Android Version: VARYApp: Mergest Kingdom: Merge Puzzle
Release date: Apr 7, 2021App Rating: 5
Author: Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.Category: game simulation
Name: Mergest Kingdom: Merge PuzzleExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Do you believe in fairytales? How else could you explain the tale that is about to unfold! Merge jointly hundreds of objects in a land absolute of challenging quests, gather and harvest resources, design your own isle by making it look the idea YOU desire it! discover the exquisite ideas to match and merge diversified pieces to erect the biggest residences and cultivate the most fruitful plants! rescue rebuild the Mergest Kingdom and execute it the most magic one in the Seventh Realm! What is The Mergest Kingdom like? YOUR WORLD! Only here can you discover the most wonderful objects that you will ever merge! YOUR CHOICE! You can merge dragons, trees, gems, and virtually anything you discover on your trip of discovery! YOUR RULES! The isles absolute of merge magical and merge craft enabling you to execute the biggest merges the idea YOU want! Quests and challenges Take part in diurnal QUESTS to gather cash and gems, Mine diversified RESOURCES to build, Explore vast magical territories absolute of mysterious creatures, bedazzling characters, and captivating objects populating this endless world! If you love merge releases this mergical experience is going to be a ideal fit for you!



April Snyder  5-14-2021
I paid for the starter pack and still haven't received my 50 gems or my 200 energy


Mercedes Caparelli  5-14-2021
I made a purchase and got nothing but still got charged... I sent a msg on their fb page and still no response... it is a excellent release and I'd be willing to change my rating if they repair this problem


Kamalasaraswathi K  5-14-2021
extremely interesting


Penni Harrison  5-14-2021
enjoyment little game. keeps you occupied residence and merging.


Melanie Caners  5-14-2021
love it


Denan Barnett  5-13-2021


Mike Gurak  5-13-2021
This is a great merge game. I didn't understand how to run EverMerge but this release is extremely intuitive thanks in part to a fantastic tutorial. This isn't a release you sit and run for hours at a time; don't treat it as one and you won't be frustrated. Remember to merge objects 5 at a time instead of just 3 to execute the exquisite avail of your resources. I love the theme of this game. Vikings and fantasy? Yes please. If you're looking for a merge release with more this is the one to try.


Ann Hodson  5-13-2021
Love the release


Deidrie Curran  5-13-2021
I love these categories of releases


Tammy Shackelford  5-12-2021
Relaxing release


Ali Nizar  5-12-2021
I love this game, I like Merging releases


Grace Wilson  5-12-2021
This is a knock off of Evermerge. The graphics are low quality, it takes too tons energy to finish one thing. It takes too long to finish a building. Just needs improvement all around. Definitely not a release I could spend money on.


Teena Willey  5-11-2021
it's fun, relaxing, and addicting


Michelle Matter  5-11-2021
Leader board occasions are rigged with fake gamesters to maintain you just close enough to winning so that you'll spend money for that little boost. But then you still don't win because the fake gamesters get always you do, in suchlike amounts as you. I watched it happen without fail, paying attention when I noticed the pattern. Don't trust these devs!


Wind Weaver  5-11-2021
The further you gain the less enjoyable it gets due to board clutter. Needs a delete soft and for obstacles and chests to stop giving former turret parts. I'm on the 3rd turret now and my board is littered with wood and rock residences and pieces and wood and rock ent saplings that I can't gain rid of or merge. Also need to be able to drop homes onto turret for upgrades even if they're not at the highest level. Too dozens diverse crops for the limited board spot and rubies are still limited


elaine hannah  5-11-2021
love the release


Julie Elasmar  5-11-2021
This release looks enjoyment but where is the shop on it so u can gain extra things with your cash to maintain your release going, I can't discover the shop .


Linda Stucky  5-11-2021
UPDATE: After initial review of 1 star, the edition was unavailable for a few days and then developer responded. It now includes a aid button in the settings and I did gain my initial elements purchased. I've also made another purchase with immediate receipt of items. I think this is more a beta game. I like it. The story's a little slow; the occasions are fundamental but it's extra energy flies this time which is good; instead of crystals/potions, gnomes/mechanical. No spot for more, I'll maintain playing.


Lea Hendy  5-11-2021
enjoyment & addictive


Anita Brix  5-11-2021
It ok


Mindy Montgomery  5-11-2021
I really like this release


Jayne Shore  5-10-2021


Amanda Ropp  5-10-2021
Love the game, but when I tried to load it today, the image goes white, and doesn't load. I tried reinstalling, but that didn't help.


Charles Kapudjija  5-10-2021


Harvon Ellerbe  5-10-2021
good time killer


Shelby Sherfield  5-9-2021
I love it


cathy Torres  5-8-2021
could of given 0 if I could. Really desired to check this release but wouldn't permit me play. Loaded but wouldn't permit me step helmets. Tried uninstall and reinstall to no avail.


Dee Ma  5-8-2021
extremely gooood!


Gina Martinez  5-7-2021
Was fantastic I til tier 6 and then it slowed idea down. Takes forever to check and tier and I don't like that you have to spend 700 cash instead of getting whatever cash you haves worth. Jury is still out on this one. I'll give it a bit longer but I'm getting bored.


.  5-7-2021
I enjoy this game. like all other merge releases you have to either have patience and wait for energy to refill or spend veritable money. since there's no veritable rush I like taking my time and checking on it a few times a day.


Lisa Clarke  5-6-2021
fantastic game... I love it.... You guys have made an outstanding release here I'm loving it. fantastic work peeps πŸ‘ πŸ‘


Nathan Kayda  5-6-2021
nearly Evermerge clone, but difference is extra isles don't require veritable money like greedy evermerge and merge tales do (both of this releases are too tons copycat), and recent rule is merge 9 pieces give 4 updated pieces. Problem is it takes up spot too much. All stuffs in shop cost cash or gems unless gems bundles are only veritable money cost idea it must be. recent problem is release isn't saved properly when exit. Sometimes, roll back 10 minutes or so and so etimes lose adverts reward or speed up.


Amy Dye  5-5-2021
it's wonderful im edicted


Dorothy Vernatter  5-5-2021
extremely enjoyment


rose murray  5-5-2021
excellent release


Tony Martin  5-5-2021
Its a enjoyment merging release


L. Moore  5-4-2021
One word: Boring. Everything takes an eon. Go run another release and come back later. Even in the beginning it 30sec this 1min that. Tap and wait. Hope your watching TV or something to fill in the time. Don't even gain me started on energy so you can hurry up and wait.


Susan Atherton  5-4-2021
You never know what you are going to gain


Grandma J  5-4-2021
fantastic recent merge game. Well thought out, glitch gratuitous and smooth so far and an entertaining storyline. Well done!


Giovana Gallo  5-4-2021
release oks!!!!


Shawn Hager  5-4-2021
couldn't gain it to work


Diane Austin  5-3-2021
A lot like Evermerge, but instead of fairy story characters Vikings. Everything else is diverse too. More original which is refreshing.


Julie  5-1-2021
Got to tier 6 extremely readily then had to stop playing as I have no energy left. I collected all the extra energy and except I spend veritable money I need to wait until it refills. UPDATE: I have spent the newest 2 days unable to do anything other than wait and buy elements in the shop and gather crops as I have cleared everything there is to clear. I can't clear more land as I haven't got enough mallets yet and can only buy 3 at a time. I could give 0 stars of possible. Time to uninstall!


Rita Cagney  5-1-2021
I don't know if you desire a release for once a day or if you have the patience to wait until the release is up loaded again it is extremely upsetting to wait soo long to gain the next tier . I was thinking that was better than ever merge but on the end it is as borring as the other one . you don't contact a other tier as swift it schould be ! I don't know how far I gonna be with this!!


Annabelle Sutcliffe  5-1-2021
extremely relaxing


Jennifer Winter  5-1-2021
greatest enjoyment release


Marie  4-30-2021
suchlike mode release to Evermerge. I like the way of the tale and viking mode look. However, the motive for my low review is there seems to be a small delay and the camera movement is not the greatest, which is very annoying. I think the release has potential, but some work does need to go into it.


Nayera Samaiya  4-30-2021
I love this release


J. de Raad-Vries  4-30-2021
Na 2 weken ontzettend traag, te weinig bouwstoffen, vereist teveel punten en teveel reclames, spel crasht, laad niet meer op. Jammer het was 'n leuk spel. Als het goed werkte gaf ik 5 sterren, voor nu vindt ik 1 ster nog teveel.


Debby Anthony  4-30-2021
The release progresses too slow and dozens times I will have extra energy due to the diurnal energy lottery only to not be able to avail it because the mine is down for repairs. This has happened to me several times. It is frustrating so I didn't maintain the game.


Betty Leung  4-30-2021


Kathy Gamache  4-29-2021
Love the game.


Donna Bennett  4-28-2021
Takes idea to long and that's from extremely start !


Amy Updegraff  4-28-2021
Everytime the monarch guy speaks the release crashes. It also blinks constantly which is extremely annoying. When repaired maybe will check again


Caety Overton  4-28-2021
i love it


Mariclaire Norton  4-28-2021
Just started playing, but enjoyment so far.


Carolyn Johnson  4-27-2021
This is the ideal merge release ! I've hoped someone could initiate a release like this . I spend all the time I can playing .I have no problem monetarily supporting a release this interesting . Plenty of ideas to gain energy . All in all, I am enjoying Mergest more than Ever merge which is also a extremely excellent release .


Lorraine Pebworth  4-27-2021
super enjoyment


Hans Z  4-27-2021
would be a excellent release but randomly freezes or sometimes just crashes and locks the whole system. I had the exact same problem with Evermerge.


Robert Fiszer  4-27-2021
It's an Evermerge clone, but that's not a wrong thing. It's beautiful fun, but I haven't gotten far enough to give a finish review. Considering Evermerge was the only excellent merge release until this, I've got some high hopes. Although the merge rules: 3:1 5:2 9:4 Do mean that this will take up a lot of spot with lower level items. Hopefully that won't become a problem.


Jenny Loo  4-27-2021
When i don have Desmond n money, i cannot continue play, too wrong


Christine Burgum  4-27-2021
fantastic release


Christina Gordon  4-26-2021
Love it!


Debbie Swick  4-26-2021
It will not install on my phone.


James Hayes  4-26-2021
I love this release


Joanne Houle  4-26-2021
love it!!!!!


Peter Benes  4-26-2021
one hell of a fantastic release


Janette Milner  4-25-2021
love it


Laticia Padua  4-25-2021


Kay Stewart  4-24-2021
I tried to like this release as I really love a excellent merge release but the constant flashing/blinking image in beyond annoying. It is a entirely un-necessary outcome and detrimental to release run as it makes you lose focus. I know I am not the only one who dislikes it.


Maria Falero Zicafoose  4-24-2021
so far ok


Daphne Murphy  4-23-2021
Lots of enjoyment


Fluffy Me  4-23-2021
enjoyment merge with a difference 😁😁😁


Stuart McAteer  4-23-2021
wonderful release and suchlike to exquisite release ever...evermerge.


Kristy Carson  4-23-2021
so.much enjoyment


amanda cutler  4-22-2021
Evermerge without the greedy prices


Paco G. L.  4-22-2021
The privacy of merging are not clear (5 makes 2???). No energy in my first 15 min of playing


Tammy Steele  4-22-2021


Marie Coe  4-22-2021
this release is fun.


Carole Scott  4-22-2021
this is a fantastic release


shaz Well Me  4-22-2021
Oh I love it, it has become my beloved game.


Mary S  4-21-2021
The constant blinking black image is not a excellent outcome at all. except you buy with veritable money you can't gain past tier 5, all the gratuitous stuff is used up and you can't open any more land. Not value the time and effort to check to figure out how to do things


Cammy Ingram  4-21-2021
love πŸ’“ it so far


Pam West  4-21-2021
I love this release nearly as tons as EverMerge! The only problem I have with it is the quantity of energy you get. You must be able to gain more energy from the cash you spend. If you could execute it possible to receive more energy instead of having to spend 700 cash to receive only 90 energy I could give the release 5 stars easily!


Carolyn Hilligus  4-20-2021
keeps u interested


JanEtta Price  4-20-2021
it's a fantastic release to run


antoinette stone  4-19-2021
i am trying to run the release on my computer and its not working but on my cell smartphone i am playing the release and its working just discover so the release don't work o a computer but it do on a phone.


Jaime Cluxton  4-19-2021
extremely tons like my beloved game, Ever Merge, I'm enjoying the gameplay and the recent tale line of this game. Haven't had any troubles or found any glitches yet. maintain up the excellent work!


Susan Campbell  4-19-2021
enjoyment little game, whatd the usufructuary ID number used for? is it in release friends? cur


Prabhath C P  4-19-2021
Loved it.would be good if we would gain more energy from clips or some mini games.


Ulrika Wiqvist  4-19-2021
Copy of Evermerge with an unresponsive UI


Lila Davis  4-18-2021
I love it, I'm a large supporter of ever merge and this one is so tons like it. the only drawback is each time a pop up info comes on it reloads and it gets frustrating.


Doris Glapion  4-18-2021
Just started playing, and I like the release so far. It reminds me of EverMerge.


lara phelps-berg  4-17-2021
love it


Mavis Gibson  4-17-2021
excellent release


c todaro  4-16-2021
lovely merge release suchlike to evermerge


Carol Goodenough  4-16-2021
I can also run this release on our computer. The only thing is, wish that the energy wasn't so tons to clear things.


Melissa Bonser  4-16-2021
suchlike to Evermerge


Gregory King  4-15-2021
Love it!!


Lori Ruiz  4-15-2021
I can't stop playing this game.


Crystal Dennis  4-15-2021
I spent over $20 for 2100 gams and never received them and they took my money


Susan McDaniel  4-14-2021
fantastic release alittle like the Evermerge game. Both fantastic games.


Matthew Hartfield  4-11-2021
Really excellent release straight to grasp with a small mission but it is a excellent release highly reccomend can not wait for future updates to see what they deliver


Romy Baddour  4-8-2021
fantastic release extremely addictive love it



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