearing shooting game. each ship is an optimization puzzle on its own; grind to buy elements that manipulate your bullets (split/flight path/damage) and place them whatever you desire while taking the ships limited tackle slots and design into account. enormous possibilities, and the release will not hold your hand for it; test with them, avail your imagination. would avail better map navigation and/or more loadout slots, a better UI in general even.


Chris Hollandsworth  5-23-2021
Loved it!! could gain 5stars, but it stopped giving me the 'squares' for clearing a level. should be a bug, which is beautiful sad.


nick hobbs  5-22-2021
idea to slow to gain money for upgrades. Ad farm beautiful much.


Puppet Man  5-22-2021
Even in its topical state I can already declare that this is the exquisite shmup I've played in the edition shop for a long time. With a little more improvements and detailed descriptions this will become even more better. Playing for the first time might gain a little confusing. But once you gain the mechanics this release will gain you hooked. 4/5, excellent but can be better.


Kris Hall  5-22-2021


Eugene Bolotin  5-22-2021
some of the skills are unintuitive/unclear, but release itself is beautiful amazing. disclose stuff! build spaceships! blow things up!


Jeffrey Roddy  5-21-2021
Miner Gun Builder takes pay to win to the extreme, and pretends to be a puzzle release all the while. Though the core gameplay is fun, its unfortunately possible to sink thousands of dollars into it and accomplish little success. Though I can instruct this release if you're certain you won't buy into it, I can't warn you enough not to annoy dropping any money into the game. I'm sure there would be a version of this gameplay that doesn't suffer the same problem, but this release isn't it.


that 1 car guy ice  5-21-2021
This releases has potential but unfortunately it's too wonderful to be gratuitous


Tyson Gray  5-21-2021
I haven't played much, but for their first game, they are doing amazing, I love the straight mechanics, enjoyment stylization, full banger. I hope the edition keeps getting updates, excellent job!


bryce wilson  5-21-2021
fantastic release


the 7th sun  5-21-2021
The graphics may be a bit lacking but the well thought out release run and anly optional adds give this release a enormous advantage. A few bits of criticism for the maker though. Alot of the modules would avail more explanation (maby a recent window with more detailed descriptions) extremely enjoyment game, could definitely instruct Most of the negative reviews i see are from dependents not understanding how to run the game. More tutorials could be a excellent way


Zachary Miller  5-21-2021
It's a really enjoyment game! I've beaten all 99 phases and cleared approximately +80. Looking to buy the newest few ships and captian. I'm not too sure what lifetime does. Maybe add a soft tip for things that might need an explanation. As far as the skill tree goes, I feel like those points are really difficult and tedious to acquire. A prestige system might be better. For the world level map, execute it so one can scroll around to select former phases easier! Looking forward to future updates! GG Dev!


Yousef Aljuboori  5-21-2021
The tier is in the corner of the image and it's glitching a LOT


charlie chan  5-20-2021
Can't gain passt lvl 4. Farming takes idea to long.


legacy horizon  5-20-2021
excellent release unless theres a bug where i cant buy anything even when i have the proper quantity of money im keeping it installed untill the bug fixes it self but if it doesint sick have to delete it


Andrew Painter  5-20-2021
This is a excellent game!!! At first it looks like just a rudimentary block breaker, but after a little run time the hardcore strategy both in seeking the right blocks to shoot and in residence your ship the right idea is mind-bending.


Alan Wolfe  5-20-2021
A veritable enjoyment release but I have hit a plateau at tier 50. I think there's a bug because my captain says I have a 10% opportunity to gain a gold coin when clearing tiers but I haven't had any drop, and only seem to gain them from achievements. If the bug was fixed, I'd give this 5 stars!


Jason Richard  5-19-2021
I can't figure out how to add on more projectiles.. bought the third ship and left/right.. but nothing happens.. it looks like you need to wire them but I can't figure out how to execute it work.. extremely frustrating to just run the first tier over and over and over and over and over


Superegular  5-18-2021
You shoot blocks to get currency to update your gun to shoot more blocks to get more currency to update you gun to shoot more blocks... You gain the idea.


Francesco Perego  5-18-2021
enjoyment the first few games, you hit somewhen a wall on progress. Half the time you have no way what you're buying and what you're doing. The pay to gain in release currency wall is ariund 5 hr into the game. meager description of what does every commander do (rage? What's that? What are the cpt upgrades do? Are all the cpts active at the same time?).


MatWat92  5-18-2021
Like the release but too dozens ads, wish there was an option to pay to gain rid of them


Devon Parker  5-16-2021
A idea to auto farm tiers could be nice.


Jatinder Singh  5-10-2021
It's a excellent release but dozens ships unbalanced and I feel like some things in store needs more discription and there must be more ideas to earn those peculiar yellow coins( idk the name ).


Shawn Charney  5-8-2021
The release has potential, however, is it supposed to turn green and grey and kinda glitchy when i press a mission? How do challenges work? How do you know how well you are doing?


Zager Gizak  4-24-2021
I love the release but I wished we can initiate our own ship or something


Simon Sloan  4-17-2021
Hand drawn sprites and swift updates from the dev give this release a extremely handmade feel. You spend your time trying to discover interesting ship builds to progress further. You never gain asked to log in at certain times or wait for x quantity of hours.


DiamondTires  4-12-2021
extremely excellent release and Smooth Graphics!


dan wet  2-18-2021
enjoyment and addicting


Benedikt Tschörner  12-11-2020
After figuring out the fundamentals its quite addicting and has surprising depth to it. There is whenever something to do, upgrade, optimize, ...


Jamespoppy22  9-28-2020
Fun, well made and a excellent community!


Alexia  9-27-2020
It takes awhile to gain going initially as with any game, but once you gain past that phase, you can readily spend hours without realizing it. fantastic release if you enjoy optimizating and/or trial and error :)


Coxistence  9-13-2020
This is a really enjoyment release that's permits you customize and especially optimize your ship in a interesting idea


Patrick Lewis  8-30-2020
L/R shots don't work


oofed  7-25-2020
I'd give this 6 stars but im only limited to 5


Andrei Berianu  3-8-2020
Quality game. Be aware!!! It will kepp you up at night (at least it did in my case🙃)


Robert Johne  2-10-2020
good for a break


Al zx  2-3-2020
good edition that has lots of potential! edition runs extremely smoothly and i have not encountered any bugs yet. Hope for even more updates in the future :D 5/5.


Alex Zhang  1-29-2020
extremely innovative gameplay of a spot arcade RPG. Dispite the simple graphics, the release manages to maintain me hooked for hours!!


Jjun K  1-29-2020
Lots of combinations to ensure your craft does not look like anyone else's! enjoyment to run and pass time


Mildred Loh  1-27-2020
I love the descriptions of the ships and captains :)) They're funny.


Roman Martel  1-27-2020
You develop from a humble crappy ship into a big spot craft with lots of variants to design and optimize. As soon as you gain the hang of it, this release is enjoyment and extremely addicting.



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