Android Version: 4.1App: Jewel Ancient: find treasure in Pyramid
Release date: Jul 20, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: CreativeJoyCategory: puzzle
Name: Jewel Ancient: find treasure in PyramidExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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In Egypt Pyramid temple, there are lost treasure that absolute of gems and jewels. It's time for you to have a quest to discover lost diamond and jewel in the old Pyramid with over 20 missions. Don't worry about hearts or Internet connection, it's a simple rule brain classic game, so just enjoy match 3 jewelry enjoyment with 1000 tiers and more to come! HOW TO PLAY * Match 3 jewels have the same color to gather them. * Match 4 jewels to initiate lightning thunder gems. It can execute a blast to demolish all jewel in a row or column. * Match 5 jewels with T or L shape to initiate bomb gems. It can demolish all jewel around it. * Match 5 jewels in a line to initiate peculiar color diamond. It can demolish all jewel with the same color of selected gem. * Combine 2 peculiar booster diamonds jointly to execute a large blast explosion! FEATURES * enjoyment and challenging quest in old Egypt Pyramid temple * Addictive gameplay with over 500 tiers in a legend world * No heart life limits. Just enjoy the quest as tons as you want! * straight to play, but afterwards phases will mission you. * You can run this match 3 release without Internet. * A slight gratuitous release that aid nearly smartphone and cellphone devices. * varicoloured mysterious graphics, pretty jewel and effect. * Breaking the diamond and gems with good sound! * Take trip with the legend lion - a mythical Pharaoh character. * A classic gratuitous release with recent gameplay that anyone can play! If you have any opinions about this match 3 game, please reach us: [email protected]



Angelica casasayas van versendaal  6-23-2021
Too dozens adds and no compensation


CHAD SOLOMON  6-23-2021
fantastic game, finally these are not that difficult unlike other match 3 games.


Sherrie Shephard  6-23-2021
idea to dozens ads, actually really like the release but not the multiple repetitive ads.


Syazwan Zamri  6-22-2021
okayyy not wrong this game... enjoy this


Beverly Tweedy  6-22-2021
fantastic mission


Kathryn Stiffler  6-22-2021
Love it extremely intertaining


Renae Hilt  6-22-2021
It's ok so far


Caesar The great bearded man  6-22-2021


Shirley Duncan  6-22-2021
fantastic game.


irfan shaikh  6-22-2021
extremely excellent release


abdul rahman  6-22-2021
Nadia and Najah. I am Gina. Shinar's Gurl.


leslie kunna  6-21-2021
I enjoy the challenge.


janette bawden  6-21-2021
Love this game.


Philip Wagner  6-21-2021
tiers gain progressively harder - extremely few ads. extremely few - need to be able to turn off hint


phani prabha  6-21-2021


Hardi Wijaya  6-21-2021
good release extremely exiciting and lot of enjoyment


Chris Anthony  6-21-2021


Suzanna Cobb  6-20-2021
fantastic game, extremely relaxing


Lyle Purcell  6-20-2021
Challenging relaxing and enjoyable release


boonhua low  6-20-2021
rest yet challenging.


Michael W. Keever  6-20-2021
extremely straight and enjoyment


peter gollnick  6-20-2021


anahid m  6-20-2021
extremely hilarious game, I enjoy playing it


Yatharth Ojha  6-20-2021


Kate Watson  6-20-2021
excellent enjoyment and not too challenging. Fairly fundamental graphics.


Pari Lal  6-20-2021
Like to run


Mohana Sundarambal  6-20-2021


Subhojeet Saha  6-20-2021
extremely excellent release


Mariya Ben omar  6-20-2021


Christopher Sewell  6-19-2021
excellent going


Judy Higgins  6-19-2021
Just started, so far so good. tier 63 .now adverts are not going away.hope it gets better.


Ramon Broadbent  6-19-2021
It's speedy and complicated.


Zarol Hisyam Royani  6-19-2021
good release


Vijay kumar  6-19-2021
pretty release thanks for you


Hemlata Sharma  6-19-2021


Zenobia Folk  6-19-2021
This release mission me for the start,,it suck you right on end


DaneWraith  6-19-2021
Better than Version 2


jim mihalik  6-19-2021
Cannot download any clips on either smartphone same thing with Jewels old 2


gabriel stana  6-19-2021


Nagin Rao  6-19-2021
Interesting to run


Joel Mitchel  6-19-2021
This release is awsome nd i love it


Pyal Kumari  6-19-2021
Kick rrf


James Bennett  6-18-2021
enjoyment to run adults and infants


Xolile Dlamini  6-18-2021


Milton Gibbons Jr  6-18-2021
I love playing this game, it's awsome


george gatt  6-18-2021


Soma Roy  6-18-2021
good release


Phil Ermo  6-18-2021
enjoyment and relaxing


Richie Castro  6-18-2021
I like this game,,less stress,,its straight to solve,,hope you add another level,,im whenever uninstall after finishing the newest tier and then install again


Sindhu A c  6-18-2021


Tilla Wentzel  6-17-2021
How on ground do I gain rid of the poisen pots. They just pop up over the place! Please talk me how to gain rid of these green poisen pots.


Hansda.S  6-17-2021
extremely good game...mind Twister


lindy doyle  6-17-2021
fantastic release enjoyment on each tier looking forward to an update


Evelin Lopez  6-17-2021
My bueno


Rajeswaran Swaminathan  6-17-2021


Priscilla Wielders  6-17-2021
Love it


Leo Dankova  6-17-2021
One more if hundreds of release with absolutely same gameplay.


fay morris  6-16-2021
fantastic release


Keith Butler  6-16-2021
excellent distraction


Debbie Forey  6-16-2021
extremely addictive!!


Fred Chesney  6-16-2021
extremely addictive release


samiran choudhury  6-16-2021


Lucy Ramos  6-16-2021
Thank you live the release


Forgady Mister  6-16-2021
So cool!😃😃.An interesting release to play.🏆


Marion Hall  6-15-2021
enjoyment but still challenging ☺️


Qlove Love  6-15-2021


Umamaheswari Umamaheswari  6-15-2021


mohammad hafizuddin  6-15-2021


Nadia Love  6-15-2021


Ezzidin Agerib  6-15-2021


Patty Martin  6-14-2021
Haha, has ad in center of puzzles, HAHA, DELETE


Juana Maritza Salcedo  6-14-2021
Its a enjoyment addictive release relaxing doesn't freeze glitch or accident I LOVE IT


Fiona Parvin  6-14-2021
Its a enjoyment release


Andre Botha  6-14-2021
Why does the score stop at a serton total even though you shot more animals your score stays the same and that for me is incorrect


agatha adams  6-14-2021
enjoyment release


Brent McCauley  6-14-2021


daniel Wells  6-14-2021
straight and enjoyment


Wendy Wrobbel  6-14-2021


Monique Lively  6-13-2021
So far so good. Not freezing like other games. Love it.


felicia McKinney  6-13-2021
Love it!!


Karl Clarke  6-13-2021
Hi its enjoyment to just run at your leisure


Netedu Slavita  6-13-2021


Lori seaman  6-13-2021
mini games,domino game, & pretty


Monique Van Der Venter  6-13-2021,it.keeps.mymind..busy.


P Carver  6-13-2021


Belinda Stevens  6-13-2021
fantastic release excellent graphics and time filler love it could instruct


Leon Benham  6-13-2021
This is a decent game, having enjoyment working my idea across the levels. Not pushy on P2W, got ads occasionally, like 1: 5 second ad each 5 levels. good work devs


sunil patwardhan  6-12-2021
good 👌💯


Pamela Ramsawak  6-12-2021
Thanks was nice...💜💜💜😍love this release 💜💜💜love love 😍💜thanks exquisite 😍😍😍💜💜💜Thanks for your it 😍😍😍


Jayne Tetlow  6-12-2021
excellent enjoyment


Rozita Rahimian  6-12-2021
excellent And wonderful


Michael Deaner  6-12-2021
Its enjoyment


olivia giannopoulos  6-12-2021
Waiting for more tiers 😏


Hanna Maskani  6-11-2021
enjoyment to run & intractable to loose.


Rodney Francis  6-11-2021


Jerome Smith  6-11-2021


Bev Ellers  6-11-2021
enjoyment excellent for stress


kadooli vincent  6-11-2021
So good


Barbara Montgomery  6-11-2021
outstanding fun.


bonnie lewis  6-11-2021
excellent fun. Helps to pass the time


Carmen Sarver  6-11-2021
I love 💕 this release 🎮.


Andrew Smith  6-11-2021
fantastic enjoyment


Pablo Saenz  6-11-2021
Challenging yet straight going. good graphics. Thanks. 🙂


Beverly Moore  6-11-2021
extremely clear understanding


Chirag Tandon  6-11-2021


Debby Enis  6-10-2021


Maria Naughton  6-10-2021
Well adictive got recent smartphone and had to start again.


Georgia Adams  6-10-2021
U gotta luv it!!


Ma. Laila de Ramos  6-10-2021


Mina Mirzamahmoud  6-10-2021


Arman Sazon  6-9-2021
extremely exciting to run Jewel old and less advertisment


Shane Bissessar  6-9-2021
I love this game, fantastic graphics and enjoyable music.


Mehrban Qurban  6-9-2021
good game. fantastic to pass time. could instruct this to everyone. Go on give it a try. Once I start it's intractable to stop. Not like the other game's. enjoyment and exciting. I'd given it the 5 star's it deserves.


Betty Ellison  6-9-2021
fantastic matching release in your past time moments.


Holden Yomamatitty  6-9-2021
Love it. 5 stars


லெட்சுமணன் கோ லக்ஷ்மன்  6-9-2021


Khairuddin Mohd Nor Khairuddin  6-9-2021


Md Rohman  6-9-2021


Venetia Davids  6-8-2021
extremely excellent and relaxing


Joanne Jesso  6-8-2021
fantastic release to run


Teresa Strickland  6-8-2021
beautiful excellent game. Other than having to watch adverts for coins, it's great.


Ray Tungate  6-8-2021
Well I am 77years young I found this release by opportunity and lad it's greatest


Michael Probart  6-8-2021
fantastic enjoyment and really enjoyable


harry layton  6-8-2021
It's not a wrong release I am feeling excellent about it. But this is the second time I have had to restart the game. Not excellent



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