Android Version: 4.4App: Imposter Battle Royale
Release date: Jun 17, 2021App Rating: 4
Author: PoPMuCategory: game casual
Name: Imposter Battle RoyaleExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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god mode 1hit to dead invisible   0




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In 2221 AD, a spaceship drove to the distant Puda galaxy. Due to a long, long flight, the resources on the spaceship were exhausted. All the squad members competed for resources and riots occurred, and you are one of them. One member, there is only one goal, demolish all enemies, demolish all mutants, finish the mission, and contact the destination. The release has multiple modes, many of weapons, and 15 ranks. The release also requires you to continuously synthesize advanced weapons, update your ranks, and finish the combat victory. Note that opening the drone treasure chest can execute the release easier! Each weapon has diverse attack characteristics and avail skills, welcome to experience! Happy gaming! V2.1.0 upgrade specify: Adjustment: Greatly whittle the number of times that incentive clips appear; Double the rewards for watching incentive videos; Re-adjust the release worth and balance; Fix the bug that the leakage characteristics will cause self-harm; Fix the bug that behemoths in Alien Crisis style may not be spawned; Adjust and optimize the sound effects of firearms to experience a more realistic and exciting experience. New content: Brand recent mode-mutation invasion mode, and add recent activities. Added 4 recent skins, Assassin, Commander, Pirate, and Star Overlord. 3 recent ranks are added, Federal President, Galactic Hegemon, and Star Overlord. Increase the rescue interface, you can view the detailed privacy of diverse modes.



norzaharuddin halim  7-14-2021


Patrick Bale  7-13-2021
sussy baka!!!!!!!


joselyn oof  7-9-2021
One of the worst and stupid release I had even played wow dependents or bots have guns that are like 5 7 and you have like 13 they can still kill you wow this release is a waste of my life time never playing this rubbish release ever again


Skid And Pump  7-7-2021
This release has alot of bugs and unbalanceness. First of all, each SINGLE TIME I run the release crashes at some point. Second, even when you were in 2nd place you wouldn't gain a star which Is well unbalanced for a average player. Third, even when the foe is close, the character will shoot the prop instead. Plus they must permit PC gamesters run the 2 other gamemodes


Maaz  7-5-2021
We can run on pc amd crazy releases


Maaz Khan  7-1-2021
Op Bhai yah release bahut achcha hai



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