Android Version: 4.4WApp: Let It Ride Poker
Release date: Mar 14, 2015App Rating: 4
Author: Megawin CasinosCategory: casino
Name: Let It Ride PokerExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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This is the No. 1 Online Poker edition for permit It Ride on Android. Let It Ride is a variation of five card stud poker. It is based on player’s three cards and two community cards where you can Pull Back or ‘Let Them Ride’ based on how severe your hand is. There is no need to worry about beating dealer’s hand or wagering versus other players. In this game, all 3 bets are made at once. You place them on the 1, 2 and $ marker. The $ bet is mandatory. That’s your ante, your table stakes. You can also place a 3-card bounty bet. The twist is that as the cards are revealed the gamester has the chance to withdraw or decrease two-third of his total wager if he doesn’t like his cards. This release is a very famed casino poker release with potential for high pay outs. It’s a enjoyment release to play. And slow paced, which is fantastic for older gamesters or table release enthusiasts. How To run : 1. gamester should execute three equal bets at three betting areas - 1, 2, $ on the table 2. The dealer then transactions three cards to the gamester and two community cards are dealt face down 3. After looking at your three cards, if you feel you have the beginning of a excellent hand or if you are feeling lucky, then permit It Ride, else Pull Back your first bet by clicking on the arrow on 1st betting space on the table 4. The first community card is then turned over. Again if it looks like a excellent hand, permit It Ride. If not, Pull Back your second bet by clicking on the arrow on 2nd Betting spot. 5. Finally the second community card is turned over completing your five-card poker hand. 6. If you have pulled back your first two bets, the third bet has to play. 7. If your poker hand has a pair of 10s or better, you win. 8. In the occasion of a winning, gamester is paid according to the poker worth of his five cards, remaining wager and the payout table mentioned below: Royal Flush - 1,000 to 1 easy Flush - 200 to 1 Four of a genre - 50 to 1 absolute home - 11 to 1 Flush - 8 to 1 easy - 5 to 1 Three of a genre - 3 to 1 Two Pairs - 2 to 1 Pair of 10s or Better - 1 to 1 Any other - Loss Features: * HD Graphics and usufructuary outgoing Interface * Leader board to exhibit off your score with buddies on social sites * 16 Tables with diverse betting options * Start the release with 50,000 bounty chips * 225 tiers to be cleared * Hourly bonus * First 3 Tables are Unlocked * High stake tables are locked which can be unlocked as you clear Levels * In edition chip purchases * Invite your buddies and gain extra chips * Send and Receive Gifts from your buddies in the form of chips



Joseph  6-13-2021
Regarding your response to a former review citing unmutable, noisy ads, lowering the smartphone volume absolutely does not lower the ad volume. dozens times, I have to forthwith leave the edition so as not to disrupt those nearby. I could propose a paid, ad-free option as a solution. Otherwise, I enjoy the release and run frequently. UPDATE: per response from Megawin Casinos, I found the ad opt-out under the shopping cart icon. Rating revised to 5 stars.


Bruce Hamlin  6-4-2021
Sucks cant gain online


Charlotte Seville  5-12-2021
I've never encountered a card or poker game, veritable or otherwise, that transactions as dozens 4-card flushes and straights, or 3- and 4-card easy flushes, as this one. Amazingly stingy.


It's okay for practice.


Jason Bradley  4-7-2021


Tracy Ponzo  1-5-2021
exquisite gratuitous Poker Game! veritable Casino Feel!! My beloved App!


Lori DeSantis  11-25-2020
fantastic release


Bradley Smith  10-30-2020
Why is the easy ranked higher than the flush on the 3 bounty odds?


Wade Yount  10-3-2020
Why can't I down load this game?? Have been trying for over a month....!


Walt Larson  8-12-2020
This is my beloved game. Unfortunately dozens casinos are phasing it out. I enjoy playing on my phone. I dont understand the extra chips for reaching a leval. Casinos do not do that. Wish they did.


Kody LaGreca  8-10-2020
could like an option for authentic randomness and switching between two decks


Diane Tryon  5-8-2020
extremely enjoyment release and a realistic game. I have it I stalled on all my smartphones gadgets.


Mark Murray  4-1-2020


David Read  2-2-2020
Not to impressed went from 14 billion to five dollars in about 3 weeks you gain to a top point then you don't win cheerful I'm better at the veritable thing .Was enjoying it for about a year


Alan Carolus  1-29-2020


Tim Knor  1-26-2020
Samsung S10 with smartphones 10... couldn't avail the back button or editions buttons. They wouldn't be displayed and there's no idea to exit. Had to reboot my phone. Uninstalled


Christopher Sasek  1-25-2020
Uninstalling after passing the billion dollar mark


George  12-10-2019
wrong odds


Brenda McKenzie  11-5-2019
Just like being in casino


Melissa Gagnon  11-4-2019
It's ok


Shana Harrington  10-24-2019
The release is enjoyment and realistic. Another review is right. I won't sit across 30 second ads, but there aren't that many. The tournaments are horrible. There is no idea I'm playing live opponents. I was up at several million dollars and they were still betting $10. I permit the release run 6 hours to see if I was right. Yep, 6 hours later, they're still betting $10 or $20 and hanging out around $9000. It would take several days of easy run to finish a tourney. That's not fun.


Thomas Hiltner  10-22-2019
Don't like not having a close or logout button.


Bradley Kiser  10-15-2019
good release I understand advertisement pays the bills but having adverts running for over 30 seconew makes me look for a diiferent ap-


Tracy Jackson  10-14-2019
outstanding card release I just love playing it at house & in the casino also


M Childers  10-3-2019
Ive been playing this for over 20 years and surprised there are so few editions for it cause it really can be so tons fun!!!!! If there were more I'd go to one because this one just isn't a lot of enjoyment 😟. Unlike your other game, 3 card poker, winning is tons harder. Yes, I have won over 5 billion but in the same amt of time I've won over 14 billion at 3 card. You warning programed hands after awhile I.E. if you are dealt trips, neither of the 2 dealers cards will give you the 4th, nor even a pair...


Willy Bounds  9-29-2019
The exquisite


Gregg Mckenzie  9-25-2019
excellent release


Girish Jadhav  9-25-2019


Harsh Dev  9-11-2019
fantastic game! Live tournaments are you awesome.. I am entirely addicted!


John Gage  9-10-2019
enjoyment experience but the lack of realistic winning % is extremely disappointing. Don't expect a veritable release at a casino to go almost as well.


Amy Winkelmann  9-10-2019
Doesn't work


Mark Cecile  9-1-2019
run this release for several weeks with no troubles now it's frozen the only idea to repair it seems to be to reinstall the release I do this I will lose everything I've accomplished that means over 17 billion dollars in chips


Wayne Doel  7-17-2019
wish there was a multiplayer style with up to 7 gamesters at a table, that could add a lot of realism to the release


Suman Tiwari  7-5-2019
exquisite run


Barb Mount  6-27-2019


Jamie Jamison  5-18-2019
Really enjoy the game. Add an option to have gamester cards hidden and have them reveal them by tapping cards one at a time. This could up the realism factor.


cj mini  4-20-2019
extremely relaxing mmmmm excellent


Adam Ostrow  4-6-2019
like the gameplay, but these recent unmutable, noisy adverts are an issue. I don't mind seeing ads, but you can't even kill the obnoxious music ads, which makes the release impossible to run with anyone else around


A Google user  3-12-2019
lots of enjoyment


Alton Kovar  2-21-2019
Win idea to often. Other than that excellent simulation!!


Justin Carr  2-17-2019
enjoyment game. beloved casino game, excellent app.


Jared Tinoco  2-16-2019
This is my release when I visit casinos, so it's good to be able to run when I can't hit an actual casino.


A Google user  2-15-2019
i love this release & run it daily.


Matthew Underhill  2-13-2019
keeps closing everytime I open the app. have uninstalled and installed a few times. check to repair please! love the game!


Lou Guerrero  1-31-2019
fantastic idea to study fundamentals of the release and betting


Harry Rhoades  1-12-2019


Trenia Hoard  1-8-2019
This is the exquisite Mississippi Stud edition on the market. The quality is greatest and the gameplay is nearly like the and at the veritable table.


Rozanna Peach Foley  12-31-2018
Absolutely luv it!!! Just wish it was alot faster and able to run between devices. If I'm signed into fb I must be able to choose up at my tier from my cellphone that I left off at. Instead I am starting at a tier 1.


John Murray  12-20-2018
less ad now better


Malissia Badzinski  12-2-2018
enjoyment to play.


J Jakubo  11-25-2018
You can't lose. I hit a easy flush on my hundredth hand. This release is rigged and designed to maintain money in your bank so you maintain seeing adverts and they maintain making money. Otherwise it's okay. Attention development: please add an option for authentic randomness.


Greg Thomas-Leda  9-27-2018
Awesomely outstanding and enjoyment and I love it


Teresa Kotula  9-5-2018
Like the release but it would be a bit faster


Deborah Arnold  8-20-2018
Love this version of permit It Ride. It has bounty trait and is just like being at a casino!!


Will Evans  8-6-2018
It's programmed for you to win at the release so the realism and randomness is lost.


Richard Bennett  8-1-2018
Like playing in a Casino


Dave Wiedemann  6-28-2018
This is a extremely good app, a lot of enjoyment and for just $1.99, it's well value it to pay and avoid the ads. The only thing I'd like to see as a repair is less times between hands. Not sure why the delay before I can rebet every time...


Samuel Albarran  6-20-2018
straight to use. fantastic graphics. enormous payouts. I'm a winner!


Robert burns  6-14-2018
excellent release just like in Vegas


Donald Myerscough  5-30-2018
whenever liked playing this release of cards. Only downside, and it's a slight one, is having to wait in between hands.


eugene roe  5-28-2018
When you really desire to go to a casino but cant, this offers some relief.


Stephen Nemecek  5-4-2018
Took a while to figure out how to permit a bet ride , not as realistic as the casino. gain a lot more pairs , straights and absolute homes than at th casino. Gets me revved up and then go loose at th casino.


Santosh Panwar  4-22-2018
Thanks for the upgraded design. More fun, Graphics look excellent and it's smooth to play. I enjoy this release a lot.


Tom Shepard  4-18-2018
Says you lose on winning hands


Dale Nash  4-9-2018
I do NOT like the annoying 'Share' pop up. If I desired to be on Facebook, I'd be on Facebook. I like the release but the pop up is why I'm uninstalling.


Linda Watkins  2-21-2018
Thank you... very usufructuary friendly... large HUGS....


A Google user  2-9-2018
I know you execute money off of popups.....but you are killing me dude ;)


Carrico Family  1-20-2018
Everything I had a excellent had the edition gave me an option to "share" thru Facebook. It could not permit me skip and the release froze until I signed into FB. I did not desire to sign into FBT to share. I could have to exit the edition and re-enter each. Drag !


Greg Wilkerson  12-31-2017
Lot of enjoyment and an straight idea to pass the time


Claude Sayed  11-30-2017
fantastic release to spend time especially if gambling... this might maintain u away from spending veritable money.. maintain up. excellent work


Lewis Sampson  10-26-2017
It's extremely exciting


Michael Johnson  9-9-2017
Enjoying the release play, hands are extremely realistic and adverts are reasonable. Thanks the release


Dani Dee  8-29-2017
fantastic app!!


Brendan LaPorte  8-11-2017
fantastic simulation of casino game. Less adverts than other versions.


Scott Maciejewski  7-23-2017
*Edited Developers are extremely in tune to reviewers. Error I pointed out was repaired within a week. fantastic job.


Bradley Cribb  7-17-2017
idea too dozens ads. I understand that's how you maintain it gratuitous but you would chop back alot.


Max epr  7-6-2017
Gameplay is ok. The constant barage of adds for other editions is maddening! Uninstalling. Don't annoy playing, people....unless you enjoy a commercial each other hand.


A Google user  7-2-2017
Just like the casino. fantastic release


anushka singh  6-25-2017
excellent game.. enjoy it and extremely addictive permit it ride. The gameplay is beautiful good.


Kevin Beagle  5-6-2017
This release is a lot of enjoyment and gives you the feeling of being at the casino. In the last version it says you "push" when you pair 6s-9s but during gameplay, if you execute a pair that's a 6-9 you still lose and don't push. Either than that, it's a extremely enjoyment game.


Jeffrey Hobson  2-21-2017
I downloaded the release today, and already at tier 21 so tons money that i need to bet more but the other tables wont disclose


Kenneth 1  2-3-2017
Been looking for a permit it ride edition for a long time and now I found it.....woo hoo


Sheldon Cooper  2-1-2017
My experience bar stopped going up after tier 21 and everytime I got a large payout the sound stopped working until I reset the app. It was excellent for a while until I couldn't get experience for bigger tables.


A Google user  1-30-2017


Weston Williams  1-27-2017
Waste of time junk n ad up the ass


Ernest Salley  1-6-2017
The run and layout are good and the pace of the release is quite good. The player's dollar balance is so wee it is unreadable. The digits are tons smaller on my Galaxy tab A 10.1 than in the sample image shown here.


Rohit Birla  12-21-2016
extremely smooth


Abbass Masry  12-20-2016
outstanding release


pcloudy t7  12-16-2016
It's extremely good release I love it wonderful graphics


tomer fleger  12-13-2016
Love it so fun!


Nasir khan  12-12-2016
fantastic casino game. We earn money and run with higher bits. I love playing cards game.


SHAWN CROSS  11-1-2016


Ladan Shayegi  9-10-2016
It would have been better, if it wasn't so slow, after every release it takes a long time to clear and start the recent hand, you can add a button to clear, this idea the gamesters can clear and start the recent release when they are ready.


Jordan Cummins  8-21-2016
To execute commercials and it's not really like the casino release permit it ride! Dont run it extremely much!


Duane Davis  8-13-2016
Plays a lot like the casino game. My only complaint could be that it is slow to end one hand and start the next one. Also, is there any idea you can execute the block that shows your winnings (or losings) bigger? It's genre of difficult to read such slight print. repair those and I would give you 5 stars.


Kevin McCullough  6-27-2016
Far too dozens adverts


Robert Threadgill  6-23-2016
Don't waste your time downloading....


John Carroll  6-15-2016
The release is okay but the odds are ridiculously unrealistic. Lots of adverts but I don't's gratuitous after all.


ed mclean  5-23-2016
This release is nothing like the veritable release and this is my beloved casino table game.big thumbs down


Larry Simpson  5-8-2016
each few hands a pop-up appears. After 10 minutes of distractions, I deleted the app.



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