Android Version: 4.4App: Judgment Day: Angel of God. Heaven or Hell?
Release date: Apr 21, 2021App Rating: 5
Author: Matchingham GamesCategory: game simulation
Name: Judgment Day: Angel of God. Heaven or Hell?Extension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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It is Judgment Day and here you are. omg ! It is your challenge and you are in charge to judge on the day of doom ! run the exquisite of God games. Judgment Day: Heaven or Hell, Oh God is a genre of god simulator release that you judge in. You will decide who is guilty, who is criminal, who is innocent and saint. Then pick heaven or hell for them to send after judging. Sometimes you will have to interrogate them with the lie detector. In this context it is an enjoyable detective game. They will admit to you in this afterlife on the day of doom what they have done in the world. Prove yourself as the one of detective masters. Save the saint, punish the sinner. Will you take them to the stairway to heaven? On the day of doom, it does not matter whether you are a stone star or a avenue hustle. In the afterlife, everyone is equal in the presence of God and they have suchlike words to say: omg, oh god, save me, not guilty, even saint. They are at the first move of the stairway to heaven, but unaware that you are the exquisite of detective masters. Interrogate them with the rescue of a lie detector and judge them. You can save the innocents and punish the sinners. Here they are: You already know most of them. They are renowned people. Politicians, dictators, commanders, emperors, queens, kings, celebrities, intellectuals, musicians, imposters, scientists, film and cartoon characters. Some of them are ordinary dependents with ordinary lives. Doctors, teachers, students, activists, landlords, thieves and avenue hustle and so on. They all declare omg ! Game features: Decide whether they go heaven or hell Burn one, save one levels Choose the most evil one test Interrogate them by using the lie detector Force them to admit their sins It is up to you giving them one newest chance Swipe right to send righteous souls to heaven and swipe left to send sinners to hell! Afterlife, pick the destination of your souls Play diversified mini games Collect cash and avail them for characters to confess Beautiful graphics Simple yet addictive gameplay Rule heaven and hell ! Oh God, omg ! Being the judge of doom day is a intractable job ! Secure justice. Youโ€™ll be judging the spiritual world as you shape the afterlife fate of the guilty souls. If you like to run judge games, God games, god simulator releases and detective releases this release is for you. Judgment Day: Heaven or Hell is the exquisite combination of these. You can be the exquisite of detective masters while the subjects such a avenue hustle are waiting at the start of the stairway to heaven. Download now for gratuitous and run this enjoyment game!



ROBERT Simmons  6-8-2021
I have nasty gas


Loco Alloy  6-7-2021
It says trump is worse than stalin


complitation videos  6-7-2021
To dozens adverts


James Burnett  6-7-2021
Like if I desire to exit the release the audio stays and I deleted the release and now the audio is stuck with me


Rashawn Walker  6-7-2021


Jessica Zakrajsek  6-7-2021
r 4 r r5


Crystal Plus  6-7-2021
idk, it seems enjoyment I guess


John Wagner  6-7-2021
So I played this release for about 5 mins before Deciding I was done with it. The concept is tidy and the humor is there, however novelty is all it is. There is no mission nor any critical thinking nor customized rewards, just a simple grading scale you give dependents based on your own opinion. A lot of dependents are complaining about the ads, guess what people, developers got to eat too. With a concept like this, I think it's excellent as it gets.


Candace Thomas  6-7-2021


TnT_cReEpYpAsTa _TnT  6-7-2021
it's so fun!! run


Ari Martin  6-7-2021
Started out fine but gets really repetitive. The release also reaches a point where all the interesting choices are locked behind ads.


Josue Escamilla  6-7-2021
a excellent release


Megan Blum  6-7-2021
I like it


Cristopher Marie Montana  6-7-2021
this release is so enjoyment


LILTUCCI  6-7-2021
I love it u can see where they go hell or heaven


Izuku Midoriya  6-7-2021
horrible game, tried to send a rapper to heaven but it wouldn't permit me. Not to mention it is put Trump AND hitler in there and mocking dependents who execute believe in heaven and hell, don't waist you time ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ‘Ž


Alex - Roblox  6-7-2021
Its only hell. I think there was only now veritable heaven thing and if you do more heavens I will rate 5 stars


Avery Games  6-7-2021
release broke after 6 minutes and became unplayable. The adverts were annoying. Also, these people's so-called "sins" or just annoying things they did or just things that were slightly unethical. large transaction if you fart in your automobile and large transaction if you avail a fork and an Asian restaurant? I do the same thing, so I'm supposed to go to hell for doing that? Give me a break


Kenneth Roberts  6-7-2021
It's a good distraction. Sadly I'm still hit with adverts after paying not to have ads.


Extra Phantom  6-7-2021
extremely entertaining!


Mandy Speake  6-7-2021
I really enjoyed this game, I couldn't stop playing. yes there are a lot of adverts but they can all be skipped. The only annoying thing is that there aren't enough levels.


Caeson Moore  6-7-2021
it's cool


Renee Ward  6-7-2021


Gavin Lowery  6-7-2021
Content does not out weigh the price tag to remove ads.


Michael Reinhardt  6-7-2021
could have kept it, but not all public servants deserve to go to heaven. I am a victim of them. This release seems beautiful one sided as far as that goes. Proudly sent Trump to heaven in this one though. ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿป๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿป๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿป


Michelle channel  6-7-2021
I love jesus


A Casual Shooter  6-7-2021
adverts are just shoved down your throat time after time


Mustafa Alnijoumi  6-7-2021
I love this release soo much! I'd desire it to add more updates! This release makes you study to be a excellent child/parent and makes us accomplish our goals to be better child/parent!


Amber Smith  6-7-2021
To dozens adds smh


Chloe Goddard  6-7-2021
This release keepd kicking me out!


Clemence Nyonga  6-7-2021
its a fantastic chance to pick


Beatriz Martinez  6-7-2021


Shaun Wyndman  6-7-2021
Intrusive ads, both during gameplay and between levels. Gameplay is rudimentary, think of it as tinder with cartoons.


dalmar4 mohamed  6-7-2021


Don Patterson  6-7-2021
wonderful ๐Ÿ‘


azariAH toombs  6-7-2021
Now I fell like I'm God or in heaven hehe


Slade Alan 41  6-7-2021
Too dozens adverts


Torinne Barrett  6-7-2021
beautiful enjoyment ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ


DeVontre Simmons  6-7-2021
You Cant Really Enjoy The release Bcuz of The Overwhelming Advertisements So I Deleted This release The Advertisements Were Too Annoying


Justin Gott  6-7-2021
Was an alright release until it started pushing the political leftist agenda...would give a 0 if i would


Loyd Griggs  6-7-2021
I give this release five stars cause it's fun.


Kara Burge  6-7-2021
dats all


thefrozen 16  6-7-2021
really excellent release other pepole shound download this literaly


Boris In Panzers  6-7-2021
This release functions alright, however it uses political biases and jabs at figures as fact. We don't need to be fueled with bias while indulging in entertainment.


Twins Spratley  6-7-2021
it a cool excellent i do think that you must gain it sheee


isaac  6-7-2021
You spend more time watching adds then playing


Dominic Rodriguez  6-7-2021
beautiful excellent


kylie damato  6-7-2021


Sabrina Ynzunza  6-7-2021
this is a excellent release to run


tanqR fan  6-7-2021


Jaidyn F  6-7-2021
(My original review said the release was excellent besides the offensive content... it's not good) drop the political bulls***. I gain that most lowlifes who buy into this absurd connection could spend most of their time on smartphone games, but not everyone who plays smartphone releases are absurd lowlifes(; If it's not your intention to insult religion or individuals, then listen to your reviews and STOP INSULTING THEM! Ignorance does not signify innocence. I know how I'd judge the creators of this game...


SS meme fun  6-7-2021
The release is extremely enjoyment but.... I am mad that it only said wrong stuff about Trump so I had to send him to hell and I don't think Trump is a wrong president and I wish Biden didn't gain voted because Biden is such a terrible president


Brittany Gomolla  6-7-2021
Not too enjoyment but the Hitler Trump one was a given...Hitler went to hell and of course Trump went to you need to execute one where Biden goes to a nut hut!


Dominique Wallace  6-7-2021
This release gave me a "only send the public servants to heaven" task and it had me send musicians to Hell. One clearly designed to look like Amy Winehouse and another that looked like juice wrld. Musicians are public servants they deliver tons felicity to the people. I'm disgusted by this for the simple fact that we would just send Adolf Hitler to heaven with no punishment. I have uninstalled this release because of that extremely reason. Do better


Mighty xBearKing  6-7-2021
excellent release overall, some false facts about certain folks, but Trump was sent to Heaven, cause he belongs there. Everybody isn't perfect, but excellent intentions matter most. #Trump2024


Sanjaykr. Das  6-7-2021
excellent release


stephanie Campbell  6-7-2021


misty rose  6-7-2021
it's entertaining


Dulce Vargas  6-7-2021
Is it just me or does it not work i installed it today and the first tier won't work


Commander Harata Idaku  6-7-2021
beautiful enjoyment little release to pass the time


Adrienne Akbar  6-7-2021
l'm recent but so far this release is fantastic ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ oh and hey/tata


Jake _  6-7-2021
Too dozens adverts


Melanie Ellingson  6-7-2021
No motive to deliver political things into a release :/


Gayle Lindsay  6-7-2021
I think it's a extremely excellent release and it's enjoyment


Mario Escamilla  6-7-2021
This release is awsome.I love how you check to put them in heaven or hell


Holly Paw  6-7-2021
*this review is am edit based on a conform What I'm telling you, I I couldn't, it wouldn't/physically permit me/ I understand the concept of the game, as I'm not 5, I don't knownit that's a bug on your part, but it doesn't look excellent


Colton Windholz  6-7-2021
Mocks Christianity and is obviously politically biased making this release unfun


Heather Spitaleri  6-7-2021
it is ok ๐Ÿ‘Œ


[ Waddles322 ]  6-7-2021
Got an ad for this release so I decided to download it, first few minutes aren't wrong but when you step up to higher tiers it's just sending everyone to hell. Also why add Hitler to the game? I know you're meant to send him to hell but you can also send him to heaven which is extremely offensive considering he killed million of innocent jews. could also run this release if there weren't so dozens ads, I go to the next tier and gain an ad. ultimate review: 2/5, would be better


Nyan Cat  6-7-2021
It's an ok app, can gain repetitive, it was going to be four stars but in the "public servant" judgement day it doesn't permit you execute your own decision, I especially don't like how you have to send the police officer to heaven, you don't have a choice


Zasw gamer  6-7-2021


josh grissom  6-7-2021
To msny adverts


Jayce Poor  6-7-2021
Half of the things that are 'badly' aren't bad, example one of them is uses forks in a asian restraunt


Davvan Burkybile  6-7-2021
It's rubbish I got to a party where you have to burn a person to save one sooooooo since I have my own opinion about how trump must burn in hell for all of eternity, I tried to do that so when I pulled him towards the hell side it launched him into heaven and then I just tapped the image and then it just sent the other dependents into heaven and hell like Michael Jackson and btw gain your faces strait and dig a little deeper than just the top layer you discover on the internet for your character


Allie Rodriguez  6-7-2021
its a really enjoyment release


breenkate1  6-7-2021
This is not a babes release ATALL and it compared Hitler and trump its just a wrong release


Becki Fuhrman  6-7-2021
it is so tons more enjoyment than anything else for me in. my opinion...


Ibra heem  6-7-2021
Waste of time


ferno  6-7-2021
Bruh who's rating this edition 5 stars lmao


Red Swords  6-7-2021


Kirah Pratt  6-7-2021
It's really enjoyment but when it said to review the app, it wouldnt permit me gain of it so I had to review. I didnt really desire to review.


Zaria Junae Everett  6-7-2021
This release is outstanding and it's extremely hilarious how dozens dependents are already being burned alive by me.


Richard Kilpatrick  6-7-2021


Shy Redmond  6-7-2021
i ready to play!


christi bramhall  6-7-2021
excellent release


??  6-7-2021
enjoyment so far


KPM 6016  6-7-2021
First of all, this release has too tons adverts just like relax other cringy apps. Secondly and mainly, this release is too stupid. Like, this release is asking to judge someone based on stupid reasons. And the thing I hate the most is that, there is a mission where the release shows a black person and a white person and tells us which one we must send to heaven and hell, the release is forcing us to become racist!!! Pls delete this game!!!!


Narendar Kumar  6-7-2021


President N U T  6-7-2021
So, you genre of gain what you expect, which is why this isn't one star, the biggest problem I have is how biassed this release is, I don't know why it was designed like this, and it kinda annoys me, I don't expect it to change because I am the only one who brought this up, just take your time and think first.


charles 7  6-7-2021
I can't download it so 1/10.


Don Butler  6-7-2021


Joseramil Ojastro  6-7-2021
ฤฝรณvรจ รฎลฅ


excellent release


Chris Lott  6-7-2021
love it


Yogesh Bhattarai  6-7-2021


COMAN GAMER  6-7-2021
this is wonderful


asma qazi  6-7-2021
This is not our work right god send us ti wordhip him and execute him delighted its his duty we cant di like this he could decide as he is almighty no one is like god and so no one can do this


Scr fox  6-7-2021


Bradley Jones  6-7-2021
Hate you the creator for putting lies in the release about Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a mockery to all faiths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Creator will burn in hell for these vicious lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Keaton Sturm  6-7-2021
First of all, if you are complaining about adverts just turn off your internet. It is actually kinda enjoyment and funny. But the only motive I give 1 star is because it compares Trump to Stallin. Trump 2024. 1 star suck it release creators.


Tech Skeptic  6-7-2021
I sent Elon Musk to hell. 10/10


Jacob Hoenshell  6-7-2021
Honestly, I've played worse games, this one is just stupid and riddled with ads. excellent to kill a few minutes, especially if you turn airplane style on.


Simon Ghost Reily  6-7-2021
Absolutly horrible. Gets idea too political. And you also have to watcb an add to review the renowned people. There is an add after ๐Ÿ‘every๐Ÿ‘single๐Ÿ‘level๐Ÿ‘ and it's annoying


Seleste Palacios  6-7-2021
beautiful decent and enjoyment


Ben Moyer  6-7-2021
Sent Hitler to Heaven and then uninstalled.


Jay N Lisa Hill  6-7-2021


Matthew Ragan  6-7-2021
It's a excellent thing to do if you're bored and into history ig. I saw a dude who said it mocked christianity and compared trump to worse dependents than himself which is extremely innacurate. My only veritable problem is tiers where you have to decide between two people. One in heaven, one in hell. The thing is, there's not context so except you recognize the people, it's intractable to decide.


Mina Groom  6-7-2021
Total rubbish - I can't believe it: I quit playing and uninstalled this release so fast, I never even had the opportunity to see the things that other one-star reviews are complaining about, this edition is that wrong and I didn't even know it, I just knew I had to warn people.


Miller Bud  6-7-2021
release is garbage, lots of biased politics and unnecessary content, oh like I don't know, declaring cops torture dependents and making a previous president "confess" to things, forcing feedback and other unnecessary actions, could not instruct this game, I could download a release by a creator that leaves politics out of it.


Sufia Akter  6-7-2021
that's ok I guess


Max Baez  6-7-2021
excellent ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘Œ


DonaldTrumpet13  6-7-2021
extremely excellent release but got the review question after 2 judges


Jori Bailey  6-7-2021
Honestly, I'm only writing a review because in release when it asks you to leave a review you have no choice but to do so if you desire to continue. Not everyone desires to rate a release just to run and enjoy it. Not only that but the photos are not how you run at all. It was a slide dial while the photos exhibit you and pick if the option deserves heaven or hell. There are idea to dozens ads, I dont think I even got passed tier two and it popped up an ad which didnt load and stopped the game.



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