Android Version: 4.1App: Lophis Roguelike:Card RPG game,Darkest Dungeon
Release date: Jan 14, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: DreamSkyCategory: game card
Name: Lophis Roguelike:Card RPG game,Darkest DungeonExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Dreamsky: Just be Happy! Dark Dungeon Survival -Lophis destiny Card Roguelike We fused card releases and roguelikes jointly to execute the exquisite single gamester deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, find relics of immense power, and Dark Dungeon Survival -Lophis destiny Card Rougelike is a single-player RPG card game. The release incorporates the famed Roguelike release items and creates wealthy unknowns and diversity, ensuring that the release experience is diverse for every time. In the release world, gamesters need to execute choices when encounter emergencies, and surmount the foes in the adventure battle by establishing card team strategies so as to finish the adventure tour of the roles. 【Independent role story】 There are six diverse careers of roles with diverse career abilities and exclusive cards. every role has an independent plot and independent combat ending. 【Different chapters of the plot】 A total of four chapters are included. Maps and the local guardians of every chapter are randomly generated. gamesters need to surmount the ultimate boss to clear the stage. 【A big number of emergencies】 Random emergencies will occur during the release and diverse decisions need to be made so the entire adventure may be influenced. Currently more than 60 emergencies have been designed in the game. 【Brain-burning card team building】 The card team residence in the release adopts the manner of DBG, which means gamesters do not have to pick from a large card pool to build their own card group. There will be a set of initial card teams according to diverse careers. gamesters can constantly obtain other cards during the release process and gradually ideal the card teams that are suit them. Contact with us: Facebook:



Nolva  12-21-2020
Night of the absolute moon is tons better experience than this


Hunter of Darkness  12-21-2020
fantastic release really value my time, 4th boss was almost impossible but luckily for me iam beautiful excellent at these categories of releases and finished it on 3rounds


Jimmy Herold  12-21-2020
Literally unbeatable no matter who you choose


Austin Yunt  12-20-2020
There are some weird interactions, like when you guard to avoid the next physical injure you take, but it getsb activated magical damage. The newest boss is 9 out of 10 times a joke, sometimes I die in 2 turns but that's ok. Ftp is aweful, scrolls and character unlocks are going to take you forever. This release loses its luster in abyss style since it's basically over after your first death. It's costs too tons time for every of the wee upgrades and collecting that it never makes it feel value while.


Wall Counter  12-19-2020
Its outstanding game, Really Cool


Kleine Paul Clark  12-19-2020
It is an overall enjoyment game, unless for that bug where the boss tier isn't appearing on thr image each release or so. Even surrendering doesnt work.


napp  12-18-2020
release is really unbalanced, the first 3 bosses are all in the right place, ranging from straight to hard, but the 4th boss is almost impossible without excellent RNG, and the paywall for the recent characters defeats the target of spending that time going across the game, but a excellent time waster


Anything Random  12-18-2020
I like the release unhappy only upgrade when the devs feels it


mahesya rajabyan  12-18-2020
good game,but When i meet the first boss,the boss doesn't spawn.please repair


Jay Anousone  12-17-2020
I really did enjoy this game, it was one of my beloved back then. But I can see this release be more balanced on how severe the bosses and the gamester can be, I can see how this release can be better and even better if you developers puts your heart's and mind into it more and put some more fantastic references like the JoJo references ones, it was so good. Anyway wish you guys the exquisite of luck.


TLF CH. 2307  12-17-2020
noice card game. it has diversified genres of ability and i kinda like how tale is, sadly its so intractable to disclose abyss mode. and no pvp. hopefully pvp will soon come


Ayan Pegs  12-16-2020
It has potential to be a excellent release if they repair this release breaking bug where the boss does not appear only the back earth appear and nothing else.. repair this bug asap


Kenan Gelera  12-16-2020
I liked the release please add recent characters and boss.


Zahroux  12-16-2020
Played heaps, paid for some stuff to support, changed phone... now have to rebuy everything, wont restore my purchases, no assistance from the mail aid team... staying low stars until they gain back to me


As Sobahan  12-15-2020
This release need translation into diverse languages


papo quezada  12-15-2020
extremely boring


fezeka mthalane  12-14-2020
excellent release but 1st boss does not spawn


Keith Marlou Aldueza  12-13-2020
I rate it 1 but I entirely like the release but the bug about empty bosses entirely ravage the game. we cannot run anymore bacause of that Im so unhappy because this release has potential. I like this release but I do not instruct it. I be cheerful if you repaired that bug.


guessinginthedark  12-13-2020
it's beautiful excellent ngl but I'm mixed between 4 and 5 stars


Marco Baldevia  12-12-2020


Andres Felipe Henao Gomez  12-10-2020
Funny, but idea to expensive, nearly all characters had a severe pay wall


Aleg Gasanov  12-5-2020
This release is so hard. I can't brawl 3rd boss. Please execute it a little easy.


Casey Aw  12-1-2020
The release tale style is well thought out. dozens interesting deck combos. Alot of cool synergies. My only trouble is that abyss seems imbalanced, especially sanity bar. Losing one match means losing 50 sanity, there is no idea to recover so why not just end it there. There is also no option to quit abyss after losing 50 sanity. Overall the abyss trait needs brushing up. For quest record, please also record the stats of every round, not only the deck used


Acemake Aceborne  12-1-2020
This is a fantastic game, but there are still a few bugs. For example: when entering the boss, the boss doesn't spawn. I tried restarting a recent release but it still won't spawn. Developers pls repair this


ANoobyPlayer UwU  11-28-2020
I like the graphics, but the release (for me) must be free, cause don't offers tons pastime


emilía gujó  11-28-2020
If you're allergic to meager english you've come to the incorrect place. If you discover it hilarious and like to run releases with excellent gameplay, soundtrack and ambiance then you've found yourself a solid game. I absolutely love it.


mo mo  11-27-2020
Can't even pass with any heros, hope have recent card for next upgrade


septic stars  11-27-2020
This is a really excellent release and I really am surprised that there is a card release that keeps you attention


No Namer  11-26-2020
excellent game. Character unlocking is a bit difficult however. Not tons to declare here, but also, why are there two versions of this in edition store? Its the exact same release and name, but has a SLIGHTLY diverse icon


Samuel Wilson  11-23-2020
1 star cause there's bug at the end of chapter 3, boss doesn't spawn. So release is bugged. If this was repaired it could be 5 stars from me tho


Randy millare  11-19-2020
It's really excellent I saw a lot more potential but I hope you add more features, but please repair the bug about the boss not spawning it can't be repaired until I restart the tale again please repair it!


Julio Rios  11-16-2020
Average rpg deck builder. Not sure if it's value the asking price.


orlando amongo II  11-16-2020


Sedat Oral  11-15-2020
Too dozens bugs


Mifxan Muhd  11-12-2020
Sorry,but this release has bug.I nearly win but that time I desire to brawl the boss,the boss gone and its loading.I have restart the game,but still gone.I hope you read it and repair it.I will run after another update.Thank you.


Nwahida Hassan  11-12-2020
This release is amazing,its just easy foward and not that wrong


Sercan Jenkins  11-11-2020
Grinding soul is kinda time consuming but overall it is beautiful enjoyment release


Aashutosh dwivedi  11-11-2020
this release courrpeted my smartphone display permanently and I had to replace it just hate it -10 stars


Light Chamber  11-11-2020
May I know what the difference between this one and the gratuitous one? Because I couldn't discover one.


Joshua Japor  11-10-2020
Plsss repair boss bug literally a waste of time


Spare Runner  11-10-2020
This is a amusingly enjoyment game. It's poorly balanced, but enjoyment anyway. Sadly, the ability to step between gadgets is broken. I discovered this when I thought about paying to open the one paywall class. Decided to verify that that wouldn't be a wrong move. But I tried three other devices, and it throws the same "too dozens requests" error every time, even when it's the first attempt to load the save. Without a serviceable save/transfer ability, I just can't pay for anything.


Danny LMAO  11-10-2020
This release is really cool but it is super intractable to beat all the boss.You loss all your card after you die.


Féłlow Mârshměľłøw  11-10-2020
This is an wonderful rpg! Although everytime we give up you have to restart but its okay, I really like the release also i was wondering what the CD-Key was but the most favourite champion was the twin gunners, although sometimes when I open at the I cant open tale sometimes.


Dace 117  11-10-2020
Love the release but i cant brawl the first boss for some motive like i cant see him i cant do anything exsept pres the buttons and i cant leave so i have to press the house button,plz dev/devs reaspond i desire to run the release and give 5 stars


Jan Lorenz Salhay  11-9-2020
Hello developers! The release is really excellent and i love it! But the thing is, i just started the release again from the start and i can't proceed to the next tale because the 1st boss isn't appearing. Please help! :'(


John Red  11-8-2020
I really enjoyed this release until i lost my smartphone and had to buy a recent one. The progress was all gone and I invested some veritable money in this. There is no restore purchases either. Shame, because release is good.


Aleksandar M 4003  11-7-2020
Is good


Tyquan Sargent  11-6-2020
I desire a refund or credit for the hunter purchase I am extremely furious


HOMIP MOMIP  11-6-2020
beautiful good,but in the end i just went and bought darkest dungeon on steam instead of this.


Leontin Mihai  11-5-2020
extremely repetitive game, but it's so cool, the only thing is that there are not that dozens things to do after you beat the boss


Al Ghifari  11-5-2020


GeneralDugong  10-29-2020


Adam Hageman  10-28-2020
Love the graphics and design. The gameplay is wonderful


Yrney Samorten  10-22-2020
First boss not spawning. Cant step to next round. If u die then release freezes


Al45kan 907  10-22-2020
What a fn coward u became, don't even care to repair the disappearing bosses, I wonder if it's for gamesters that didn't pay for this game. veritable retarded mode of the abyss, do u desire us to have enjoyment & rate 5 stars or execute this release go downhill? veritable stupid mode sanity u made for abyss, can't even enjoy it for 5 minutes or go passed tier 10 for long. The major campaign is better & longer, if u take out sanity & repair bosses I'm a 100% sure this release will go back to 4.5 like b4 & surpass 5m downloads.


Pizza Man  10-21-2020
They aren't quite ads, but they may as well be when you have so dozens "watch a clip rewards"


Nemui ...  10-19-2020
good roguelike deckbuilding release


Arthur Waller  10-19-2020
Posted a five star review once before because the release itself is great, but I didn't gain a response about the ridiculously difficult ultimate boss and how the Abby's style shouldn't be hidden behind beating them when it's seemingly impossible without pay2win. Willing to restore my 5 star review when I gain a response or the boss is nerfed to where it's actually playable without paying veritable money. I've played multiple times and been creamed each time by the ultimate boss due to ridiculous hardship


MeDrInKin 123  10-18-2020
release beautiful wonderful but some problem boss dont, the start button after quiting the release dont't work anymore apparently but hopefully it will be repaired card release that is actually really really enjoyment (Conclusion: recommended to play)


CK Chan  10-16-2020
Hello developers! I really enjoyed the release and the art. But I have play into a bug that prevents me from continuing the story. THE SECOND BOSS DOESN'T SPAWN. If you click on the 2nd boss's tier you'll have a empty image only with the background. Note:I have viewed the prophet. Please repair asap. Thanks!


Panzerkamf 123  10-15-2020
I rate it 4 stars. Why? It dose not give a heads up in policy of difficulties, and the trick never told you how saving works, thankfully saving is simple. Also the names feel a bit wierd, I know it might be a bit offensive but... "Ahh come on man" - Joe Biden. Also my cellphone is a bit slight and the release dose not really fit my screen. Though I could instruct this release as a excellent time waster.


ً  10-13-2020
gigantic paywall blocks the point of releases To have enjoyment If you desire to execute a release that is fantastic execute it enjoyment


Jason Wilbur  10-12-2020
I love this release it's a personal beloved


Ajay Ken-Rod  10-12-2020
enjoyment card based strategy/rp game. Bit steep in price for the two add ons, but all around a enjoyment game.


tri le  10-12-2020
The boss doesn't appear 99% of the time, how can you like this game???


duc Le  10-12-2020
excellent game, but i have played dozens releases and i cant complete the release because the boss glitched out and didnt appear, 99% OF THE TIME!


Pouya Teymoorian  10-11-2020
It is a excellent release but need to repair bugs


Ray Dy  10-11-2020
ideal Cardgame. Love it. 👍🏼


Lionel Marcus Solaris  10-11-2020
Can't even open it. each time I try, it forthwith crashes. This is probably only circumstance to me so please don't base your opinion on the release on me. I was able to gain a refund so it's not so bad.


Iron Helmet  10-11-2020
Gonna change my review now that ive come back to it after a while. Translation suddenly became terrible??? It used to be so tons better but now i dont even understand what the tale is supposed to be. They've patched up some exploits which is beautiful good, and the recent bosses are interesting. Don't listen to the other reviews, this release is beautiful straight as long as you know what to build. I beat it in 2 tries with swordsman, and 3 tries with twins. Overall its beautiful enjoyment i reccomend you check it out.


Mecha Dragon  10-8-2020
super enjoyment but gets to dificult at the end


Nattakorn Ratchabut  10-8-2020
Too dozens bugs which ravage the experience of the game.


Will  10-7-2020
really excellent


Gaming Knight 213  10-7-2020
It's a enjoyment game... but jesus it's also bull you cant ever really beat the ultimate boss even if you prepare yourself with the exquisite stuff it still doesn't matter so the time you've spent nearly doesn't matter


B02-Dakis, Jamir T.  10-7-2020
exquisite card release ever


Exiquite Bearer  10-7-2020
This is a amazing release and I love how replayable it is without getting bored of it but after finishing every release it lacks a reward, you just disclose some of the card that you may discover or not trough your next adventure, some souls rock like 1 to 5 and thats it. Because of the lack of reward each adventure feels kinda useless especially on the long play when you disclose all the tiers. It also lacks tiers and I just complete the release for the 2nd time. This release has fantastic potential thus I rate it 5.


Yugong Yishan  10-2-2020
beautiful decent spire-like deck builder.


UI_Goku  10-2-2020
Buff the card a little plz


Chayene Abobo  10-1-2020
Gameplay is okay though would avail some more explanation like showing features about the card that will be created by other cards. Animation and levelling is excellent but i have encountered a bug wherein the release wont end even though Ive killed the boss so yeh


Elliora Rinsuno  9-30-2020
Its a beautiful fantastic release


doomd21  9-29-2020


Gaming Masters  9-28-2020
enjoyment game. But season rewards dont seem to gain reset regularly...


nigel Roldan  9-27-2020
delighted releases


Loving Ryza  9-27-2020
I love this release and what it tries to be. each character in the release has a unique run mode AND a unique tale and ultimate boss to go with it! I noticed that quitting the edition and entering it resumes your progress and I don't mind this at all, I could go as far as to declare I like it. Here is why, I once got defeated by a boss and used souls to gain a revival scroll. I lost I "reset", my progress was still there but I lost my souls, so the reset worked but there was still things lost.


Frank Brousseau  9-25-2020
Seriously no google account? This release i hsd to start a recent everytime i gotba recent phone...woukd be good to save progress and you know maintain yout progress...


Anthony O'Connor  9-20-2020
Le prime ore di gioco sono divertenti. il problema arriva quando incontri il secondo boss del gioco. letteralmente impossibile da superare. ci ho provato per 30 play di fila. Sotto la metà della vita non andava. Peccato, poteva essere un bel titolo, ma con questa difficoltà penso lo abbandonerò...


Tim White  9-17-2020
Having a problem synching through devices. Purchases on cellphone don't exhibit on smartphone though both using same Google account


Grady Simanjaya  9-15-2020


leonardo serrano  9-14-2020
This release is enjoyment to


REFLEX KING  9-13-2020
I installed the gratuitous version and the first boss didnt desire to exhibit up and then I installed this version and it still didnt work . Pls repair this as soon as possible


Stressedmuffin  9-12-2020
The release itself is fun, the tale is ok++, but there are a lot of English mistakes, and not to mentions some extremely annoying bugs like the fact you "can't" progress after beating the first boss- It will allow you to brawl a few more "camps" and then bug out, freeze the game, and when re-opening the release it brings you back to the first boss fight...


Moonstar  9-9-2020
I completed swordsman and twins story, release didnt saved my twins release and the save informations is lost forever, kinda bullcrap bosses counters your build and now the release wont properly save


Temuka XD  9-7-2020
readily one of my beloved release but it doesn't quite execute it a 5 star just because the release has loads of bugs. For example when you are about to brawl the boss he just doesn't appear so you gain stuck at the same place so you gotta restart and start over. (Which doesn't give you any rewards)


Chival Asia  8-31-2020
Broken release cant even brawl the boss in the first chapter


Eiron Reantazo  8-26-2020
Its really good, but when i whenever go to boss tier it didnt whenever exhibit up even i restart the release its mess up. Plss repair this, i will execute this 5 star when its repair


Jc Hinoguin  8-26-2020
You won't permit me login


Agnes Edwards  8-25-2020
Cung duoc


Daniel Haizzat  8-23-2020
extremely intractable but enjoyment at the same time


TheCrazyEight 404  8-20-2020
beautiful cool game, tale lines cool, and pro release style extremely fun, also a little tutorial is if you watch a clip for a trial of diverse characters, and you beat the game, you disclose them for the pro release scenario. You can watch a clip once a day for every of the characters.


Enzy Cezar  8-20-2020
interesting card game! But i cant run it for 30 minute, the fonts are too slight and it gives me eyestrain.


misunderstood unknown  8-18-2020
It's a cool release definitely diverse then all the other releases I run and that's a motive I like it so tons but also all the detail that was put in it it's just wonderful


Anime T.V  8-17-2020
I would declare the share code is useless. I maintain importing codes but nothing happens repair this as tons as possible.


Yuuji Sagara  8-17-2020
Why now this release so dozens bugs.... When i played the boss vanished and then when reopen there's a Chinese word and then blackscreen and after reopen all blank.... I tried 3 time reinstalled the but still the same please repair it.... I like this release


Ad Wil  8-16-2020
I enjoy the release but the ammount of crashes that ive had recently are making it frustrating to play. In my newest play i beat the second boss, which was a bit of a grind, then went to the next area. Midway across my second brawl in the territory it crashes. When i reload the game, its put me back 2 fights before the 2nd boss. Ive used revive scrolls in past fights and then had it crash. It remembered i used a scroll but put me back before tye brawl i used it in.


Dev Max  8-16-2020
Enjoyed the game.


Thegenderpolicia  8-14-2020
Not really an experience per say. More of a question. Why is there 2 of the same release on run store. Both have diverse ratings. Also I've been playing for quite a while and I've noticed that when playing swordsman, the ending is a little hard. Not sure if I'm just doing my play incorrect but the gap between moves and injure is rough to fight.


glitch113355 spears  8-14-2020
The release keeps declaring theres a upgrade for 0.6 mb and I select ok and it kicks me out of the edition everytime making the release unplayable for me. I could give it more stars if I was able to run it again


Bryan DelaCruz  8-12-2020
Hello when is the upgrade


Lance Nathanael Ver  8-12-2020
Please repair the bug everytime i contact a guardian or a boss it doesnt appear please repair it


Shade Katz  8-10-2020
Missing characters that I paid money for -_- This release used to be extremely excellent (still wish I would have a authentic custom style and not just 3 cards)


Soul knight Gamer  8-10-2020
I Cant declare tons about this release but it lags And Somtimes has a lot of bugs Like when the boss did not appear marking me restart my progress not only that when you run abyss style all the other champions are gone Overall cool release


Druettus Edward T.  8-10-2020


JayJay Smith  8-10-2020
I Love this card release


Thomas Sisler  8-9-2020
I expected it to be horrible with adverts and iap. The adds are 1 per game, a release can go an hour or more with save points and deck builring along the way. The tale is kinda basic/boring (except the monk who is beautiful good) but it plays really well. I wouldnt mind playing it as an actual card game. Overall I was happily surprised. excellent game!


Hassan Hasfizi  8-9-2020
excellent release with interesting release mechanism but very frustating. Lophis is just a pain the ass. The release itself is not impossible to beat just really nervecracking. Replay same characters multiple time to fiddle enough and know what exquisite for your deck. Edit: Now it just a horrible release with numerous unfixed bugs. Removing my stars



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