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Oluwa Love  1-14-2021
It cool


Jay Jones  1-14-2021
What a dumb app. Dont waste your time


Ak Ak  1-13-2021
Ask you a lot of questions then . Request to remittance for send any message


Cassandra Smith  1-8-2021
I don't like the edition you gotta pay just to send a message...Sorry edition sucks...It deserves a one star.


Leah Burt  1-4-2021
Everything is in Russian and my preferences were decided for me... I couldn't gain further than that since I don't understand Russian.


Jenny  1-2-2021
Fake app, not in that the dependents on it are acting fake, the edition they describe does not exist


Crystal Onyx  12-31-2020
I don't like this edition at all each trait included on the edition is stuck behind a paywall


Mohamed OUKACHA  12-28-2020
Its not free, and they ask to put ur credit card info. It sounds fake


Dan Chipchura  12-25-2020
Garbage app, can't message except you pay. And 9/10 are fakes and scammers.


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extremely comfortable product for online datings. There are a lot of pretty and interesting ladies that are whenever ready for completely gratuitous communication. Thanks to this edition I had some auspicious dates. I recommend.


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It didnt even open for me its rubbjsh chat me on hangout [email protected] gmail. Com


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Really interesting app. Thanks for developers for such app.


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A fantastic edition for those who suffer from loneliness, whenever in uncover of buddies and love. Here you can really discover happiness, discover recent friends. Thanks to the developers!


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Cool dating app. This is the only working product across which I found myself a girlfriend. We often go on dates with her thanks to this app. Thank you extremely tons for the application.


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I So recc it extremely usufructuary frndly ! You can readily discover you lass by just some simlple clicks !


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Loveto proxy. Don't even annoy installing if you don't have a credit card absolute of cash.


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The concept is good. It could be fantastic if dependents were outgoing enough and would chat about what is veritable to them and are less likely to seek communication. I'm still waiting to see how it goes. excellent job group


Ashick Basel  10-4-2020


Remus Neculau  10-4-2020
I don't think u can discover something worst than this edition here on playstore


naty carter  10-4-2020
I've just downloaded the edition I HAVEN'T EVEN set up a profile. As I tried to open the edition forthwith after downloading it said " ERROR" "access denied" , "What happened ?" .... like how on ground am I supposed to know what happened???? I didn't develop the edition


nkanyezi sakhile  10-3-2020
talk me gyz how can u execute mail location because i been check but it don't wanna work


It's wrong


Kamil Huseynov  10-1-2020
I really liked the application. Thank you extremely tons for the application, thanks to it I made recent buddies and started communicating more, it will be extremely serviceable for dozens dependents who feel like one.


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The editions just a resume to an offapp blog thats buggy


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the product is extremely good. everything is very simple and clear. pictures of the questionnaire and informations of the fair sex right on the hands. already met a lovely lass and tomorrow we go to the cinema with her


CharismaOfficial  9-27-2020
First: You have to pay money to send messages! Second: idea too may ads! Third: It sucks!


Juned Ahmed  9-20-2020


Thomas Drivas  9-18-2020
Used the edition and for some motive it takes me to some other domain called (asian melodies). Not that Asian ladies are not pretty but I like to see all nationalities. And I thought this was a multi cutual edition clearly not. extremely dissapointed


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1 fully serviceable dating edition for me. I desire to execute an appointment and discover a girlfriend. I will join this release


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Hi Tiktok  9-15-2020
The exquisite edition for finde your love😅


Liemass Gaingon  9-5-2020
Why need coin to send a message....:( Omg


Ali Baradaran  9-1-2020
This edition is wonderful You can discover your soulmate readily


Salar Sarky  8-28-2020
horrible edition


Amos Mok  8-28-2020
Fake 5 star reviews with fake profiles which are actually chat bots.


Monya Cusenza  8-28-2020
Securyty Hight 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 Seminari no 😂 😂 😂 😂


Roman Trochkov  8-26-2020
The edition is just super! I extremely quickly found a second half here and we are now extremely delighted and soon there will be a wedding! The edition works well and doesn't slow down.You're good!!!🤩


Jimmy Okoso Davies  8-23-2020
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Fake. absolute of fake, everything is fake in it


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A recent and exciting edition for users. I have tried the edition and love it. I made a few recent friends. Among them are pretty girls. they are extremely hilarious and friendly. I good to meet them. All thanks to this app.


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wow, extremely cool app, user-friendly interface, a lot of girls to chat with))NO lag, everything goes)



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