Android Version: 4.4App: Jobmania Eternal Dungeon - RogueLike DeckBuilding
Release date: May 26, 2020App Rating: 5
Author: Aubjective TechnologyCategory: role playing
Name: Jobmania Eternal Dungeon - RogueLike DeckBuildingExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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choose a champion and a job then embarks on an everlasting trip of dungeon descending . Acquired random skills and job across the trip and build your own unique run style. How far can you go? FEATURES ✔️Rogue lite, procedural enemies🐱‍🐉 and occasion generation ✔️Dungeon crawler, descend into dungeon as tons as you can ✔️Strategic deck residence and turn-based combat ✔️300+ Heroes, 200+ jobs, 700+ abilities, and 50+ Chapters ✔️Acquire and add random skills 🎇 to your deck via chests and defeating enemies ✔️Equip 3 jobs at once, swap, and avail their ability strategically for mighty synergy! ✔️Purchase job material to craft recent mighty jobs🤖 ✔️Get recent champions 🐱‍🏍from Gacha (Enemy champions defeated from the newest play are guaranteed for one/Ten standard draw!) ✔️Free with adverts 📽 and in-app purchases, remove all adverts with one purchase. ✔️Portrait image only, you can run this release with one hand 🤪 Join our discord discussion at



jimmy macallister  6-22-2021
straight to run and enjoyable


Blue Rosé  6-22-2021
It's a beautiful excellent roguelite game. It's extremely grindy like any other game. My only problem that keeps this review from a 5 star is that the quests don't give a lot, you could have to spend a decent quantity of time on them. Other than that, the release is great.


Bear Patrick  6-22-2021
enjoyment and not trying to drown you In adverts


melihcan komser  6-22-2021
good release


useless name  6-22-2021
fantastic release


tristan cress  6-21-2021
Its a enjoyment time killer


Micheal Garza  6-21-2021
beautiful excellent game, I like it!


shade 0180  6-21-2021
The release dev is extremely active with the community.


Che Chong Tai  6-21-2021


Projekt Imp  6-21-2021
Quite interesting, so dozens jobs you can combine, need more 5 stars champion choice, excellent job dev


Shadow ninja  6-20-2021
I love it I'm so adicted


arvin archie  6-20-2021
Overall fantastic experience. The original way is built well.


shadowtear 1  6-20-2021
I discover it enjoyment with its mode of battle and how every class would possible break what you are doing


GenoStrider  6-20-2021
Loving the game. So tons to disclose & the random occasions gives it infinite possibilities.


Sky Fast  6-20-2021
this release is wonderful there's much of content and gigantic quantity of jobs +its wonderful time killer


Mike Coatsworth  6-20-2021
diverse mode or must i declare multi style, straight to gain lost in gacha as well.


Charles B  6-20-2021
Deserves higher review but the Gacha occasions can be a gigantic ripoff so it drops at least 3 stars. 1800 gem occasion got me nothing but level 2 and below. You better hat a auto level on those if you desire folks gambling. Untill Gacha occasion drops are buffed my review stays at 1 star.


Andres Almanzar Sanchez  6-19-2021
extremely excellent release


Jerm Colbert  6-19-2021
enjoyment release


cm sager  6-19-2021
Before the patch, gems seemed straight to come by (you didn't have to invest a lot of money into the game), rolls weren't so wrong (you could maybe gain a wrong chest 15-20% of the time), but some bosses were difficult (abusing certain skills each turn). It was an outstanding game! After the patch, crystals are intractable to come by (unless you pump money into the game), rolls are fearful (runs are absolute of curses and blank chests), and bosses are easier (they no longer spam mighty abilities). Sucks.


Liuxarius Venom  6-19-2021
So far so excellent


Dusten Ransom  6-19-2021
Es ok


Logan Bostic  6-19-2021
beautiful enjoyment game. The concept is cool in my opinion and so far I haven't had any forced ads.


First Name Last Name  6-19-2021
After my second play it keeps crashing at house menu repeatedly. I cannot gain it to not crash. My smartphone is fine, an LG THINKQ V60... Edit: upped the rating as the crashing has reduced, however I don't know what causes these constant crashes or how to repair when they do happen. Edit 2: they stopped after 4 times, no way what repaired them, dunno when they'll return, but for now I can run well so I'm excellent 👍


Zaeano  6-18-2021
This is my second review with 5 star but permit me talk you why : Do you like tale ? Do you like D&D ? Well This release have both ! execute your classes , Roll the dice and base on that you can either gain : Gold , Diamonds , Materials , Spells -> But also Curses , combat occasions AND SOOO tons MORE ! There are traps there Unknow storys , unknow occasions AND SO tons MORE TO discover !


trevor cottrill  6-18-2021
beautiful excellent


Peter O'Bannan  6-18-2021
enjoyment and takes some strategy


ronald juico  6-18-2021
good release


Kyle Heiser  6-18-2021
fantastic release


My name is X  6-18-2021
excellent release


Barry Beesmer  6-18-2021
fantastic blend of release styles in a simple yet addictive package.


Felix Saligo  6-17-2021


Bagus Krisfani  6-17-2021
extremely excellent game, i aint sleep for days


Dylan Preston  6-17-2021


Marcial Carafí  6-17-2021
enjoyment and offline release


松哲謝  6-17-2021
Love it! Rogue like but not overly random, wonderful!


viktor Ivanov  6-17-2021
A extremely good release


muhammad amirul  6-17-2021
The release looks simple yet extremely enjoyment to tinker with . One of a genre for me . Its my second time downloading this release


Ocap Axe  6-17-2021
It a fantastic game. it's simple yet able to played with some strategy, it's nearly a ideal second hand game. A release that u can run will having cream cheese cake slapped in your face. it is thrilling to see what happens to your caricature. it's ideal release to run will your boss is boing what bosses be the pan in the but. so I believe it a fantastic release I didn't go deep in how the release plays I'll permit you discover out 👍


Arveen Ariyan  6-16-2021
Too complicated, simplify it more.


Suprise Mf  6-16-2021
I just start olaying this release even though its complicated in the beginning its value it to study how to run this release its really excellent


Micheal Waters  6-16-2021
excellent release and time waster.


Shao Cry  6-16-2021
Bruh, youre the best. Thanks for the reverse portrait. The release is so enjoyment and clean. More blessings to ypu and more content for the game.


Erek Duevo  6-16-2021
So excellent


quang cuong nguyen  6-16-2021
excellent release


JohnGrabadors  6-16-2021
fantastic game. I've long for this category of release if i would give it a million star i would. I love everything that this release have i hope in the future each rpg releases are like this, there's just to tons that makes this release enjoyable the content is beyond cute and wonderful and i didn't read the trick all i did was study everything on my own which made the release even more exciting and me wanting to experienfe each champion since they have unique powas. maintain it up and add more champions and content plese


pug gerp  6-15-2021
A extremely enjoyment release with a lots of love time and passion put into it. I really instruct playing it. 5/5


Shawn Calhoun  6-15-2021
They give you junk to rate it


Mike Geary  6-15-2021
beautiful enjoyment so far. value checking out if you enjoy roguelite deck builders.


Jason Ferrell  6-15-2021
good grindy release for spending time; surprisingly deep for how simple it looks at first.


Dan bax  6-15-2021
fantastic game.


Garrett Hartle  6-15-2021


Troll lol lol  6-15-2021
A enjoyment release that I played during my gratuitous time randomly, I am cheerful I randomly stumble upon it. I was kinda addicted to the game, looking forward to the relic system.


Nick Jeff  6-14-2021
A excellent time spender when you're in between things


Jojo  6-14-2021
One of the more in depth dungeon diving releases I've played. Lots of fun.


Michael Scott  6-14-2021
fantastic enjoyment so far. except there is a system I haven't unlocked yet, I don't see myself grinding tons after a week or two. Really fantastic experience for a gratuitous game. Don't forget to look for codes to redeem when you start!


Stephen Coremans  6-14-2021


Justin Smith  6-14-2021
outstanding 👌


Justin Rose  6-14-2021
This is a extremely enjoyable release that you don't need to spend any extra money on. fantastic for deck lover fans!


primo rex  6-14-2021
Just my category of genre..


Mykolas Kulakauskas  6-14-2021
Forced adverts


Pending Feng  6-14-2021
At first, gameplay will seem slightly complicated but once you gain used to the mechanics, you'll be able to do multiple combos within a single turn. It's quite good


Mohamad Haiqal  6-14-2021
straight and good release


nathaniel Principe  6-13-2021
Got the release 3 days ago, woke up this morning around 4am, and died to my own stupidity eventaully. Looked up from my smartphone and it was 8am. Never played a mobile release like this. fantastic game.


Darrin Mays  6-13-2021
enjoyment and straight to run


Jonathan Knapp  6-13-2021


Josh Wattson  6-13-2021
excellent game, not as detailed as I like but excellent enough for 4 stars


Conny Legaspi  6-13-2021
excellent release where is the ads?


Jamie-lee Radford  6-13-2021
excellent time waster if you are travelling and so on.


Anthony Dasilva  6-13-2021
fantastic time waster. Not too dozens ads. Minimal pay to win.


Alex Keller  6-12-2021
enjoyment so far



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