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readily organize with email, calendar, and files in one edition with Microsoft Outlook. With sensible email, calendar reminders and contacts, Outlook for smartphones permits you do more from one mighty inbox. Connect. Organize. gain things done. Email friends, family and mates from multiple accounts on one edition and see what matters most first with the concentrated Inbox that keeps the significant messages on top. Switch between your emails and calendar to schedule your next meeting or share your availability with anyone with just a few taps. mail a document from your Files list or a picture from your Gallery and attach it easily. Microsoft Outlook provides seamless inbox leadership that enables you to stay connected on the go. Outlook includes Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive integrations to rescue you manage and send files and connects with Teams, Zoom and other clip calling providers without hassle. Customize mail and calendars so you can stay on top of your occupied day. Listen to what’s recent in your inbox, organize schedules and more. discover what you need with Search- it’s only a tap away or you can avail your voice and ask for what you need with language you avail each day. Outlook for smartphones works with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365,, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. MICROSOFT OUTLOOK FEATURES: One Place – Email, Calendar, Contacts & Files • Email, calendar, contacts and files are all jointly in one place. • Calendar and file access right from your inbox. • Connected experiences with Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. • Microsoft Office documents are achievable from Outlook, stored locally, or on OneDrive or other cloud storage. • initiate and join your online clip calls and meetings with Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans and Webex. Organized – mail & Day Planner Management • Outlook helps you stay on top of your day with customized calendar and mail capabilities. • Know what’s Up Next in your day from your calendar with a glance at your inbox. • mail inbox leadership displays your most significant messages first and enables swipe gestures and smart filters. • avail as an organizer & share calendars to readily coordinate schedules. • RSVP to invitations from your inbox and send a personalized comment too. • Add schedules from Facebook or of your beloved sports & TV shows across Bing calendars. Intelligent – Calendar & Inbox Organizer • Outlook provides practical ideas for you to stay focused. • avail your voice to discover people, contacts, emails, occasions and attachments with Search. • avail suggested replies instead of typing out your message responses to gain things done faster. • mail manager highlights actions for you across @mentions. • Calendar automatically updates with travel and delivery information. • concentrated Inbox keeps significant emails and conversations front and center. • mail organizer teams same subject emails and conversations for easier tracking. • Listen to your emails with run My Emails in English and seize up hands-free to gain time back in your day. Secure – Safe mail leadership & Spam Protection • Microsoft Outlook defends your news with protection you can trust. • Simple, secure sign-on to authenticate and defend your identity. • mail leadership with built-in security versus viruses and spam. • Advanced security to maintain your messages safe from phishing attacks and other online threats. • Microsoft protection and rules keeps your email, calendar, contacts and files safe. Get leadership for contacts, email, work schedule, files and more with Microsoft Outlook today.



Michael Rowland  12-1-2020
Emails a little slow


Richard Blumberg Ackermann  12-1-2020
Microsoft mediocrities


P S  12-1-2020
It works


kav1187  12-1-2020
I can't believe that this is the official outlook app. It's so wrong I'm going to have to change to a diverse provider. It lacks simple features. It signs me out after about a month regardless of how tons I avail the app. This means digging up the IMAP features each time. I don't gain alarms for recent emails. I've had to auto forward emails to my Samsung mail account just so I could gain an alert. Really disappointed in this app.


THIRD Encounter  11-30-2020
Keeps crashing


Hadi Saliminejad  11-30-2020


Kerim Sarı  11-30-2020
Was working perfectly but i don't gain any intimations any more


Benjamin Onaboye  11-30-2020


Rajan G  11-30-2020
Other than the quirky behavior around re-syncing exchange password changes, it works beautiful excellent and nearly as functional as the desktop application. Overall recommended.


Shawn Mc Gahan  11-30-2020
Bought subscription and was hell afterward!


Eric Porter  11-30-2020
mail is not updating recent emails.


Mohammad Hassan Raissi  11-30-2020
extremely good


nick dennon  11-30-2020
each aspect of the edition is dreadful.


Michael Kitchen  11-30-2020
This edition does most of the things you could expect from the Microsoft Office suite of apps. Integration with counterpart editions on other gadgets including desktop and other mobile gadgets is excellent. Integration with other mail providers is usually good. However, it fails miserably when you add a Gmail (Google) account. It just doesn't work! After battling with Microsoft aid over dozens days, they finally admitted that. Worst of it was that they have no plans to repair it!


YOUSSEF___ AV  11-30-2020


C Delores F  11-30-2020
extremely usufructuary friendly.


Cabdixakiin Xasan  11-30-2020


Daoud Nicola  11-30-2020
extremely practical and useful.


ikhwan nazeer mdtia  11-30-2020


Aaron Gibbs  11-30-2020
fantastic for work


Lilboricua Ponce-d'Leon  11-30-2020
My account has been hacked since downloading this. Beware!


Robin Morton  11-30-2020


Sue Weate  11-30-2020
Enjoy hearing from family


AR Rehmanzai  11-30-2020
For work targets


William Orpin-Hipperson  11-30-2020


Wajdan Khan  11-30-2020
I desire to grow my account


Jean Walker  11-30-2020


Robert Stevens  11-30-2020
fantastic mobile edition


eunice kabura  11-30-2020
excellent so far


Hopnopdigz  11-30-2020
straight to access and discover essential docs


Matt Watkins  11-30-2020
fantastic edition for email!


Jamie Ridley  11-30-2020


Jessica Nally  11-30-2020
No longer opens or refreshes my emails


Gubin Bora  11-30-2020
good edition


Sonny Zayas  11-30-2020
Works just as it described it would, thank you


ayman shabaka  11-30-2020


Maria Zevallos  11-30-2020
I discover everything swift


DJB 123  11-30-2020
If I would block emails and dependents on the edition readily or at all i could give this five stars. If emails I deleted actually stayed deleted I could give this five stars. The only motive I'm giving it a one is because it gives me my emails.


Jeff Clemo  11-30-2020
Exchange setup is broken. Keeps trying to play office 365 setup with my work email.


William Ayotte  11-30-2020
avail it quotidian and love it


James Bendall  11-30-2020
Fine to begin with but then demands re-entry of mail account login features and starts leaving messages in the Outbox without sending them. Uninstalled.


Fabio Barbosa  11-30-2020


Mohamed Abdallah  11-30-2020


Tracy Garvin  11-30-2020
straight to avail


Victoria Fry  11-30-2020


Zena Marcia Hamilton  11-30-2020
This was fantastic for your mail needs. It stopped syncing my Hotmail account, which is Outlook. Now it will not recognize my Hotmail account atall. It states that it is not Outlook. Deleted and went with another app.


J  11-30-2020
it's really clean but my only suggestion is tk have it a scheduled send trait


Utku Okur  11-30-2020
There are some minor issues. It works well overall.


Hetal Patel  11-30-2020
Love outlook for work and organization. extremely functional and flexible. Allows you to maintain task list, recall emails you didn't mean to send, and has a dictation trait which is great. It's usufructuary outgoing and straight to troubleshoot My problems.


S. Pierce  11-30-2020
Thank to Outlook edition I can try my Hotmail emails tons quicker.


Wassim Almansour  11-30-2020
Worst spam filter ever. I receive many of spam messages for every legitimate message. I report all as spam. Doesn't seem to to execute a difference. -- Edit More than a year later, common, straight to space spam still shows in inbox. In "Focused" nonetheless.


SissCo Kids  11-30-2020
I hate the keyboard popping up everytime I go to file a document. Please proper this.


Gareth Williams  11-30-2020
Impossible to uninstall as just gain message declaring gadget is an administrator and should be deactivated before being uninstalled, but no way how to do that.


Jeni Vasquez  11-30-2020
Works well, syncs with work mail with no problem, and calendars whenever accurate


Bilu Halder  11-30-2020
extremely excellent


Sonali Ghosh  11-30-2020
excellent edition


Martin Bates  11-30-2020
Still extremely excellent .


A Google user  11-30-2020
Does not sync on a mobile informations connection, only on Wi-Fi. Not reliable. Deleting email in the edition does not remove it from the mailbox.



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