Android Version: 5.0App: Merchant Master
Release date: May 19, 2021App Rating: 5
Author: Young Phoenix Co., LimitedCategory: game role playing
Name: Merchant MasterExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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There was a young man who dreamed of becoming a rich and mighty merchant, with the hope of becoming the richest man in the world. Recruit talents, acquire pets, and meet your favorite beauties. From a humble merchant to the expert of merchant empire, this is the idea of merchant! - release details - 1. Nostalgic scenery and pretty view: With absolute ink wash painting graphics, this release presents you a completely recreated old prosperous town. 2. Manage the exquisite business in town: In this thriving town, there are diversified business to run: bank, grocery store, tavern. Start from scratch, work your idea up to the master! 3. Recruit all the talents: Magician, taylor, jester, poet, all the talents from every profession are here to support you. They are the exquisite at their time, now it's time for you to shine in this old era. 4. Meet the beloved: Travel across the world and meet all the charming magnificent ladies. The cute maid, exotic princess, female general, who will accompany with you along the idea to the extremely top? 5. Raise offsprings: Raise infants with your beloved; male, female and even twins. Then look for a matching partner within the fellow merchants, to bond jointly with marriage; thus creating a severe merchant empire. 6. Mythical beast, spiritual pet: Either a home cat or a mythical beast, you will be able to gather them in this game. Exploring in the deep forest, traveling through the sea, pets will grant you a fantastic boost in the world absolute of business war.



Qishi Hu  7-18-2021


Haziq Haiqal  7-18-2021


arief budiyasa  7-18-2021
excellent release


Sྂhྂyྂ Iྂmྂmྂoྂrྂtྂaྂlྂ  7-17-2021
It's fun.


Pandu Aditya  7-17-2021
excellent release


haziq abu bakar  7-17-2021
excellent release


Mohd Nazree  7-17-2021
release for sultan.. early access not tons profit for player.. this is pay to win game.. update store need tier 9 to disclose 10x recruit a worker.. have to click dozens time.. once out of money and can't increase gamester power then no further occasion can play.. i propose early access gamester gain better profit for positive feedback.. that's all.. bye.. #uninstall #failgame #paytowin .. don't ask me suggestions for you game..


Nora Storm  7-17-2021
Installed n played for few days. Its addicted played at early times n nothing incorrect tons on the release if u like this genre of game. But anyway its can't captured my interests to maintain on playing so I quit n uninstall this game, sorry. I hope the creator n dev group at least check solve some of gamesters motivate comments if you desire to ameliorate your release in future. For now can't give 5 star as release still need some territory to ameliorate n update. Ty.


fantastic release enjoyment TO run borough BUILDING.


Mohd Azhar  7-17-2021
Remains me similir stereotype release - can remember the name. Highly addicted at first run slowly lost the appetite to run after a while


Bambang Prayoga  7-16-2021
We desire to change name our first son. His name can't be change. ArmandoForget. I desire to change to chinese name.


Maulia Agustini  7-16-2021
The sole motive I cannot continue the release due to too dozens online connection failure and initial setup on each buttons.


Jairrah Umpa  7-16-2021
I'm enjoying it. It's really enjoyment


Nikki Hodges  7-16-2021
Sexist, outdated, rubbish. My first impressions were the art is pretty but... I stopped playing and uninstalled about 20 seconds in, when I realised that to run a female character I only had the choice of looking like an unrealistic bimbo.


Kate Rubillos  7-16-2021
So far so good. It's really enjoyment to manage businesses in this way. The tale is fantastic too. I hope further updates of the tale will be made as it makes this release value investing on.


Renante Lucena  7-16-2021
outstanding and excellent time eater


Frankie Tinajero  7-16-2021
it's a extremely excellent release at first it's a little confusing but then it gets better and easier to understand.


STRONG  7-16-2021
Where's the server? i reach u in aid i cant see the joining servers.


Cia Cia  7-16-2021
Hey! Start button not showing up! How I'm supposed to run ugh :(


ANDROU MASTER  7-16-2021
I can't discover the start...


Erza Espeso  7-16-2021
cant log in . . .


Rick Harvey Datiles  7-16-2021
release freezes and doesnt permit me log back in after updating.


James Wong  7-16-2021
Poorly translated, couldn't login after update, have spend some money in it. Looks like another coins grab release with diverse concept. Disappointed as fark.


Elaine Reed  7-15-2021
Still learning but extremely interesting release


Vivus Loh  7-15-2021
extremely disappointed that both genders you select as avatar ended up still having to romance female characters. Was expecting female avatar to have male romances. However even the dialogue will refer the female avatar(you) as he, which propose the avatar is purely cosmetic.


Liam GONGORA  7-15-2021
excellent release


Shealyn Cossette  7-15-2021
Don't expect a tavern like release that the adds exhibit you. It is a tap release a boring one at that I'm sure if I desired to gain any category of excitement it could be from my pocket. good check but this is a meager release just imitating the others around it.


Webster Arayata  7-15-2021
i r8 gr8 b8 m8


Putra Agusta  7-15-2021
straight and conveniences release


Yosua Efendi  7-15-2021
fantastic releases


Chadwick Garman  7-15-2021


Wenny Suwisno  7-15-2021
so far so good... I'm still learning more about this game.


Racheal Lean  7-14-2021
It could be fantastic if we can have male favorite too


Josephine Joeyna  7-14-2021
Sadly you gain bored with the release beautiful swift as there is not tons of a storyline. Just random clicking to accomplish the tasks. Also, the fact that there are no male favorite makes it uninteresting to me.


Dexter Sepe  7-14-2021
fantastic release so far


Princekill just pass by  7-14-2021


zhongli  7-14-2021
why are all the 'beloved' female? ridiculous


Jelena Jovanovic  7-14-2021
One more of the releases ment for males and lesbians ( no offense). Although you can pick weather male or female, still as a female you have yr female favorite ones and can even gain a child! I wanna have a male beloved!


saiful azuan mohamad  7-14-2021
The releases is good..but not have redeem code to redeem😅


Bambang Soetanto  7-14-2021
rather boring


Mimi Koala  7-14-2021
It's a good release and not so stressful, please execute my favorite changeable gender into male, thank you(✿ ♡‿♡)


Pujo Swasono  7-14-2021
idea too dozens things to do right from the start! Its just an news overload for me. Maybe maintain some trait locked untill certain point, don't bombard recent gamesters with tasks, talent, spirit animals, etc. On the plus side, graphics is good, character design is good and the release feels lite overall. Conclusion: excellent release but needs better pacing for recent gamesters


Lieny Cofen  7-14-2021


Tone Tan  7-13-2021
enjoyment n engaging


RGC Raven  7-13-2021
it's excellent 30 mins in I'll change my review once I feel like it


Dandi Rusli  7-13-2021
installed it because the borough graphic looks promising. but i cant stand the characters and the boobies.


Robby Zingapan  7-13-2021
excellent release so far


Xavier Pontojas  7-13-2021
There's a bug in upgrading my building. My gold is deducted twice of the quantity that appears on the update cost. Please repair it.


Najihah Razak  7-13-2021
I just download this release and it's excellent so far! i love it!


Angelica Soh  7-12-2021
fantastic game, Have been playing for 3 months and I entirely instruct it. For those like me who have changed phones, execute sure you bind your release to your mail attached to the Google run release edition on your ancient phone. Then on your recent phone, open up Google run release App, Profile then settings on top right three dots, Enable "Automatically sign-in to supported games" and "Sign in to releases with this account" ... This must allow you to run from former progress on another gadget or phone.


Tony Stark  7-12-2021
Hi! I've noticed that the Treasury tier doesnt upgrade midgame. You need to restart the release to see your treasury leveled up.


Novianto B Prasetya  7-12-2021
fantastic games.


agung wijaya  7-12-2021


Peter G  7-12-2021
enjoyment to run


Clareice Agustina  7-11-2021
lovely game. I having enjoyment playing this game.


Flow Line  7-11-2021


Jonaslim hs  7-11-2021
exciting release can study to be an good merchant


Lucius Castus  7-11-2021
Any donation codes I see you don't have page on facebook


Melchor Jr. Peñafiel  7-11-2021
excellent job maintain it up


Yami Denka  7-11-2021
a good release that includes selling, its a first for me for this far its a fantastic game.


Samuel Tandionugroho  7-11-2021
enjoyment game...


Fanny Lau  7-11-2021
excellent release but filled with bugs. I can't enchance my spirit animal. And I thought this release would be more interactive and competitive


Sugiatma Afdhal,SE  7-10-2021
love the artwork


Nanda Kanoko  7-10-2021
So far I'm just doing what the quest tells me. I hope I can understand the gameplay eventually hahaha


Rachael Yeung  6-25-2021
兒女系統好像有點問題。早兩天傳喚了5個兒女後就一直出 error。現在只顯示了一個兒女,前面4個顯示空閒可是填不上。


Kim Fang  6-7-2021


Joseph Liu  6-3-2021
excellent art works/videos for interacting with maiden/wives; old-school mode with suchlike release plays (just decorated with a Chinese cultures instead than Khan or European empires) execute it boring extremely soon.


Zhen Sun  5-30-2021
Waste time


Raven  5-29-2021
I could like to run the art work looks excellent but no English translation


Qiao Li  5-27-2021
I deleted the release once, and reinstalled. Lost all the progress. Although I whenever log in with my Facebook account, seems the release progress is not linked to the social media account. It's a pity.


Alice Yong  5-22-2021


Athewold Li  5-20-2021


Fredable W  5-20-2021
It's actually beautiful excellent ! Such a release did impressed me. By the way, I think I'm the first one though, any price ? 😋这是一个还不错的官场养成类游戏。



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