Android Version: 5.0App: Magic Poser
Release date: Feb 8, 2018App Rating: 4
Author: Wombat Studio, Inc.Category: art and design
Name: Magic PoserExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Ever tried googling for a peculiar pose or ask your buddy to pose for your artwork? Then you must download and check magical Poser! magical Poser is a ground-breaking edition that allows you to readily pose ANY number of 3D human art models with props in any idea you want! A must-have edition for drawing, manga, comics, storyboarding, character design, etc. No need to avail a wooden mannequin that is limited in its flexibility, or buy expensive 3D desktop software. magical Poser is very intuitive, extremely affordable, and light-weight. Start creating poses within minutes for any artwork in your imagination on your mobile gadgets today! A brief overview of our wonderful features: * Super straight and intuitive posing of the human by tapping on control points and dragging. Our physics engine allows you to manipulate the human model like a veritable doll and automatically adjusts it to the dynamic poses you want. * Pose limitless models and props for free! Whether it’s a simple one person pose or a complex scene with background setup, you can accomplish it readily in magical Poser! * A myriad of models in diverse styles and head-to-body ratios, ranging from the realistic 1:7.5 models to the exaggerated 1:3 chibi characters. Our gratuitous and paid models include male, female, boy, girl, super models, chibis and more in both realistic and anime style. * Hundreds of gratuitous and extended props, ranging from desks and chairs for your anime classroom scene, to medieval shields and swords for your fantasy artwork. You can buy them with our recent virtual currency, Wombat Coins! * You can even customize your model with dozens hair and clothing options! * Fine tune your pose across sliders/text inputs to accomplish more precision. You can pose each joint of the human body, even each finger. * Realistic and adjustable studio lighting, with models casting shadows on each other object. * Besides a big collection of preset poses, you can share and import scenes that you or others created from our PoseCloud online community. No need to start from scratch, you can readily import an airplane, a car, or a whole concert scene directly into the edition and start residence on top of it! * Export your completed work as png/jpg with adjustable high resolution to be used in other apps, and readily share to social media. * Extreme perspective: With magical Poser’s perspective tool, you can readily initiate more impact in your illustrations. Please visit our domain for more information: (



Liz Ford  4-2-2021
It's going to execute me delete all my releases


High Fi  4-2-2021
Cool edition just wish I would also animate. I could pay anything for that kinda app! Other than not being able to animate its excellent for modeling!


Bridget Tapia  4-2-2021
THE exquisite


KENZO Z90  4-2-2021


so cute Abdulahi  4-2-2021
This really helps with my drawing


Gacha Cookie  4-2-2021


Kolbey Ditsche  4-2-2021
beautiful sure my password was shared/stolen forthwith after making an account and logging in . Got a info my password was compromised from here seconds after I logged in. So I don't recommend.


Brittany Wilder  4-2-2021
always I check to export an image, it kicks me out the app. I have a lot of storage but it won't permit stay in the app. Please repair this


Toast the ninja cat  4-2-2021
It's nice. It's about posing dolls and it delivers. Nothing really to complain.


Adam Rugh  4-2-2021
a edition


데이빋David  4-1-2021
Hello .. i love the edition , it is really excellent .. but i have a Question... am i allowed to avail my creation , created on your edition for comercial target ?


Lacie Houghton  4-1-2021
i like it becose you can do.chagils whi5h your buddy


Dayna Love  4-1-2021
extremely excellent app, and gives you cash to avail for gratuitous at start.


Quintin Wood  4-1-2021
It's a little intractable to use, but once you gain the hang of it it's a good art support for free!


Durga Purohit  4-1-2021
beautiful excellent aap it helped me with drawing anime or bodies


Christine Mitchell  4-1-2021
It's like I've been using it quotidian 😊


l0sser_ girl  4-1-2021
I love it but each time I put my mail in it's says already took or something else


Cara Furry  3-31-2021
I have a few problems... I wish there was diverse body shapes other than anime or realistic, i kinda wish I would change the hands myself rather than relying on the premade poses to have the proper hand jesters, also I wish that I would add multiple lights rather than just the sun, also I wish there was at least one more gratuitous outfit, cause it'll probably take me days to gain a second outfit, and just one costume makes it feel like all my caricatures are the same...But still veritable straight to avail


Candle Queen Fire 1 YT  3-31-2021
I really like this edition it's really excellent for artists that have some problems with some poses but I have some problems with this edition too but this will be too long I think but one of the problems that it's tricky to step the camera around and it's genre of messy


Kiara Bunyameen  3-31-2021
I love this edition a lot it is extremely enjoyment


Kalpesh Pandya  3-31-2021
K u nj


neko versc  3-31-2021
fantastic app! can you add a trait where we can edit the models' weight and body proportions? it could be so cool.


Aii iiA  3-31-2021
extremely practical and straight to study and use. I avail the edition for referencing difficult positions and to see what a body could look like at challenging angles. I propose it. But maintain in mind that the exquisite option is still to avail a reference of a veritable person, because posing a model believably requires some knowledge of how a human moves, and possibly even another reference. But in a tough situation, this edition is a life saver.


Su-aad Dee  3-30-2021
Really greatttttπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ€˜πŸ‘πŸ˜»


Roisin  3-30-2021
This edition really helped me with my drawing skills. Not to share my life story, but I'm writing a book and decided to do some drawing references to rescue dependents visualise it. If your looking for a simple and straight to avail reference app, this is the one.


Angela Price  3-30-2021
So nocho ecu metala


CryAlly  3-29-2021
I LOVE IT I avail IT 2047


Lilly Hudock  3-29-2021
It is an outstanding release But they need to change how you step the camera it's really tricky It's genre of satisfying and relaxing I don't know why it does this you can avail your imagination and they must drop the prices and have you "ERAN" the "COINS". It's a extremely enjoyment release I instruct getting it I love the wombat cash Name they need to have more problem more clothes Stuff like that to actually dress your character they also need to have babes or babies If you desire to do a family thing.πŸ™‚


Quiet Person  3-29-2021
extremely serviceable and straight to avail as an artist i really like it especially the fact that i dont have to buy/go extended to diverse categories of model.πŸ˜„ extremely recommended


Salma Awil  3-29-2021
this edition is excellent


Jessica Nunn  3-29-2021
It doesn't download when I pressed the download button it just keeps declaring pending and I have been waiting for a hour now


Koree Havard  3-29-2021
Glitches quite a lot. intractable to use.


Nabiha Binte Ahsan  3-28-2021
I loved it! It helped me ameliorate my perspective so much, don't know what I'd do without it! :D


Sophia Deslauriers  3-28-2021
Love it


Xoticyoungmalush E  3-28-2021
Love it


hello  3-28-2021
It's ok πŸ‘ŒπŸ½


MyarmsRgone  3-28-2021
would do with some recent details


Gabriele Del Abrego  3-28-2021
It's been helping me lots with understanding anatomy in a faster way. I'd love more hand poses though.


lost angel  3-28-2021
I can't download itπŸ’€


Cloudy Kailey  3-28-2021
I love it but can we just have cash after we complete posing and theres so tons outfits that are 150 cash like the gym costume check making updates


Kayla Miner  3-28-2021
this edition is definitely the exquisite out of the ones I've tried for mobile, but it forces itself to reload often, and that makes me lose my progress fully orz also prone to crashing more than I could like it too...


FBI samuarai  3-28-2021
Can you upgrade it?


Dgf Eg  3-28-2021
I tried ti execute a account but it wont permit me and i cant avail the hands


yo boy gon gon  3-28-2021
Yo this edition is the exquisite thats all I have to declare 😌


Phil Rushton  3-28-2021
fantastic app. straight to avail and a plethora of customisation options. And I've not even paid yet. Yet being key, because I will...when I start getting paid πŸ˜…


Kamoy Riley  3-28-2021


Veronica Breach  3-27-2021
beautiful good tool! I like to avail it in addition to picture references.


rose - roblox  3-27-2021
Its extremely ez to work with!


Aiden Harvath  3-27-2021
It's good  3-27-2021
It doesn't even permit me install this edition when I've deleted so tons for it. I hate it


Diimy 2  3-27-2021
So excellent so far, yet nowadays it whenever crashes when I save/import a pose. This happens on both of my smartphone and tablet. Pls repair thank you


Meena Verma  3-27-2021


piano ikn  3-27-2021
Yus this release is outstanding


valentina zapata  3-26-2021


Yadira Carreno  3-26-2021
I really like this edition its fantastic for posing a lot of stuff


Lewanda Currelley  3-25-2021
I really love the poses


Lisa Njeri  3-25-2021
I love the movement and coolnes


Idk know yet but i think it looks cool!


Jasper Jamero  3-25-2021
its really good but when your a beginner your like this edition is rubbish its intractable


였빠_Seyou  3-25-2021
Like this edition Has a More tanga ka buang


Kitty Wick  3-24-2021
AMAZING! I used it for a school project for animation and it was great! 10/10 could download on another gadget again!


Kids Smith  3-24-2021
Can I Please gain gratuitous Karate Gi's 4 All Models (Males & Females) & (An Option 4 Shoes & No Shoes, Thx). & Plz execute It attainable To avail Offline, Cause always I Go Into This, It Doesn't Allow Me Into It, It Just Gets Stuck On "MagicPoser" (When I Open It).


Kedric Chromatic  3-24-2021
excellent app. Highly recommended if you have any problems coming up with poses


Mithun KR  3-24-2021
This edition is really nice. It helps a lot. Only problem is that, I deleted the edition for storage motives and when I redownloded it and signed in, the scenes I had created were missing. I clicked on the recover option but it just said "no scenes to recover." Other than this, the edition is nice.


Spirited_Ghoul  3-23-2021
Love this so much! It got my modeling bost up and got my creativity high. DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!! But! I know there is a thing where if you put something on the gallery thing it says it doesnt stop inappropriate modeling but some gain veritable nasty. Thats all i need to declare but overall i love this edition its really addicting


VictoriaHasWifi  3-23-2021
An good art tool! Helps with understanding shapes, shading, and lighting. I'd definently reccomend to any artist.


Grenn hell  3-23-2021
exquisite editions


Solo Bolo  3-23-2021
It's beautiful good, it's just the lag that happens sometimes. I also don't really like how I have to buy things...


Morgan Robinson  3-23-2021
so OK no subject


no more saying cuss words guys  3-22-2021
doesnt install


MC Gaming Miner  3-22-2021
How can I desire gain that lot element how stupid this release so stupid edition 😑😀😑


J Guardado  3-22-2021
No way haven't used it enough for a review but it brought me here.


Christie Mhiko  3-22-2021
F if buvy


There is beauty in your soul  3-22-2021
horrible models and controls.


nara  3-22-2021
It's a excellent edition but I've been having troubles trying to export the pose it won't permit me export the pose in png format, and when I check the jpg one the edition accident please repair this


David Foote  3-22-2021
extremely straight to use, makes referencing my characters so tons easier


Ryan Boughner  3-21-2021
My character is not locked but its not letting me step any of it


Isaac Bravo  3-21-2021
outstanding app! I've been using this for my anatomy references.


xxx.cloudypur.plexxx  3-21-2021
Good! I love it


Denial Aiman  3-21-2021


Taamba Martha  3-21-2021


mr Pink  3-21-2021
good edition but why I can export only .jpg and .png ? Where is .obj, .stl etc


Andrea Madder  3-21-2021
could give it five stars but as of now, I cant seem to step the fingers as I used to. Please repair it.


Vivian M  3-21-2021
fantastic for poses and bends smoothly. i used it for a kenma akaashi ship drawing.


Laila Roach  3-20-2021
magical Poser is great, I can execute poses beyond my examination. The only thing I'm not liking is it's nor letting me post my animations on PoseCloud. I really desire dependents to see my work, so can you figure that out. Overall I think the release is wonderful πŸ‘


Chandler Dunham  3-20-2021
It needs more props


Becky Norris  3-20-2021
beautiful straight to avail and it's fantastic to gain ways from other users. I do wish to see diverse model sizes and to enhance details like eyes, stomach, etc.


Eliana  3-20-2021
This is the exquisite edition ever! I avail it as my 3D animating edition (i take screenshots on every movement) i really love it, even though they're still working on it. It never crashes and u can like people's post, please dont stop making updates :D


phanny 2020 I would like to know stop  3-20-2021
Now I have a lot of work to be finished and submitted you have to be a partnership to you and yours as you can see from the photo of my ID πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š us to be jointly forever πŸ’–β€οΈ your β€οΈπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’“ I like love you no love me I'm sorry but I'm not too you know that's you me


Raccoon  3-20-2021
It sucks. The angle is very intractable to control the props don't even spawn sometimes when you click them. Don't even gain me started on how terrible and annoying the environment section prop thing is. Literally couldn't step my image after I spawned one until I removed it from the scene. The edition has potential. But right now in my opinion it just really sucks.


Sergio Valdez Jr  3-19-2021
fantastic product for getting references! If I would execute a few instructions it could be the addition to add in diverse hand/feet sizes and shapes little bigger/smaller, longer/shorter, slender/meater proportions since not all sizes are a one size fits all! Other than that, solid app!


ivette moore  3-19-2021
Hi I love this release so tons the only thing I don't like about this release is that you have to put your mail and I don't forget we deleted the release and I forgot how to write my mail and it and it keeps on declaring incorrect mail so would you please repair that would you execute it not have an email. thank you


alien from mars  3-19-2021
extremely serviceable


Roman Markelov  3-19-2021
fantastic app! So straight and smooth to adjust and change poses. Seriously better than in more serious PC softs at least for newbie testers like I am) Also wondering if it's possible to add simple animate soft (smth like Daz) in order to initiate little film with own poses?


Timeand Silence79  3-19-2021
amazing edition to avail for creating character references for any of your artistic needs. My only two complaints, is the lack of diverse clothes attainable for the models(a hooded robe could be a cool addition), and the inability to adjust the model's individual proportions. Both I hope come in a afterwards update. Despite that, this edition is extremely well value the download.


SHREY TRIVEDI  3-19-2021
fantastic edition


NASIBAH MANAR  3-19-2021


WistΔ“rΔ«a  3-19-2021
This edition is amazing! But when I check and put appurtenances on the model, it keeps loading, I don't know, it may be my internet. Well, 5 stars.


Lexie Cranfill  3-18-2021
This release is amazing. I love it. You can litterly execute your own sculpture. I instruct this edition if you desire to be a claymation artist.


Imbert Phavensia  3-18-2021
It's wonderful 🀩


Talen Russ  3-18-2021
Helped me work on more complex poses and execute my characters look more lively.


ElyPlays  3-18-2021
so far, it really helps me a lot


Diyanna Guichet  3-17-2021
This is just fantastic >:( I got this edition before and when I signed in, all my poses are gone!!!!!!!😑😑😑😭😭😭 I'm extremely disappointed of this, I don't know if it's because there's a bug, but this edition lost all my poses! vary angry!!!!!!!!!😀😑😑πŸ”₯


Gonna Cry?  3-17-2021
Better than the first poser edition that I found. I noticed that alot of babes think that this is all "free" when it's not, developers need money too, dumbasses.


Alexa Renee  3-17-2021
Just wish I would mess with the proportions more


Feby Salza Dilla P  3-17-2021


XxSΓΈfi_DΓΈΓΈdlePlayΕΎxX  3-16-2021
This release is wonderful overall! You can do so tons with it and initiate your own sculptures! I dont know how to explain how this release is so fun! If the Creator(s) upgrade this game, I will be sure to try it!


kelsey bungay  3-16-2021
could rate 5 if there were more infant like models, like babies and toddlers.


ramil mahinay  3-16-2021
I hate this edition it wont even permit download it when it was 63% it magically annul by it self when i intalled it again it came back to 1%


Kix  3-16-2021
As an artist, this edition really helps and I recently just found lots of tidy things! I definitely recommend.


Yashira Roa  3-16-2021
thank u this is fantastic for my arts! I have been struggling a hole week's!


Neo Dan teman-teman  3-16-2021
So like


Dakaraε₯½γ  3-15-2021
I dislike bc ot needs personal notification


jo neg  3-15-2021
fantastic art tool!!!


Anna Fawkes  3-15-2021
Please repair the edition menu


good soft FOR ANY ARTIST.


MRrandom  3-15-2021
I can break there legs so five star


John Maciver  3-15-2021
I used to avail this and i redownloaded and one of my stuff got a lot of views. Decent 3d program


β€’CHERRYBXMEβ€’  3-15-2021
I love This edition thanks


YoYo  3-15-2021
enjoyment release every! when I run this in 2091


The depressed nugget  3-15-2021
Great..I geuss Like its straight on computer and moble


princess queen  3-14-2021
I recently got a recent smartphone and when I logged back in all my poses were gone and my account name and everything was remembered tho when I logged in and when I tried to recover my scenes it won't exhibit and declare I don't have any I had dozens scene ways I forgot and now I can't draw them


Samsoren Rahbar  3-14-2021
Hi my name is Soren please mail me


Simon Legrand  3-14-2021
Globally a really fantastic soft for layout,posing and perspective testing.The gratuitous bundle is already outstanding to avail .The only trouble may be some missing details that a professional might need. However it's still really usefull as it is


Bubbles  3-14-2021
Verry excellent edition i like all the poses


Joe Nuccitelli  3-14-2021
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•β€β€β€β€β€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Joe Maldonado  3-13-2021
This edition has taken my art to the next level.. Super grateful.. Thank you.


- Skylar Galaxy Plays -  3-12-2021
Love this app, uses it to execute videos, edit ing some with ibis paint X. I wish I would give 5 stars, but the shadowing is genre of non-realistic.


Wombat can you execute a 3d animation edition


Maya Elghoul  3-12-2021
straight to use, I instruct it


Yi Jing  3-12-2021
Well, i think it's cool and serviceable but it's difficult to me


Legion FB  3-12-2021
It's good so far. Lots of details are locked but I'd instruct this app, give it a go.


Foolsgold  3-12-2021
This is my go to app, had to Uninstall then reinstall a couple times on another gadget because the loading image wasn't budging. But otherwise its perfect. Only so dozens body categories though but 9/10


Jennifer Rosario  3-11-2021
It amazing and all but I wish we paint there nails and color there eyes and have more variants in clothing also and have more variants in background and things like that, other than it amazing to see my oc come alive


Mistuba Kun  3-11-2021
My art improved like ALOT


Life Guide  3-11-2021
Worst edition


Kassie Jentzsch  3-11-2021
fantastic app, excellent for drawing


Rica Darroca  3-10-2021
It's enjoyment and offline


Garcia Sosa Family  3-10-2021
i love the release even though i can't gain cash but i could there to be an upgrade where you gain cash everytime we pose a model and please execute there be a trait where you can gain things for gratuitous with codes where we gain when we win a poser contest i know i asked for tons but please execute this all happen


Sahara Gibson  3-10-2021
It okπŸ‘Œ



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