Android Version: 5.0App: Legacy 3 - The Hidden Relic
Release date: Dec 21, 2018App Rating: 4
Author: No Signal ProductionsCategory: game puzzle
Name: Legacy 3 - The Hidden RelicExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Legacy 3 - The Hidden Relic cheat tool Legacy 3 - The Hidden Relic walkthrough Chapter 1 RED.
Legacy 3 - The Hidden Relic cheat apk Legacy 3 - The Hidden Relic (by No Signal Productions) - adventure for Android and iOS - gameplay.
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The adventure continues in Legacy 3. mission yourself with this 3d point and click adventure game. Enter a hidden temple to discovery a mystery that has taken place there. Solve the puzzles in order to promotion - but beware, someone might be watching. Maybe you must have an escape ready? Legacy 3 will experiment your intelligence and memory. run slow, think, analyze, and the puzzles will be easier for you solve. Play as an young archaeologist who sets out on an adventure to track his mentor who's gone missing in an old pyramid filled with rooms and puzzles. In the pyramid you encounter puzzles and riddles that need to be solved to take you to the next room, and hopefully an escape. Connect the dots to solve the hidden secret that lies buried. I am extremely proud to present this mystery filled puzzle game. Guessing the advice to a puzzle must not be an option, you need to think before you can promotion to the next room. A classical point-and-click adventure release with pretty 3D-graphics and physics-based puzzles that initiate a recent depth to the puzzle and escape room genre. CHALLENGING PUZZLES When encountering a recent puzzle, think before clicking. This release will reward you for thinking creatively and I whenever strive towards making the puzzles seem logical. PICK UP elements AND TAKE PHOTOS The rooms in Legacy 3 are filled with elements and clues that are there to rescue you on your quest. Interact with wonderful touch controls to inspect your newly found keys and tools. If you see something that looks interesting you can avail your camera and take a picture - of whatever you like! Trying to remember that recommendation you saw ten rooms before? No problem - just avail the camera and you don't have to! ATMOSPHERE Huge and natural looking locations designed with simplicity in mind creates a compelling and mysterious atmosphere. If Legacy 2 - The old Curse was a dark game, this is the opposite. The rooms are large and brighter. But that does not execute the puzzles easier. And there are still hidden objects that you need to discover in order to solve the puzzles. With an inbuilt hint-system you must be able to promotion when you gain stuck. Some puzzles are more difficult than others and this system must rescue you gain to the next room. I'm a solo indie release developer, if you like to give me opinions or need aid do not hesitate to send me an e-mail! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The release is not compatible with the Amazon Fire. Send me an mail if you bought the release and we can figure something out.



Fred Jepson  12-16-2020
David, that was a lot of fun! Thank you for putting such time and effort into amusing and perplexing me for a few hours... okay, more than a few. Okay, it cost me my job and my girlfriend. Ha ha, just kidding - she'll be back. I stumbled upon Legacy 2 on the run shop and enjoyed it so tons I had to try out Legacy 3 the moment I knew there was such an animal. fantastic story, fantastic puzzles, but most of all... the graphics and effects. Spectacular! If there's a Legacy 4 coming, I'm there!


Georgi Blaskoff  12-15-2020
good work!! Only a few of the puzzles were a bit farfetched, most of the release is quite excellent and entertaining.


Agnes Maria  12-6-2020
fantastic game! Really cool overall. Challenging, engaging and interesting. pretty design and smooth controls. extremely stable app. Now I will need part 4 :)


David Basham  12-3-2020
Really excellent game. I liked the hint system. A couple of the puzzles in the newest corridor were a little too over the top in my opinion, but that's just my opinion. I'll definitely be getting any more you put out. excellent job.


Schwanda  12-1-2020
Challenging none the less sketchy on some parts the newest room puzzle where you write on the tiles would have been redirected another idea but once you figure it out watching a walkthrough clip a million time then finally you gain that aha moment But I desire to congratulate you David on a amazing job oh by the idea the brilliant moment could have been to see nefertiti bust come alive in hologram form at first I thought the paint brush was to dust off her bust but hey maybe In sequel four 😏🤔🙂


Susie Christianson  11-29-2020
That was Tough. I had to go online to gain past the dropping blocks. enjoyment puzzles.


Victoria Suter  11-29-2020
good game, I really enjoyed it though the puzzles became extremely outside the box...maybe even outside the home the box is in. It was good to have a conclusion though I feel like it was left open to more.


rebecca broadhead  11-12-2020
Reasonably good. Some of the puzzles I found were over complicated and even after having the respond from a walkthrough, it still didn't execute sense to me. But there was only a couple puzzles like that. I like that they added the camera to this one. Unlike the second where there was none at all. Also like they added a hint option too, though I could have liked a bit more guidance. Overall tons more playable than the 1st which and had extras the second didn't have. Looking forward to a 4th.


Prashant Gangwani  11-4-2020
excellent release


Roi Kuhnreich  11-2-2020
good game!


Anne Hawthorn  10-14-2020
extremely excellent keeps you on you toes all though the release


Audrey Dillard  10-13-2020
extremely challenging...loved it


Jay Scott  10-8-2020
Awesome!! This release is so tons enjoyment and interesting and keeps you interested. The graphics are absolutely amazing! You can talk alot of time and effort went into this game. The talented creator must be overwhelmingly proud of his work! Kudos!


Keri Crook  10-8-2020
Such an wonderful game!!!! Thank you for this amazing experience. Ur a genius!! pretty game. Beautiful!


Michelle Harland  10-7-2020
Wow amazing!! I love these genres of games. I can't even begin to visualize how long it took you to make. Hope to see more in the future. 🙂


bioLarzen  10-6-2020
fantastic game. Lots of excellent puzzles, well thought across game. My only gripe could be navigation which felt clumsy and not really intuitive all across - and why not execute evey room you have discovered promptly attainable instead of only a handful - but it is still a well deserved 5-star rating. Hugely enjoyable release with not a single ad ruining the experience.


Helen in Devon  9-28-2020
Really enjoyed. fantastic graphics. The puzzles weren't cryptic and off the wall but needed an analytical approach. enormous game, took me almost 14 hours. I definately feel it is worth for money


Larry Kahn  9-26-2020
extremely well done!!


Pip Biancamano  9-23-2020
It's a fantastic game, but again not as intuitive as it would be sadly I had to look at the online tricks more than I ever have to with other releases of this type. In release tricks could be fantastic upgrade. The question respond option is excellent but the other tricks are lacking. I could give this release a better rating otherwise.


Michelle Nugent  9-11-2020
fantastic release excellent puzzles kept me occupied for awhile . I love all the legacy releases .


Tim Toth  9-5-2020
This release is at the top of the genre.


pocafatcat Wu  9-2-2020
David, this is another outstanding release in this series. Can,t wait for next one!! A few of the puzzle is really difficult and couldn't solve wirhout looking at the walkthrough 😁


Weasel Diesel  8-29-2020
Blimey, was that intractable or what? Loved it.


Dave Johnson  8-22-2020
fantastic game...puzzles are challenging but not impossible.


Julian Armstrong  8-18-2020
extremely well made but beautiful difficult


Grace  8-17-2020
fantastic release


Pamela Mills  8-15-2020
Captivating. fantastic mini releases and keeps you on your toes thinking.


Kim Rockwell  8-14-2020
ways fantastic but horrible controls


Sheila Tombe  8-13-2020
Original and engaging. Gotta maintain your wits about you!


Ink knit  8-11-2020
Super adventure release with well orchestrated intricate puzzles and progression. Has been captivating from start to finish.


Candace Worman  8-11-2020
I have never played releases like this that didnt have hints. I got as far as pulling up all 3 mirrors out of the ground. But there isnt any idea to reflect light on the newest one. And there are no tricks to rescue and it wont permit you go any where but the staffs with mirrors. So yea....sorry guys but tricks must whenever be an option to avail if you gain stuck.


grizz Gwapingz  8-11-2020
its okay haha


Aravind Parakulangara  8-11-2020
Legacy release series is quite challenging and interesting. The tale line and puzzle complexity is incredible.


John Chimel  8-10-2020
fantastic release but some of the task needed are extremely uncommon and unknown without using the stroll Through.


Abdul Wasay Imran  8-10-2020
The tale is extremely good. But the only problem is that it is extremely difficult to figure out the puzzles, especially in the newest part. Also, the audio doesn't match. But overall, it was a excellent experience to run this release


Spin Darella  8-10-2020
It was a greatest release until I got to the numbers in circles in green room and I couldn't be bothered to go back AGAIN the 19th time so deleted but was gutted I had to do that but I was going around in circles but if ur grey matter works better than mine u will be fine 😁


Robert Copp  8-9-2020
excellent puzzles, my babe and I did some jointly and he saw a few things I could have missed.


Jacob Heiner  8-8-2020
extremely enjoyable. excellent hardship with enjoyment puzzles


Brent M  8-8-2020
unbelievable game. Challenging and fun.


MG_Punit  8-7-2020
exquisite at his exquisite


i.Want. Justice  8-5-2020
Love it ...


Kenzi J  8-3-2020
idea too challenging for me to run unassisted, but luckily there's a walkthrough. Otherwise it was interesting and I enjoyed the bits I worked out on my own.


Leon Telyaz  8-2-2020
fantastic challenging puzzles, the camera and hint system are amazing additions!


Jessica Criswell  8-2-2020
Super enjoyment


Juan Hernández  7-31-2020
Now this is the top Legacy game, with better graphics and better gameplay. This tale really fills that of the former tittles (in a kinda diverse way). I just loved how you add physics based puzzles in a 3D enviroment going even further than those of previos games. Bravo, this is a fantastic series overall, good work.


Jayant Kumar  7-31-2020
I really like the release but sometimes it gets extremely difficult to solve puzzles.


Subash Chandra Sahoo  7-31-2020
It is one of the exquisite puzzle release I have ever played.please add some recent tale like what is the secret behind the relic and who was chasing mari what william told to us when we showed him the relic and more


Afro DElight  7-30-2020
Mind blowing, strategic and grate.


Dheeraj Sharma  7-30-2020
Really good release recommended for sure


Vhilmer Banayo  7-30-2020
It is mindblowing. It do deserve more than 5 star excellent tale and extremely challeging that will hook you for hours. entirely value it 😊😊 For all who do complain just download a MOD releases or dont run at all you don't deserve this release if youre just gonna badmouthed it.


Ronis Ranjitkar  7-29-2020
excellent release


Mayhes  7-29-2020
Need some control variants in there, not all of us like to run with inverted controls.


محمد عبداللـہ  7-29-2020
outstanding 👍




Christian Mazariegos  7-29-2020
outstanding Puzzler, fantastic atmosphere and graphics are nice.


camilo andres ortega molina  7-28-2020
It's a sincere to god fantastic release


ma to  7-28-2020
Please add aid for Google run releases achievements. Thanks.


BRUCE BLUME  7-17-2020
fantastic 3D mission release


Laurie Koster  7-16-2020
extremely challenging but fun. Had to visit tricks and walkthru a little too often.


Tim Dyson  7-15-2020
A well put jointly game, all in all. The movement system needs an overhaul. Since there are set locations you can step to one could assume you would step to any one of these locations within sight. However, often I had to go via one or more other spots to gain to the wanted location. The running tale was okay but ultimately did little to enhance the experience. Incorporating the tale into the core mechanics could have made it so tons better.


Kevin Grandey  7-13-2020
Loved it!


Steve Horsburgh  7-13-2020
Compared to some other puzzlers, that was a correct challenge! Mind-blowing that it was all created by just one person. That's what you call a passion project. great effort!


Dale Piper  7-10-2020
Absolutely awesome.


chris m  7-9-2020
This is truly an wonderful game. Everything has evolved in such an wonderful way. I hope there is a 4! One of the few releases that is value the cost. screens and controls are great. Love the added tricks helped me avoid needing the walkthrough. Only trouble is the table with the pebbles no way how to figure that out had to watch thw walkthrough and even then would not gain it.


Wylie Carlisle  7-9-2020
Looks great, seems interesting. I desired to like it. Feel wrong rating it this low. My troubles w this release are really my's too hard. The clues can be vague, and it's not whenever evident where the next move is. I can understand how dependents can gain days of release run out of this. I'm not interested in spending that premium period in 1 room trying to solve the same puzzle.


Meghan Bloom  7-8-2020
Needs better tricks


Noah Everly  7-6-2020
Innovative but unplayable. This release does a few excellent things that all escape room releases must do. Firstly, the camera is an wonderful asset and saved me a lot of scrap paper. each one must have them. Second, the hint screen, though it's a bit lacking. But the puzzles are so convoluted that even with a walkthrough and struggling versus the controls and whenever WAITING FOR ANIMATIONS, I cant even begin to instruct anyone run this. Just watch the walkthrough and go run The Room


Shelly Kinder  7-5-2020
fantastic game, not whenever intuitive


Michael Swank  7-4-2020
good intractable enjoyment


Josh Berna  7-4-2020
The most challenging edition of this type, fantastic experience so far!


Richard Nemoytin  7-3-2020
This is infinitely interesting and extremely challenging. My only trouble is that some of the advices are embedded so deeply in the brain and imagination of the developer that, w/o an occasional resort to a piece of walk-through I could have been sitting here scratching my head long before here.


Terry Ryerson  6-27-2020
Excellent, outstanding


Danielle Meyer  6-23-2020
fantastic animation, challenging puzzles--lots of fun!


Stephanie Duc  6-19-2020
excellent game. Challenging but not impossible. great graphics!


Nicky Solden  6-17-2020
Interesting release but no clues as to what follows what ? Only watching walkthrough to gain across the release no logic in what clue follows what main flaw , graphics fantastic release strategy extremely meager wouldn't buy again extremely frustrating


Chris Sturm  6-15-2020
Well done David! I am quite enjoying all the releases in this series! Thank you for adding the hints. They are quite a help!


Jesse Pruitt  6-8-2020
After being spoiled by the Room and home of Davinci releases I searched for quite a while to discover the next enjoyment adventure and this is it! Gameplay, graphics, backstory, everything about this release is 5 star. Some of the puzzles are mindbendingly difficult but the walkthrough provided helps immensely with those. My hat's off especially to the developer for making this release avail as little storage spot as possible. I could give 5 star just for that feat of tech engineering. outstanding job!


Maria Olson  5-26-2020
I have played all 3 Legacy games. The graphics are pretty and the puzzles are super challenging.


Stuart Johnstone  5-23-2020
This game, like its predecessors is challenging but extremely rewarding when you don't refer to the clip guide. Only half idea across and it's took me ages. Hope for a fourth David. Edit: Now completed, the gameplay is unlike any other puzzle game, some puzzles are really obtuse, although it's intractable it's good to run something diverse and recent


Dennis Powell  5-22-2020
Some of the advices are not logical or intuitive at all. Can also be difficult to navigate; when you tap or double tap where you desire to go it won't take you there. You have to go a diverse route. "Hints" were not practical at all.


Brianna Coggeshall  5-17-2020
fantastic series of games!


Christina Buxey  5-15-2020
Really enjoying this game. I am a supporter of The Room and The home of da Vinci series, which I think are fantastic and so clever and this, Legacy 3 is the same. The clues are frustrating but cleverly done and the site to the walkthrough is needed at times! Though I should declare ,David, I do shout out my frustrations at you quite a bit! Came on this by chance, will seize up on the other two, I'm assuming there is another two? Hope so. Well done David.


David Lueck  5-10-2020
Challenging puzzler, extremely tons enjoyed it. I give it 4 1/2 stars, needs hints, going back and forth to the walkthrough gets tiresome. If you like The Room and home of DaVinci, you will certainly enjoy Legacy 2 and 3.


R Michelle Taylor  5-9-2020
fantastic game. extremely intriguing storyline.


Matt MacLean  5-9-2020
Loved Legacy 1,2 and 3, please execute another release


Yili Lim  5-8-2020
could have given it 5 stars if the clues were more logical. Felt random at times and had to revert to the online walkthrough more than once just to shove through. Actual puzzles were excellent and liked the brightness of the atmosphere. Environment graphics were simple but didn't mind that. Ending was a bit abrupt.


Taylor Schweizer  5-3-2020
enjoyment game, some parts were idea too confusing (like the train thing) but overall value playing.


Patchwork Pooch  5-3-2020
Impossible to finish without Walkthrough. Not all elements collected in satchel have any logic in helping you where to go next. Nevertheless, extremely enjoyable.


nearly too difficult for me. But I enjoyed it


Patrick Redmond  4-28-2020
Graphics are outstanding and release puzzles are really tough...the idea I like it. I've played dozens of the greats and this is one of the best!


Kevin Bennett  4-27-2020
wonderful game! entirely value it.


N C  4-27-2020
The graphics are poor, not usufructuary friendly. Do not waist you monry


Andrew Giannattasio  4-26-2020
Tough game!


Keith Moser  4-24-2020
fantastic game. wonderful puzzles


SHIRL SPIRIK  4-24-2020
good game. fantastic graphics, release run and movement. This is a tricky one, but that's why I love it. fantastic job David!


Eric Sarah Theobald  4-23-2020
You did it again! Absolutely stunning! Cannot wait to run more as you execute them. fantastic job David!


david companion  4-20-2020
Visuals are good.. puzzles are to vague no clues or hints.. just track a walkthrough which has no explanation to beat the game.. I gave up and unistalled.. you can track the online indication but thats the only idea to gain a clue..


Gilaine Young  4-15-2020
Brilliant. Top notch, well value it. Tricky puzzles and a excellent length


Bob Tandy  4-15-2020
absolute of good graphics, well executed and dazzling. All in all extremely captivating and absorbing. Some extremely complex puzzles which I think ought to have more hints, but some amazingly simple tasks. value the price? Yes, because of the care and effort put in, but also because you don't have adverts. Anyone who disagrees, write a better release - for no reward, other than making other dependents happy.


Graeme Sharp  4-11-2020
Well value the cost. fantastic game. Tricky and Unique.


collin fullerton  4-10-2020
Brilliant. Tough but solveable if you work at it.


Peter Koso  4-9-2020
intractable to solve but a fantastic transaction of enjoyment too. Well value the money


David Applebaum  4-7-2020


Melissa Corcoran  4-5-2020
I gave up on this one. Puzzles were idea too hard.


Amanda Wallace  4-5-2020
great release I love everything about it


Ananda Khan  4-3-2020
extremely tons enjoyed the game. It gave the vibe like The Room and home of Da Vinci. Thank you extremely much. One thing I could like to add that at some point it's quite impossible to solve the puzzle for me. The hint section was not that tons clear. But apart from that, this is a challenging and time consuming one. :)




Jared Pack  3-31-2020
value it


S East  3-30-2020
fantastic game. The puzzles range in complexity, some are straight right away, buy others require a lot of thinking out.


Jeannette Katicich  3-30-2020
Visuals are great, but the puzzles are ridiculously impossible to figure out. I loved the 2nd one, but this was just too frustrating and, unfortunately, I quit bc it just wasn't enjoyment anymore. The tricks weren't helpful, bc they didn't give tricks on actually solving anything. Sorry, but I just didn't like it.


Lea Ludlow-Young  3-29-2020
A bit obscure in some places but the stroll across gives u just enough to gain you back on track. I love these category of releases and if you liked the Room and Da vinci this is definitely the next one you must try.


Hannah Moffet  3-28-2020
I like this game! The movement is a little awkward, but that's not a large enough trouble to dock points. Once I completed it I went right away to buy the other releases in the series. Definitely value the money.


Michael Binturong  3-27-2020
Overall a fantastic game! The hint system is disappointing and not really helf when you gain stuck. So you have to resort to using/watching a stroll through. If it were more in depth, it could a great 5 star game. Well value buying,


smeg1970 me  3-24-2020
good release with challenging puzzles


Les Benninghoff  3-21-2020
I love this game!!


Michelle Cordell  3-21-2020
Complex. Enjoyed it.


Jennifer Lee Smith  3-19-2020
wonderful game. extremely difficult, in a excellent way. Long.


Diana Catalan  3-18-2020
Definitely value it!


Sandra-Lyne Perreault  3-17-2020
I loved it, not straight and smart puzzles


Mark Taylor  3-17-2020
extremely challenging and realistic.


Justsomeguy  3-15-2020
wrong controls, wrong graphics, dumb title image that you can't skip. Didn't run long enough to gain a excellent sense of puzzle quality cause i desired my refund.


Paul Mustardé  3-15-2020
Even better than newest version. Puzzles ideal tier of challenge. veritable brain teasers but extremely satisfying. maintain the releases coming!


Lynn Culbert  3-12-2020
Really enjoying so far, some of the puzzles are a little "puzzling" but still keeping me interested


VARU  3-1-2020
The zoom in and zoom out needs a little more work i hope it will be repaired in future legacy series. And also a bit more clue that actually rescue wouldn't hurt.. but overall this release is amazing! Hope you'll never stop making this genre of release and execute even more better releases :)


Ryan Shaw  2-26-2020
productive and engaging.


Janene Coulter  2-26-2020
I have truly enjoyed this experience.. I entirely desired it to maintain going. Never h played a release that made me realize the authentic potential of my brain! You and your staff are extremely talented in what you do. I only have one recommendation. That is to give a few more clues . For instance, I was lost a few times in some of the puzzles. Like the statue and it's significance. Figured it out though too late! Thank you j.c.


Carol Collins  2-24-2020
fantastic addition to the series. The puzzles are challenging but doable.


Orla Brennan  2-24-2020
wonderful David loved it. I've finished an array of Puzzle games. I'll be sticking this up on my list of fantastic games. Original ways and extremely well executed.


Melanie Mcnally  2-22-2020
extremely challenging. would avail a better hint system.


Thomas Fisher  2-21-2020
This is a extremely complex game., for those like myself 66yo it can be most challenging but with the rescue via YouTube, it is a fantastic adventure, but alas, all excellent things come to an end, the clues are from easy forwards to just xxxxx hard!! The graphics are great I have done 3D modelling so know, it's extremely time consuming also the tale is well laid out, so, do your brain a favour, gain this release a must, just David, remember us ancient codgers re, clues ha ha ha extremely well done mate...


Ric TheSeagull  2-20-2020
I thought the faraway escape releases were good, this is by far the exquisite 3D puzzler I've played and loved each second (now compleated). For me, it's just the right tier of hardness that is a ideal ballance to solvable and hardness where quite often I could gain stuck, this means I have to look harder at objects and things to discover the solution. The graphics are suprisingly realistic and straight enough to navigate. The question is, do you think your sensible enough to handle this? Recommended!


David Mendelsohn  2-17-2020
good puzzle release with terrific graphics. No ads, excellent tricks ant extremely intriguing puzzles. Loved it.


Ken Kisinger  2-12-2020
Challenging, but loving it!!


Ruth Appleby  2-10-2020
good game.makes you think.well done, dev. Love it


Hoger ameer  1-30-2020
excellent release


wendy Taylor  1-27-2020
I did enjoy playing this, however it is a little unpolished in places, some of the clues, don't have enough logic to them, and some of the steps seem abit random, with a bit of altering this really would be a top game, it's obviously had a lot of thought and intractable work gone into it, well done.


Tim Yates  1-25-2020
fantastic game!


CatReader  1-19-2020
This release is wonderful. Graphics are great, release controls beautiful good, and puzzles exhibit imagination and complexity beyond other games. I confess to needing rescue at times; there are walkthroughs on You Tube (published under developer name No Signal Productions). every Legacy release has been better than former one. Addition of a Camera trait helps follow clues (or avail your device's image capture); a teleport trait that is built into the tale helps whittle some of the walking.


Billy Jones  1-17-2020
Well done! I thought that this was the exquisite of the series.


Jacinda Clemenzi  1-11-2020
Love the challenges.


Sarah BB  1-9-2020
Another fantastic Legacy game. Some extremely intractable puzzles and some quite easy. Better control than the first. A lot of excellent play. tricks mostly serviceable without being too obvious. Sometimes not practical enough, but generally right on target. maintain your puzzle releases coming! Legacy or not, please maintain offering suchlike games. These have been such fantastic fun!


Jana Preiss  1-5-2020
fantastic release


Daisy Fields  1-4-2020
wonderful I was so excited for this part 3 and David you didn't disappoint I doubt you remember me from the newest release but I begged for a next chapter thank you for this now on to chapter 4 please 😉


Jenise Washington  1-4-2020
I enjoyed the game, there were a few puzzles that I would've never figured out if not for the walkthroughs which were extremely helpful. The tricks in the release were not as practical especially for the hardest puzzles and I couldn't avail my stylist pen from my note 8 so there were times I felt my own fingers were in the idea of the smaller puzzles. That's the only motive I give this 4stars. Otherwise, the release was right up my alley!


Leanne Wellbrock  1-1-2020
fantastic game! Wish there were more tricks before having to avail a stroll through. exquisite release I've played since "The Room."


Johnny Gunz  12-31-2019
Well value the money. extremely interesting and challenging. Definitely a should if you like myst mode releases or a supporter of the room series.


Kyle Davey  12-29-2019
Not bad...part 2 was ALOT better


Greg Carr  12-28-2019
This is a great game! This series keeps getting better and better! I really hope David keeps making games!


Lauren H  12-28-2019
fantastic game, interesting tale line and straight controls once you gain the hang of them


john zlatkus  12-25-2019
enjoyment and challenging.



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