Android Version: 4.2App: Inside Out Thought Bubbles
Release date: Jun 17, 2015App Rating: 4
Author: DisneyCategory: game puzzle
Name: Inside Out Thought BubblesExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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victor OF GOOGLE PLAY’S exquisite OF 2015 APPS! From the creators of Frozen gratuitous Fall and Where’s My Water?, Disney Interactive brings you this one-of-a-kind bubble-shooter based on the hit Disney•Pixar film, Inside Out! Growing up can be a bumpy road, and it’s no exception for Riley. Like all of us, Riley is guided by her Emotions — Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. Join Riley's Emotions on a trip to match, sort and explosion memory bubbles, as you travel across unique locations inspired by the movie — Family Island, Dream Productions, lad Band Island, Imagination Land, Train Yard, and more! run this bubble shooter that twists the puzzle kind inside out! • SHOOT & MATCH memories • disclose characters and run over 1000 levels • UNLEASH POWER-UPS – initiate sunbursts with Joy, permit the rain pour with Sadness, blaze a fiery path with Anger, repel matching memories with Disgust, and scatter orbs in frantic enjoyment with Fear! • OVERCOME obstacles like Brain Freezes and jump ahead using boosters like Brain Storms! • CONNECT to Facebook to donation and receive gratuitous lives, and to see how you stack up versus your friends! • IMMERSE yourself in the world of the movie across staggering 3D animation and gameplay featuring voice actors from the film! Before you download this app, please ponder that this edition includes advertising, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may pick to control targeted advertisement within our products by using your mobile gadget settings (for example, by re-setting your device’s advertisement identifier and/or opting out of interest based ads). • In-app purchases that cost veritable money • The option to accept shove intimations to permit you know when we have exciting updates like recent content • Location-based services • advertisement for some third parties, including the option to watch adverts for rewards • As well as advertisement for The Walt Disney Family of Companies Visit the official Inside Out Thought Bubbles domain – Privacy terms - Children’s rules terms - Terms of avail - Your California rules Rights: Do Not Sell My Info:



Mark Holmes  12-8-2020
Used to be enjoyment now the adverts gain in the idea with no option to remove them


Alvoncia Jackson  12-8-2020
i check to go into the release the release wont open i cant run the release


Islanea Sousa  12-7-2020
It was boring you must add some step videos


Vanshraj Vanshraj  12-7-2020


Alison Loman  12-6-2020
It's excellent I guess 😭😭😭😭😭💙💙💙💙🔵🔵🔵🔵


Kyrie Chapman  12-6-2020
fantastic release i love it. But tooo dozens ads.


Stacey Sanchez  12-5-2020
Its wonderful and delighted


Utowanyi Chibyke  12-5-2020


Kathleen Hochbaum  12-4-2020
i desired to run on my crombook but it keeps stoping. over all, its a excellent game.


Cristina Beringuel  12-4-2020
Got it now i love all this characters its joy,sadness,anger,disgust,fear how dozens every tiers are lovin you guys


Stephen Hillmann  12-4-2020
You can talk the devs really did a excellent job. Then they got permit go from this project and they hired diverse devs to just hack in as dozens adverts as possible, some oddly placed. This release hasn't been upgraded in a long time unless for ad delivery. (No idea to save to cloud for recent phone, no decrease in broken tiers that force gem use). gain ready for a million repeat GardenScapes ads. Disney called it done and decided to ride out the zombie ad revenue.


JJ Savage  12-1-2020
Wow no ADS.


Eva Sawyer  12-1-2020
I downloaded this release when i was younger and just now a few years afterwards I found the film name again and I got the app, havent played in a while but I am just now playing! :o


Maria Valdez  12-1-2020


Brandi Richardson  12-1-2020
Its great!


Jill Libowitz  11-28-2020
A enjoyment experience playing this!! Its diverse then most bubble pop games. diverse missions


Dorecos Jones  11-27-2020
I played this release before in 2016 And I watch the film at school I love this release 100 😃😍😄


Liam Garcia  11-27-2020


Agung Prastowo  11-26-2020


Chrystal Hernandez  11-26-2020


KM  11-26-2020
Is it possible to pass tier 644 without using gems?


JALLISA JAMES  11-26-2020
Love it


David Mannikko  11-25-2020
It has all the characters no adverts so fantastic download it!!!!!!!!!!PLZ\ Please!


Linda Martinez  11-24-2020
I passed all tiers now I need something suchlike to run any suggestions?but I did enjoy this release


Susie Prickett  11-23-2020


Teaira Bond  11-23-2020
I love this release ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Bushra Mirza  11-23-2020
My fev release


Crystal Ice  11-22-2020
Like release dont like adverts


Ty Villanois  11-22-2020
extremely enjoyment release


saswati naskar  11-21-2020
Thanks for your time And effort in.


Mullin Five  11-21-2020
I played before and it was super enjoyment 🙃


Gabriella Greaves  11-20-2020


Jim Cochrane  11-20-2020


SUMAN HALDER  11-20-2020
This release is excellent


Kaiden Delmenico  11-20-2020
No achievements, no save progress between device, felt like the music videos were fairly limited as I kept hearing the same thing over and over idea too often, felt like a unfinished project that was off to a fantastic way but didn't track across to the end.


Barveen Banu Barveen Banu  11-20-2020
Super release


Michelle Gomez  11-20-2020
delighted birthday to


Vinits Spears  11-20-2020
L0ve it like it when she dance around


GrumpleStilskin  11-20-2020
Drops an ad after each tier once tier 20 hits, and hardship spikes considerably at the same time the release teaches you to avail gems to gain gratuitous super charges. Was told this was a nicely balanced release that was light on ads, unhappy to see that's not true.


Yaya Ilerioluwa  11-19-2020
extremely excellent game... Reduced the star because all across today when I opened the edition it just blacks out.. Please do something about it


Erlando Hutchinson  11-18-2020
💘 this 🎮


Aubrey King  11-17-2020
Love it


Bert And Ernie's Great Adventures Officer Channel  11-16-2020
I love this film


Ain Zulaikha  11-15-2020
I like this release 👍🏻


Mr. Acoustic  11-15-2020
My childhood fav release 💙


Natalie Lynn  11-15-2020
I like it alot it was extremely varicoloured and enjoyment i run it quotidian


Tamra-kaye Baker  11-14-2020


Jose Mario Receno Jr.  11-14-2020
I enjoy it


Renee Jensen  11-14-2020
lovely game. Haven't really played long enough for 5 stars


Lucky Sinkala  11-13-2020
extremely exciting game! It may however,need more power ups.Besides that,it's value downloading.


Marco Joaquin Sanchez  11-13-2020
I haaaaaaaaaaaate this i lose L 24


Ramona Bird  11-12-2020
I played this when I was young, and had dreams about it, thats declaring something


Paro Vanz  11-12-2020


Aziz Javed  11-11-2020


Joshua Martinez  11-10-2020
This release calms.down my anger it gives me stradegy and rescue I think you must download this release . $$$$$


Leandra Holland  11-8-2020
Sometimes bubbles shoot off on own even when you do not touch it. Over all a really addictive release to run and extremely relaxing to destress your self and the release often freeze up taken away a star.


Eugene Rutherford Mutuc  11-8-2020
I love this release ☺☺☺


Robin Bosu  11-8-2020
Designed for babes


Ali Erdos  11-7-2020
I love it


Julian Sim  11-7-2020
Love it because once you contact tier 100+ you won't be able to proceed further without buying gems. Wake you up and forced you to stop wasting time on such games.


Mercy Naicker  11-6-2020
Ilove it!!! 😀😀😀😀🔰🔰


amy marshall  11-6-2020
I loved this release its so enjoyment and straight sometimes I gain stuck on a tier but I gain unstuck and then I'm having enjoyment again. exquisite release I could instruct it.



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