Android Version: 2.3App: League of Light: Dark Omen
Release date: Nov 19, 2014App Rating: 4
Author: Big Fish GamesCategory: casual
Name: League of Light: Dark OmenExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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run the trial for FREE! Pay once & finish the adventure! The year is 1866. You've travelled for days to contact a turret hidden deep in the Carpathian Mountains only to find you've been asked to join the mysterious League of Light, a secret team dedicated to fighting dark forces. You've barely said yes before you're sent on your first mission, to investigate a beast that is terrorizing the mountain village of Sorrow's Well. Is this beast real? Who's behind it? What's really going on in the Dark Lord's turret on the hill? No one ever said being in the League could be easy! Face supernatural beasts in the League of Light: Dark Omens, a dark Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game. โ€ข discover thousands of hidden objects, plus solve much of mini releases and puzzles! โ€ข discover clues to investigate a monstrous beast and examine a Dark Lord's turret in this wonderful Collector's Edition! โ€ข gain the Collectorโ€™s app and run the bounty chapter featuring the kingdom of the dwarves and download the wallpapers and concept art for this unbelievable Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure. TRY IT FREE, THEN disclose THE absolute ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME! Sign up now for our newsletter and never miss a recent game or fantastic transaction again: Visit large Fish Games, a leading developer, producer, and publisher of puzzle, adventure, casual, card & and casino games. VISIT US: WATCH US: TALK TO US: FOLLOW US:



Dennis The International Menace  5-19-2021


Den Baker  5-19-2021


Cassandra Chau  5-12-2021
Coolest release ever


Margo Westover  3-31-2021
There's a lot to discover out and do in this game. The hidden object releases are challenging but not too difficult. There's a lot of rooms and areas to examine and elements to find that enable the release to progress. You have the chance to study about several magic creatures. I could instruct this release to anyone that loves a Hidden Object Adventure Game!!!


Glenda Graves  3-31-2021
Really loved it.


Sue Just  2-27-2021
At the moment as only just started release it is extremely slow. Have to maintain tapping items.


Laurie Meade  2-25-2021
So far so good...


Rachel Vasquez  1-29-2021
release drags.


Sharlene Graham  1-11-2021
I love these releases and have them all on PC but when I downloaded this one to my smartphones smartphone (Oppo R15) it played for about half an hour then wouldn't continue any further and just kept playing the ad for the collector's edition... So I uninstalled then reinstalled and it's done the exact same thing!!??? Why can't I run any further? I love large fish releases and these categories of releases and have been a member of large fish for over 10 years... I own this game? extremely frustrating... Please help...


christine grant  11-26-2020
Couldnt gain into this release ,it was to slow for me graphics were excellent but nothing else would gain me interested to carry onwith it.


NicolA Phรฉnรฏx Borgonon  11-17-2020
Ok I must take off a bit of a star as it's a wee weeny bit slow to pass from 1 scene to another but the release is so good, exciting, one gets hooked and the sceneries are beautiful. Top tale line. It has the lot so 5 stars it merits!


Churymacias Mac  11-17-2020


Beth Cavenar  10-18-2020
Storyline and grafics are excellent but you have to hit the place you desire to go or the elements you desire to avail a few times before it let's you avail it or go there. It freezes up in-between scenes for a few seconds also. Kinda annoying.


patty reagan  9-17-2020
extremely slow touch response. I miss BF


Melody Mcgovern  9-6-2020
I didn't even desire to give 1 star but I had to. I tried to run the demo,first it wouldn't even permit me watch the video,then once the release was installed it wouldn't even permit me play. It just went right back to the install/uninstall page. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿคฌ I've never had any problems with large Fish releases until this one.


Farieda Ahmed  8-11-2020
I like this release


Sharla Speer-Ellithorp  7-9-2020
Glitchy glitchy glitchy


Sheila Best  7-8-2020
extremely Exciting, I really it. Thank you.


Rowland Martin  7-7-2020
Ace fantastic release


Sue Pellaton  6-20-2020
Sticky have to maintain on touching the elements to gain them to react


Rachel Shapira  6-8-2020
One ot the exquisite releases I have played!! Lots of rooms and lots of objects to use. veritable fun! execute more releases like this please!


Dee Cee  5-15-2020
Can't even open the app.


taylor Knipfer  5-6-2020
I've paid for this release already, and now you desire me to pay again!


Tony Fullmer  4-28-2020
release is slow and laggy seems like a excellent storyline repair problems and I will pay to run


Kristi Kasner  4-27-2020


kim tigchelaar  4-14-2020
excellent release


Tim & Tray myers  4-14-2020
Really fantastic release one that i really enjoyed playing well value ur money & love the tale line & the exter release too well done large fish ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š


Lins Howell  4-13-2020
Really excellent game, absolute version is actually a decent length, puzzles were a little TOO straight at times but enjoyed it though ๐Ÿ‘


David Spoon  4-11-2020


Melanie Hudon  4-9-2020
It takes so long to do something


Daniel Sanders  4-7-2020
Excelent release


natalie vilcu  3-17-2020
large fish releases are perfect!!!


june welch  3-13-2020
Just started release but love it


Terri Lukes  3-6-2020
I am stuck but I like i like it


May Nelson  3-2-2020
Well...... I have just downloaded and played the gratuitous release . . . So slow! Sorry but there is no idea I would continue, frustratingly slow!


Helen  1-27-2020
Enjoyed the game, excellent graphics, excellent storyline and not too intractable or straight puzzles ๐Ÿ‘ also the bounty release is set in diverse locations, which is so tons better than replaying the same scenes as the major release ๐Ÿ˜


Sandra Pyette  12-9-2019
release won't even open


Anna Abbott  11-28-2019
Looked like a excellent release but very sluggish transitions, everything takes an age to load. Not buying after fearful release play, even though tale seemed good. A shame really.


elizenel elizenel  11-11-2019
excellent game, tale and no problems up to now


Robert Taylor  11-8-2019
The release is sluggish,slow moving and collecting things,I have an smartphones 9.0


Laura Dimmig  10-23-2019
excellent release but 1/2 idea you have to buy.


Larry Belitsky  10-11-2019
whenever a good, classic run no matter how often. All of the details I like in a HOG. excellent length, interactive mini games, music to rescue the tale along, and exquisite of all, you can actually SEE as you play. Too dozens releases are cluttered with superfluous scenery & too slight to see on a cellphone.


Don Chovanec  10-8-2019
Decent little game; kinda easy.


Kirk Whiteside  9-21-2019


Diane Hutchinson  9-17-2019
greatest game, straight gameplay, straightforward, long tale line


Carol Gerber  9-17-2019
Before starting game, it started it eas a oid version & might not work, r didn't so had ti abouer grj


Kathleen Logan  9-8-2019
I bought this release and now I can't run it on my smartphone because it was created for an "older version of android!" Why don't you have an update, Developers?


Jayne Broadhead  7-20-2019
excellent release


Jason Ballenger  7-16-2019
reuploaded it to my recent tablet. I gain music but no clip just a black image then it freezes up. really dispointed. paid for this release along time ago must be able to run it again.


Tisha Brown  7-8-2019
outstanding release


Lillian Moore  7-4-2019
it's extremely extremely laggy other than that it's a beautiful excellent release oh yeah and the map doesn't work


wendy christine gingerich  6-30-2019
having issue with the release doesn't desire to choose pieces up otherwise beautiful cool release


Faiza Jamal  6-18-2019
excellent release but meager controls...


mauna conaway  6-17-2019


Shirley Morris  6-5-2019
i like the release extremely tons however why do we have to wait fo sequels why cantwe complete the quest


Sandy Cordova  5-24-2019
I love all the "League of light" games!!!


Alice Rodin  5-1-2019
excellent graphics,some problems with tapping over all,would recommed


ruth palmer  4-15-2019
Just paid for this release and once again I lost my ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž. Doesn't even gain past pick your level. Not happy!!!


Claire Lancaster  4-6-2019
excellent release and fantastic tale line. The release lasted a excellent time too along with the bounty chapter. I enjoyed the puzzles and the hidden object scenes. My only complaint was that it was really slow, took ages to go from scene to scene etc and the map didn't work. really enjoyed it but got frustrated waiting.


A Google user  3-25-2019
excellent release


Joyce Mills  2-13-2019
extremely excellent so far


E G  1-14-2019
graphics and tale are beautiful. I can hardly wait for track up game.


rose hanan  12-23-2018
I do enjoy the games. entirely value it


James Pearson  12-10-2018
fantastic release one of the exquisite hidden object releases i have played. excellent major story. good blend of puzzles some straight others intractable and a excellent length. Its permit down by a bounty tier attainable in the collector app which brings nothing recent in the tale to the table. That said i enjoyed the puzzles in the bounty chapter. For the price i recommend.


Sam Murray  11-30-2018
Love it


A Google user  11-28-2018


marita jones  11-27-2018
good game. Satisfyingly complex.


Donna Jean Smith  11-26-2018


Penny Carlson  11-23-2018
Cool outcome


Nanci Nichols  11-21-2018
excellent release for a older version... extremely long playing time with great, hop games.


Nancy Long  11-5-2018
excellent game. Only drawback is the slow travel from place to place and the voices of the characters


Sandy Allen  11-5-2018
Enjoyable game.


Karen Weldon  11-4-2018
I loved this game. It was challenging but not hard. The tale continuity made sense. I referred to the map a couple of times but beautiful tons would figure out where I needed to be and where the elements needed to go. No glitches for me. I don't generally run releases again but this might be my first!


Carrie Hughes  11-1-2018
It could be a excellent release but it needs some technical working on it freezes and lags increasingly intractable to maintain up finally I uninstalled


Jackie Figueroa  11-1-2018
fantastic release good ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ maintain them.coming


Sandra Sims  10-31-2018
I paid for it so I played it but it was idea too glitchy. It was all over the place too. Had to go to so dozens rooms and across half the release to finally gain one element to go back for another one item. extremely slow paced. The tale and such was fantastic but the idea to gain across wasn't thought out well. With the glitches I didn't even gain the newest owl cause the newest room didn't even open up before the end of the game. Plus that same glitch wouldn't permit me grab the newest scroll. In my opinion you must pull the release and really repair the issues.


Jilly Yeats  10-31-2018
Oh dear!!! Writing this Halloween 2018 and it's still glitchy like the reviews say! I was hoping that the developer had sorted these out but no! Didn't even execute it across the trial before getting so fed up with it that I uninstalled it not even value the tutorial or treat price!


Sherree Clayton  10-31-2018
could of been higher but got press intractable


A Google user  10-30-2018
Lags idea too much. Too frustrating. Didn't even check playing for 5 minutes


Rebecca McCarren  10-30-2018
enjoyment and involved game...would instruct to all


adam day  10-30-2018
extremely enjoyment and excellent story!!!


Leslie Delsied  10-29-2018
fantastic game,very captavating


Penny Luksa  10-29-2018
Addicting release


Edwinbail Bail  10-28-2018
Great, enjoyed it vary much.


Lena Andrews  10-28-2018
Love this game.


Bev Smith  10-28-2018
Enjoyed this release


Jean Menchyk  10-28-2018
Soooo slow to load every action. Plenty of time to take a nap while waiting.


deb chappell  10-27-2018
Irritatingly slow controls and graphics ok but seen better


Donna Nyiri  10-27-2018
I love releases like this thankyou


Danni Stamm  10-27-2018
Controls were tough to activate. Objects could stick on the release and not return to soft bar.


Chrissy Turner  10-26-2018
little slow


Marvin Boss  10-26-2018
check the gratuitous version first. If you like it Then buy it.


Rona Trout  10-24-2018
release extremely glitchy. Sound goes off for no reason. Takes a few taps to gain elements as release freezes for a few seconds at a time. Overall, graphics are fantastic and tale is interesting


Nicky White  10-18-2018
Loving the games, graphics and storyline! These releases are whenever extremely good, can't wait for the next instalment!!!


Donnice Pflieger  9-29-2018
fantastic graphics and enjoyment game.


Andrea Harrell  9-11-2018
I love the League of Light games, and the character of the little scarecrow boy. It breaks your heart for the little guy. execute some more of these games, please.


Ciel Sebastian  8-31-2018
The lag was so strong I couldn't even gain across the demo. cheerful I didn't buy it right out.


A Google user  8-20-2018
good one i like it


Dee Bauer  8-2-2018
Like this one


Mandy Howard  7-29-2018
outstanding release so far


Marquail Rose  7-22-2018
Like the ๐ŸŽฎ


Carole Gudgeon  7-8-2018
fantastic release cute graphics.


A Google user  7-3-2018
So thrilled and exciting..tnx for this genre of releases


Janie Kennedy  5-6-2018
Loved it!


Tracey Patton  2-28-2018
Thought the release was excellent but trying to run the bounty release and it has a glitch it keeps telli g me there is nothing else I can do in any of the areas


emma martin  2-24-2018


Belinda Boittier  2-23-2018
I am a long term client and supporter of bigfish releases and regretfully, I am disappointed with this game. Sluggish, unresponsive controls, gaps in the graphics and sound, made the release unplayable. The relax of the series is excellent but this one...give it a miss.


Keith Hoffman  2-22-2018
Can't wait for the sequel


Nichole Chambers  1-31-2018
Laggy and freezes up


jesi rose  1-15-2018
pretty release but a little too slow moving. Can't wait for the next one.


Julie Thompson  1-14-2018
Not a wrong story, whenever love large fish games, but extremely extremely laggy


Vicki Wagner  1-9-2018
After reading the reviews, I was just going to run trial version, and not buy absolute version, as dozens dependents were sorry they had. But I forgot & bought it. Exercise in frustration! The minute you stop playing, it starts glitching and you have to exit and go back in. But I persevered anyway. But now the crossbow is gone, and release won't permit me gain it again, and can't go further without it. Shame on you people, taking peoples intractable earned money, with nothing to exhibit for it and no client service.


Neena Sharma  1-1-2018
All over ok


Malaya Rodriguez  1-1-2018
I like how they kept the tale going


angela caden  12-30-2017
Still on the demo and it's really excellent upto now.. mini releases are tricky but that's what's excellent about them.. Hope when demos completed they not gonna ask me for a stupid quantity of money .


skye crounse  12-26-2017
Have to avail your brain love it


Trevor Fox  12-23-2017
Loved it


Arlene Gellings  12-11-2017
I enjoy all these releases but paying $5 dollars for any release just doesn't work for me


Jessica Rudd  11-26-2017
fantastic game! Super long, fantastic puzzles, entirely value the money to buy the absolute game. Loved it.


Elmarie Van Der Walt  10-7-2017
Love it


A Google user  9-30-2017
horrible lag makes gameplay really frustrating. Can't believe they haven't repaired this, given all the former comments. extremely disappointing.


Cow Bagg  9-30-2017
Have 2 shove on image intractable


Scorpion Queen  9-19-2017


Shirley Monistere  8-28-2017
Soon as i opened the release it was sluggish n kept freezing up. would of been a excellent game.


Yvonne Rosado  8-16-2017
I love the tale line. And it's a fantastic release


Drew McLean  8-3-2017
I loved it


Fiona Emerald  8-2-2017
I really like this storyline. The hidden objects were enjoyment and challenging. I could not purchase this release as the lag is baaad! Also, you have to press intractable to achieve any of the tasks, so wrong that I started wondering if it was my tablet. So I uninstalled/reinstalled but to no avail. If these were repaired I could purchase.


Jaime Glover  7-4-2017
extremely laggy. I enjoyed the release and tale but it was intractable to control because of the lag and made the release newest longer due to the wait time. Does not have a bounty chapter like the others either.


Rayne La Roux  6-12-2017
I had been playing the release and exited to do something else for a few minutes, now the release won't start back up. Its ridiculous.


Ginger Thronson  5-21-2017
The release is fun. Too tons freezing up, it takes far too long to gain anything to happen. It's fine if you have the patience for it. Sorry wish I would give it 5 stars, so I gave it 4


Shannon Kenny  5-11-2017
excellent release


A Google user  4-30-2017
A extremely excellent release i loved the release I bought the absolute release it was value it . Please execute some more like this.


Lisa Engelstad  4-27-2017
Everything was fantastic unless for the response to touch. Had to tap several times to do anything or go anywhere.


Donna Munchkinr  4-19-2017
fantastic game.. The puzzles are excellent fun, the H.O. scenes are are not overwhelming, extremely addictive. Recommended for everyone.


Andrea Moore  4-16-2017
Tried to run it. It sucked. Was lagging really bad. Will never run stupid release again!!!


Jenifer Logsdon  4-14-2017
It keeps shouting down I payed for this so can u repair it


hayley thomason  4-14-2017
The tale was ok ok mini releases ok but extremely glitchy


Susan Tarling  4-11-2017
What a load of crap can't load it don't annoy ๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…


Don Wilson  3-31-2017
excellent release but the delay gets extremely tiresome.


Louise Caudill  3-21-2017
idea too intractable to tap. Was afraid my cellphone was going to break because I had to tap so hard. I could love to run this release . Please repair it.


Sylvia Kitson  3-18-2017
extremely excellent like it ๐Ÿ˜Ž


Ela Bit  3-14-2017
enjoyment game. fantastic tale line, & outstanding interactive map!


Danella Chambers  3-7-2017
excellent release but lags a bit


Tom Trembley  2-14-2017
would have been great. tale and graphics were cool, but controls were horrible and refresh rate was lagging. Needs a large fix.


Kimberly Combess  1-20-2017
Liked the release but it was soooo slow and kept kicking me off.


Suzanne Marchione  11-20-2016
I could have given 5 stars but, it's extremely slow to step to the diverse scenes.


Bill Moore  11-8-2016
sluggish, annoying



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