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study to converse and understand 163 languages with interactive music lessons narrated in any of 146 languages. "Affordable, responsive, straight to set up, and simple to access, Bluebird is loaded with user-friendly details and contains an huge quantity of content. This is an good resource for testers seeking a handy, enhanced mobile experience for language learning." - Library Journal Choose from 11,000,000 pre-recorded lessons or initiate a truly personalized course that revolves around the things you love. If you’re learning for your job, you can even initiate a personalized course for any of 60 occupations. Bluebird uses the scientifically proven spaced repetition technique, so you’ll study quickly and retain what you study long-term. Just listen and repeat – it’s that easy. Learn 163 languages hands-free. No typing or swiping needed. study while you’re exercising, cooking, commuting, or relaxing at home. You can even stream your Bluebird lessons to smart speakers like Google house or to your TV. For every Language, You’ll Learn: * 2,000 high frequency words. (84% of quotidian lecture includes these mighty words.) * The top 100 verbs – with conjugations in the past, present, and future tenses. * How to build finish sentences on your own. * How to manage many of quotidian situations. * How to handle complex conversations. Personalized Language Courses Bluebird’s personalized language courses can newest from a month to a year, and adapt to your age, skill level, and attainable time. A one-year personalized course, for example, has 260 music lessons created specifically for you. initiate as dozens courses as you like – there’s no limit. A worldwide Approach Bluebird brings language learning to the world’s population in an unprecedented way. You can study any of the 163 languages we offer from any of 146 narration languages. That means 23,798 possible language combinations; 5 million hours of pre-recorded lessons (that’s 628 calendar years of instruction); plus all the personalized courses you desire to create. Something for Everybody Whether you’re preparing for a journey or desire to study a language for fun, school, or work, Bluebird will teach you what you need to know, and ensure you remember what you study long-term. And, with family-friendly content throughout, your whole family can enjoy learning languages the Bluebird way. Unparalleled Content and Quality Bluebird has the most comprehensive language courses in the world, with an average of 10,000 instructional phrases per language. every Bluebird lesson lasts between 15 and 45 minutes, with the average lesson lasting 30 minutes. Our curriculum is teacher-designed and human-translated; our narrators and actors are professional voice-over artists and native speakers of their respective languages; and our music is studio-grade. Learn in your native language Narration attainable in 146 Languages



Azilian Honey  6-15-2021


Beth Trahern  6-15-2021
I love this app. I really do but lately during the quizzes it keeps freezing and declaring playback error 1 I don't know if it's just that specific course and lesson but I guess I will just skip it and see. But the course is the Mexican Spanish>Essential Verbs>Buy>Quiz 3. Update: Problem was repaired extremely quickly and efficiently. completed the lesson and all excellent now. This edition is really excellent and I highly reccomend it.


meth sith මෙත් සිත්  6-11-2021


Mostafa Elmaadawe  6-8-2021
جامد شويه


Tega Julius  6-7-2021
It's really practical and am extremely excited about this thanks


BELU: LAY  6-5-2021
thank you extremely tons for this edition


Ekaterine Galdavadze  6-1-2021
exquisite language edition


David mwangi  5-29-2021
I put one star because I just installed it and the edition is fully blank.


Alex Kidd  5-26-2021
extremely serviceable to study espressions and sentences. Requires a separate edition for grammar.


L TG  5-24-2021
Enjoying learning. I am an music visual learner and this provides exactly what I need. Now I could love to gain the absolute bundle as a gift. Anyone desire to help?


Akshara Sonavane  5-21-2021
exquisite app!! nearly each language is attainable according to our mommy tongue excellent edition for Beginners


Nikhil Totawar  5-21-2021
good but can't understand how tons we have covered or where are we in learning language just on and on and on....


I cannot come up with anything  5-19-2021
I been learning Spanish for a while now. I still do beginner because it helps me remember certain words I can possibly forget. My Spanish feels tons more solid. I suppose. If that makes any sense. Now I am learning Italian. Thanks/Gracias!


Tahra Medhat  5-18-2021


Charitha Sankavarapu  5-12-2021
Just started using this edition and absolutely love it!!


Leonardo Villa González  5-8-2021
Bugs Expensive It's not what they supposed to be offering


K.Betül Esenlik  5-3-2021
good edition


André VCHS  5-2-2021


Deep Mehta  4-30-2021
Extraordinary product


Mai Walied  4-28-2021
It helps


George Younan  4-26-2021
The exquisite music edition for learning 👌


Franchesca  4-24-2021
excellent app. check it


Nour Elref3ey  4-21-2021
Previously it was a extremely good but now all the tiers are locked and I can't open any tier I desire except I pay for it


Dorota Ekeigwe  4-19-2021


John Vasquez  4-18-2021
Everything was going fantastic and then they shut it all down so now I have to pay if I desire to continue learning!


Muhammad Mustafa Loya  4-16-2021
Everything is clear and concise you will study and excel


Aaron A Alli  4-8-2021




Hamed Zandi  4-6-2021
Sometimes it's excellent but, sometimes it doesn't open & exhibit errors over & over. It has absolute of error.


A.S. Ketenci  4-5-2021
Ücretsiz günlük ders egitiminize bayiliyorum. Çok başarılısınız Ucretli olana imkan olunca gireceğim Burada yazdığım yorumdaki önerimle ilgilenerek yerine getirdiniz.. Bu iyi bir profesyonellik Teşekkür . Pandemi zamanı, işsizler var . Lütfen belli aralıklarla cömert denilebilecek indirim kampanyaları olsun. Pandemi sürecinde ucuz yapın Ücretsiz kursta onuncu dersten sonra para sorup takılması sorununu tesadüfen, çok zor buldum .Birkaç sayfa geri dönüp başlanacak. Fakat oda çalışmiyor şimdi


Valentin Guichard  4-3-2021


Коцкица  4-2-2021
fantastic for starting out, but I'd propose Arabic writing to be made bigger than other languages. Languages that avail their own script (Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Japanese...) deserve bigger letters to be easier to read.


Luffy Mugiwara  3-31-2021
Really excellent edition for full beginners! Only if you add alphabet section. It has excellent details and excellent generated lessons. Although, there are some problems with 1. quizes: When I study language A by B, it's irrelevant to give me a word in A and permit me spell the meaning in B). 2. Flashcards (It seems I must guess the image! I need the meaning and the photo in the front side of the card, then the word and the pronunciation on the back, not all in one side) 3. No list of words for speedy try


Rishika Neogi  3-30-2021


Didrik Finne  3-27-2021
I avail a variant of language learning editions and what makes this one really stand out is its hands-off nature. I love being able to start a lesson and forthwith put my smartphone down and just listen and repeat but it's also excellent that when I hear something unfamiliar I can quickly grab the smartphone and see the words written too. The 'lesson of the day' has become a part of my morning bath ritual!


Google Usahh  3-24-2021
good edition


Suldan Xasan  3-22-2021
exquisite language teacher.


Jose G. Arellano  3-18-2021
It's a fantastic edition to study languages. I love it more than Duolingo. It has less common languages too.


Nondocumentary Channel  3-14-2021


Justin Abande  3-10-2021
This edition is fantastic I have learned everything but I have to study 16 more so this edition is not wrong so I desire to study more from you guys bye


Ana Clara Evangelista  3-10-2021
this edition is wonderful and I instruct too much!!


Tavionna Marshall  3-8-2021
It's not bad....I'm doing my review over again. Because I feel this edition needs more work on the pronunciation feature. I've tried the pronunciation analysis is definitely flawed and glitchy. The time on it either goes down beyond lightspeed....or it gives me no time at all to pronounce anything. Then, when I completed all phrases the edition glitches and chop out on its own. This edition isn't wrong at all...not at all!!! It just needs a few bugs that needs to be squished. 😊


and the swiss german????


Mark Classen  3-2-2021
outstanding and interactive... love it! Maraming salamat po 😀


This is a fantastic edition but the only motive i gave it 4 stars is because first it needs more languages second update the edition a little it gets boring sometimes thank you all


Hakeem Alam  3-1-2021
Doesn't work at all , was a excellent edition but now it just loads forever and doesn't work as it will eventually declare error


mehmet ali delhis  2-27-2021
The exquisite edition I have used so far. I can discover diurnal lessons, words, and so dozens things. Recommended highly


fatma mostafa  2-24-2021
It's a extremely excellent edition


Samin Ustiashvili  2-22-2021
straight to avail and study and it is enjoyment and short lessons. Exactly what a idle person needs


MARY NYALUAK  2-20-2021
This is one of the exquisite edition I love it


Lianda360  2-20-2021
Can't declare I'm impressed. This edition gives you a extremely fundamental language learning experience. Simple listen and repeat lessons... I'd give it a solid... Meh... 🤷🏿‍♀️


Dushanka Tara Khanna  2-17-2021
Its a extremely excellent app. But for even to study a bit you need to pay. What I mean is that most editions have atleast 30% gratuitous resources, but this edition has only about 5% percent gratuitous resources.


Tom Bruce-Mitford  2-7-2021
An wonderful quantity of vocab and phrases in an array of obscure languages. I haven't seen any adverts or been asked to pay for anything. What's going on?!


Tessa Hall  2-4-2021
I like the app. extremely helpful.


Parwati Chaudhary  2-4-2021


sÑîGdhã  2-1-2021
It excellent afterall....


Asəf Əkbərov  1-30-2021


John Sy_im  1-30-2021
Donkam zet


Jessica Colthirst  1-30-2021


Yacine Bechichi  1-29-2021
Its professional


Roberta Pontes  1-28-2021
Um dos melhores editions pra aprender idiomas. 😊


Qartlo  1-28-2021
excellent edition


mustafa mahmoud  1-20-2021
outstanding for learning


T EMAD  1-11-2021
It is wonderful edition 👍


F Yousefian  1-8-2021
It was fine till yesterday (December 30th). I cannot discover diurnal lessons anymore :(


GAMES droides  1-6-2021
Antes me gustaba más la edition pero ahora ya no porque se paga y yo jo tengo para pagar


Yokasta Guillen  1-5-2021
fantastic learning tool.


Kity Gamer  1-5-2021


NO ONE  1-4-2021
Apart from the diurnal lessons everything is with payment. Before you would study core vocabulary or simple words without payment. Please execute them free. Not all of us can afford to pay to study recent words. Edit "Yeah i understand that and you are right. I was maybe thinking if the "Verbs" section was gratuitous at least? It could be a enormous rescue because this edition has been WONDERFUL. And has helped me study so much. Please if you would ponder that. I wouldnt penalize the edition cuz im still using it


Magreth Massawe  1-2-2021


Naba Kumar Misra  1-2-2021
Excellent. Beyond expectation. Thank you extremely much.


Javier Ramírez  1-2-2021
Yes delighted recent years


Eleanor Bell  12-31-2020
Thank you for taking the time to location my issues. I extremely tons appreciate the clear explanations and help. My favourite is diurnal lessons and all aspects of course are practical for me to study Estonian


Kedric Cortez  12-31-2020
Edit: they are there again, thanks for fixing this issue!


Mitko Janeski  12-28-2020
Exellent edition


Ranin chendeb  12-26-2020
It's beuteful app🌹 Thank you extremely tons 🥰


Pravin  12-24-2020
Learning edition


Ankita Bhadange  12-23-2020
This edition is really extremely excellent with the view of learning diverse unfamiliar languages and practice . Thanx for your service😊


Bhharathi Karuneegar  12-22-2020
Self educating


Dana ismael  12-17-2020
This edition it's excellent I love it


Wisconsin  12-15-2020
Can you please add Esperanto?


J SHELL  12-13-2020
Matchin on quiz did not pickup on my choices swift enough. Made it look like I erred.


Pamela Graves  12-12-2020
beautiful good, but the written and spoken statements don't whenever match, especially in the advanced level.


Chiedozie Valentine  12-8-2020
I just did my first gratuitous beginner lesson. It's amazing. What i appreciate most is the patience and the repetitiveness of the video. It's quite considerate for the term 'beginner'. This is pleasantly unlike what you discover in other apps. Thank you. P.S: Don't gain too excited, Bluebird. I'll still do more reviews. Let's hope you don't disappoint. But i think i trust you enough already to do so😁✌️


Ilhomjon Yusupov  12-7-2020
Hello, thank you for this app. It is extremely useful, but can you add tasks for ielts? Speaking dialogs and other things. Maybe if you add ielts parts will be tons better. Thanks


mcolem61  12-3-2020
I really enjoy this app, as it is one of the extremely few out here that offer Afrikaans language! The idea the lessons are layed out are amazing, and it gives music opinions for you to listen to and repeat what you hear. Amazing! It really makes the words sink in that tons quicker. I can say, without a doubt, this is by far my beloved edition for Afrikaans learning. Please maintain up the outstanding work, guys! Baie dankie!!


Alexey Amaya  12-3-2020
I'm learning


Zeka Buthelezii  12-2-2020
The edition is trash!!!!!!!!!


Кирилл Волошин  12-1-2020
Why to ask language I'm learning each run? Quiz or lesson finishing doesn't rescue Veeeery long lessons loading and edition starting. WiFi is fine. Even if the edition is running clicking the icon at activate image brings me to coose language image (


Brawl stars bros  12-1-2020
It was a beautiful excellent edition but then all the sudden the core vocabulary lessons or the creating sentences turned into paying money for it, it was gratuitous before


Henrique Duarte  12-1-2020
This edition is really good, but since a while ago I can't enter the app, so it's a 3 star for now.


Davit Agiashvili  11-30-2020


Aditya Jannu  11-30-2020


why it has a الخليج العربي option? We all know that it is Persian Gulf. you must read some history books.


Moon dagger fryk  11-25-2020
First impression is not so good. Specially for someone who advertise that learning is for gratuitous in the edition shop name, but then you are asked to pay for it. Will try gratuitous part what is possible and may or may not change my mind.


MINA이 제윤  11-25-2020
Wow ..... This edition is just wonderful and my language is extremely ..... extremely .... unique to be exist in international products that's y.. I really amazed when I saw my language excited in blue bird Thank you blue bird's creators 🙌❤️


Ay Amiraslanowa  11-25-2020
extremely excellent app..👌🏻


Vijay kumar Nagarapu  11-24-2020


Steven Gomez  11-22-2020
This language edition is amazing!! I've tried and paid so tons for so many, but this one has a trait that allows you to customize the courses to your goals (or profession), so it focuses on those words and phrases that you are most going to use/encounter based on your age and goals (or profession). And compared to the hundreds of dollars I've spent on other language softwares this is a wonderfully affordable edition


Waseem Farooq  11-21-2020
A fantastic app. Just tried Bengali for about a week and have enjoyed learning casually. However, I wish it also covered the alphabet, as I am a finish beginner. A fantastic way for language learning, so dozens to pick from.


ing info  11-20-2020
Goog but whay to insiste obout permission media


bianca nkomo  11-20-2020
It is straight to study especially for a beginner like me


Nara Lopez  11-19-2020
I loved


Hạ Đỏ Hoa  11-18-2020
A extremely extremely fantastic edition


salma yasser  11-16-2020
wonderful app.. I really instruct it for everyone who desires to have enjoyment and study in the same time


Thuta Soeya  11-16-2020


Scott Tew  11-13-2020
I love this edition extremely tons


Sneha Str  11-10-2020
Just Love it.💓


Ingo Timmermann  11-10-2020
The exquisite part of this edition is that you can study also some less spoken but extremely interesting languages such as basque or maltese for example ... Most other editions only offer languages that most dependents already speak...


Shadow Afton  11-10-2020
Thank you it's really practical 😊


Rachel Chevalier  11-8-2020
My fiance's native language is Akan Twi, the most common tribal language spoken in Ghana. I've been struggling to contact myself, so I was excited when I saw that this edition teaches 163 languages. Unfortunately when you count Canadian English and US English as two separate languages, 163 languages is a lot less than it sounds like. diverse dialects? That's pushing it. diverse languages? Sorry, but no. That said they do have a ton of diverse languages, dozens of which I've never even heard of.


hector vasquez  11-4-2020
There aren't discover words which define the excellent works of this app, i send it my exquisite gratitute.


Ian Bihira Mujeneza  11-3-2020
Learning a language in class for 0.5 hr will not almost gain you as enough knowledge as this edition for 12 min.


Yurii Mykhailyshyn  11-3-2020
exquisite edition 8 ever used


ARKO MISRA  11-2-2020
When I first opened the edition I felt that it was the exquisite language learning edition as it contained 163 languages but after using it for about a week with absolute dedication to study Sanskrit ( if you don't know what Sanskrit is it is basically the Latin of Indic languages) I really didn't accomplish anything practising 2 times quotidian ( even if you think it's my fault) the edition closes, sometimes the image gets white and touch is also disturbing though my smartphone doesn't have any problems and has plenty stor


Rohan Bhusare  11-2-2020
I am using this edition for learning Sanskrit language. great edition but I am feeling some issue while learning tense so add a chapter for learning all the tenses in Sanskrit. I hope you will execute a chapter to study all the tenses of Sanskrit.


Hale Hyde  11-1-2020
So practical specially in my country they stopped school during to more corona cases this edition is a champion finally i can continue learning german


Jankyson  11-1-2020
Everytime i open the edition I gain an error message saying: network request failed and am unable to do anything as it will infinitely load


Hamza Ali  11-1-2020
good edition for learning regional Indian and Pakistani languages.Great work.


official A R J  10-30-2020


Ms. Erin L - エリン  10-29-2020
The Bluebird staff is extremely outgoing and helpful; if you have any questions or concerns they are whenever ready to listen. Top notch edition and I am loving it! I love the concept of repetition to rescue gain the phrases and sentences stuck in your head. It really has helped me to study a lot. 😍😍😍


Ramy Aso  10-29-2020


azou compta  10-29-2020
good product


T W  10-29-2020
Intensive training, extremely excellent app, it's ideal


Mohammadhassan Shaker  10-28-2020
extremely good


Michael  10-27-2020
fantastic language app, much of content for gratuitous


Navaratna Jannu  10-27-2020
Good, you can study any languages.


Mary Lalneihzuali  10-27-2020
I personally feel that this is the exquisite edition for the target


Greta Wright  10-26-2020
extremely straight to track


The God  10-25-2020
5 star edition 👍🏽


Timothy Vhs  10-25-2020
It really practical in learn English.


mehdi mohamed  10-25-2020
excellent application, l recommanded for all who desire to study languages.


Dark Horse  10-24-2020
Yeah! Absolutely the best. Just perfect!


Benji Life  10-24-2020


Soumaya Ben Khalil  10-24-2020


Rajni Bothra  10-23-2020
Love this edition because I am fond of learning languages and this edition provides me this chance to study at gratuitous of cost.


Ezgi Dereli  10-22-2020
fantastic edition


One Lump21  10-19-2020
Love it, love it, looooove iiit! Latin! Of all things! Won't discover that on Babble. 163 languages! Wow. Not delighted I had to execute a monthly subscription for learning sentence formation & communication 😪. I thought this was free!


Fourth Grade  10-16-2020
fantastic learning languages edition ever


Emily S  10-14-2020
This is absolutely the exquisite language learning app. The music is clear and straight to understand, the lessons are well structured, and there is a short quiz at the end. Its challenging enough to be interesting and simple enough to stick with. Just perfect!



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