Android Version: 4.1App: Mahjong Solitaire
Release date: Jul 8, 2019App Rating: 5
Author: MobilityWareCategory: game card
Name: Mahjong SolitaireExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Mahjong Solitaire: Card release is a enjoyment & easy, addicting puzzle game. Free to run by MobilityWare, the ORIGINAL maker of the Klondike Solitaire card game. Mahjong Solitaire: Card release is a fun, straight to learn, matching release that will train your brain with hundreds of Puzzles for hours of infinite Fun! Puzzle boards take only 2-4 minutes to complete, making every release speedy and enjoyment – ideal for when you just need a break. How to run the Mahjong Solitaire: Card release The goal of the release Mahjong Solitaire is to remove all the Mahjong tiles from the puzzle board by matching pairs of Mahjong tiles. Match mahjong tiles with the same photo and they will disappear. You can only remove mahjong tiles that are gratuitous and not covered. Keep your brain sharp while having fun, relaxing, and completing the release at your pace. There’s no timer or step counter to ensure the release is relaxing and stress free. Mahjong Solitaire Features Easy & enjoyment Matching release Mechanics - Tap on matching mahjong tiles to remove them from the puzzle - Slide matching mahjong tiles jointly to remove them from the puzzle Shuffle Tiles/Hints/Undos - release is intended to be fun, straight & relaxing. avail limitless tricks and undos if you gain stuck on any puzzle board - If there are no moves attainable on the puzzle, just shuffle the puzzle board and start matching mahjong tiles - Too easy? Remove highlighting tiles & hints Traditional/Card Tiles - Select between traditional Mahjong tiles or card Mahjong Tiles if you prefer more of Solitaire feel diurnal mission release Puzzles - Earn points and disclose recent release boards to play - enjoyment & straight puzzle boards added every day. check and finish the diurnal puzzle for the entire month to earn trophies Stats Tracking - follow your release progress and understand your mode of play - Earn Crowns & Trophies when you finish every release puzzle of Mahjong Solitaire - release stats are not shown while you work on the Mahjong Puzzle. This idea you concentrate on relaxing and having enjoyment with your Mahjong game Fun In-Game Animations - Mahjong Solitaire: Card release has enjoyment release animations after completing every puzzle - enjoyment winning animations will have Mahjong tiles dancing with you Why run Mahjong Solitaire - run Mahjong Solitaire: Card release offline - run at your own pace. When you desire a speedy break, have enjoyment and run Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game. Pause any release puzzle and complete the puzzle when you have time - Train Your Brain. finish enjoyment puzzles to maintain your mind sharp. The puzzle is not intractable and you have limitless hints/shuffles if don’t can’t discover tiles to match in the puzzle Notes Free Game: run Mahjong Solitaire: Card release for free. adverts are served after every release puzzle is finished. More enjoyment Card releases from MobilityWare Solitaire, also known as Klondike Freecell Soliltaire Pyramid Solitaire Crown Solitaire Tripeaks Solitaire Spider Go Solitaire turret Solitaire Destination Solitaire Questions? Comments? Concerns? contact us at



cathy roper  12-8-2020
enjoyment the tiles are enough diffrent its easier to se


Conchita Gutierrez  12-8-2020


Trish Range  12-8-2020
Relaxing release to run


Aubrey Alvarez-Pratt  12-8-2020
Awesomely excellent


Jim Posea  12-8-2020
So relaxing!


Jill Ellinwood  12-7-2020
Tiles are pretty release boards are interesting with the diverse shapes


dmarie mihalovits  12-7-2020
enjoyment enjoyment enjoyment LOVE THE GAME.. I've been playing diurnal for several months and still enjoy the mission every board presents.


Jayne Gritt  12-7-2020


Ben Morris  12-7-2020
Not too dozens adverts good variant


Minizephyr Rainbow  12-7-2020
Love it


Jill  12-7-2020
I really like this game! it's calms me down and the audio is really good but it's needs recent patterns (but I'll permit you do your own thing if you have time to do that) and what about backgrounds too?


Tere Brailey  12-7-2020
Love mahjong


Irene Attebery  12-7-2020
I have enjoyed doing this puzzle as being 79 it is excellent for memory etc.


Wendy Short  12-7-2020
Enjoy the release and the recent challenges.


Randy Talley  12-7-2020
enjoyment release to run


Mario Gianchino  12-7-2020
Love playing this release


Roy Dalbey  12-7-2020
LUV the release ... especially with the gratuitous clues$


LaRaye Flowers  12-7-2020
straight playing, relaxing.


Vickie Novak  12-7-2020


Steve Boss  12-7-2020


Harvey Rall  12-7-2020
The exquisite release so far.


Amoni Matu  12-7-2020


Pablo M  12-7-2020
extremely entertaining, maintain it up!


Rhonda Laster  12-7-2020
It's okay kinda missing something


Angel Santiago  12-7-2020
It keeps my on something else!


Wendy Dullinger  12-7-2020
This release is really outstanding


Albernita Cummings  12-6-2020
Love it


Patricia Hall  12-6-2020
It needs the time stated when finishing a game.a goal to check to beat Otherwise this is great


Irene Tait  12-6-2020
My favourite Mahjong. Love it.


Deacon Dr Bill Stilwater  12-6-2020
Lovee it. 1 day and at tier 53


Trevor j Haynes  12-6-2020
I love this edition not do have game's you pl lay but there's a diurnal one as well. If you desire to kill some till gain this app.


spin doctor  12-6-2020
extremely relaxing.


Louwane Reed  12-6-2020


Jamie Madsen  12-6-2020
Love it


Ann M Chevrette-Teeter  12-6-2020
Truly Relaxing, Thank You


James Coon  12-6-2020
good game, but it gets a little boring. not tons competion in this.


Barbara Stahl-Castillo  12-6-2020


Jim Nigh  12-6-2020
Ok I admit I'm hook veritable wrong


susan meaker  12-6-2020


Margarita Gonzales  12-6-2020
It's a enjoyment challenge, and the effects once the release is completed is a good touch.


tony cowles  12-6-2020
When you win without shuffling why don't you gain a purple crown as you do in addiction when you win without shuffling


Howard Stanley  12-5-2020
extremely excellent I think absolutely gorgeous I enjoy the missions I enjoy playing the release that's about to just stop it!!!


Elizabeth Patterson  12-5-2020
extremely relaxing. Thanks for a fantastic game!


Lisa Longinotto  12-5-2020
fantastic enjoyment


Tim Dove  12-5-2020
straight to run


That Person  12-5-2020
Addictive.Good fun.


J Kool  12-5-2020
enjoyment release


Jaclyn Wallace  12-5-2020


Deloris Epperson  12-5-2020
This is the exquisite mahjong release


Stanley m Harrison  12-5-2020
I love it


Shirley Sauer  12-5-2020
extremely relaxing love it.


T B  12-5-2020
The forced ad where I was playing another game, showed this release coloring a photo everytime you execute a match. So I installed it. Can't discover the first photo to color anywhere. What is it with all the false advertising releases on the marketplace today?


Yvette Beaulac  12-5-2020
I give you guys in one star because it was absolute Fales advertisement Stating was finishing every release It was supposed to complete a picture. And this is the only motive why I downloaded it.


Marlene McIntyre  12-5-2020
It makes me avail my brain and it's relaxing.


Wanda Jackson  12-5-2020


Janet Kulp  12-4-2020
Tiles are beautiful, but to dozens pop ups and adds.


Theresa James  12-4-2020
I like this release


Johnnie McBride  12-4-2020
Terrible! No close button - have to restart my Galaxy Tab A 10.5 to end the app. Runs adverts after each release (you can skip if you know to hit the 》icon on the 1st ad, then X on 2nd ad) so a veritable pain in the ass. pretty graphics but too easy.


Susan Murray  12-4-2020
Enjoying it so far, it keeps going back to an easy/short release could prefer it if it kept getting harder every time


Wren Benefield  12-4-2020
.good release


Mahesh Jagger  12-4-2020


Nina Horne  12-4-2020
Keeps eye hand coordination up to speed


Margaret Aslett  12-4-2020
Just warming up to run this mahjong and it's working just fine for me.


byjuu246  12-4-2020
excellent game.


Mary Mathis  12-4-2020
I enjoy a excellent game.


Joan Noble  12-4-2020
Its extremely excellent


David Price  12-4-2020
Injoy the release maintain you thing give it a check you may love it


Madelyn Platt  12-4-2020
Enjoyable and relaxing.


A Google user  12-4-2020
extremely enjoyable


Cecilia Granberry  12-4-2020
enjoyment and challenging.


Taffy Lousig-Nont  12-4-2020
Love the card tiles


Michelle Barber  12-4-2020
I love it. Don"t desire to Stop.


Nancy Seymour  12-3-2020


pa tyler  12-3-2020


Grant Kilbourn  12-3-2020
straight and fun! Definitely helps me calm down! Ty producers!


Fred Schaeffer  12-3-2020
fantastic graphics and sound


Gpa Linden  12-3-2020
Liked it right away, despite adds.


Rosi Montenegro  12-3-2020
It's really good, extremely fun. I love it!


Janice Seymour  12-3-2020
Ok so far


Hilda Guardia  12-3-2020
I can't stop playing. It relaxes me, no stressvat all. finally.


Brendan Foran  12-3-2020
extremely relaxing,


Rhonda Hudak  12-3-2020
fantastic game!!


Steven Eichhorn  12-3-2020
Long Play, fantastic gameplay


sandra anderson  12-3-2020
enjoyment to exercise my brain and eyes!


Luzia Mikutis  12-3-2020
would be more challenging. would be more challenging it's idea too straight could prefer more complex otherwise not too bad.


Brenda Fultz  12-2-2020
Love this game!


Francis n Madeline MCGrath  12-2-2020


Laura Bravo  12-2-2020


Grace Kornegay  12-2-2020
Hours. Of. enjoyment


Irene Billingham  12-2-2020
enjoyment to play. Not intractable but you need to concentrate.


Heather Jones  12-2-2020
greatest for keeping your brain active.


James Dungey  12-2-2020
extremely beautiful tiles and excellent layouts


Anne-Marie Strath  12-2-2020
Traditional tiles. ads annoying but some extremely short. Responsive release


Bonnie Gillispie  12-2-2020


Larry Brewster  12-2-2020
excellent past time


Lawry Sheriff  12-2-2020
Responds well and never freezes up.


Speedy Dan  12-2-2020
Reminds me of the release on windows 95


Gail Mathews  12-2-2020
The hardship tier stays nearly the same.


Linda Parker  12-1-2020
excellent release


Julie Ndu  12-1-2020
I love this mind game. Ageless classic.


edward push  12-1-2020
fantastic game!


agung wijayantho  12-1-2020
good editions


Kippy Hicks  12-1-2020
The release will not start


Ron Harger  12-1-2020
enjoyment release


Mickey Deacon  12-1-2020
enjoyment and easy.


Michael Limbrick  12-1-2020


Manuel Molinar  12-1-2020
extremely extremely challenging as you progress,for myself is one of exquisite release to run in the morning,to exercise my mind,thank you yall,for a fantastic game.


Ron Jones  12-1-2020
Mind grabbing. extremely enjoyable and relaxing.


robert bolding  12-1-2020
could rather pay for the edition than see an ad each game. And the releases aren't extremely challenging


angelia tio  12-1-2020
Not wrong its brain teaser


George Bracht  12-1-2020
enjoyment to play.


Dora Ricketts  12-1-2020
extremely enjoyable ....


Mary Peteigney  12-1-2020
fantastic release swift paced thats how I like it. Thanks.


Chip Schaefer  12-1-2020
outstanding game.


Alison Plante  11-30-2020
extremely relaxing


Halina  11-30-2020
relaxing game, straight to run


Bonnie Callaway  11-30-2020
good thanks


Danny Johnson  11-30-2020


Amber Schroeder  11-30-2020
I haven't had a PC for awhile now, and my beloved releases are right here. I don't mind the ads(needs sound off) but if I rate stars by ads, then i'll pay for the convenience of no adverts which in turn supports you guys to repair reviewer complaints, or i'll buy a delighted meal instead:). Ty for making these releases available! I look forward to release updates in your chess release as well! Thanks!


clive3456  11-30-2020
A excellent offline release to run on the tube


Karen M. Barnett  11-30-2020
Love this addictive game.


Rabbonai Good Master  11-30-2020
extremely good and relaxing!👍😷


Loretto Lewis  11-30-2020


Tianne Knight  11-30-2020
I love playing this game, it helps to pass the time while waiting for appointments its enjoyable.


Isobel Baird  11-30-2020
enjoyment and challenging also love how swift the changes are


Rai Kazu  11-30-2020
One 30s add after each puzzy. beautiful tons 1 add each 2min. It's horrible. No thx deleted


maria bravo caeiro  11-30-2020
cute 🌹


Nathan David Harvey  11-30-2020
extremely excellent release run with new.


Bonny Jones  11-30-2020
I love this exquisite and removed the other editions like this. Smooth moving pieces. Love it. Thank you


Robert Whaleboat  11-30-2020
excellent release


Debra Maines  11-30-2020
I enjoy this game, it helps me discover the match, and I love the colors and the choices of this release as soon as I complete a release it offers me a opportunity to continue on to another game! Love playing it!


joy christine  11-30-2020
extremely relaxing and fun..Beautiful colors.. and addictive.


Jesse Pollard  11-30-2020


Michael Scott  11-30-2020
enjoyment and challenging



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