Android Version: 5.0App: Mahjong Mania 2021
Release date: Dec 24, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: MiniJoy Inc.Category: game puzzle
Name: Mahjong Mania 2021Extension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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🏆Free to play 🏆 straight to run with simple rules 🏆50+ styles of lovely tiles: Balls🤡, Fruit🍓, Cakes🍰, Cookies🍪, Animals🐕, Cube🧊, Sports⚾, Numbers🔢,Mahjong🀄 ... every tile board is extremely different 🏆 Lots of themes and backgrounds are waiting for you. 🏆Challenge interesting levels, gather more stars 👑, and disclose more stages 🏆Use Hint & shuffle & to rescue you beat levels 🏆No worries, run OFFLINE/FREE anytime, anywhere What are you waiting for? Be prepared and start matching. Experience this enjoyment tile matching release and examine thousands of wonderful puzzles and surprises.



Sabur Ishaq  1-17-2021
permit me download first


Manoj appu raja Kumar  1-17-2021


Laura S. Conley - Eaton  1-17-2021
Love it


angela parker  1-16-2021
SCAM AS USUAL. Cannot gain your immediate withdrawal reward of 5 dollars except you gain 150 dollars to do so. Then when you finally gain to 150 and above they said its sold out. Whats sold out???? Its going to my paypal acct. We will see...will upgrade in couple of days. For now i call FRAUDULENT SCAM. THEY must BE PROSECUTED FOR FRAUD.


Kelly Haskell  1-16-2021
Too dozens adverts not enough money...


Paula Barron  1-16-2021
I love playing this release but upon confirming withdrawal I gain a denied error. This is the only motive for 4 instead of 5 stars. rescue


Yvonne Parkes  1-16-2021
It wont permit you withdraw money


lailay lai  1-16-2021
This release said you can coins out at any time. It lied


sandeep ch  1-16-2021


Rosanna Notarte  1-16-2021
Fake, scam scam, just desire watch adverts that he/she is gotten paid. This person is scamming the advertiser, i can see an end of the route not too ahead lol.


Philip Girard  1-15-2021
Unplayable. Pop-up adverts hide the buttons needed to continue playing and I can't see a idea to close them. Touching then only opens another ad or the details edition download. Only got to the end of the first tier and can't discover a idea to go on.


Thomas Angel  1-15-2021
good n enjoyment


Eve Gonzalez  1-15-2021


Myrna Malave  1-15-2021


Carlos Inigo  1-15-2021
release really sucks they also lie on their clip declaring you can win any quantity and withdrawl promptly that is a lie you can not with drawl til you contact 200 then when you finally do after few hours of playing when you press redeem $200 to your paypal it states it takes 3 days to process and have to watch a 100 clip commercials to qualify for you to recieve the $200 to your paypal account they execute as inpossible as they can for you to recieve prize of $200 you won and its all these releases adverti


Sk Imtaj  1-15-2021
extremely good edition


Gurjit Singh  1-15-2021
extremely good release but dozens adverts adverts is 30s


Charlotte Lunn  1-14-2021
Is it excellent release wont permit me withdraw my $150 cash.


Julie Gilliham  1-14-2021
It's fake as you can't coins out until you gain 100.00 which is fault advertisement


Stacie Brennan  1-14-2021
Says no withdrawal limit but you should execute 100.00 to withdrawal 5.00. FALSE advertisement IS WHAT ITS CALLED. If there was no limit for withdrawal i would pull ANY quantity OUT.


Het Tejani  1-13-2021
It is excellent app.


ganesh chaneal  1-13-2021
Phe k edition


Nikita Rawat  1-13-2021
Fackkkk saleyyyy


Mdajad Ansari  1-12-2021


Jiit.10 Jangid  1-12-2021
Fake no money plz don't download n personal news


Jagdeesh Sahai Yadav  1-11-2021
My KYC is finish fir bhi balance withdraw kyu nhi krte ho ya bevkoof banate ho.


ashok kumar  1-10-2021


Selvi Selvi  1-10-2021
Super release


Devraaj Rana  1-8-2021
Ad,s problem


Rohit Kumawat  1-7-2021
excellent edition


Kameshwar Sharma  1-6-2021
Fake edition don't waste your time with it



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