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study Thai Pro - Common phrases from English to Thai ( 900+ phrases ) The top rated Thai phrasebook on the smartphones marketplace ★★★★★ OVERVIEW Learn Thai Pro is an straight to avail mobile Thai Phrasebook that will give visitors to Thailand and those who are interested in learning to converse Thai a excellent start in the language. study Thai is developed by Thai dependents and we have tried our exquisite to be true in the pronunciation whilst ensuring it is straight to understand. We avail native Thai speakers and have spoken clearly and slowly to rescue you track the phrases with ease. FEATURES * Carefully translated list of necessary phrases * High quality music pronunciation by native speaker * run all phrases automatically in every category * 900+ phrases in 18 categories * Ability to adjust font size * No internet connection required * Highlight significant words with tips * shop frequently used phrases in favourites * uncover by keywords * No ads or annoying popups CATEGORIES * Greetings * General conversation * Numbers * Directions and places * Transportation * Eating out * Accommodation * Time and date * Shopping * Colours * cities and provinces * Countries * Family * Dating * Emergency * Feeling sick * Tongue twisters FEEDBACK If you like this edition and discover it serviceable please take a few seconds to give us a rating in the smartphones Market. For comments and suggestions please send an mail to [email protected] We love getting opinions from testers of our apps. Follow us on twitter : ALSO attainable FOR IPHONE, IPOD, & IPAD



Huawei Huawei  4-16-2020
could be of fantastic rescue if the transcript had tone guide and vowel length.


Lee Ling Koon  2-2-2020


Lucyana Soshii  11-6-2019
luv mak mak


Cal Lamb  4-22-2019
This has some fantastic details and is extremely useful. The gratuitous version was working well for me so I updated to the Pro version. The favorites list has a stop and go trait which is fantastic for repetitious learning. I can add recent phrases in to the list as I expert my topical phrases.


David Mulcahy  2-14-2019
A excellent fundamental admission to speaking Thai.


Chickeen Masala  6-18-2018
Love it! Learned so tons


ANDREW WILSON  6-17-2018
Its a fantastic soft extremely serviceable however it would be a little better if you could slow down the rate of lecture a little to gain right intonation as speech is extremely speedy also if we would add phrases ourselves to favourites but overall extremely excellent


Brendon  3-16-2018
My Gf is Thai and she said it was a excellent edition and that the pronounciation was good. PS, you can select either a man or lady talking which is excellent as there is a little difference in words sometimes depending on if a man or lady speaks.


steve taylor  3-15-2017
greatest for the quotidian fundamentals to gain you started on the Thai language. I still avail this edition after years of visiting Thailand


somsjunk somsjunk  1-21-2017
They never upgrade content. I had this edition for years, same phrases. Why don't they upgrade and regularly add phrases. could be the extremely exquisite Thai phrase edition if they added more phrases with regular updates.


David Richards  1-12-2017


Leon D  12-25-2016
I think Google Translate does this and more...


Thurein Phyo  12-5-2016
I think the developer never updates the app. dependents who purchased pro version have hope to continue learning and hope that developer adds more words from time to time.


Noel Bryant  10-18-2016
fantastic only one that's proper


A Google user  9-21-2016
Used this edition in thailand and found it avail full.


star star  6-16-2016


Gary O'Donnell  5-16-2016
I like the ease of avail but dozens common words and phrases are missing.


Hairil Azlan  5-11-2016
I really like the word-by-word intonation used by both. Only thing is the male voice must be more precise clear just like the female's voice.


C & W  5-2-2016
It is serviceable and a fantastic apps, hope that will be add in more phrases, more categories, and maybe more function.


Christopher Ratuita  4-14-2016
Works for me


Danielle Racke  2-21-2016
Downloaded the gratuitous version, liked what I saw and heard and the ease of use, really liked the ability to save beloved phrases for speedy access so I finally purchased the absolute version for the additional money. Was disappointed to discover that after the installation of the unlocked phrases, the edition wiped out my favorites list I had compiled. Seems like a extremely quality edition for the price, it must come in handy for my journey in a few weeks, I could give 5 stars if this bug was fixed.


AR K  1-27-2016
However this conversation all associated to womans and ends with ka... expecting for male voice too.


A Google user  1-13-2016
The pronunciation is good.. you can put your smartphone up to dependents in Thailand and they will understand what the voice is saying. Also can beloved phrases which is nice. Would've been a bit tougher journey without this!


Go go  1-12-2016


Zhen Yang Kung  1-11-2016
I bought the edition and discover it disturbing that you don't have words like "or", "also", "not yet", "and" etc. I can't gain productive with what I've learned.


Random Videos  12-21-2015
After 5 years of staying and working in Thailand, my Thai is still poor. Although I can unnderstand so dozens words and phrases but when it comes to speaking I still gain stuck sometimes. In this edition there so dozens words which I already knew but this edition tells me the actual pronounciation. Its quite useful. I updated to pro version on first day only. Definitely recommended.


wzor3k w  12-4-2015
This edition have everything I need, good design and it's straight to use.


Huw Penson  11-12-2015
Hey there. fantastic work. But in general conversation you missed the hai (ให้) in the sentence "Could you write that down for me in Thai?"


linda struble  10-16-2015
Simple to use, even though Thai is not so straight to learn.


Vunoo Design  10-4-2015
Tried a few apps. This is the exquisite one.


eilat alon  9-18-2015
Just started on it. She speaks beautiful fast, but I love the phrases you've chosen. I'll discover it extremely serviceable


Geoff Weekes  9-10-2015
Cannot slow voices to rescue learn..but could be extremely serviceable to run to the Thai Nationals.. to discover a idea or gain rescue


Jayanta Bhowmick  9-1-2015
Not a finish work. dozens phrases and words missing.Also have a facility so that testers can add some phrases, words, notes ,etc. on their own.


Yilmaz Firat  8-28-2015
straight to use, excellent for thai beginners. Specially because of the change able voice of female/male.


Rheece  7-13-2015
Simply brilliant, the first time I've spent money on the pro version of something.


Jose Umana jr  7-11-2015
I am starting to study and I love it


yaron tarshish  6-9-2015
However it missing dozens simple words, upgrade and add quotidian life vocabulary for getting the newest star.


James Fox  5-23-2015
excellent idea to study thai !!!! :)


MarketMig  5-20-2015
The exquisite edition to study and avail Thai on the spot, period.


Santosh Kumar Singh  4-14-2015


Wilson Tan  4-8-2015
outstanding idea to study Thai Language..khor khun Mak na krub!


Robert McConnell  3-5-2015


A L  2-13-2015
We can practice a single phrase repeatedly in any category, but not in the favorites. You have to open/close/open a phrase to do that (only within the favorites). Annoying enough to remove a star. ;)


Greg Gawron  1-30-2015
Simple phrases... straight to use... Shame no section on sports ;maybe golf


ZEN Alex  1-29-2015


Jon  1-28-2015
This fresh upgrade doesn't work. It used to be a excellent app, contacted brand for refund due to paid for an edition that they have upgraded into a nonworking edition and the brand won't respond. To me that is the same as stealing


Bee Hung Teo  1-24-2015
I feel regret after updating. can't open after updating Just


Stephane Riv  1-23-2015
Used the lite version for a year then updated to Pro.Worked for a day now it's bugged up (after an automatic upgrade it seems).I tried uninstalling/reinstalling,still doesnt work.Sent a report newest week but no reply.Very disappointed.Can anyone rescue please!?


Zan Lustig  1-16-2015
good edition to study Thai


Moataz Seada  1-16-2015
I'm extremely contented with this serviceable app, and pleased with the continuous updates


James Malkin  1-14-2015


Daniel Frederickson  12-12-2014
Helped a lot


wander soul  12-5-2014
After searching for a while this came out as the best. value paying for.


The Specialist  11-10-2014
It got lack of content really, not dozens stuff to study from. extremely limited content, developer please wake up and upgrade this app!


Greg Carr  11-1-2014
would avail an update. Decent app.


null null  10-20-2014
execute sure you set it to male or female in settings. Other wise you'll be pronouncing words as female if your male and vice versa.


A Google user  10-3-2014
And with a little bit more for the more advanced student of Thai it would be rated as greatest - include more please!


Adam Sibley  9-25-2014
I love using this app, which is why I updated to PRO. It's accurate and extremely fun/easy to use, however; I agree with other comments, that this 'PRO' version must offer a lot more translations. I hope to see more improvements/updates on the PRO version.


Joshua van Niekerk  9-16-2014
Purchased absolute version. It's incredibly simple and extremely practical


Dave Schroder  8-22-2014
extremely excellent edition only annoying thing is the word Krap after each word, in reality I've never heard the word used in Thailand! Men avail Cup (kup) also a translator you can category words in could be a handy addition in this app! But extremely excellent straight to avail edition


Ryan J  8-1-2014
Helped me so much, maybe if there was a bit more features in tones to be used when speaking (Thai being a tonal language) but that's just a bounty they would have, nothing to stop me giving this edition 5 stars!


Frank Scott  7-14-2014
Top quality


Adrian Ekaputra  6-1-2014
I love this app. But I whenever got error code "-110" when installing it after downloaded. I guess it's not working well in my GS5. Developer also not helping tons on this issue. Maybe I must have a refund


M L  5-21-2014
What is error 497? I maintain getting this while trying to install on phone. I love it on my tablet, but the uncover trait is not extremely good.


Joshua L  5-12-2014
I just started and was able to memorize super swift and easy.


jordan white  5-11-2014
In the past I have tried other apps, books, wife has tried to teach me and she's is thai with a english teaching degree and I have been trying for years now.With the rescue from a brain training game, I am starting to gain on top of it all.Now when my wife and I fly back to thailand I will be able to converse to absolute thai to everyone:-) And at the age of 29 I sure in a few years I will know fluent thai.


bonie ng ruu kee  4-25-2014
exquisite study book u ever had


Steve Procter  4-15-2014
Used this a few times in Thailand now. Works fantastic Thanks for making my holidays even better :)


David Chan  4-1-2014
study thai in extremely efficient way, straight to memorised and understand.


George Ford  2-21-2014
straight and extremely handy for learning beginners Thai! Highly recommended!


Autor Uwe Klemm  2-16-2014
...copy and paste changed a bit, but possible.Thanks for excellent and speedy support. Is the fundamental language "German" an option for the next version?


mel warren  2-16-2014
fantastic edition just what I needed!


P.Z C  2-10-2014
Hi. After the upgrade I can no longer copy the Thai words and paste on my other chat apps. Please repair this.


Damo666  2-1-2014
Habe update to pro exelent translation extremely courteous and accuate if your going to thai land or desire to study to converse thai well value the pro version will declare with voice to you for both male and remale speach.


Robert Slack  1-22-2014
A fantastic edition for those needing to communicate with Thai people.


craig myatt  1-14-2014


Chaz Kelley  1-10-2014
Really good.


Chris Lane  1-4-2014
This is a fantastic edition for beginners of the Thai language. I will be using it during my learn abroad journey and it will probably save my life! I do wish that there was more response vocabulary. The edition definitely tells you how to respond things, but how do I know what the questions will sound like?


Mickael BULLIBUMMPA  12-30-2013


A Google user  12-28-2013
Been to Thailand twice and going again soon. This edition really helped with a few simple phrases to break the ice with the Thai people.


stuart graham  12-18-2013
I could instruct this edition


Fahad Al Ghafri  12-17-2013
I like this edition it execute my life straight dozens thanks :)


Tim H  12-9-2013
extremely excellent edition with classical Thai pronunciation. For example most Thai men I have spoken with don't declare "khrap" but "kap" . This is fine too. extremely practical for the beginner and will get you honor in Thailand.


Benjamin Powell  12-8-2013
I live in Thailand and avail this quite a bit.


Jason Tan  11-9-2013
Not excellent enough even we pay for it. Lousy app.


Keith Allen  10-28-2013
I have Pimsleur's Thai 1 and 2. This edition is a ideal complement to that series! Being able to listen too the male side only on this edition and then to repeat it over and over is very practical for me. I can hear the tonal changes tons clearer this way. Highly instruct as a stand alone or as a compliment to another Thai language book or CD.


aaron post  10-15-2013
exquisite Thai reference app!


Wai Yee Lai  10-11-2013
extremely serviceable in learning a recent language.


Lynn Wilkinson  9-17-2013
Love this edition used in Thailand and it wo rks


Seb White  9-9-2013
Simple straight clear and fun. U Can't go incorrect with this 1.


Rameez Usmani  9-8-2013
wonderful edition to study common phrases and most imp their pronunciation...


Dennis G  8-19-2013
Be a traveler, not a tourist. study a bit so you can be part of the Thai culture.


Charlie Gould  8-13-2013
I tried out the lite version for 5mins then updated to this.... you can't buy a phrasebook for this money and this is far easier to use, plus of course you can hear the correct pronunciation.....a veritable boon...... shame it doesn't have the option of listening to a male speaker but I can live with that.


Gavin Wright  7-20-2013


Rose  7-18-2013
I could love to see simple phrases that can be used when in a day spa, beauty, hair or nail salon. For example I could like a tool or severe massage; blow dry mode only; please blow dry my hair straight; can you please exhibit me the service quote total before we begin? I could like my nails extremely short/left long/cut easy across/pointed shape/not painted today. Please be gentle, I could like a tool massage. Please be careful that hurts :-( Can you execute the massage stronger please?


Dudley Murr  7-16-2013
could be fantastic if there was a section on the weather' cold, hot etc, :-)


Mr Diamond  7-15-2013
Luv value spent


zappa dave  7-15-2013
upgraded now does not work at all. Used to be excellent Now useless Please sort it out to regain 4/5 stars


Luke And Amy Grice  7-9-2013
intractable to gain a fantastic serviceable edition both gratuitous and add free. Well done!


Erik Van Dootingh  7-4-2013
outstanding for beginners and speedy reference.


Sky yew  6-25-2013
why no recent stage add in pay version


Dosen Muda  6-6-2013
Need more slank language if any.


Game Explorer  6-5-2013
excellent for beginner. Im starting to love thai!!


Kevon Johnson  4-26-2013
fantastic app.


Aliza Beckett  4-15-2013
Love the lite version, so was delighted to pay for pro, but I maintain getting an error upon downloading that says packet is invalid. Refund please!


stephen moreau  4-4-2013
I am learning thai and this makes It easier for me


Ian Frost  2-20-2013
fantastic extremely serviceable works well .but more phrases please


Vaughan McShane  2-17-2013
Been living Here for three months and this edition is helping me engage with the locals. Thanks


Chee Meng Tan  2-16-2013


Steve Jacobs  2-5-2013
Wonderfully serviceable app. The only concern so far is 'Goodbye' which the phrase currently implies that you don't desire to see the person again. It could be excellent to have Goodnight (laa-tee-suat) in there also. Please also add 'I miss you' into Dating, Also for Health: 'How are you feeling?', 'Is the medicine working?' and 'Anything I can do to help?'. These could be fantastic thank you :)


Alfred T  2-1-2013
Pls add I believe you or I trust u buddy.


A Google user  12-9-2012
I would have used few more words and imperatives was all.


CS Wong  12-5-2012
It could be extremely serviceable if you would allow the copying of Thai characters into the clipboard by long pressing and selecting from menu...


A Google user  11-29-2012
Hope can upgrade more phrases! Common conversation!


A Google user  11-28-2012


A Google user  11-26-2012
Excellent, music playback is extremely helpful. Needs more phrases, also 'this month' and next month and phonetically spelled the same. maintain updating the vocab and I could def give 5 stars!


A Google user  11-13-2012
Leran Thai Pro


A Google user  11-13-2012
good edition for travellers


A Google user  11-6-2012
extremely straight to study Thai....


A Google user  11-4-2012
This edition was a enormous rescue on my new trip. Thank you so much.


A Google user  11-2-2012
Like It.


A Google user  10-24-2012
Can't fault it, it works flawlessly and has a decent variant of phrases. Only wish it included more eats elements


A Google user  10-20-2012
could be good if you can copy and paste phrases.


A Google user  10-17-2012
God app, for the beginer


A Google user  10-2-2012
An good learn supplement which you can take with you anywhere, on your smartphones smartphone &/or tablet. While the content is limited to beginning Thai the vocal pronounciation is exceptional...The five tones are readily recognized as well as those sounds which westerners have a extremely difficult time with...such as the words for snake & money! Look forward to additions to content though.


A Google user  9-28-2012
extremely serviceable


A Google user  9-22-2012
fantastic app! Been trying to gain by learning from locals and this edition is the first I've come through that uses proper pronounciation. Needs more Thai for famed eats dishes or eats names etc.


A Google user  9-9-2012
straight to avail and to learn. Well recommended


A Google user  9-4-2012
In the center of a 2.5 week journey across Thailand and this edition has already proven itself to be a should have! Well value the money!!!


A Google user  8-24-2012
My hobby is Lao and i avail this edition to study his language. extremely excellent idea to study the proper pronunciation with little effort.


A Google user  8-19-2012
Absolutely space on. My Thai misses said it is all proper after checking each newest one.


A Google user  8-15-2012
fantastic An very serviceable pro for those how are obsessed with learning foreign languages


A Google user  8-15-2012
exquisite editions to study thai ever!!! Absolutely brilliant.



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