Android Version: 5.0App: Island King - Coin Adventure
Release date: Mar 30, 2021App Rating: 5
Author: Forever9 GamesCategory: game casual
Name: Island King - Coin AdventureExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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run this outgoing release with your family, Facebook buddies and millions of other gamesters around the world. Attack, spin, and steal your idea from isle to island, to travel across much of unique villages to earn coin and rescue Luna and her buddy discover her missing father. Do you have the courage to surmount pirate attacks, to expert isle challenges, or to steal cash from the brilliant coins kings? run any role you like as isle King. Become a expert of coin who holds trillions of cash and rule the realm! Or become a fierce pirate monarch to smash and raid neighboring islands! Devise your own expert plan to gain bounty spins and steal other gamester Jackpots. Build your isle villages into Viking Settlements, Indian Palaces, Mystic Temples and dozens more unique world-inspired destinations with your closest family and friends. Raid cash from anyone and everyone, even friends! Love board releases like monopoly, bingo or solitaire but desire to run online with family and friends, check isle monarch today! 【Spin the slot to earn cash and gratuitous Spins】 Spin the magic slot to earn your fortune, attack, raid, or steal coins. Shield your isles and cash from other gamester raids. Build your isle with cash and step up to disclose recent destination islands. Become the isle monarch with the exquisite isle and the expert of collecting coins! Spin the slot can also get gratuitous Spins by finishing interesting puzzles and challenges! 【Collect all valuable cards】 Collect cards and exchange with your family and Facebook buddies to finish the puzzle sets, you can win much of cash for free! complete residence your isles and disclose the next set of cards. 【Play with your friends】 Join our Facebook Community to meet recent friends, join a tribe, study recent release trivia, and earn millions of cash by the slot machines and scratch card mini games. Trade your cards in the community and run jointly to boost your progress! Follow us: Any problems or feedback, please reach [email protected] excellent Luck!



123  6-6-2021


Opik Yardi  4-17-2021


Seth Green  4-16-2021
outstanding 👍😎


Maxine Ramos-Smith  4-16-2021
I'm just unhappy because I lost all my points, card collections, and built isles because I now run this version against the older. Overall, I still give it 5* because it still gives me the satisfaction I gain when playing.


Sonia Owens  4-16-2021
Just started so far it's great!


Jas Kreger  4-16-2021
Cool Beans


Timothy Clark  4-16-2021
extremely enjoyment game. fantastic job


catherine kimiko  4-16-2021
Bagus gamenya tapi masih belum tahu bagaimana ambil cashnya


Andika NIKIDOS  4-16-2021
outstanding release


safrudin tohiri  4-16-2021
simple.and good


Nancy Duty  4-16-2021
The release is enjoyment to run I like to run it


Fitra Ramdani  4-16-2021


Rezza Pahlevi  4-16-2021
good release


Andi Ahyar 07  4-16-2021
release nya bagus tpi susah ngumpulin duit nya...


Terrie Carson  4-16-2021
enjoyment enjoyment


Erpiani Erpiani  4-16-2021
I like this release


Sam Billetter  4-16-2021
Love this release


QueenBee  4-16-2021
Relaxing and enjoyment release


Son Lie  4-16-2021
extremely hilarious


Mary Golding  4-16-2021
This release is so seems like u can gain spins readily it's enjoyment to run


Helen Henke  4-16-2021
💕💕💕💕 Love this 😘😘😘😘


Rosihan Ardianto  4-16-2021


Amang Ran  4-16-2021
Suka bnget..rame lg.


Debbie Kiser  4-16-2021
Cool release


Mhea Claire Magat  4-16-2021


Merrilee Hubbard  4-16-2021
It keeps freezing and I have to maintain starting the release over


Fathul Asiyah  4-16-2021
It's so fun.


Jeff Bastianelli  4-15-2021
Only 1 week in and it is enjoyable. Waiting to see what else this release offers before I will give it a better review.


Bur Fhaceto  4-15-2021
Saya Suka👍👍👍


Time Watched  4-15-2021


Cheryl Miller  4-15-2021
I like this release


crystal dowd  4-15-2021
I like the idea the release plays, adverts hardly any.. love that..


Henrat Ompusunggu  4-15-2021
10063310 Ngisi waktu kosong asik juga, apalagi lagi suntuk krn kejar target, tp isi nyawa kok lama ya???


Romea Nicole  4-15-2021
.'Vv V * V👀V。*💗˚ ˚(=🔴=) 🌟 。 ┏👏━━🎄🎅┓ ❆😊MERRY😄❆ 🎂CHRISTMAS🎂


Misbah Lmunir  4-15-2021
Gamenya bagus banget dan aku kasi 4 bintang karena banyak adverts


Kiparis Acog  4-15-2021
How can I gain veritable Money 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑


layda bert  4-15-2021
Makes me delighted


Rhonda  4-14-2021
Wow! idea too dozens pop-ups to buy coins!


Tammy Haney  4-14-2021
Love it if only it was just as the same as others like diamonds like when we spin wheel we can win diamonds cash be so tons enjoyment


Iik S  4-14-2021
Setiap klik ikon cash, aplikasi selalu error dan hang.


Stacy Hinkle  4-14-2021
Love it just needs world chat and occasions like the reg ik but diverse occasion releases !!


Amma Qeena  4-14-2021
Is it really earn money?? I don't think so.


mikachissa adora  4-13-2021
The money we got disapper if we did not withdraw it at the same day. If you only had a view buddy so it will difficult to got the money reward.


Heru Sutanto  4-13-2021
fake editions its declare can earn veritable money but i can't discover coins out button


Michelle Salazar  4-13-2021
I have a fantastic time playing this release


Willy Hartanto  4-13-2021
Fake ads. U cant earn veritable money here


Jun Sembotho  4-12-2021
Mengapa tidak ada icon cashnya?


Aikee c Orfrecio  4-12-2021
In the adverts they said that i can earn money but why i cannot earn money here


Jo Han  4-12-2021
What's up about your ads? It talk me to run and earn money that's why im download this app. But an hour ago im enjoying your game. Its like a strategy game. Its beautiful excellent actually👍👍


loka loko PH  4-11-2021
I like the release . But I don't know why it declaring that you can earn veritable money in adverts . I can't see anything veritable money in the release . Only cash


Cylla Cylla  4-11-2021
Hello guys my dad declare this release is enjoyment and enjoyment so I will review it 5 star


Young 4ever  4-11-2021
Cant log in wit fb , please repair it


Deska Wiyata Praja S  4-9-2021


Rick Park  4-9-2021


Jeffry Liem  4-8-2021


Gary Evans  4-8-2021
fantastic release


Audrey Lesser  4-8-2021
I can't understand your language. Anyway to be able to exhibit English?


Christina Hardwell  4-8-2021
Helps with my ptsd and anxiety


Rhonda Starnes  4-7-2021
I love to run this release with you Thanks you guys!!!


Sherry Moore  4-7-2021
fantastic release


David Sisk  4-7-2021
It's beautiful cool and enjoyment to run thanks for making the release I love it and you All will to


Veronica Lakin  4-7-2021
Love it


Tonya Powell  4-7-2021
Really enjoy this releases


Charles Jones  4-6-2021


Diane Meyer  4-6-2021
I love playing the release but each time I go to grab my diurnal donation it whenever sends it to the older version and I don't desire to uninstall the older 1 just to run this one, I like them both. I hope you can repair this. Thanks


Mary Prisock  4-6-2021
Why do you have two alike. Needs adverts to watch for coins.


Johnny Yeates  4-6-2021
enjoyment enjoyment enjoyment


Abby Rey  4-5-2021


Sandy Moore  4-5-2021
fantastic game!


Meyer Lisa  4-4-2021
enjoyment game😊


Christi Rathburn  4-4-2021
enjoyment to run with family and buddies


Jeremy Neeley  4-3-2021
enjoyment release to run


Jan Tiraada  4-3-2021
release good,10025687


ei nov  4-3-2021


Lawrence Brown  4-3-2021
enjoyment release


Jaka Tarub  4-2-2021


Harleyquinn Fee Arellano  4-2-2021
Well i run both isle kings why are you doing this? So far enjoyment but slow


Becca Vest  4-2-2021
Its an outstanding release


Kimberly Hayden  4-1-2021
Love playing this release extremely enjoyment


sharka sharka  4-1-2021
love this ideal release


Scott Bridges  4-1-2021


Connie Addis Wilson  4-1-2021
And I still love this release


Jeff Trepanier  4-1-2021
Like it extremely tons


linda marx  4-1-2021
Love this game.


B 3 L  3-31-2021
Please give us the large reward and large money so we can whenever run this release and watch the adverts 🤣


Ashley Bookie  3-31-2021
I like this slot release its extremely straight to run



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