Android Version: 4.1App: Maze World 3D
Release date: Aug 18, 2016App Rating: 4
Author: Empire gamesCategory: adventure
Name: Maze World 3DExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Maze World 3D - puzzle and adventure, you need to discover the exit in the maze, collecting bonuses and keys along the way. Game features: ★ 50 levels, divided by the territory type ★ straight to play: forward, turn left and right controls ★ avail release objects - keys, doors, coins ★ Mini-map ★ Rating system: gather all cash in the tier and discover the exit in a swift time to gain the maximal rating ★ Random tier style with custom options. In random tiers time doesn't matter for your rating



Jim D'Altorio  6-19-2021
It's excellent


Panthpreet Preet  6-17-2021
Nic release or intresting


Keshav Sharma  6-12-2021
Expensive 🥺


Meena Sankhla  6-12-2021
This release is extremely excellent


slither gamer  6-7-2021
extremely excellent release


Samatha Tomar  6-6-2021
This is extremely exquisite release i give absolute star thankyou your obintely tiger shorff


carzy music  6-6-2021
extremely extremely good release I like the release so tons diverse tiers of desert grass like this so dozens categories and I like the release you see and this release splendid check this the tiers are also splendid I already installed this release once but I installed it because of storage problem of smartphone that's and again installing it its splendid release I like the release tons so that I like the release so so tons and whoever designed this release super have so far the designer of this release has offer to the designer you must install


Ratna Ojha  6-5-2021
Thank u so tons this release is execute my favourite release and I think this is the exquisite release in world.


srija goswami  6-4-2021
I like it it is a bit confusing but i like it


Biba and Zeina Tube  6-4-2021
This release is extremely excellent and so hilarious I love it so tons I told u now download it I swear this release is so amazing💕😍




Bhavya Jain  5-31-2021
It's a good release release because it's a mind game.


Amit Bhanja  5-27-2021
It's quite excellent but the thing it's so difficult to remember the map


Jai Ram Das  5-26-2021
wrong release 💥💥


Ramniwas Bishnoi  5-24-2021
This release is extremely excellent release For children's


Nitish Rai  5-23-2021
good release


Manpreet Singh  5-22-2021


Y. K.  5-21-2021
Loved the excpierience


abdul raheem  5-21-2021
This is so enjoyment please you all download this game🤩🤩


Devansh Tomar 9th 'D'  5-19-2021


Dhiraj Sharma  5-19-2021
This release is world exquisite release ever this is so goooooooood


Nishu Verma  5-14-2021


K and S  5-10-2021
This release is cool


Emam Hossen Siam  5-10-2021
exquisite edition


Navya Gupta  5-9-2021
It is a excellent release but There must be more tiers


Shyamsunder Pareek  5-8-2021
Aap you tube pr clip kyo nhi chdate


Syed Farhan  5-6-2021
Worst release


archana gagare  5-5-2021
A extremely good game.


Zia Jaffer  5-2-2021
This release is so enjoyment and it gain better each round


Talha Saeed  4-30-2021


mohd irfan  4-29-2021
So excellent it's a good releases steps to open this game- (1) open the release (2)touch your choice of tiers there are two categories of tiers random tiers and tiers when you touch tiers the tiers is come on your image (3) when you touch any tier a map ia come on your image and then you touch the map and the tier is started it is the idea to run this game.


Ravi Bhaskar  4-28-2021


gvp raju  4-26-2021
extremely good


shweta chodha  4-25-2021
I have enjoyment with the maze


narendrakumar pamulapati  4-21-2021


Ranjeet Kumar  4-21-2021
It is extremely mindly release


Sara A  4-20-2021
باحاله ولی سخته اگه میشد صفحرو کوچیک و بزرگ کرد تا ببینیم کجاییم و سکه ها و کلیدا کجان بهتر میشد


istez Elie  4-19-2021
The 3D is useless. In fact when you run it you don't look on the the major screen, but you look into the slight square above all the time. If you check to memorise your path in the map before you start it helps a lot passing it faster.. controls don't go back. I don't like controls. In fact controls are like robot the can only step forward , left and right. good release entertaining hilarious but extremely silly also and childish.


Rajesh Gautam  4-19-2021
This release is extremely intractable and amazing.


Nais yor my fabrat maze world 3D


Diana Warren  4-17-2021
Love this release


Omprakash Mishra  4-15-2021
I love my release


Girish Saini  4-13-2021
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Koii Ster  4-12-2021
This release is enjoyment but the metal mazes are intractable but i like it


Pushpa Deore  4-11-2021


I like so tons this edition


Lakshraj jain  4-8-2021
This release is wery wrong wrong wrong only lag lag so please do not download this release its mental release


Aruna Kangle  4-6-2021
This is exquisite release


shiela maliban  4-5-2021
This release is so beutiful i love this release


Ramdas Kakde  4-3-2021


Raji Arrav  4-3-2021
This is extremely good


Uttam Kumar  4-2-2021


Swati srivastava  4-1-2021


Kristian Mora  3-31-2021


Muhammad Hussein Mohiuddin  3-30-2021
Maze world 3D exquisite oooo.....


Amrit Gupta  3-29-2021
It is extremely extremely wrong and sordid release i dont like this release 😖😖🤢👎


sunita garad  3-28-2021
extremely boring release


Bindu Sazid  3-27-2021
Not excellent


Mamta Gupta  3-26-2021
This release really excellent I m really enjoying😊😊


Pooja Kolekarc  3-16-2021
Sumeet shivaji kolekar


Lol Gamer yt  3-15-2021


Bony Khuman  3-15-2021
Relaxing release 👌👌


Reena mor  3-14-2021
This release is extremely difficult 😝😝😝


Hazarika Bonti  3-13-2021
I like this release because it grows our vocabulary


Priscilla Martin  3-13-2021
Its a beautiful excellent game... I like it....


Navroop Kaur  3-12-2021
good release


Vijay Singh  3-10-2021
extremely straight tier and extremely borrying but exquisite release


Wayne John Baxter  3-10-2021
extremely excellent release for improving your sense of direction. Solid controls and the random maze trait ensures limitless replay ability. A good improvement could be intractable style by hiding the In-game mini map. If finished unlocking an extra environment. excellent job developers.


Naseem Khan  3-10-2021


Pranav Kaul  3-7-2021
*this is extremely boring release *


Fatma Farrukh  3-5-2021
This release is hilarious. I have a headache after playing this release


Manoj Kumar  3-1-2021
This release is extremely good


Rehman Malik  2-27-2021
Not good


Rumana Farzin  2-26-2021
extremely good this release is wonderful this is mind latest


Gurmanpreet  2-26-2021
This is extremely intractable release


Bithika Das  2-23-2021


niyati saini  2-23-2021
It is a extremely survival release


Madhuri Gupta  2-23-2021


Mavic Mabalot  2-22-2021
it's good release


charming gamer  2-18-2021
excellent Cool



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