Android Version: 4.4App:
Release date: Mar 15, 2021App Rating: 3
Author: Blue Wizard Digital IncCategory: action
Name: KillStreak.tvExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official

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About is a fast-paced 'Free for All' online multiplayer first person shooter. Jump in diverse arenas, surmount your adversaries using a range of customizable weapons, and look excellent doing it with character customization and much of unlockable gear. Key Features: •  Fast-paced shooting action; play 'n gun, ameliorate your score and rewards with killstreaks •  Ten tiers to run on, including City, Medieval, Snowpark and Inferno •  Powerups including Jetpacks, Quad Damage, Artillery Flares, rampage and Regeneration •  Golden Gun, Powerup Madness, Floor Is Lava and group modes •  variant of gear including Flamethrowers, vehicle Guns, Molotov Cocktails, C4, Cowboy Rifles, Shields, Dual Desert Eagles, Energy Weapons and more •  Earn Kill cash to disclose recent Items; Including weapons, hats, heads and costumes •  Earn XP for equipped gear; tier elements up to disclose recent Skins and Mods •  much of Skins and Mods attainable for every Item, with more content coming soon...



Terrence Coffman  6-21-2021
Lol i was jk about the release its excellent but i liked it more on computer


Oliver Q.  6-15-2021
Do not gain this release if you are on a phone. None of the controls work


Neddie Morales  5-30-2021
I love this release but please ad a shooting button instead of just auto fire please


Stephanie Winter  5-25-2021
So laggy


Hanien Ahmad  5-18-2021
I can't shot the gun😕


Mr chicken  4-25-2021
This release is LAGGYYYY and when I mean laggy I man super LAGGY


Jeremiah Quila  4-2-2021
if there were more gamesters


Kyan Preston  3-25-2021


Guy Who Doesn't Know How To Edit  3-24-2021


MISTER MANIAC  3-24-2021
The controls can be alot better bc the buttons are in the center of the idea and execute it an option to turn auto fire off other than that it's fantastic even tho there are no gamesters in the release at the moment


Jus JusBlk  3-21-2021
I can't shoot the gun I could rate this a 5 star but I can't shoot the gun!!!!! I wish I would give this is 0 star!!!!!!!


Jason Unaegbu  3-17-2021
Its a really excellent release


Mitchel Logan  2-26-2021
release looks fantastic and looks like it can play smooth but no movement controls or anything but fire for mobile please repair this so we can run


Stephen Pratt  2-17-2021
No adversaries to run versus so I never got to check the game.


Raj Mamtora  2-1-2021
PLEASE repair THIS. Keeps on declaring require internet connection. Doesn't join any releases on hitting run or exhibit any lobbies to join.


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