Android Version: 4.1App: Kyte Reloaded
Release date: May 10, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: GameEon StudiosCategory: arcade
Name: Kyte ReloadedExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Ever desired to study to fly a kite but you couldn't? GameEon presents to you the extremely first genuine experience of flying a virtual kite combat in a dynamic environment. ★★Play in 10 interactive tiers with a broad selection of exotic kytes.★★ ★★Play with an sensible AI and save your kyte.★★ ★★★Fly High!★★★ Enjoy with a broad variant of kites and never gain bored. We have an wonderful collection of kytes. So, hit the download button right away to run this enjoyment filled adventure!



Dipak Lath  5-16-2021


Nisarbhai Manva  5-13-2021
You ikekeh


Sudesh Kumar Sudesh Kumar  5-6-2021


Pratyush Jaiswal  4-28-2021
It's excellent just the controls are little bit mixed


Shounak Verekar  4-23-2021
This release is excellent as this release is desi and Indian


Cook Mood  3-18-2021
smartphones 10 accident


nighat naeem  2-25-2021
Ab hor baga 😢


Baikadi Dhanraj  1-27-2021


FaB - G  1-20-2021
Kites are minute in in size and controls are a little difficult I could say, that's why 4 star. Wishing for updates. aid ❤️


Arpita Yadav 8 A  1-18-2021
👎👎👎👎👎👎👊👊👎👎👎👎we're release w wrong


Kalpana Sonkar  1-16-2021


Aaryan Verma  12-28-2020
One of theBest releases


TechnoMatic  12-21-2020
Worst release


VICKEY  12-21-2020
Sir NIKHIL MALANKAR, honor to you and your whole team. This concept is awsome.


Shriya Khanna  12-18-2020
I liked the release and advise all to download this game.its extremely fantastic.if you like dress up games,then without thinking download this as there are competition.we have dress them up according to the theme


Hospient  11-21-2020
extremely tons boring game.Controls are extremely bad,I hate the physics of this game.I am too a release developer but I never saw this category of release anyone else made


Chitra Goyal  11-20-2020
I loved the release as it has some Indian towns and the way of flying kites in the game.Loved it and looking forward for some more excellent releases from your side


Mithan Lal  10-22-2020
wrong release


Ashit Ranjan  10-11-2020
release is not excellent . you should write which button is dheel and which button is kheecho. The release should have close view.


Gaming World  10-10-2020
Please take more time and dont give up... And supply A campaign style shooting Game... It will more auspicious because dozens dependents like shooting games.. .. This release is also extremely extremely excellent if we see size.. ..


Surjeet singh Mehmi  9-19-2020


RDX GAVY  8-28-2020


Gamer king  8-23-2020
Please don't give up because you will become one day extremely successfull release is extremely enjoyable


ANIL MAHIRE  8-3-2020
fantastic release but trick must be in more detail


panendra ommina  7-31-2020
Controls are little bit tough


CaveMansSHOW  7-20-2020
good gaming experience bro! We need more excellent releases gameeon..! #nikhil #indiandeveloper #subscriber


K1AUS CODM  7-18-2020
As being a kite lover , thiz release is really extremely good. #SupportIndianDevelopers :)


Bhavana Savani  7-6-2020
exquisite kite release


P.V. Madhusudhan Madhusudhan  6-27-2020
good release MN


মো: শাহাদাত  6-16-2020


Hfhh Hghgh  6-4-2020
Rh İk


GREAT MERAZ  5-28-2020
MAST release 👨‍💻📱🌹



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