Android Version: 5.0App: LEGO® Jurassic World™
Release date: Mar 30, 2016App Rating: 4
Author: Warner Bros. International EnterprisesCategory: game adventure
Name: LEGO® Jurassic World™Extension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Following the epic storylines of Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, as well as the worldwide smash hit Jurassic World, LEGO Jurassic World™ is the first videogame where you can relive and experience all four colossal films. Reimagined in LEGO form and told in TT Games’ signature classic LEGO humor, this thrilling adventure recreates unforgettable scenes and action sequences from the films, allowing supporters global to run across key moments and giving them the chance to completely examine the expansive grounds of Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. FEATURES -Relive key moments from all four Jurassic films: An adventure 65 million years in the making - now in classic LEGO brick fun! -Wreak havoc as LEGO dinosaurs: pick from 16 dinosaurs, including the outgoing Triceratops, deadly Raptor, vicious Compy and even the powerful T. rex. -Customize your own dino collection: gather LEGO amber and test with DNA to initiate fully original dinosaurs, like the Dilophosaurus rex. -Populate and examine Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna: Put your unique dino creations in to paddocks as you finish peculiar gratuitous run missions.



faze shooter msf  12-7-2020
This release is excellent I watched alot run it but I bought the release but when I run it shows black image please repair this bug and thank you


BipedBreeze 07  12-7-2020
The controls are terrible and how do I gain a refund


Lory Muniz  12-5-2020
is grat


Alex Plummer  12-5-2020
Black image pixel 5


Liam Holden  12-3-2020
Lll lovveeeee iiiiitititiitit And l love the and the spineersorrsus And the T rex ....xxxxxxxxx liam holden


Lilly Smith  12-2-2020
5 stars cause I played as echo my beloved


Muhammad Ammar Rusli  12-2-2020
This release is good😀


BRENDA PORTER  12-2-2020
permit us stroll around


heather kane  12-2-2020


Annette Dul-McGivery  12-1-2020
I bought a company recent smartphones cellphone and the release image is black. It seems like the releases has inverted and I can only see the release background on the controller circle. Please repair it


Marthinus Viljoen  12-1-2020
Love it but i desire it to be like the xbox one but outstanding release completed it in 2 days . I also desire Fallen kingdom.


Rottweiler  12-1-2020
exquisite lego release ever! The downside is please add the indoor raptor frenzy plzzzzzzz


Javier Gustavo G.  12-1-2020
I don't really have a excellent time with this game. I prefer the ps3 version better. When I played the release on my phone, I would step around and do stuff but the image was black and I had to maintain swiping upwards in order to see the game. I'd like this trouble to be fixed.


Mattia Rizzo  11-29-2020


Anel Esmeralda Gonzalez  11-29-2020
This is a fantastic release but it would be a enjoyment idea to gain more dinosaurs and levels.But I rate 5 stars!


Juan Rodriguez  11-29-2020
I love jurassic world and legos


CA.Tufeel Ahmed shaikh  11-27-2020
excellent LUCK


lamamalopez lamamalopez  11-27-2020
Its a excellent release but you cant run with others.


Nicolas Mota  11-26-2020


Arvid Klaar  11-24-2020
I think the overall release is beautiful good, however there's one large problem; the controls, they're absolutely terrible, it feels so awkward and its difficult walking around and doing things. I wish there could just be a normal joystick and buttons control set, that could be tons better, in my opinion.


Leia Dugat-Scherer  11-23-2020
Add the indoraptor


Hawthorne Roehr  11-22-2020
The image keeps turning black with only music


Jennifer Wyborn  11-22-2020
exquisite release ever!!!!!!!


Juan Mayorga  11-22-2020
I can't see my studs and i tried uninstalling the release and reinstalling it but I love thith release and I have played it on pa4 but my ps4 won't work


goku jr  11-21-2020
fantastic release but how do i gain gratuitous roam style like each is declaring its intractable to gain


kari bard  11-21-2020
It needs for dinos Like the ps4


Tilak Dey Sarkar  11-21-2020
release doesn't work. image turns black as soon as you start the game. Where can I log a ticket or register a complaint ? I bought the release today !


Joe Watt  11-18-2020
It is Super fun.


Ty Booker-Studley  11-16-2020
wonderful ut works so well if anyone thinks this release wrong they just don't know how to run or they made a release and are trying to execute other releases look wrong like michal roe yea i called u out


Æ_ plays  11-16-2020
I could add five stars if you Warner Bros added gratuitous roam on smartphones version and pls increase the graphics I could rate it five stars if their is gratuitous roam style


Dylan Avalos  11-16-2020
Do not buy this app, when the release starts it turns into a black screen. Don't waste your money and time.


Isaac Lopez  11-15-2020
It's the exquisite release ever but I only have two requests 1 add jurassic world fallen kingdom 2 add Lego jurassic world legand of isla nubla


Connor West  11-15-2020
Everything loaded fine until we playing the actual game. Then almost everything on image goes black unless for the bouncing DNA.


Caden Bistline  11-15-2020
excellent and enjoyment to run


Duckhat 3d  11-15-2020
its the exquisite of the exquisite


Irina Sotnichenko  11-15-2020


Allan Rose  11-15-2020
The release is no longer working. Anything past the title image turns black with only audio. I'm running the topical release version on a topical flagship phone. Please fix!


Cerqueira Vlogs  11-14-2020
I love this gams its so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so cool


andrew seed  11-14-2020
So far no problem with my huawei nova 2 It work after paid but will upgrade if it happen any problems.


Draigo Rose  11-14-2020
Compatibility upgrade needed!! Paid Customer!


Craig Morris  11-12-2020
Jurassic World 🌎


Nazrul Nero  11-12-2020
always I connected to my Razer Kishi, it has this weird blue overlay as if I'm selecting the whole image or something. Please repair this issue. Really desire to run the release with the gamepad.


i hate it the quality is not excellent and the price for it is just a waste of money dont buy this.AND ALSO I desire MY REFUND


Lyndsey Meanwell  11-10-2020
image was just black. Got refund


Antony cook  11-9-2020
Can I have my refund please, it still is not working


nightmare fuel at javis  11-9-2020
Its really wonderful for what it is


Kate Velazquez  11-7-2020
Love this release but there one problem I dont know how to go into gratuitous run style


my sis a sus gamingwitkaiden  11-7-2020
Literally I was begging for this release I was telling my mom I desired it but it's a waste if I would rate this 0 stars I could


Cory Parkinson  11-7-2020
It sucks


that one gummy gamer  11-7-2020
So dozens qliches can't step and I hate it


Rad Rex Gaming  11-7-2020
YOU NEED TO PRESS SEE MORE wouldn't take a star for this but I desire it to have the last version of Owen and clair you know from Lego animator series the secret exebit and the legend of isla nublar I've watched the both of the hole things it was excellent I'd visualize how tons more money Lego Jurassic world could execute if they made it the last version yet this will most likely whenever be my beloved Legoapp it is the edition but it can be more they just need to work it up and execute it the fresh versions


Jennifer Knoble  11-6-2020
Legor jurassic worldtm rate this edition


CATmeleon Gaming  11-5-2020
Its enjoyment but theres extremely little dinos on smartphones


ꪑꪗડડꪗ ᧁꫀiડꫝꪖ 11  11-5-2020
ini release Lego Jurassic world macam mana mu code apatosarus


Daniel Leblanc  11-4-2020
No indomenisrex :{


XxRadioactivexX _Toxic  11-3-2020
This edition works soooooooo excellent to me I mean it took awhile to download but it was value it to me


Lindsey Englund  11-3-2020
Adam sponsors


Ricky Lai  11-3-2020
I was able to run this release on my pixel 3 XL, but when I updated to pixel 5, the black image of death appear and I am inable to run this release anymore. extremely disappointed


Michael Roe  11-2-2020
Does not work at all. Once I gain past the title image and into the major game, everything turns black. Literally the entire image turns black with only audio. I figured if I paid for the release it could work,but alas, it's a broken mess. Installed on a One+ 8 so I got plenty of horse power to play it. Thanks for stealing my money, Warner Bros.


playing gamer  10-31-2020
excellent game, but a bug is bothering me extremely tons that's in the indominus paddock, I cant gain the amber brick. Cuz when I start the tier I don't have the thing on the wall


rappers 1hour  10-28-2020
Can you pls execute it so we can run as large hybrid dinos that we make. plssssss I really wanna run as my rex-spino-tops.


foster23 56  10-28-2020
The first tier does not work for me.


chocola neko  10-27-2020
Gak sia sia sih beli release nya seru bgt 😃👍


Shawn Heath  10-27-2020
We do not have a gaming system in our home as of yet. This release is extremely enjoyment for me and my 9 and 10 year ancient to run on my Note 10+.


Stephanie Kehler  10-25-2020
Will give 5 stars when Harry Potter works again, or I gain a have my notification here thx


EmoBoyMax22  10-24-2020
It's fantastic


Destiny Kelly  10-21-2020


Lu Ann Turkovich  10-20-2020
I can't gain in the release I hate it


Iosvany martosmarto  10-19-2020
It's one of the exquisite lego releases out there


Jay Romero  10-18-2020


Sara Stamps  10-18-2020
What is the newest dino and I can't figure out how to gain the newest dino can you please add the indoraptor and Mosasaurus also :)


Sri Hari  10-17-2020
I gave this release 4 star because there is no fallen kingdom tier


Alex Dugat-Scherer  10-15-2020
Can you please add the indoraptor


Tammy  10-15-2020
excellent release ideal I wish we would dive vehicles like on the Xbox version of the game. And actually see the maps. I do instruct a graphic update. It's your choice. It's outstanding and dependents worked intractable to execute it. I hope just one of my suggestions gets added please thank you.


Maricela Gomez  10-14-2020
There's something incorrect with Mr DNA it won't exhibit the guides and with the valousaur raptor tiers it won't allow them to jump on the bones to continue the release but I still like it.


Darryl Melot  10-14-2020
I love the classic Park Legos


Michael Lugo  10-12-2020
upgrade the release plz👌


Nicholas Eckstein  10-10-2020
This release looks excellent i like it because the grapich its beatifull


Snorlax Vids  10-10-2020
For one motive i cant gain over this stick its been a 1 year since i tried it so i might trie the what do you call it OH the lego marvel superheros i love marvel so yeah


Kyung Yong Lee  10-7-2020
can't gain all dino but i got all dinosaurs from nintendo swich but i love verson too♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!


Mariam Mbaye  10-7-2020
I love dis gamr


axl barron  10-5-2020
I got this release on my ps4


Hendrik Mattheus  10-4-2020
excellent release AND good tale LINE OF veritable films ALSO CONTROLS NOT GOOD, BUT extremely FUN!!!


pradeep budi  10-4-2020
good release


Tori Grube  10-3-2020
Where is Fallen kingdom, jurassic world?🦕🦖🤔


FNAF plush Nation 34  10-3-2020
It's not letting me step at all and it's glitching out


Hrishik R  10-3-2020
This is the exquisite release I have ever played graphic look's better and can you have an upgrade of the recent jurassic world fallen kingdom upgrade please thanks ok bye


Azlaan Sarda  10-2-2020
This release is...awsomeeeeee!!!!!there are so dozens things we can do,and I think its value the cost.i thought first you like planes,and then dinosaurs!or jurassic world, more thing,please gain jw 2.i have seen some videos,and those dependents have been able to run in gratuitous mode.i think it is to complicated to gain kiosks to disclose the mode.please give us challenges instead to disclose gratuitous style


Amanda & Dennis Futrell  10-1-2020
dont gain me incorrect its really enjoyment BUT it dosent exhibit text so that makes it so 50 50


backyard stargazer  10-1-2020
excellent in all but needs more map to examine


Mike Byers  10-1-2020
A fantastic release


GamerKick  9-30-2020
I love the release but i dont run it anymore how do i re fund


Anthony Alvarenga  9-30-2020
Add more upgrade


Nelson Guimaraes  9-29-2020
release is broken. Text does not exhibit up on any menu or in game. First challenge is bugged. Once you build the generator the release freezes and you can't step on.


LAnge mdeani  9-27-2020
good job stealing my money, I just desired a release that took me back to the times I played jurassic world LEGO on wii u :/


Robert van der Weele  9-26-2020
Like all the cool dinosaurs and I am a jurassic world supporter


Thom studios  9-25-2020
I love it! I instruct that dependents download this. It takes up a lot if spot but uninstall some editions and files to execute space, this release is value download it is awesome!


Lydia Valles  9-25-2020
fantastic dinos


martin dorney  9-23-2020
No working correctly on Samsung tab A7 2020 on smartphones 10.1 When tier starts most of the image goes black with the controls showing but a few sprites showing that are collectable objects.when you step around the image occasionally reappears for a second then parts vanish again making the release unplayable


tessa anderson  9-21-2020
I don't like it bc Im stuck in the Innovation center! I tried everything to gain gratuitous roam but...I CANT! n it made me cry. I even watched vids but still. So I hope this release gets better. Bc rn I'm mad n sad. I'm both Bye.


Wes Leipprandt  9-20-2020


Tina Goninon  9-20-2020
I love it but PLEASE upgrade IT AND execute FALLEN KINGDOM tier AND CHACTERS AND DINOSAUR! And it is a wee bit better on PC you gain more dino charters and you gain gratuitous roam


Samuel Mika  9-19-2020
Ez enough that anyone can finish it 100% but challenging enough that you will love it


El Pollo  9-19-2020
Never downloaded and no offer for refund lame


Rolando Gomez  9-18-2020
It's a really cool release but one problem there is no words on my release no subtitles and word can you upgrade the release and repair it


Janna Salaman  9-17-2020
I love this release you must check it and look so cool it is the exquisite release ever it's cost for some dollars but you can even gain a T-rex or Spinosaurus and all the dinosaurs this release is so excellent you have to check it


Adrian Ionescu  9-17-2020
After the first cutscene... i launch the 2 transformers ... but the ladder won't come down ... any ideea ?


Gloria Betancourt  9-16-2020
A outstanding release


Doug Stadtman  9-16-2020
Needs more everything and isn't extremely excellent and is not value the at all


Amy Lynn Butler  9-14-2020


cousin's vs cousin studios  9-14-2020
This release is fantastic but pls add jurassic world fallen kingdom and indoraptor as a playable character pls


Angela Burgoyne  9-14-2020


ThouBruh Moment  9-13-2020
Its a fantastic game, i just wish it had aid for chromebooks



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