Android Version: 4.4App: ISEKAI:Demon Waifu
Release date: Mar 23, 2021App Rating: 4
Author: TAPZEN PTE. LTD.Category: game simulation
Name: ISEKAI:Demon WaifuExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Plot Introduction Tired of being a lonely gamer and social outcast? Who said this was your destiny? When a hand reaches out from a portal between your legs, you can pick again. pick another day as a nobody or pick the life of a Demon Prince? Your trip in the Otherworld starts here! Begin your trip in your besieged stronghold Paladina, and set forth to subdue all known and unknown. Strengthen your Subordinates and expand your Demon Prince Influence. Fall in love and turn your loved ones into princesses. Challenge severe foes to subdue the world. The Demon Prince's path is for you to decide, initiate an Otherworld kingdom all of your own. ※For a better gameplay experience, please select the zone which exquisite corresponds to your regional time. All occasions in-game are set according to the server time. Here are the features for every region. EU Server time: UTC+0 NA Server time: UTC-5 SEA Server time: UTC+8 Game Features: [Get intimate with your soul colleagues in the harem] An elf queen, a pure girl, an exotic dancer, a charming baroness... All genres of beauties waiting for you! Indulge with countless beauties in the Harem. ameliorate your affection with the girls to supply bonuses to your subordinates and increase your kingdom's power. [Search for pretty women] Surround yourself with pretty women. The Demon Prince can avail the portal to travel to anywhere on the Paladina continent, where he'll encounter a variant of beauties along the way. The charming and handsome Demon Prince touches the hearts of countless beauties! Take them back to your Harem and exhibit them your love! [Recruit Subordinates to do your bidding] Gather your elite army and lead them into countless battles. Enhance your Subordinates and lead them to become the monsieur of the Otherworld. The Demon Prince's management abilities attract dozens dependents with lofty ideals, willing to track the Demon Prince's orders to the last! every subordinate has diverse talent skills. Strengthen their abilities and surmount the foe to become the monsieur of the Otherworld! [Dress as Royalty] Change into best clothes as you like. diversified clothing styles are attainable for your Consorts and Subordinates. exhibit your love with best clothes! [Battle it out in the Arena] In the arena, the severe win respect! PK other gamesters in the arena where the severe crush their opponents! Enhance your kingdom's strength and mission other Demon Princes, surmount them at all costs and brawl for the highest respect in cross-server battles! [Make buddies and join a guild] Make friends, set up a Guild, and combat side by side. Lead the gild with your buddies to become more mighty than any other! Note: Some release content requires separate payments



Peter Muller  3-26-2021
Nice, alot of paywalls. But! The characters are decentl. Only played for an hour but keeps you occupied from what I've seen. I don't think there is a gatcha, seems all characters are obtainable across clearing story..


Steven Alexander  3-26-2021
fantastic release straight to run fantastic graphics storyline and fantastic artwork


Dayat Alamin  3-26-2021
Please help, im stuck at opening image it says "demon prince, you're back!" And there's nothing i would do about. Edit: so yeah, I've manage to gain across after activating VPN and then remove the chace.


Misael Trifosa  3-26-2021
Enjoyable but a little confusing too. Still don't really understand about subordinate upgrade, like if everyone can avail potion, doesn't it mean everyone can have same stats? Or maybe there is a max potion stats that i just didn't know.


Shazia Powell  3-26-2021
I really like this release but it could be fantastic if the consorts would produce Heirs instead of just blessings alone


Fate  3-26-2021
fantastic game, enjoying everything so far, generous resources giving, ez mechanic, can afk fights if you wants.I really don't have anything else to declare but a fantastic game, excellent for those casual gamesters (≡^∇^≡)✺◟( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)◞✺


Seabug 05  3-26-2021
Really excellent release but do you think you would add on option to re-watch past cutscenes in case of disconnections.


Legendary Rap God  3-26-2021
I can't join any of the servers.I learned I needed an account but it won't allow me to initiate one.I tried going online to initiate an account but I couldn't discover the right site.When I tried signing up it said wrong network connection check again afterwards when my WiFi is perfectly fine.


Dayven Cissna  3-26-2021


Spartanwildcat9 #gamer4life  3-26-2021
It somehow wont download the resource informations even though I have enough space, pls rescue


Rahmat Mhak  3-26-2021
I have a problem, can't download the resources, it's whenever failed


Skully SKت  3-26-2021
I'm just stuck on the pending download image 😒


Diamond Spider  3-26-2021
excellent game, fantastic artstyles, and really excellent voice acting, I have had no troubles with connectivity or button assignment issues. Only trouble is you can't see your waifu in combat when you avail them, this could be a excellent update/addition to the game.


General Cellron  3-26-2021
I dont mind releases like this the only thing i hate is the infuriatingly silly need for ranking systems, gain rid of this trait it makes things near impossible for dependents who aren't interested in competing to gain anything that can only be obtained across competition, either gain rid of it or execute more than 4 ideas that are ranking boards or payed that are gratuitous to gain the things that are rewarded in these nonsensical ranking reward systems otherwise i wont be able to aid your release in any idea


ZUULIUS  3-26-2021
Came for the BOOBA, stayed because its actually beautiful addictive. Basically a clicker game.


robert e lee  3-26-2021
dozens dependents have tried to execute a isekai release and have failed this is the only one so far that has accomplished the seemingly impossible and has finally made a excellent isekai release I actually felt like I was in the release


kiva seiei  3-26-2021
I played this not long is was but this is not fot me but i wish the dependents who luck.


Trev Dew  3-26-2021
Tried to run again, so far no reset. good graphics.. one thing I noticed nearly asap was how p2w the release is. There are much of packs that add stuff you will not gain normally; along with not being able to participate in certain things without spending. Rankings? Already broken from whales so you will not(cant) gain anywhere near top rewards. From what I can see, you gain maybe 1/4 of the release being f2p.


Kolton Palmer  3-26-2021
The release has amazing presentation. It's gameplay is a little in depth, not super complex. But still enough to maintain the ball rolling. All the characters though are animated and look fantastic, really high quality. I'd declare if you like fate infant or azure lane give this a go.


Nicholas  3-26-2021
The shop shows no gameplay because there isn't any. It's just a mathematical stat grinder. Not even anything recent that hasn't been done by other games. *Horrible* music issues. If you really desire waifu art...just Google them.


John Colon  3-25-2021
The release has potential if the developers added a gender choice and change the little lass looking characters only than will I give this release a higher rateing.


sleep paralysis demon  3-25-2021
I pre installed it I have had no problems selling land and trading and the more I tried to go do something else the more I desired to go back to being gorilla glued to my image on this release 5 stars I loved it you probably won't think the same though AND IT HAS NO ADS!!! :D


Noble Etchberger  3-25-2021
So far I haven't come through any problems. But I am enjoying the experience. U guys seem to be keeping a excellent eye for any buy and etc. Which helps so maintain it up


Jack Alwin  3-25-2021


Sam Rivera  3-25-2021
The release will not permit me run just says that the resource download failed on email loading image


MegaPikachu 21  3-25-2021
outstanding release it's so furry an enjoyment 🐱


weird weeb  3-25-2021
I love this game. It has lots of lovely characters and as a lass I still enjoy this release even though the character we run is a lad .I love how you can build your own harem.


Doctor Yummyfish  3-25-2021
This release is so wrong it doesn't even care that it sucks


Y r u gay?  3-25-2021
It a fantastic release just that sometimes the release crashes for no reason. If u can repair the u have my gratitude.


snowo  3-25-2021
now that the login trouble has been repaired and I got to play. thank you devs! the release has a few little bugs here and there that arent release changing but its overall extremely enjoyment and looks amazing. this release was definitely value the wait. every of the characters have their own personality and dont feel like a generic play of the mill 'girlfriend' often seen in editions suchlike this. ultimate thoughts: this release is definitly value the download as its a diamond in the rough compared to all the other smartphone games.


G'day Mate  3-25-2021
Pre registered this game, was looking forward something recent but it's just another clone release that disappointed me large time.


Henry Quezada  3-25-2021
Waifus look great, however the release is bland and lack luster. It absolute of countless microtransactions, ie you can gain a peculiar diurnal reward if you spend $500 that day, which seems quite predatory. i wouldnt instruct this to anyone, even if the art is that good...


DaddyYatty  3-25-2021
For a gacha game, there's nonstop things to do. We'll I did JUST started. It's fun. I enjoy it enough to spend money on it. Gameplay is Meh, you don't gain to see your waifu in combat but they look super excellent outside of battle.


the coool tghggy  3-25-2021


Red Blood blade  3-25-2021
overall fantastic release just one question. how did you come up with it?


Unknown keeper of knowledge  3-25-2021
recent comment because mine magically vanished so, it is extremely p2w, it has both a vip and combat pass system you can run the release as a f2p but it will be painful


Sean Osborne  3-25-2021
Constantly disconnected from server. I even cleared out my cache but to no avail. Please fix.


larry fishmen  3-25-2021
i love it its so awsome


Emma Worthington  3-25-2021
Continuous crashes, unplayable on my device. Everything I check to do receives the info "connection timeout" and makes me log in again. Hopefully that's repaired soon.


Sir Quack  3-25-2021
this release is dope af love tge art and release run plus its extremely balenced as far as i know


Night Fox  3-25-2021
Amazing, this release has diversified things you can do and multiple characters and wifu's, but the one thing I dont like is when your in a dialogue and you suddenly go offline and you skip your dialogue in the tale or with your wifu, pls repair it or if you can, pls add a idea where we can just go back to the dialogue


PPEKO  3-25-2021
release was running fine so far until 5-10 minutes afterwards the BGM is gone along with VA. Trying to log in the release could leave you with a black image alongside a extremely long loading that leads nowhere. Please repair this issue!


CJL 2001  3-25-2021
The release is ok but I have problems with it. 1. The audio overlaps sometimes 2. I can't execute my own guild. That's all so far and I hope these problems are repaired soon


Thomas Schaeffer  3-25-2021
extremely enjoyment


Sheba Ritz  3-25-2021


Juu San  3-25-2021
could be good if we would run as a female character.


Æsir Wilson  3-25-2021
i cant even gain in thr game, it keeps on sayin "resource download failed" and it keeps on dayin it so aye. my Internet is excellent being virgin media and all dat and i have alot of spot on my smartphone so i don't see how this would even occur so if someone would deliver a little light across the dark then id like to see it (addition) i have done as you said but 1 thing, i cant avail in release aid as i cant even gain in release at all the only message i gain is the resource download so yeah,


YOU ARE AN IDIOT  3-25-2021
Overall looks like a beautiful excellent game...


Zoey The Woofer  3-25-2021
It's a fantastic release so far! Biggest thing so far that I'd like to see though is an option to change gender, for the major character to be female. Don't need to change the subordinates or anything, but yeah. Am a female that plays the game, and it could be cool to be a female in the release lol. Otherwise excellent release so far!


john brown  3-25-2021
All I gain after opening the edition is a black image for more than 15 minutes. And I have tried multiple going in and out of the app.


Dut Gamïng  3-25-2021
need redem code pls


Mickle Travis  3-25-2021
My protection system is giving me an alarm stateing " This edition has potentially parlous features. We instruct that you uninstall it immediately." Why am I getting this notification?


Glad Tidings  3-25-2021
This release is P2W to the max. There are micro deal everywhere. Also I thought this release was based chiefly on the characters instead of the fighting aspect. This release is extremely boring.


Promond Destroyer  3-25-2021
So I pre-registered this release and so far it does not disappoint I hope the tale in the release becomes a anime as it has the potential given the funds the release has also do far been extremely productive which I love.


Brian Land  3-25-2021
It not playing for me


Xavier Gerin  3-25-2021
fantastic release it could be cool if you would run a female character


gaming with hufkierr  3-25-2021
Exactly like kingdom of lust, and keeps the boring formula


subaru_official__  3-25-2021
I love the release it's really good, but I claimed my pre registration rewards I got in the email and I received all the other resources but I didn't receive the character that came with it


TopHatInsane Official  3-25-2021
Connection time outs are frequent.


Mystery person  3-25-2021
The release is fantastic overall but if you gather a big quantity of rewards at once it seems to overwhelm the server and it causes you to disconnect, and you lose that reward.. which kinda sucks. but other than that, I haven't really had any other issues. Just, being on a high trafficked server kinda blows lol.


A Dy  3-25-2021
Getting tiers is unbelievably annoying, been playing nonstop for about 6 hours and I'm only tier 5. I do like everything else about the release though


game guardian hacker  3-25-2021
Love it



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