Android Version: 4.4App: League of Pantheons
Release date: Jan 11, 2022App Rating: 5
Author: NEOCRAFT LIMITEDCategory: game
Name: League of PantheonsExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Hear ye~Hear ye~ League of Pantheons will be officially launched at January 12th, 2022! Go and pre-registration now! Follow us for more news and rewards via: Facebook: Discord: Reddit: Guess who will win the brawl among Zeus, Odin, Wukong and Susanoo? old immortals from Greek, Norse, Japanese, Egyptian and other mythologies, are gathered in this League of Pantheons. Will you be the Summoner to deliver back their powerful power? -Chill out with Auto-grinding One tap to gain XP, Gold, and Epic Loots, works when you're lazy or offline Completely Destressing game, with no meaningless grinding -DIY an unique champion Squad 5 items + 4 main Positions = endless Combination Strategies Customize every champion with unique Gears, Runes and Artifacts -Summon all the old Legends 100+ fabled champions from 8 main Mythologies Free 200 draws in first 7 days rescue you summon perfect Heroes -Devise Strategies in diversified Gameplay Combos, champion synergies, Metas, Countermetas Use Simple, yet Deep Strategies in ever-changing battles -Triumph in countless PVP/PVE Modes Single player, Multiplayer, Cross-server, Endless...All included Champion titles, 5★ Heroes, Skins – Epic Rewards await



Miles Rumsfeldt  1-16-2022
Excellent, but lack of landscape style lessens its appeal.


Jason miller  1-16-2022
Enjoy the release


Dominic Rivers  1-16-2022
This release is wonderful and an outstanding time killer.


Crypto Departed  1-16-2022
So far so good, characters look fantastic and I discover myself playing longer than I desire to lol


lima lkr  1-16-2022
Loving it so far.


Allan Woolford  1-16-2022
wonderful release been waiting for a while and I ain't been disappointed any one must gain this


Jimmie Cross  1-16-2022
it's cool 😎


pj t  1-16-2022
good release run


Charade YouTube  1-16-2022
I really like this game, its one of the exquisite gacha mode games. I could propose coming up with more combat modes to tier up faster. That idea you dont have wait to run the major story.


Sage Vapes  1-16-2022
Love it excellent game!


Mario Chapa  1-16-2022
Its a excellent release


welp oof  1-16-2022
extremely straight to have enjoyment


Gold3n Cub2  1-16-2022
The release is so tons enjoyment


ben marks  1-16-2022
I have been playing for about 4 days and the release is extremely straight to understand. The release mechanics are straightforward making it straight to gain into. Will upgrade after more time .


Claire Beaudette  1-16-2022
Super addicting


Thunder Star  1-16-2022
Paid vip system is a large permit down.overall release is Ok ,same as other paid lazy games.


T1M3Y A1K0  1-16-2022
beautiful excellent release it could be a 9/10 but exquisite i can do is 5/5


Brice Butler  1-16-2022
outstanding release 👍😎


tsuki  1-16-2022
excellent release to sit back and chill while playing.


Marshall murray-hill  1-16-2022
enjoyment so far,friendly community


Firebrick Nob  1-16-2022
Thank you


Jaune Arc  1-16-2022
Love it


Sam Mattice  1-16-2022
wonderful drop rates


C.N Smuts  1-16-2022
Well laid out and straight to navigate. The artwork is reasonable for the kind and if you apply yourself the release does reward you.


Yasmin Ware  1-16-2022
Fair opportunity of getting a 5 star champion and fantastic gameplay


Michael Sherwood  1-16-2022
I don't compliment readily but this release is a should check


Gaby Vasi  1-16-2022
extremely good release


sturmritter1  1-16-2022
fantastic artwork, simple yet enjoyment lazy game.


religion is fake  1-16-2022
Idk about this game..kinda boring if your not paying. Ima give it a 3


Laura  1-16-2022
It's okay, but probably won't run for tons longer. I was looking for an lazy rpg to gain into, as former ones I've tried have ended up getting boring for me. The packs they sell aren't really worthwhile, as you don't gain tons for your money. Summon rates seem decent, but increasing their star tier is quite intractable as you need particular heroes. Also a pet peeve of mine is having to stop progressing campaign because your character tier is too low.


Christopher Applewhite  1-16-2022
So far so excellent


Indigo Seti  1-16-2022
A well done lazy game. It has some depth but is not demanding and not stressful. I instruct giving it a try.


Glenn Augustine-rutledge  1-16-2022


rayne zukon  1-16-2022
Just starting and I enjoy it so far!


Ryan Gifford  1-16-2022
So far so good. Will upgrade when I gain a better feel of the game.


Dylan Hendershot  1-15-2022
This release was beautiful excellent and I don't normally enjoy lazy release so I could definitely instruct this release but the only problem is that you need to be a certain tier to continue on tale which is genre of annoying twinge there aren't wonderful ideas to gain exp fast.


Frank Anzalotti  1-15-2022
enjoyment game, so tons gratuitous stuff!


cameronplayz  1-15-2022
fantastic love the graphics to


John Mizell  1-15-2022
Not a coins sink early on!


Thomas KitchKeesic  1-15-2022
enjoyment so far


Sagnik Bar  1-15-2022


Kevin Ontiveros  1-15-2022
enjoyment so far


John Wheeler  1-15-2022
False advertisement in ad no gratuitous rerolls and not as dozens gratuitous summons as it claims total waste of time


rolando villalobos  1-15-2022
good release


anime lover  1-15-2022
Awsome release


عبدالرحمن الخزمري  1-15-2022
افضل لعبه


J B  1-15-2022
Ok game, addictive but mediocre


gert the bert  1-15-2022
i misse you tales!


Mohmmed Ahmed  1-15-2022
A extremely well and thought out release


Mohamed Nouh  1-15-2022
excellent release


Melinda Duncan  1-15-2022
fantastic release


Admiral brock  1-15-2022
This release really really excellent man .first of all this release champions is really excellent and straight of max to lvl 100 but it really difficult to raise that hero's stars but this also kinda enjoyment so pls check give more improvement that why we will aid you


Epic Lap  1-15-2022
I adore it


Pana Napoleon  1-15-2022


David Moananu  1-15-2022
amazing release so far


Weston Delo  1-15-2022
Super pay to win


Sami Niraye  1-15-2022
Its cute, have to wait a day when you just start because you play out of things


Grilled Cheese  1-15-2022
excellent game👌👌


Darkruler  1-15-2022


Donald Bell  1-15-2022
excellent game.


Michael Serafyn  1-15-2022
Exact copy of an older release "Eloras Raid" Still a excellent release just wondering how company's copy other releases too the tee. Hopefully won't lead down a steep pay 2 win curve.. then leave servers abandoned like the past game.


Don McCormick  1-15-2022


Haili Phillips  1-15-2022
It is outstanding


Lone Demon Samurai Wolf King  1-15-2022
If you see commercials about it's extremely straight to gain a excellent S&R it is


Zacharycole40  1-15-2022
fantastic release all around.



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