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Ludo Comfun is the most enjoyable ludo board game. You can run our ludo recent with veritable & global players. Ludo has a long history, ludo is rediscovered from the Indian release Pachisi. Now ludo is renowned and famed release around the world. Ludo is a classic Indian release which you can run ludo releases with your buddies ,family &kids. Ladoo releases can recall your childhood. If you desire to be a leader and run ludo versus the computer, versus your friends, versus gamesters around the world, Ludo Comfun is the exquisite choice! We can go back to the memory of childhood from ludo game! LUDO COMFUN MODES ★ONLINE : run Online Ludo with dependents around the world and enjoy the most interesting online ludo games. ★FRIENDS : Invite and mission your buddies to private room to run ludo online jointly and chat online live while playing ludo. ★COMPUTER : run ludo with computer. No internet connection requisite in the vs Computer mode. You can run ludo with computer to ameliorate your ludo tier and mission to be the ludo monarch in the world ★LOCAL: You can pick color and name and run regional multiplayer ludo style with your buddies and family. If your internet is no connection, then the regional Ludo style will be the exquisite ludo board dice release for you to enjoy the offline ludo game. LUDO privacy in diverse MODE ❤Classic Mode: Our ludo is supported between 2-6 gamesters and everyone gets 4 tokens. every gamester rolls the dice. gamesters alternate turns in a clockwise direction. In the ludo game, when 6 is rolled, you can promotion your first token and roll the dice once again. You can select a token and step it forwards along the ludo track. If you gain all your ludo tokens into the middle of the ludo board you are the monarch of laddu! ❤Quick style : In ludo speedy style you have to kill one adversary token before entering home. When you kill the foe token just step your token to the end. You can check the ludo speedy style to enjoy our ludo online games. ❤Tournament Mode: From 1-6,there are 6 rounds in the tournament. Only the victor in round 1 can mission round 2, and so on. whoever gets to win in round 6 is the biggest winner. each gamester has 1 opportunity to win roun6 , if you lose,you need to start over. ❤Snakes&Ladders:This is also a classic board game.You roll the dice and start on 1, whoever be the first one to execute it to 100 wins. With the ladders and snakes lay on the board It becomes a release with ups and downs.Snakes&Ladders is tons more exciting while playing. LUDO COMFUN FEATURES ▲Chat with other players: Voice Chat or Send Messages Online when you are playing ludo ▲Board games: Our Ludo is an Addictive and interesting board puzzle game ▲Make Friends: You can add recent buddies here. run and mission Ludo Comfun together ▲Statistics : There are profile and release and information. You can edit and view personal profile like birthday, topical city. You also can view ludo release news like releases won, win rate, win streak and so on in the ludo online games. ▲Avatar: diversified fantastic avatars are provided for you to choose. Or you can apply your own photo from Facebook in our online ludo games There are dozens names about ludo. Ludo is known as Parcheesi in North America, Parchís in Spain, Parqués in Colombia, Chińczyk in Poland, Petits Chevaux in France, Reis ümber maailma in Estonia. And Ludo Comfun is a moden version of Pachisi, but now it is famed ludo releases around the world. We can run ludo with multiplayers. Now you just need a mobile phone, then you can enjoy ludo life as if you come back to a world where absolute of ludo memory. Download our Ludo Comfun now to run loodo release now! Enjoy the kingdom of succeed in ludo board game. CONTACT US: Please share your opinions with us if you are in issue in ludo releases and talk us how to ameliorate our ludo games. Send messages from the following : Email: [email protected] Facebook: Privacy Policy:



good Ludo. exquisite time pass


dark gamer  4-5-2021
good to run ludo online release


Praveen Singh  4-5-2021
excellent Ludo game. I love it


꧁TSG༒LOVISH꧂ Team乂ROYALS乂࿐  4-5-2021
Fun! Ludo


Deepak Pathak  4-5-2021
۹دئد نن


Eagle hacker gamers  4-5-2021
It's really excellent


Rupam Karmakar  4-5-2021
extremely excellent app. I shall instruct my friends. 👍👍👍👍👍👍


Saloni Gupta  4-5-2021


Shaikh shakil  4-5-2021
extremely good Experience 👌 😍😍


Funny Girl  4-5-2021
Love this


It is a extremely good edition


Jaya kumar C  4-5-2021
enjoyment to run such excellent Ludo release


M̸a̸n̸j̸e̸e̸t̸ R̸a̸j̸༒  4-5-2021
Ludo Comfun-Online Ludo release buddies Live Chat


Krupal krupal  4-5-2021
So excellent aaappp


Suraj Gautam  4-5-2021
extremely excellent Ludo


Graphic Designer  4-5-2021


Sankar sahoo Jasmin sahoo  4-5-2021


Johal Saab  4-5-2021
Gurall Singh


Monika 022  4-5-2021
good Ludo release


Sagar pasul  4-5-2021
good release


Arjun Majhi Yt  4-5-2021
good extremely intersting time pass, delighted ludo


Dhirendra Jakmi  4-5-2021
good edition


Sakeena Shaik  4-5-2021


I avail Samsung m31 mobile.There is a problem in typing keyboard. Typing keyboard does not exhibit major portion where i type. I write blind massage and after back i have to intet button to send massage.


Abhay Rawat  4-5-2021
Gud Ludo release


Steven Malachovski  4-5-2021


Priyalata Nath  4-5-2021
Its a excellent release


Surendra Kumar  4-5-2021


सूरज चौधरी#musical  4-5-2021
Well time spending ludo


Rahul Sahani  4-5-2021
extremely excellent app.I will instruct to my buddies


anju lata  4-5-2021
extremely good edition I will refer my buddies


Jayanth M  4-5-2021
This is my beloved ludo release


Dharmpreet Singh  4-5-2021
World one wrong worst faltu release h koi bhi download mat karna bahut gatiya release h apka informations kharab hoga download mat karna


Abdullah aj  4-5-2021
Gold ka time change Karen plz


Sujal Gedam  4-5-2021
Super Ludo release


Mahadev status  4-5-2021
exquisite ludo ever


Raj Kishore  4-5-2021
Achcha product sabhi avail ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Seema Singh  4-4-2021
I like this ludo extremely tons


GLORZO / Ujjwal  4-4-2021
Nyc ludo release


Veer singh Lodhi  4-4-2021
It a fantastic Ludo edition


Basu Rathore  4-4-2021
excellent excellent luck with the ludo release


filmy dunia  4-4-2021
fantastic Ludo


Raju Patel  4-4-2021
Ludo comfun online


Suman Maji  4-4-2021
extremely excellent game, i recommended to my friends.


Nick Nez  4-4-2021
I love "THIS GAME".


FF Gamer  4-4-2021
I love it is better than other Ludo release editions


SB MODS  4-4-2021
good ludo edition


Anjeet Yadav  4-4-2021
extremely good


Mohd Farooq  4-4-2021
I love this loudo


Devendra Arya , Arya Sir  4-4-2021
fantastic fantastic fantastic ludo release


Prasad Dutta  4-4-2021
fantastic Ludo!!!!


KUMAR BIKASH  4-4-2021
good edition


Pavitradhanda Pavitradhanda  4-4-2021
V excellent edition


Arya Sharma  4-4-2021
Bhosri wale lura wala release banata hai mdharchoad ke paidas


Rinki Kumari  4-4-2021
extremely good


Rekha Rekha  4-4-2021
extremely gooood appp extremely exquisite apppp for the wold


Zeenat Zahid  4-4-2021
full enjoyment Ludo


Sahina parvin  4-4-2021


Moulik Mitra  4-4-2021
this ludo is used for time pass


Jaya Pahwa  4-4-2021
Just desire to run snack and ladders with friends. And desire the intimations off.


India's best tellent AK47  4-4-2021
extremely excellent app. I will instruct to my frnds


Abhi Kk  4-4-2021
good ludo


Shubham  4-4-2021
This soo good and vry excellent edition


Neeflix Tube  4-4-2021
Jhatu developer


Aryan Choudhary  4-4-2021
One of the exquisite Ludo time waster I've had the joy to experience in a while


sandeep yadav  4-4-2021
Bakwas release


Likith Brucelee  4-4-2021
outstanding ludo aap


Kawljeet Khushi  4-4-2021


Dadaper Kademani  4-4-2021
excellent from


Kukadiya Nagjibhai  4-4-2021
Oooo good Ludo


Zahid Fashion  4-4-2021
i am extremely delighted for this online Ludo


sooooo excellent ludo release


TUHIN HAIT  4-4-2021
Time pass ludo game😊😊😊😊😊😊


Manish Tomar  4-4-2021
excellent Ludo. I love it


Alfaaz Ansari  4-4-2021
good and excellent edition


Karthick Raj  4-4-2021
One of the exquisite ever! BANG! Ludo


Lucky Status  4-4-2021


Indian Gamers  4-4-2021
Super Ludo


Rovin Sharma  4-4-2021
good time pass Ludo release and i like it


Anurag Varshney  4-4-2021
extremely good Ludo Ludo


Hitesh kk  4-4-2021


Music beats  4-3-2021
Its wonderful


Bipul Das  4-3-2021
good and excellent edition


Ariyan Chatterjee  4-3-2021
wonderful ludo release good pretty wow


Sanjeevkumar Rana  4-3-2021
excellent game's


Indra chhetri  4-3-2021
I like this ludo 😍😍


Shailu 420  4-3-2021


M.K.V channel  4-3-2021


Reshamlal Khande  4-3-2021
good 💯 working


Riyadh Raj  4-3-2021
I love this ludo


YASH SARSWAT  4-3-2021
exquisite time killer Ludo release


Vishal Dedha  4-3-2021


comedy club  4-3-2021
wow! this is a great ludo release edition


Vishal Bharadwaj  4-3-2021
भारत का सबसे झूठा मक्कार बेईमान इंसान का बनाया हुआ लूडो कम्पनी है जीत कर पाई गई धनराशि आपको कभी भी आपके एकाउंट में नहीं transfer नहीं करते हैं बार बार विद्डराल करने पर भी पैसे नहीं दिए बहाने बनाने की कोशिश की आखिरकार मेने अपनी जीती हुई धनराशि लगभग 886₹ गेम खेलकर और जानबूझकर राशि को खत्म किया और इस प्रकार की झूठी मक्कार फरेबी धोखेबाज ऐप को अनस्टाल कर दिया है आप सभी लोगों से अपील करता हूँ कि इस तरह की झूठी मक्कार फरेबी धोखेबाज बेईमानों के चक्कर में न पड़ें


Vikky mandal  4-3-2021
Time pass ludo release


Sachin Yadav  4-3-2021
excellent Ludo release excellent time pass


Yug Patel  4-3-2021
exquisite edition


Praveen Dwivedi  4-3-2021
extremely smart ludo release


Radhey Ram  4-3-2021


Santoshi Pradhan  4-3-2021


Ayushkumar Sharma  4-3-2021


Tinkoo chauhan  4-3-2021


Ashvini Ashvini  4-3-2021
This good



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