Android Version: VARYApp: Instapaper
Release date: Jun 2, 2012App Rating: 4
Author: Instant Paper, Inc.Category: news & magazines
Name: InstapaperExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Instapaper is the simplest idea to save and shop articles for reading: offline, on-the-go, anytime, anywhere, perfectly formatted. Instapaper for smartphones provides a mobile and tablet-optimized Text view that makes reading Internet content a clean and uncluttered experience. Read offline, even on airplanes, subways, on elevators, or on Wi-Fi-only gadgets away from Internet connections. CORE FEATURES: - Saves most web pages as text only, stripping away the full-sized layout to optimize for cellphone and smartphone images - Distraction-free reading environment gets out of your idea so you can concentrate on the content - Everything you download is then attainable **OFFLINE**, so you can read always you want, even on airplanes, subways, or Wi-Fi-only gadgets away from internet connections PLUS: - Optimized cellphone interface - Adjustable fonts, text sizes, line spacing, and margins - Dark style and brightness control for night reading - Sort your list of unread elements by popularity, date, article length, and shuffle - Folders for organization - Share via web browser and any edition that supports sharing - Rotation lock - Download up to 500 articles on your smartphone or tablet, and shop limitless articles on the Instapaper website - Folders for organization - Dictionary and Wikipedia lookups - Tilt scrolling, page-flipping - Preview links in the built-in browser without leaving the app - Search, via in-app purchase



A M  6-23-2021
Dead app. No upgrade in two years. check competitors instead.


Esportaa Fitness Training academy  6-19-2021
pretty ! But Need 'Convert to LONG / Continuous PDF' feature.


Jonathan Ridgway  5-31-2021
It allows me to save things for later. Read back trait is extremely good. I could pay for the annually subscription, but it has not been upgraded in 2 years posing a protection risk, has the edition been abandoned?


Fudzer M Huda  5-23-2021
It's great, but we need refreshing details


Spectra 2X  5-15-2021
greatest edition for article reading


Vladimir Dmitriyev  5-11-2021
Used to be a fantastic app, now seems abandoned on Android.


Wai Moana  5-4-2021
excellent edition thanks


Jyoti Karki  5-1-2021
I lost my smartphone and this is the edition I missed ❤️


WYC Chenkov  5-1-2021
Doesn't sync smoothly with fresh added articles. Please ameliorate this function


Abhi  4-30-2021
Scrolling while note making is a hassle since it doesn't allow it in editing mode. Also, if you need to delete just the note but not the highlight, you can't. Both will be erased upon deletion. Also the toolbar at the top goes nearly into oblivion when scrolling while the text is selected. Moreover, the edition hasn't had an update since June 2019 which exhibit that the devs are not enthusiastic about its future on Android. edition has fantastic details (I'd prefer it over Pocket if it weren't for the bugs)


Mary Lem  4-26-2021
Pros: save things to read later, ability to highlight, ability to take notes and export (why I installed it and paid for premium). Cons: limited viewing spot in notes section (you can maintain writing, but you can't scroll down and see it), notes not whenever saved (when save button on clicked), accidentally tapping outside the notes image will cause the draft note to be lost. Overall: better than nothing, but if something with better note capability came along I'd switch.


Joe Teddy  4-25-2021
Loving the experience!


A Google user  4-23-2021
Not maintained, and falling far behind competitors.


Player Mario Scoobie  4-10-2021
Its 2021 & instapaper is unofficially dead. Reasons. 1st, smartphones testers arent treated as testers but Apple edition gets its updates (last 8.0.112 Nov 20) & android'19. 2nd, instapaper is marred with issues/bugs. Like if u add site or article via share, it shows double links in account. If u plan to read afterwards while travelling or straight time, apart from title of article, nothing else will come up. Using it long before pocket but now I avail single file extension in iceraven browser & save webpages offline.


minhaj ahmed  4-7-2021
Definitely the exquisite edition on my phone!


Rocky Hicks  3-22-2021
Instapaper is a go to edition extremely valueable


Ben Perkins  3-20-2021
fantastic (and simple) app. could love to have Instapaper links open in the native edition instead of the browser.


Nur Uddin  3-20-2021
extremely handy edition


somen Mohanty  3-19-2021
This is one of the exquisite editions to store(like bookmarks) articles from varied websites in one place.. And that too impressively swift


David McFalls  3-7-2021
If you desire to charge a subscription, you need to maintain your edition updated. nearly 2 years since newest update. Abandoned


sejal jain  3-5-2021
It's suchlike to pocket. I like pocket tons but it has a excellent trait of speed reading.


niobe trinity  3-2-2021
👍🏽Just now... Reading article in edition to which I subscribe. Save to Pocket, only gain partial article, web sign in reqd. Save to Instapaper, finish article, no web sign in. Previous: So far so good! I've been using Pocket but decided to give Instapaper a try. Just now had the need to save a web article that I also desired to highlight. Instapaper saved the web page allowing me to highlight and initiate a note. Same webpage not handled fully by Pocket so I would not highlight in Pocket.


Party Pat  2-28-2021
Haven't been upgraded for one and a half years?!


Brian Bolt  2-22-2021
Buggy and limited


André Bogaz e Souza  2-14-2021
extremely useful, simple to use, clear interface, functional.


Mezux Benzo  2-4-2021


Jeff Thurston  1-29-2021
Crashes constantly. Otherwise I liked it. I can't avail it however because it won't run. It's been this idea for months. Recently tried this edition again, works.


dev 8  1-19-2021
23 euro annually for a uncover function is really too much. The edition works well, the extended subscription is just too expensive for what it offers.


Mukundan  1-12-2021
Instapaper is by far the exquisite edition I discovered newest year. I read a lot of articles. Out of which, I discover a few that are quite useful. But I never had a place to shop them to read later. I tried a bunch of variants but instapaper is by far my favourite. The reading experience is quick. The text to lecture trait is quite good. Despite the meager ratings, this edition is quite good. The only gripe with this edition is it's design. There must be a dark style option. Otherwise, I love this app.


Subrata pal  1-3-2021
Fre version is useless but the extended version is extremely excellent


Adam B  1-1-2021
It's simple and works great. exquisite idea to read information without the ads.


Nadeem Ahmad  12-23-2020
Thank you Instapaper for providing smooth and add gratuitous experience even for the fundamental Users. Just add more details to execute the edition alive


A Google user  12-13-2020
I love the speed read feature, but it feeds the words at identical pace. Please please - double the time for punctuation (, . ! ? - etc) - double the time for long words (12+ characters) That could execute this trait tons more serviceable 😀


R H  11-30-2020
Does not explain how to initiate files. Since that was the only motive I got this app, I will be deleting it. It really shouldn't be that difficult.


Kay Dubbz  11-16-2020
exquisite aggregator hands down.


Ade Budi Sanjaya  11-14-2020
The program is fantastic but the aid is garbage, don't waste your money for being extended subscriber.


Debdeep Singha Roy  11-7-2020
Really outstanding Product....Better Than Pocket.....😀👍 They Got A extremely outstanding & Hardworking Team....Keep It Up Guys!!👍👍👌


Kevin Lee  11-4-2020
ideal saving and reading articles.


deepak gamit  10-24-2020
fantastic for diurnal well...text to lecture is a excellent function....


Daniel Aguiar  10-22-2020
edition crashes when trying to update


lipsa jena  10-18-2020
Even after sharing to instapaper it still doesnt exhibit my articles.. This is so disappointing...considering the web version works seamlessly.


Joseph Jean Baptiste Jolicoeur  10-14-2020


Iam Me  10-12-2020


puthan purakkal  9-30-2020
പത്ത് പൈസക്ക് കൊള്ളുല


Kunal Mishra  9-28-2020
I wish it had no highlighting limit


Aldo Rodriguez  9-26-2020
Just downloaded, became extended and loved it, the only thing I could add to give it 5 stars is having the option of activating dark style permanently


Nikita Gadre  9-25-2020
Where is the initiate recent folder option... It only shows liked and archive.


Donald Stoute  9-24-2020
Registrstion not excellent for visualky impaired


Vivian Aoi  9-20-2020


Stepan Bogomazov  9-16-2020
fantastic app, but when reading often infuses the appearance of interface parts


Paul Shredding  8-31-2020
Unbeatable so far.


Shane Martin  8-30-2020
extended subscriber. Love the speed reading and TTS details — though sometimes they crush my phone's very-capable processors. The highlighting is oddly sorted chronologically, and not-at-all grouped at the worldwide scope. Being able to share only my highlights is quite nice, however. The reading experience and navigations are strange on a notched smartphone with no hardware buttons. What happened to the development cycle? No updates for the past year.


A Google user  8-29-2020
First it didn't open anymore then I received limitless extended for gratuitous but is fine since the brand divide then it didn't work for two months in europe and now when I touch extended it desires me to pay eventhough I had extended before.


Pierre BRIENNE  8-28-2020
Instapaper for smartphones hasn't been upgraded in over a year, which is a shame for an otherwise excellent service on desktop. The edition sometimes does not display anything but a empty page when opening an article in the reading list. Often, even syncing seems to hang indefinitely. The text to lecture trait is unusable as it incorrectly cuts words always there's an apostrophe or any other non-alphanumeric character. The uncover trait gives subpar results. aid is non-existent and doesn't conform


Runsheng He  8-22-2020
It used to be good, but failed quickly.


Roberta Mandernack  8-7-2020
I have the extended option. I could like to cancel, but have no idea of doing it. I didn't purchase across Google Play. Please gain back to me asap before I gain charged again. Roberta Mandernack


Szabolcs Sulik  8-7-2020
It would be a great app. However I don't see any progress in the new years. And it has some troubles that execute me don't trust the content I get.


KamiKamu  7-13-2020
i have used suchlike apps. but this is the exquisite with fantastic features. 5 star deserve


Daniel Ranger-holt  7-1-2020
The first few webpages I saved to Istapaper didn't save the actual article portion I desired to read. Only the links. Also you can only save 5 highlights/notes a month except you pay £1.84 per month or £18.49 a year to open limitless note saving?! Paying to save notes? I'm literally getting this to avail with readwise (which you also have to pay monthly for) that gratuitous note limit is too stringent, I'm sorry. Work with that a bit and I will re install again. I only have so tons money guys lol.


SPoct22  6-30-2020
No puedo ver las miniaturas. Arreglen eso y doy 5 estrellas.


Aniket Anand  6-26-2020
Makes some recent updates its more than 2 years now no updates.


Imran Hossain  6-26-2020
I'm a extended subscriber. I found some main flaws in Instapaper: (1) uncover option is useless- it whenever shows extremely irrelevant and odd result, (2) Sometimes the highlights and notes are lost or vanished, (3) It doesn't capture all pictures in an article, (4) Some articles are not completely captured, (5) The text-to-voice option is robotic, (6) The smartphones edition is not upgraded for more than a year, and (7) The UI is a bit outdated. These are extremely frustrating!


Dr. Akash Gajjar  6-17-2020
good edition for offline reading


TheAngryDev  6-15-2020
La mejor opción para guardar y clasificar documentación; la uso en todos mis dispositivos y navegadores. Fácil instalación.


Hashim Khan  6-15-2020
Absolutely useless


Kevin Bailey  6-15-2020
fantastic app.


Dominik W  6-11-2020
Trzeba tworzyć konto, więc do widzenia.


Tianci Ai  6-6-2020
How about to change the color of navigation bar? When the dark style is on I hope the navigation bar can also be in dark mode. By the idea I avail a Samsung phone.


Orrin Ahola  6-3-2020
I like to listen to the articles, but the edition is too dumb to remove non-alphanumeric characters. So, every one is read as "circumflex" for whatever reason. It's extremely distracting. Oh well.


george scott  6-2-2020
Half the time it doesnt exhibit the text. excellent thing I never paid for a subscription.


Rockeybell Adatura  6-1-2020
Had problems saving elements after upgrading to premium. After some time seemed to be working.


Perla Daly  5-27-2020
It's fantastic that the developers added the text to voice feature. Now I can listen to something I saved in Instapaper.


Tri Monster  5-20-2020
It's a fantastic edition and it works well for the most part. The archive and liked details are great. I wish limitless highlights were gratuitous but oh well. The major problems come with the hardship of organisation - a folder or tag system could be greatly appreciated. Also, a problem for me is that the uncover function doesn't work. Instead when I click on it, the edition closes.


Pritishankar Pati  5-19-2020


Kareem Williams  4-29-2020
Everything is excellent unless for footnotes and lookup not supporting dark mode.


Diego Quiroga N  4-25-2020
fantastic app, you need to initiate an fuction to organize readily folders and unwanted sections in the app, for example if i desire to organize folder by A-Z style or custom, it is not possible in the app, if i desire to remove "liked" section because all articles that I saved are "liked" and another things, thanks so tons


Doug Wood  4-23-2020
The primary sort order is backward / reverse - is there any idea to repair that? I mean permanently?


Cristian Ovalle Nuñez  4-23-2020
The edition saves pages extremely randomly. Sometimes it does, a lot of times don't. And no alert. What's happening? From PC I have no problems. Only the mobile version.


Jacob  4-22-2020
This edition doesn't work. It says the article was saved but when I open the edition to read it, it does not exist. Refreshing does not do anything. I subscribed to extended for nothing.


Abdul Kodir Rahman  4-21-2020
I'm looking for Pocket alternative because it doesn't display screens on dozens websites I follow. Instapaper does it, but it's inconsistent. always I add a page across bookmarklet version for the first time, it displays screen & clip properly, but in mobile, it doesn't. Then, I come back to web version to see that same page and it becomes the same as mobile. Instapaper doesn't load image. Adding a page across "Share to" from another product doesn't work too. And it needs TAG system!!!


Brian Mwaura  4-15-2020
I loooove it


R C  4-13-2020
confusing edition


Arjun Raj  4-9-2020
The five highlight monthly limit in the gratuitous version is even worse than that of pocket's 3 highlight per article limit. If you are looking to highlight webpages then this is not a gratuitous app.


nithin das  3-30-2020
Not working. edition crashing on uncover


Stacie Riddle  3-27-2020
It's alright just might desire to add option for offline reader/print availability. And maybe web/screen shot


Md. Adnan Ferdous Shamier  3-27-2020
এমনিতে বিদেশি সাইটগুলো হতে মোটামুটি ঠিকমতোই এক্সট্রাক্ট করতে পারলে ও দেশী অনেক সাইট হতেই খবর/আর্টিকেল মোটেই এক্সট্রাক্ট করতে পারে না। আমি অনেকদিন ধরেই অনেকবারই সেইসব সাইটগুলোর ক্ষেত্রে রিপোর্ট করে এসেছি। কিন্তু কোন ফল নেই। দয়া সমস্যাগুলোর সমাধান করুন। ৫ রেটিং পাবেন।


Yasir Anqa  3-20-2020
Instapaper is fantastic and IMO it's better than other suchlike solutions. Simple, yet so elegant. Love the idea Instapaper looks and feels. However the edition itself needs some polishing. I've encountered an annoying bug and noticed some outdated looks. It doesn't work on gadgets with the notch properly. Also it desepeately needs a tagging system. Still, it's perfectly usable and once I gain confortable enough I'd be willing to subscribe. AND it doesn't have ads!


Linda Suurkula  3-7-2020
fantastic for saving articles to come back to later. Allows uncover for gratuitous as opposed to Pocket. My problem is that it doesn't allow articles to be stored on the external SD card - no such option. Any edition which can permit you download lots of informations must give an option to shop on external SD, this is beautiful fundamental in my opinion. Update: can't discover a idea to ad recent folders in the mobile edition nor on the mobile blog - it tries but some bug prevents it from happening...


Mythril 90  3-7-2020
excellent edition to avail for offline page reading


Florin Flueras  3-5-2020
Doesn't save the majority of the articles that I add


Abhinay Thakur  3-3-2020
It's excellent but there are some troubles with note taking. Developers contact back to me, I have screenshots of the issue.


Martin Born  2-17-2020
Two fundamental functions could greatly ameliorate working with this app: - Being able to initiate a recent folder in the sharing confirmation dialog - Being able to sort folders (manually or by rule)


Kate Buenavista  2-11-2020
I cant add a site on this app, while that's a trait on the web-app. Sorry, had to uninstall. I was expecting the same details on both smartphone and web apps.


Michael O'Brien  2-6-2020
amazing app. avail all the time


Ronald Davis  2-5-2020
edition is not showing the initiate folder option.


smail simo  2-4-2020
check it and you will not regret


Yi Li  2-4-2020
I signed up with Google, but there was no option to log in with Google in the mobile edition


Galih Candra  1-28-2020
Used to avail it each day but now limitation everywhere


Federico Santamorena  1-24-2020
beautiful broken Doesn't even load the URL of Google Maps declaring that JavaScript is not enabled


Enrique Romero  1-20-2020
Competes with Pocket. Keeps having diverse ownership as part of their evolution - hopefully they are here to stay. Lacks... • Tags in addition or instead of folders for filing. Pocket uses Tags (which are like Gmail labels) which allows testers to file their content in multiple places -- like by writer or subject matter / topic. • Ability to configure Instapaper to be searchable from smartphones Google uncover bar. • RSS sharing • IFTTT integration • Built-in opinions interface within edition


D H  1-13-2020
How is that the the darkest style isn't a pure black for AMOLED? Just like a dark gray, please change it along with the status bar color. Now, I can't even uncover without the edition crashing awesome!


محمد برزنونی  12-23-2019
its so wrong edition


Nuno Leiria  12-19-2019
I bought extended for straight highlighting of articles and exporting highlights to Evernote. Turns out that the exported highlights are whenever out of order and I waste a lot of time putting them back. Using the edition less and less because of that, to a point where I ponder it now a waste of money.


Kotadiya Jaydeep  12-18-2019
exquisite edition for reading


Julio C  12-14-2019
I have had to uninstall because when I save an article sometimes it does appear in my account and sometimes it doesn't, seemingly randomly. That genre of makes the product useless to me, and I got tired of the repeated annoyances. I'm trying Pocket as an alternative.


Alejandro Maciel  12-3-2019
Love the app, beats Pocket by a mile on most stuff. Besides it's fully gratuitous and add-less. Only thing I'd like to request is widgets, they are outstanding for personalization and to do stuff like pinning significant notes or articles on the house image


Anirban Bhowmik  11-27-2019
Unfair rating.


Michael Lipo  11-23-2019
splendid edition - everything I needed. Literally no other edition like it. recent favourite edition for sure! Thank you.


Jezebel Isgone  11-19-2019
Instapaper is one of the only consistent and dependable softs offering appless & affordable (FREE) bookmarking. Simplicity is the key here. Not to mention that it's the first of its genre and still upgraded regularly. I can't rescue but think the downside in reviews is based on our natural instinct of wanting MORE. But if I desire to read it afterwards Instapaper is who I trust.


Nick Bodnariuk  11-19-2019
Saving sometimes doesn't work. In edition articles don't refresh (endless loading). It's getting worse with every update.


E W  11-18-2019
Hasn't been syncing from Google Chrome or Flipboard for about a month....


Ashutosh Agnihotri  11-17-2019
Absolutely distraction-free, tidy and clean reading experience. What makes it my beloved above all other Read-it-Later variants is that it has a folder-system with a fantastic sense of aesthetics which is quite rare in a world of overtly varicoloured and glamorous editions that give you a child's experience in his kindergarten playbook. I like it the Instapaper way, and though I miss the tags and sub-folders, I still give it five stars to hope they ameliorate their folder leadership a little.


ISHAN THAKUR  11-5-2019


Laurent Mondoloni  11-5-2019
Hey Guys ! This edition is just amazing, itis exactly what I was looking for and I can avail it with my ereader onyx boox, ideal for a better reading experience.... But something went wrong, since I updated to the extended version, I can not export Meduim articles anymore (only the first sentenses ar showing up) ! ! ! ! Can you please repair that ? It was working perfectly before. What is circumstance ?


Graham O  10-23-2019
Dictionary is not supported in my phone. Why doesn't it aid dictionary? I'm holding a Pixel 2 XL. At least you can give the control back to the system, so that I can avail my own dictonaries.


aeon thread  10-18-2019
The black background isn't black actually its some genre of dark grey its anoying specially in amoled display ,add black background please. And i can't change tts voice like pocket also it doesnt scrape as excellent as pocket .


Alvaro Rodriguez  10-16-2019
Having troubles with syncing and correct display of articles. could like recent details or improvements.


Hajime Morrita  10-13-2019
Decent, but smartphones version needs more love. The pagination being buggy, Not optimized for big images with rounded corners. I don't like Pocket and desired to love this one, but the lack of polish cannot be overlooked here.


Erin Bradley  10-13-2019
Brilliant. I can see how this product has so dozens fantastic educational aspects. I love the speed reading and converse part of it all. cute interface that makes the fonts and background suit your specific need. Great, esp., to avail this edition and I will promote it as tons as I can.


Monday A A  10-9-2019
Unable to save page from browser like UC browser.


msangelnadia Msangelic  9-30-2019


Connie Ezzell  9-28-2019
For the most part I like this app. I like the editing, highlighting and note taking. There is one enormous thing that is missing; that could ameliorate this edition tremendously. That is - having the option to initiate seperate topics, etc. Please dev, add folders as an option and I will change my rating to 5 stars. I have purchased the pro version, and still no folders. Thats a large drawback. But I'm hoping it will be added soon. If not, I will have to uninstall...thanks Dev !!!


Teacher Lester  9-28-2019
amazing edition that whenever works perfectly. So straight to save to and browse saved webpages later.


Cui Xinlei  9-24-2019
Some text don't fit image on Android. Dont experience suchlike troubles with iOS version.


Dima Gerasimov  9-22-2019
Works well, I like the offline aid which no other editions support. Few minor UI glitches, but otherwise excellent app.


Jay Tyagi  9-17-2019
One of the exquisite reading editions out there, but -- We're sorry, dictionary is not supported in your phone. I will happily pay once you guys gain the dictionary working on Pixel and smartphones One devices.


Ravi Venkatraman  9-9-2019
Like it tons for read afterwards


Cally Berryman  9-4-2019
Only gain a fraction of the article. Does not sync despite paid premium.


Khen Cedric Peñaflor  9-2-2019
exquisite app!


Shivam Lavti  8-24-2019
Earlier gratuitous details are now locked behind a subscription paywall. I don't mind if they deliver recent details and execute them paid but locking previously gratuitous features? A classic idea to pi$s off your regular testers and showing them center finger.... excellent thing is that there's a better and more stable alternative for your help - Pocket by Mozilla. Goodbye fu*kapaper.


Jaan Altosaar  8-17-2019
Why even list the dictionary button on Android? It does not work, says it is not supported on this device. fantastic service otherwise.


Sher Abdullah  8-13-2019
It desires money for everything now. I loved using it but now I hate it


Michael  8-9-2019
There's one key trait missing on Instapaper: the option to click on a highlight and be taken to all of the highlights of that article, like on Pocket. The idea it is right now, all the highlights of each article are stored jointly in one place, which makes it really intractable to read only the highlights of one particular article.


Jennifer Jayne Bell  8-4-2019
Love Instapaper and avail it diurnal and have for years. Over the past year or so the uncover function has not worked properly on mobile so I'm a little frustrated as my libtary of saved articles is quite extensive. I've submitted a request to aid for help. Hoping for resolution. Minus this trouble this is a 5-star app!


Joe Dunckley  7-31-2019
i loved instapaper, it was the best, when it worked. it lost me to paper when it just shut down for half a year, but i had loved it so tons and it used to have serviceable details paper doesn't so i was prepared to give it a second go. alas, beautiful tons nothing works any more :(


John Taffy  7-30-2019


Naveen Dahiya  7-21-2019
wonderful app. Please add an option for increasing or decreasing size and adding more text at a time in 'SPEED READ'.


Aijaz Ahmad  7-20-2019
It's a should have app....


zamil hasan  7-16-2019
exquisite Appe for Notes to read in Dark mode,especially in Amoled display


Sam Rogers  7-13-2019
I saved 2000 article over 2 years of studying, after that i was unable to finish my graduation project in time do you know why? because now you desire my money to permit me uncover inside the articles! dam you, i must have start with pocket from the beginning.


Anvar Gurban  7-9-2019
ı used the edition on diurnal basis and paid member. could like you ask developers deliver more colours to highlighters and enable to rename the colors according to our wish. it is really a missing point


Sam Wilson  7-8-2019
When I first started working with this edition i saved thousands of scientific articles and searched between them smoothly when i needed.. Now I have to be extended to do that.. I lost everything.. So fu*k you.


aswin kumar penugonda  7-6-2019
please add send to kindle reader option in the edition for 5 stars


Karissa W  7-1-2019
I could rate 5 stars & prob buy if there was an option to see some images; for example reading a stats article the screen of the formula has become a empty box. could like to hold and select for option to view that screen specifically. this is also an trouble for screens of graphs. without this I cant execute avail of the edition since it erases necessary parts of my articles. excellent way though- to see an update.


Aditya Bhaskar  6-29-2019
Suggestion for developers: article sorting in edition needs to be based on folders. For all unread folders, same as now: fresh articles first. For archives: fresh archived first. For likes: fresh likes first. Currently, if I read and archive an article that I saved a while ago, and desire to try it again, it requires scrolling across a enormous pile of added-later-read-earlier articles to gain to. The sorting needs to be more context aware. Cheers!


Andrei Orasanu  6-24-2019
Article text doesn't load until you access and exit an article multiple times and the page flip can't access the newest page.a definite disappointment. edit: with a bunch of articles it becomes fully useless. upgraded rating: reinstalling solved that trouble - but the edition still is inferior to the desktop/web experience also now pressing the share to Twitter does nothing. uninstalling after migrating to pocket. this is not an app, it's a failure



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