Android Version: 5.0App: League of Kingdoms
Release date: Jul 27, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: NPLUS ENTERTAINMENT PTE. LTD.Category: game strategy
Name: League of KingdomsExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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League of Kingdoms is the world's first MMO Strategy release owned & powered by users. All lands are owned and governed by you. You can permanently own, actively develop, activate gigantic alliance warfares, and earn lucrative rewards by contributing to the development of the continents. Your strategy, diplomacy, instincts, and conflict tactics all come to live here! Are you ready for a veritable strategy? ⚔️ Your strategy starts here. Various constraints of the resources, time, and distances execute your astute tactics, penetrating intuition, and fast decision-makings shine on the battlefield more than ever before. Less micro-control with more strategy. Welcome to the art of war! ⚔️ Your ownership matters. You can own a parcel of land where the release unfolds. Invite your buddies to your Land and start residence a mighty alliance. The concept of ownership adds another immersive layer to the already engaging gameplay. Your active engagement will enrich your Land and attracts more kingdoms. ⚔️ Your treasure works like a charm. The unique treasures are waiting for the bravest leaders. These magic relics are passed down from old times. When you gather all pieces of the treasures, you can disclose gigantic magic powers that you can actively put to use. ⚔️ Join forces to a dominant alliance. A absolute set of alliance details allow gamesters to grow together: alliance chats with built-in translation function, officer roles, alliance researches, gifts, and more! Alliances can take down monsters, catch excellent locations to strengthen their position, and work jointly to disclose team achievements. Maximize your alliance power by leveraging members’ Land ownership. ⚔️ The siege of the shrine Fight alongside your alliance to take control of the sacred shrines. Clash with other alliances and avail superior tactics to emerge victorious in the campaign to capture the control of a shrine. Occupy the highest shrines and get control of its surrounding territories. Your feats will be remembered for ages to come. ⚔️ The making of a democracy Transparent voting and democratic governance process will whenever have your voice heard. As a citizen and/or an owner of the genesis continent, you will be empowered to voice and take part in significant decision makings about the future of the release ecosystem. Welcome onboard to the self-sovereign society.



Daniel Mc Guire  4-6-2021
As a T5 account in Rise of Kingdoms I was intrigued by this release due to its similarity to RoK. Love the crypto integration but don't see the chance to buy land. Maybe I am missing something? Was all the land sold? release run can be leggy but overall not too bad. A decent RoK clone that has potential if the devs location issues.


john ferguson  3-29-2021
Up to now it's been fantastic but now I have to uninstall then install just to run come on guys sort it out.well done you guys my release is working again however when in the collecting resources it keeps coming up with a glitch declaring my wifi keeps dropping now as all my other releases are fine I can only assume it's a release problem thank you


Yasir Butt  3-24-2021
The release is a total rubbish the way is excellent but the group is so not right. I have been playing for 4 months now since I love the kind of the release and played dozens of this sort like rise of kingdoms and clash of clans. But the major failure of this release is that devs can't handle the bugs. There are so dozens bugs in this release that it will take me years to explain plus the gameplay is no idea near the other releases of the same kind like rise of kingdoms or clash of clans. that's y m quitting. Thanks.


Rob Sobye  3-23-2021
I've saved my release ,but for some motive I can't gain on it ,plz can't I have my release


Vibhor Rana  3-23-2021
Somehow I am unable to start the game, it crashes everytime I check to open the app. I have cleared the cache and reinstalled the game. Ki dly propose a solution.


sangar ibrahim  3-21-2021
how i can gain nft ?one moon one year ... really answear me?


Reflective Minds  3-21-2021
Love this game!


John Paulo Mataac  3-21-2021
I purchased a 4.99 dollar pack, but I did not received it... it was deducted to my account twice (1 pushed through, 1 cancelled) but I did not receive the elements / crystals... i sent a aid ticket,please reply.


Rasid Sanusi  3-21-2021
This release must be fine, the only thing is its just idea too too laggy. like to load the alliance tab takes around 10 to 15 secs, sometimes when you click the button it take 3 to 5secs for it to respond.


Lucas Beirão do Valle  3-21-2021
The future of mobile gaming and run to earn system. But still too laggy and with extremely wrong communication with devs, a excellent alfa version with need of reinforcement on devs team. Strongly pay to earn and yet low ROI.


pop poppy  3-18-2021
enjoyment but ameliorate field visuals, exhibit what army the marching troops has and ameliorate the fighting visuals too


Donald Kershaw  3-17-2021


Joe Brooks  3-17-2021
Im liking this release so far.


Dao  3-17-2021
release lagging so bad...


Doug Burruss  3-6-2021
Been playing this release for several months and never had any problem opening the release today. I gain only the lead in page and then nothing happens. So sad, I really enjoyed this game.


Ashley White  3-6-2021
I can't enter the release if I would give zero star I could do


Chainsmoker0  3-2-2021
I thought it was diverse until I seen the 3,500 minutes of speedup for sale for $5


James Ouellette  3-2-2021
You must add a speedy tab on the left side that follows you out into the map. It would have building, research, army it could execute it tons easier to update things that way. ☺️


Kenneth WB  3-1-2021
how to buy land?


Robert The impaler  2-28-2021
wonderful game.


Randall Slaughter  2-27-2021
fantastic base builder release for once. Cooldown on teleports, max number of troops, you dont have someone with limitless power jumping around setting the world on fire. extremely nice.


Draco Belltron  2-26-2021
Super duper enjoyment can't wait to kick some butt and take some names


Mathew Cribbs  2-26-2021
Lag is horrible I don't know why they opened a 5th world when servers can't even handle 4


Mighty Mouse  2-20-2021
genius unless no march recall feature. give a gratuitous march recall trait and I will give 5 stars. c'mon guys, in conflict you can whenever recall your army and each conflict edition must have this function available.


Michael O'Connor  2-20-2021
simple and straight to study but has a deep customzation. pvp will definitely be enjoyment when it becomes populated


Anthony Abbett  2-17-2021
Too tons to maintain follow of. No explanation for some tasks. Other than that it's an ok release for wasting time.


Dellongeee  2-10-2021
Laggy - Not playable on Redmi 9. It whenever freezes always you tap the screen. Edit: trouble already resolved.


Gabriel Ellis  2-8-2021
wonderful game. excellent opportunity to execute veritable money aswell, run this instead of clash of clans and other releases like this to execute your money back when you spend it!


Maxisamust  2-7-2021
My experience with these kinda releases is just plain disappointing, I'm not gonna spend hours residence 20 diverse resource residence lol. What a waste of a release with potential but devs seem to think that's fun. It's a waist of time, back to the ps4 I go


Rockeroo  2-7-2021
Don't waste your time installing this release


Patsy McLeod  2-6-2021
I love it man


Dan Liviu Alexandru  2-4-2021
Join TROLLS Alliance and let's have fun. I like the game, I like the block chain way that they have and you can actually earn across owning land which is good.


ZERG_ but, whysoserious?  2-4-2021
exquisite release on blockchain cryptocurrency and RPG strategy join and u will see


Nabajyoti Baruah  2-3-2021
The only MMO strategy release that gives you a passive income on your investment in the release and time spent playing. 👌💯


Spnkypiledriver  1-30-2021
Can't declare anything negative about this game... join an active gild and have patience


Sourav Das  1-30-2021
Need a lot of polish. idea too buggy and laggy at the moment.


Steve Wall  1-29-2021
Far too dozens glitchees execute this release unplayable on my cellphone


Jay Smith  1-26-2021
Not what I was looking for.


Joshua Vitollo  1-15-2021
The release is better than other RTS but I don't see the blockchain gaming potential and it is a bit laggy and gets frozen. However it is enjoyment and looks good compared to others in its genre. value playing for sure.


F E  1-14-2021
Balance has gotten better. Need more ideas to to mint elements though . Some good updates with skill trees. Looking forward to next update.


Kelsei Upton  1-14-2021
fantastic game. Allows gamesters to actuay earn from having land. Any troubles I've had were extremely quickly sorted across their discord channel super practical team. Not 5 stars as I feel it needs a few improvements just to polish it off to maintain gamesters a bit more engaged longer.


InnerShadow Tarot  1-14-2021
UGH. I desire to post hate so wrong cause I played this release for hours hoping to earn something only to know that you'll gain the money across Eth and THE FEES ARE HUMONGOUS (currently at around $77!!!) So technically, you can't earn. But. Instead of putting even more hate, can I please request to change the minting to another coin please? It's just impossible to gain something here without paying. Thanks ❤️


Invader Grim  1-9-2021
I like this app. You gain automatic healing when you're army gain damaged & you don't have to pay resources to heal them. March speed is beautiful fast. The server is beautiful stable no freezing or glitches. I just wish we would update army from t1 to t5 like in rok


Marian  1-8-2021
This release is just festival of bugs! Developers dont care that paying gamesters are loosing money due them. Only answer you will receive is: permit me try it. I strongly dont recommend! Of course I can talk you more. I'm writing you each day with recent Bug without response from your side.


Music Every Time  1-6-2021
What currency will avail to buy Land of January 13th 2021 Land Sale?


Luinel Rivera  1-4-2021
Teleport Kingdom to coordinates X:565 Y:1307 for high lvl resource points. What sets this release apart from all the other like it is that you can "Play to Earn", if you have an Ethereum Wallet you can sell release resources on the open marketplace for crypto and transform to fiat currencies if desired.


chang daddy  12-31-2020
trying to site my token pocket and nothing happening, just goes into my eth wallet, release still shows no wallet linked,do I gotta wait till jan 13 to site it? or am I doing something incorrect here?


Morrigan ravenmist  12-22-2020
Loving this release only complaint is intractable 2 tier yourself up as a monsieur but other than that greatest release I'm in a greatest Alliance with fantastic dependents


sadi aron  12-22-2020
Innovative release


وحید اسی  12-19-2020
بازی قشنگیه


libang libangan  12-19-2020


Davide Camurani  12-18-2020
A copy of RoK but worse, you can't manoeuvre the armies on the map, and in this category of releases it's enough to ravage it.


pee squee  12-18-2020
Cant buy land on mobile kills it for majority of dependents who will download gg well played. motive releases like rise execute so dozens servers is to retain recent gamesters joining a continent playing 7 days and then getting zerod makes dependents quit.and that's just 2 of the dozens dozens flaws in this game. Super outstanding concept but if you cant buy land u also cant buy rss off sea so you're rss broke.


David Tidwell  12-18-2020
release constantly is crashing. Just started and got across the trick and now I can't play.


Klondor  12-16-2020
Love it


dennis lawton  12-16-2020
excellent release but since upgrade i cant run as it idea to large to download


Mikko Felicita  12-16-2020


Aashma Rai  12-16-2020
When i enter the release it says upgrade but when i came to run shop there isnt showing edition upgrade or anything why?


glenn gepullano  12-16-2020
Hi i like the gameplay. I like to buy land but i dont know can u teach me how. Thanks.


Bocaj  12-14-2020
Copy paste game, I swear its like they sell templates for this stuff


Cifford Bill  12-13-2020
Cool + excellent release but whenever play out off resorces other elements a excellent n safe lol the the game...


Team abella  12-10-2020
The release is excellent but i give 4 stars because its intractable gaining resources i will give 5 star if you can execute it better to gain rss ps i love the release


Mel Fernan  12-8-2020
permit me give you 5 star. maintain it up


JB Library  12-3-2020


Angel  12-2-2020
Your release is amazing! I loved it!! I aid this release maintain working intractable :)


Jayson Tumblod  11-28-2020
Now I just noticed a recent introduce of it.. good and outstanding cuz.. they add some kingdom to rescue their lost buddy and do rally.. but I disappointed about the name.. it's excellent to be a random name not the recent name.. but I still waiting to ameliorate ur graphics about the gathering manner and attacking, and please add some trading to alliance.. I didn't warning that.. it's intractable to run to f2p cuz need rss, tons more.. that all.. "CVC is COMING"


Nasser Ambor Jr  11-27-2020
So dozens bugs on this game.. I farm now a tier 3 crystals and nothing ive got.. And newest day i farm a tier 3 stone.. 5 march.. Nothing ive got also.. Pld repair this.. And why i dont have a sustainable growth


Steven Rubin  11-25-2020
They realease a 16 mb upgrade like 2 days ago and now everytime i go in it tells me to upgrade i do but than i check to run after the release updates and everytime i go in it tells me it needs to upgrade no matter how dozens times i check i gain the same message or it says its 100 percent upgraded but than kicks me out of release i emailed them and nothing now i will be kicked from my gild and my account will be zerored and they dont care


Tim G  11-15-2020
This release is bad. Lol more than bad... Its trash.


Kris Dudkiewicz  11-13-2020
excellent to know...


Angelo Alley  11-11-2020
I downloaded this release thinking it may be better then the former releases like it but the major trouble ive had with all of them is forced torurial when i know how to run no option to skip it and i think this release has potential but to execute it better adding the option to relocate residences after the forced toturial to a more preferred set up could execute it value redownloading


Strechy-Peanut2 Nordstrom  10-31-2020
I love this release and excellent work


Johnny Mcgee  10-31-2020


Mohamed Nasik  10-30-2020
Login problem :(


Ranger  10-27-2020
outstanding game!!


majd koudssy  10-17-2020
Yea we definitely need a rally icon showing on image just like the rescue one... Missing rallies is really painful and what makes it worse is that you don't gain back the energy spent on a canceled rally... Seriously?


Mhyrrlin  10-16-2020
release changes only favor those who dump money into it. Whales only need apply. 20-50% shrine token taxation is THEFT. gigantic PvP associated issues. Super straight to Pay2Win. Low server populations execute release even more P2W. Devs are speedy to refine changes and answer to community. release needs a lot of polishing still. Can u execute money playing??? Not likely...


marlon panapanaan  10-16-2020
I hang when I open alliance


Kian Macaalay  10-16-2020
This is fantastic but pls execute metamask at mint to andriod editions there no metamask at mint.. i hope soon its can repair about the mint .. i used metamask im beg to put metamask at andriod editions smartphone ..


Mohamed Nasik  10-12-2020


Ricky Pruitt  10-10-2020
Epic releases money releases


Prestige Five  10-8-2020
fantastic release


Mike Hanson  10-8-2020
No recent server im just starting out and i should talk you that any recent person will be crushed playing this release they have gamesters with millions of power...


Tyler Long  10-4-2020
cant chage pic becasue they said no lewd so permit me chamge it then unhappy i cant at all smh :/


Muhammad Ayoub  9-21-2020
Love playing this game.


William Ballas  9-18-2020
fantastic game. outgoing and really practical aid staff.


Amit Bajaj  9-18-2020
extremely meager release ... need lot of work not at seems fun. Got bored in 5 mints


Paul Maritz  9-12-2020
Groundbreaking! enjoyment release to run that makes it possible for anyone to earn money and execute recent friends. Don't miss out!


Jason Brown  9-11-2020
beautiful excellent so far, wish it had the shake smartphone to harvest trait of other games. Maybe adding an easier idea to teleport like click on map and a prompt shows up, same with buddies turrets need a prompt to reinforce when we click them. But overall no main glitches found, straight to grow without spending. I like it, may have to gain some land but know nothing about crypto currency or online wallets. would execute it a bit easier to gain shields, and Advanced Teleports, like add them in alliance shop.


killer miller  9-11-2020
release is no doubt a excellent one. But a recent gamester stand no where in between those heavily updated dependents (1B+ power). No recent server. Don't know why there is no server genre of configuration. This is why I won't think I could be trying to run it.


Kalen Johnson  9-5-2020
conflict releases are enjoyment


Akashdeep Majumder  9-5-2020
Sir these release is excellent but please add Allaince area flag and AllainceFort on these release and please add alliance teleport on the Allaince store


Domeng Macs  9-4-2020
It is a excellent and enjoyment game, But i have a suggestion, pls permit us edit our borough layout outside the wall so we can arrange neatly and separate the residences in our own liking , just letting us step the buildings( barracks and resource Bldg. ) will be extremely good.


Ken Satur Vamenta  9-2-2020
swift aid on Facebook


daniel d  8-23-2020
good release with all the aspects you could desire in a decentralized game. now gamesters will have to execute it great.


Nykkole Koeppel  8-22-2020
Ferngully camolet atlantius kong isle congo jumanji kingdom


Seth Torres  8-22-2020
Money game, as straight as that. You need to repair those bugs and lags especially on siege shrine battle. This release is excellent but the developer/admind isn't. Pls repair


XWolfen Night  8-21-2020
I needed a release like this to play. This is what I desired all along


Jayson Decker  8-18-2020
Interesting concept, too wrong that 1 server with top group at 1 billion whatever is plenty of motive not to check the release out....


L fish  8-12-2020
I'm trying to download the release and I'm really hyped for the game, but the download just freezes at (7/9) when it gets to 100% is there anyway to repair this? I have uninstalled and re-instaled the release already and it's not working.


Scott Berry  8-12-2020
I downloaded the release and started it up then it gets to downloading 7/9 100% but never goes any further not sure what to do or why its happening, I have tried deleting and uninstalling the release but didnt work.


rya caster  8-12-2020
The release is kinda lag and it glitches sometimes. I cannot connect to my trust or occasion imtoken wallet. Please repair it.


Tripti Biswas  8-11-2020
extremely excellent release Developers And a idea to execute some money also I love it and it release will definitely triumph 👍👍 Stay Motivated And execute The execute release better


Kenny Roy  8-10-2020
3 star as of now and it will change soon when everything are stable and if there is proof of payment. Please repair the speed of release because sometimes there is a slight glitch. I will continue to run this release to see and to observe so that I have my report in my personal site if this release is fair enough like the SPLINTER LANDS.


Patrik Jansson  8-7-2020
extremely good game. When you start, check to join one of the alliances!


kirkyboy 86  8-3-2020
fantastic release but please repair the bugs the chat interface pop ups with the keyboard is annoying, join alliance bugged, joining rallys often crashes the game, time remaining on builds vanish. The chat needs work ASAP.


Jun Huat  8-3-2020
beautiful okay game, but kinda buggy. For example: my army have returned to base but the troop dispatch count not resetting. Now i can't sent my army anywhere else. Hope dev will repair this.


zimmahTV  8-3-2020
excellent recent game, no ads, no paywall. Can even earn with cryptocurrency.


min Leo Zein  8-2-2020
Hayy I can't login with my google?? I was playing this release 5 days and now i can't login with gmail ! Is it error ? Please repair it


Scott Brodie  8-2-2020
Seems pleasant but the image ratio is not right on my Samsung tablet. The outer edges are not visible and that prevents me from seeing absolute text.


Theodore Karakiklas  8-2-2020
Opened but it doesn't work. Another crappy game. desires me to build a farm. Well that's not happening. This release is garbage.


Gene  8-1-2020
wonderful enjoyment so far. And i can own my in release assets!!!


Patrick Dempsey  7-31-2020
Really enjoyment release if you are the category who obsesses over grinding out resources and upgrading your assets.


Aume RRPMP  7-31-2020
Seem like my review bugged. Really like league of kingdoms. Finally a Blockchain RTS game. Lots of potential!


CallMe Lord  7-31-2020
great game. If you enjoyed releases like Lords Mobile and Rise of Kingdoms you'll love this. Also execute money playing and trading with players, this is literally the future of mobile gaming. Your land and resources in this game, are yours to avail or sell to other gamesters for a profit.


Lars Eriksson  7-30-2020
Awesome!!! Hope to see lots of future development to this blockchain game.


Axel k  7-30-2020
fantastic game, enormous potential. Still got some work to do, but still alot of fun.



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