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All your school communications and community, right on your phone. Our smartphones edition permits teachers and parents readily communicate whether in the classroom, at home, or on the go. Access your school directory, photos, signups, files and tons more. Send emails and text messages too. ● MemberHub compiles all the softs thats schools avail separately to communicate and puts them into one easy-to-use software where teachers, parent, students, and administrators can all collaborate ● All communications between teachers, staff, and parents become centralized, uniform, and easy ● Schools can communicate school-wide, at the grade level, classroom level, and one-on-one ● PTA/PTO groups, athletics, committees and other school teams avail the same tool ● Everyone knows where to go to discover the fresh news



Jennifer B  6-15-2021
Getting a constant server error for the newest 2 weeks.


DJ  6-15-2021
Keeps crashing g


J H  6-1-2021
maintain on crashing... Server error


Kimberly Boyd  1-11-2021
It could be practical for immediate news but it keeps crashing and you can't really do anything with it. As a PTA president, I think having an edition for connections only (chat among the members, post feeds, etc.) could be more useful.


Keely Nelson  8-17-2020
Crashes each time I go into a "sign up" page. Can't join recent hubs from the app, only the website. Overall extremely clunky and inconvenient.


Shereen Youngblood  12-3-2019
Too dozens issues! The edition is suppose to assist and it does not. Shunts down or just stops. Profile photo loads sideways. It is useless at this point.


Cynthia Klimekoski  11-29-2019
I'm a pta board member and I'm responsible for partnership but i can't do any administrative functions across the app. Also it keeps shutting down in the center of me opening the directory or my profile, and sometimes just at random.


Katie Peters  11-21-2019
Doesnt whenever work or load certain sections that are important.


Darvel Ahmad Stinson  11-19-2019
edition keeps crashing, even after uninstalling the edition then reinstalling it. It Still Crashes!


Meg Murtagh  11-19-2019
Keeps crashing so I have no idea to access anything associated to my child's class or PTA. beautiful frustrating.


Carolyn Brosnihan  11-18-2019
edition crashes. Directory doesn't have a filter function by teacher or grade. No connection to store. Difficult to figure out sign ups from the app.


Tameka Akins  11-16-2019
edition keeps stopping as soon as I open it.


Betsy F  11-15-2019
Crashes, won't activate


ROBIN johnson  11-15-2019
edition keeps stopping


Milena Deric Zarubica  11-14-2019
Does not even work


Latanza Wilson  11-13-2019
edition keeps crashing upon trying to open & I really need to send something out. I even tried to uninstall & reinstall...same thing. I haven't even had the edition a month...


Maya Hill  10-25-2019
Keeps crashing


kelvin washington  9-23-2019
Can not sign in have a problem rescue


Megan Templeton  9-10-2019
This seems to work well to refer to information, which is what most testers will want. From an admin perspective, I discover it difficult to post & upgrade things from the edition but discover domain on a computer tons more effective. Still value having so both schools announcements & occasions can be in the same place on my phone.


Danielle McConnell  9-5-2019
I cant even log in...


Ibis Wang  9-4-2019
It's beautiful garbage of an app. You are tons better off accessing memberhub on the web browser on your phone.


Shelly Teggins  9-3-2019
To complicated


Sandi Stewart  8-24-2019
I does nothing


Adam Ramsay  7-25-2019
Zero stars. I can't read or send messages. The calendar goes by month, but you have to start at the first and see each individual shift. The month button just resets the calendar.The only thing that works is the most useless part of the app... making a profile. It's like someone made this as a template, and instead of finishing the work, they just published it.


Jennie Storey  7-12-2019
Please fix. After getting app., it try's to open giving a server error. Have tried several times, as well as reinstalling. same issue.


Stacy Trager  7-11-2019
main a smartphones troubles - i gain a server error message on each single image that only goes away if i click multiple times, just to reappear everytime i visit a recent function. sure hope this is repaired soon so we can avail iy for 2019\2020 school year


William Hendrick  7-3-2019
Server error. We can't access anything on our MemberHub edition without clicking across (multiple) "server error" messages.


Jen Chrzanowski  7-1-2019
keeps giving me an error anytime I do anything. server error. please check again.


jenn p  10-9-2018
One of the worst, low functioning editions I've ever used. It's bare bones and pales in comparison to the website. This is worthless.


Sharon Tomme  8-27-2018
Not usufructuary outgoing nor does the clip surveillance work. The domain works better than the app.


Melissa Barr  8-25-2017
Not usufructuary friendly. I prefer using the domain over the edition


Andria Celeste  9-8-2016
None of the details are being used, but at the least I expected to see the clip feed, but it's not on the app. I will just have to go to the blog directly.



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