Android Version: 4.0App: Mindustry
Release date: Oct 16, 2017App Rating: 5
Author: AnukenCategory: action
Name: MindustryExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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initiate elaborate provide chains of conveyor belts to feed ammo into your turrets, produce materials to avail for building, and protect your structures from tides of enemies. run with your buddies in cross-platform multiplayer co-op games, or mission them in team-based PvP matches. Gameplay Features - avail production blocks to initiate a broad variant of advanced materials - protect your structures from tides of enemies - run with your buddies in cross-platform multiplayer co-op games, or mission them in team-based PvP matches - Distribute liquids and brawl constant challenges, like outbreaks of fire or foe flier raids - gain the most out of your production by supplying optional coolant and lubricant - Produce a broad variant of creatures for automatic leadership of your base or assault on foe bases Campaign - subdue the planet Serpulo as you promotion across 250+ procedurally generated sectors and 16 hand-made maps - Capture area and set up factories to produce resources while you run other sectors - protect your sectors from periodic invasions - Coordinate resource distribution between sectors via activate pads - Research recent blocks to fuel progress - Invite your buddies to finish challenges together - 130+ technology blocks to master - 33 diverse categories of drones, mechs and ships Gamemodes - Survival: Build castles to protect from foes in tower-defense based gameplay. endure as long as possible, optionally launching your core to avail your collected resources for research. Prepare your base for intermittent attacks from airborne bosses. - Attack: Build factories for creatures to demolish the foe cores, while simultaneously defending your base from tides of foe units. initiate a variant of diverse categories of aid and offensive creature to assist you in your goals. Optionally enable an AI that builds defensive structures to an extra challenge. - PvP: Compete with other gamesters on up to 4 diverse groups to demolish every other's cores. initiate units, or attack other bases directly with your mechs. - Sandbox: run around with endless resources and no foe threat. avail sandbox-specific element and liquid source blocks to experiment out designs, and spawn in foes on request. Custom releases & Cross-Platform Multiplayer - 16 built in maps for custom games, in addition to campaign - run co-op, PvP or sandbox - Join a public dedicated server, or invite buddies to your own private session - Customizable release rules: Change block costs, foe stats, starting items, tide timing and more - blend & match gamemodes: Combine PvP and PvE gamemodes together Custom Map Editor - Paint terrain with an editor UI - Edit and preview structures in-game - Configurable soft modes: Change how every soft functions - mighty map generation system, with dozens diverse categories of filters for procedural manipulation of terrain - Apply noise, distortion, smoothing, erosion, symmetry, ore generation and random terrain to your maps - Randomize and configure ore generation, as well as placement of river and resource tiles - Configure foe tide layouts - Customize base map rules - avail 80+ diverse environmental blocks



Aaron Magid  6-22-2021
This is readily the exquisite smartphone release I've EVER played! Granted, I know it's mostly an smartphones port of Factorio, but the devs have done an outstanding job of creating a release that is just complex enough to be difficult and entertaining, while not being too overly intractable to learn. Seriously, I'm currently searching for a idea to pay money to the developers for doing such an wonderful job!


Wozy Zips  6-22-2021
This release is fantastic played for hours multiplayer is extremely excellent and I enjoy the release


Basti Ramos  6-21-2021
Its a really excellent game! But my save files have an error for some reason...


Svtfoe Verse  6-21-2021
Pls ameliorate stability and performance of the release because my smartphone is a potato and it has only 1gb of ram and sometimes it crashes when I run the the idea fantastic release


meme jim 8  6-21-2021
its so excellent i even run on pc


3PR ASG  6-21-2021
an outstanding game, hats off to devs.


Janica Ana Pelayo  6-21-2021
upgrade this release please i really love this release ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ pls if do not upgrade this release i will cry ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ do it


Dinosaurtropia6  6-21-2021
It is an wonderful game, makes you think. I think silicon must produce quicker.


mr crocodile man  6-21-2021


AzharRaffa  6-20-2021
Salt flats is too intractable to beat execute it a bit easier


Tyzahnie Jeter  6-20-2021
I love this release but googel playstore leeds more factory games.


BitorBit  6-20-2021


Big Boy  6-20-2021
I love this release


Kellen Brackus  6-20-2021
I love it


ฤแปฉc Trแบงn Vลฉ  6-20-2021
extremely addictive but the control is limited due to the fact that it is a mobile game.


milie faraaz  6-20-2021


mother kokay  6-20-2021
exquisite release ever played in mobile


Sabir Khan  6-20-2021
excellent release


saria merstani  6-20-2021
excellent I've aprechaid


The man  6-19-2021
extremely addicting


Haoxuan Huang  6-19-2021
Praise Anuken


Alan Douglas  6-19-2021
Scatter go brrrrrrr


Dominic Harris  6-19-2021
fantastic release hands down hours played


supremeninja30  6-19-2021
This is a excellent release overall but the four stars is because making surenores don't gain stuck and gain made properly is intractable so I propose like a robot or something that corrects mistake and or initiate conveyor belts for you thx


M&T Linthicum  6-19-2021
Cool game, but I have extremely little way of what to do, and there's no indication within the release to help.


Devon Carter  6-19-2021
When your base is raided a couple times while its near a foe base and it gets destroyed, the quantity of tides stay the same... it makes it impossible when it doesn't have a lot of resources. I cant restart it without deleting the save.


Daanyaal A  6-19-2021
extremely cool. audio is great, graphics and performance too. Gameplay extremely fun. Only problem I have is that it uses battery life faster than other apps/games. But it's not really a large deal.


Arti Ber  6-19-2021
It's extremely excellent release I love resource collecting and simulator releases


ouengugegen  6-19-2021
This release is amazing. Thats it. Thats the review.


Mikecoxxsmaull.MP4  6-19-2021
Love release Bc you can download mods here I give this a 5Star ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


Alex059  6-19-2021
It's one of the exquisite releases i played, but when i complete all tides in frozen fortress it crashes


ะ’ะธั‚ั ะคะตะดะพั€ั‡ัƒะบ  6-19-2021
ะ›ัƒั‚ัˆะฐั ะธะณั€ะฐ


Nichole Espey  6-19-2021
I really instruct this game. Though it's beautiful difficult at first, once you start digging more into element info, it gets really fun. I personally don't generally go for this genre of release but this time I was thorough impressed.


Nebula Flames  6-18-2021
The exquisite release I've ever played I splendid Love it


Andrei Diaconescu  6-18-2021
This release is so excellent it's sinful


Prabu Silingawi  6-18-2021
The release is enjoyment at first, but when you contact that biomass level, it gets grindy.


Forrest Holbrook  6-18-2021
3eรช noysh release colleague love it


Prabjyot Singh  6-18-2021
Based developer iPhone androing differnec


Sleepy Big Eye  6-18-2021
excellent release but can you add map so I can look around more readily also why do somethings not appear when place or placed incorrectly


Jheian Clyde Mabuti  6-18-2021
Anuke execute an ad for mindustry to gain more attention of gamesters


Kinad  6-18-2021
Considering that it's gratuitous and doesn't have any ads, this release is wonderful


Sharkey  6-18-2021
This release was a masterpiece. It is so addicting and enjoyment because you can do whatever you desire with your buddies or you can also do solo.


Herminator.the.Dominator  6-17-2021


Arlo Andrew  6-17-2021
wonderful release


James Myers  6-17-2021


Melanie Distler  6-17-2021
Absolutely brilliant! If you played that ancient dune release or starcraft, you will fall in love with Mindustry in a heartbeat. Now, I'm off to go buy the PC version!


Mr. Camp  6-17-2021
Emailed developer for in release question, no response!


Fire Green Mabanag  6-17-2021
I like it but.Update Mindustry 7v


marckylennard banatin  6-17-2021
fantastic release I could like to execute a suggestion. 1.more planets 2.bronze 3.bronze castles to craft ores like before That's about it fantastic release instruct IT 3 and a half star


Michael Larion  6-17-2021
I like it Miuch


TheSkullGamer 57  6-16-2021


ThatOneGuy YT  6-16-2021
This release was the one idea I got across out covid and when v6 came out I have no words for how delighted I am


Linda Newgarden  6-16-2021
It explained just nothing I couldn't gain past the first tier because I couldn't power my guns and I die


Mohith Raj  6-16-2021
I don't know what to say.....This is the exquisite release ever!!!! I really like the gameplay, the campaign, multiplayer, sandbox and each details it has... And this release runs really swift even in my extremely slow phone!!!(a bit slow while startup...) But it's a really a excellent game.


No face  6-16-2021
Yeah I wrote a review earlier about how you "removed" the miner droid, then found out about the mono... yeah, I'm stupid.


Joel Lee  6-16-2021
Unintuitive, trick isn't clear, an exercise in frustration. No idea to delete blocks, or reset a level.


Laurence Sto. Domingo  6-16-2021


Shawn Cadugan  6-16-2021
cute invigourating chill game. That uses ya brain


joel tapales  6-16-2021
why the castle not working am trying this release 42 times i hate this release ๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿคฌ


salma escallon  6-15-2021
Didn't understand it and I couldn't run with my friend, it kept declaring error


hayden tenno  6-15-2021


I  6-15-2021
What happened, I can't run anymore after tide 10 I came to this release when the maps were A tree and you can run to tide 100 but now only tide 10


Awan Langit  6-15-2021
Wow gila release ini keren parah cuk yuk dimari yang belom download


Zes the Commenter  6-15-2021
excellent release like factorio also maintain up the excellent work


Aaron Ellman  6-15-2021
Been waiting for this to come to mobile


MagicianKing12  6-15-2021


Hunter Abrio  6-14-2021
How to upgrade i can't upgrade


Veryloneynoob Sucks  6-14-2021
Is syxk si wrong wrong abd abd abd abd abd abd abda bdad wrong abd wrong wrong so wrong bro i love this release so excellent excellent excellent excellent yea h ea yea yea yea


Prudence Palmowski  6-14-2021
Unexplaiably confusing 1 STAR!!


Ranci Asi  6-14-2021
exquisite release to pass the time.


ayaan holmes  6-14-2021
I love the release


ballenaaa 1234  6-14-2021
excellent release


Mister Arman  6-14-2021
Is release me nai nai chje dhondna pasand he Or bhot sari chje he is release meee Maind blowing


gameing99  6-14-2021
Was kinda hoping this was just a resource leadership release but it was beautiful enjoyment


jakefromstate farmgaming  6-14-2021


Zane Sanford  6-14-2021
It's a excellent release but the mobile controls are to annoying it's intractable so place most elements hope this helps


Troy Roberts  6-14-2021
Too confusing


Cj Imperial  6-14-2021
This is a fantastic game. There's multiplayer sandbox campaign even pvp. Its really enjoyment for a simple game. Although mechanics are kinda complicated but it adds up to the strategy.


CringeEagle  6-14-2021


vroom vroom  6-14-2021
If there was 4.5 stars I could rate it, however I love this release ! The motive y I rate 4.5 is because each time I download a slight mod it takes like 3 minutes to load in


Iqmal  6-14-2021
I thought this release is going to be rubbish but once I understand how to run it, wow it's amazing. I have been addicted to it Rank SSS


Luke Weaver  6-14-2021
The strategy item and rook defense are good and is the exquisite non large studio release on mobile. I did discover it quite annoying when my generators explode even when I had cryofluid flowing and so I could have to rebuild a quarter of my base


Bugs Bunny  6-13-2021
dude this release is the exquisite i like that you can add mod and you can run with your buddies rate 5/5


JungGaming  6-13-2021
enjoyment release


Lucas H  6-13-2021
terrible controls


Kaehil Indurjeeth  6-13-2021
intractable to learn, enjoyment to play.


Kajal Kar  6-13-2021
Awesome, this gane is one of the exquisite sandbox gamed ive ever seen and i wish that it will be also abailable for gratuitous in pcs one day๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


Flobatier Ashraf  6-13-2021


Deanna McKinney  6-13-2021
The release is excellent but there's a problem with the release I can't gain in to the 3rd campian LV.


ะะทะฐะผ ะŸะพะฟะพะปะฐะผ  6-13-2021
good game! cheerful to see logic here


Tuแบฅn Anh  6-13-2021
excellent release


Michael Mancini  6-12-2021
straight to study enjoyment to play. Five stars from me.


Vichow Madayanto  6-12-2021
wrong release ITS NOT excellent IT whenever TURNS OF THE MODS IF A accident rubbish


matthew riper  6-12-2021
Great, addictive, psudo rook defense!


Laodisea Kobayashi  6-12-2021
I like this release but I cannot gain the center glass some motive I know how to gain it


Jake Wouterson  6-12-2021
fantastic game, veritable enjoyment to execute resource gathering and production lines


Asha H  6-12-2021
I guess it is good, I didn't gain a time playing it bc I don't understand how to protect your sector without dieing yourself. I think there must be a better trick before the foes come


Leslie Puryear  6-12-2021
It's a lot of fun, I've nearly beaten the campaign, but of course it does have some flaws, like each other game.The Nuclear Production sector IS REALLY intractable not the sector itself just the fact that there is 2 Extreme and 2 Eradication sectors you have to kill to maintain the nuclear sector. And 2, getting level 4 creatures alone is crazy I mean it's like 65,000 plastanium. But it still gets five stars because it's a fantastic release and to solve these problems you just have to gain excellent at the release and grind๐Ÿ‘


Cylene Sison  6-12-2021
release so Bed not fake Mindustry Mobile release release pc release Mobile??? Not fun... GAME!!!


Johan Kornet  6-11-2021
A amazing rook defense and resource leadership game, all without in-game ads!


Your Mom  6-11-2021


--  6-11-2021
Interesting concept and seem like a excellent game, but not my cup of tea


Moon Wolf  6-11-2021
I love and hate the release


Jacob Heasler  6-11-2021
I like the game, but the new campaign change really screwed me over. I was about halfway across the campaign, but when the upgrade was released, all the tiers I completed it forgot about, but I still had the tech tree unlocked. Also, the tier "nuclear production complex" is beautiful straight until tide 15-20 then it just promptly gets impossible to beat because all of the sectors near it just all attack at once, I've tried 5 times and I can't gain past tide 20. Over than that, excellent release


Marj A  6-11-2021
This is super fun, but one problem, I have a mod installed and it adds in recent ground, naval, and air units, one air creature explodes on enemies, but once it explodes, the release crashes. can you please repair it?


Olamide Ajibade  6-11-2021


Orang Oranye  6-11-2021
rescue me dev, my music kinda broken at my vivo x7 plus rescue :(


Gacha_TลpAT  6-11-2021
When next upgrade upgrade :)


Uriel Granados  6-11-2021
very fantastic game. A good blend of rook defense and factory games. Although some hardship lables may be miss leading, the release is enjoyment once you put time into it. HOWEVER, this release is not for everyone, as it's a rook defense/factory hybrid with coding logic, decently mighty and smart enemies, and a confusing tutorial, some dependents may uninstall due to not understanding.


Lance Manning  6-10-2021
wonderful and amazing game. Hands down one of the exquisite I've played. If you guys add long distance multi-player capability I will absolutely come back and give 5.


Ariel Salva  6-10-2021


Agnes Parreno  6-10-2021
i desired these so i can load mods and i can change it survival or sandbox, pvp and then the newest one i forgot the name!!!!!


Jacob Herrmann  6-10-2021
So tons to build, no time limit, free, not riddled with ads. A rare gem of a game. And the gameplay is complex enough without needing grand rendering power, with extensive tech trees, nothing specifically "for paying clients only" and such a variant of resources, all of which are more than a little useful. Love this game.


celestegrace  6-10-2021
Super in-depth for a smartphone game, really interesting and fun. It is intractable to figure out how to play, but once I did I reset the release and started over and it was tons better since the maps build on every other. I'd definitely propose improving the trick


Dakotathedoctor  6-10-2021
I love this game, the strategies that you can check really experiment your mind! I was able to run this release on both smartphones and chromebooks, and it works nearly perfectly on both, excluding the glitches and if the gadget your using doesn't have enough RAM to properly avail it, other than that this is a fantastic release to pass the time!


Dunge War  6-10-2021
excellent release


Maximus Sandoval  6-10-2021
I love this release and have played for over a year and still enjoyment to me, no matter how long I play. I would literally run for hours and not gain bored and of I do it saves most or all of the progress I have made. Edit: seeing the negative reviews there is a drone in release that will allow you to rebuild your base.


Peter Mukudai  6-10-2021
This. Is. AMAZING!


Emelyn Balbino  6-10-2021


Ray Raccoon Critter King  6-9-2021
exquisite release I've ever played, it's only four of five stars because of two reasons, 1: there needs to be a rescue menu somewhere in the release where you can gain more notification on some buildings. Like the logic team of blocks, and #2: sometimes power connections connect to things you don't desire them to, if the devs can execute a manual connection system? That's all! fantastic release but just needs a couple fixes :)


EphemerAkes Nah  6-9-2021
my sector 133 is under capturing and i was maintain in overgrwoth because its under attack. there is notif i lost 133. i go there again (after overgrowth is secured) using 'Launch' and i was in tide 62 as topic*(8leg) the guardian is spawn and no health bar displayed.


im idiot some time  6-9-2021
why the multiplayer is lost connection


Gabriel Tan ZH  6-9-2021
This release is really hard. when you're working on one stage, the other get's attacked.. Need to execute a idea to separate out phases so you don't have 5 diverse places being attached simultaneously. Also perhaps a trait to rebuild injured residences instantly.


ok ok  6-8-2021
I discover this release extremely enjoyment and maintain coming back to it


Zachary Phillips  6-8-2021
there is no titoral of what to do and it is impossible gain is repair please.


Joshua Kariuki  6-8-2021
This is my beloved smartphones release


Andrew Ihegbu  6-8-2021
Brought down to 3 stars as the recent singleplayer style is broken. No scores, control of cargo or ability to drop recent material on existing maps. This means, for example, that you cannot gain coal onto the first map and thus build thermal generators to access the relax of the materials on the map (like scrap n water). The recent separator block needs surge but the surge factory needs thorium which the recent separator block creates so you need to drop a slight quantity of either surge or thorium planet side!


demino  6-8-2021
if you actually exhibit how to run it than making us sit there and permit us know the release itself will really rescue us alot (and btw if your putting a PC release to a Mobile discover A idea TO execute each BUTTONS NOT MESSY AND MORE readily UNDERSTANDABLE YOU DINGUS)


Loise Bahjin  6-8-2021
Anuke, 7.0 when?


pyro _maniac  6-8-2021
To idle to conform completely its enjoyment and it can distract u for idea to dozens hours to be healthy



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