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The target of Crack the Reading Code is to teach what is helpful for reading: shape, writing direction and sound. These are the foundations of reading. The content has been developed by experienced teachers. Children can obtain the necessary knowledge that letters represent sounds, fit jointly and execute words that have meaning. - The sound of the letters before the names: Children often study the names of the letters instead of the sound of the letters. This means that they should apprehend something that they cannot avail for their further reading. Often, they will have to relearn it when they are shown sounds at school that they have to avail to read. Broadly speaking, they have no avail for the letter names in the initial phases of reading. Crack the Reading Code uses exclusively letter sounds. - The most used words as word pictures. Many of the most used words are not spelled as they sound. Therefore, it is a large rescue to recognize these as word pictures. Children won't be forced to sound it out here, but instead just recognize the word like they recognize their own name or that a large yellow M means a well-known burger chain. That is why these most used words are trained as word photos in Crack the Reading Code. - Uppercase letters for the intermediate learner. Many infants first study the 'big letters.' Of course, these should also be learned, but it must happen only when the infant already recognizes the 'small letters.' It is easier to relate to one shape per sound than two. When they have learned the lowercase letters, they can already recognize the letters in the magazines they read. Switching between the 'lowercase' and 'uppercase' in 'Settings.' - Language: Crack the Read Code includes the languages * English * Danish * Norwegian * Swedish. You can switch between languages under Settings - purpose audience: 4 - 10 years (those who can't read or have a intractable time doing so).



TCPGaming  11-17-2019
Absolutely love this edition and so does my son. It's really helped with his letter recognition and word residence and he thinks of it as a enjoyment little release rather than a tedious learning exercise.


It takes so tons effirt to first write the word, then the blending phonics comes. We desired edition where we do not have to write the letters. It is time consuming and also doesnt rescue as we need to teach babes writing with pen instead of finger.


Lindsey Booth  2-13-2019
needs more levels, but otherwise excellent



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