Android Version: 5.0App: Impossible Space - A Hero In Space
Release date: Sep 29, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: X3M Games Ltd.Category: game action
Name: Impossible Space - A Hero In SpaceExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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examine many of planets with hundreds of tiers to discover your idea across the impossible gruesome space. its not some random bow land, its the IMPOSSIBLE SPACE! Unlock recent weapons and skills to become stronger, faster and tons more lethal to kill all the behemoths and robots that are lurking in spot and out to gain you! Shoot your idea across the terrifying boss behemoths that are just waiting to meet you face to face and stop your brawl for freedom! And remember, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Features: 👾 Hundreds of levels, every one with its unique behemoths and weapons 🎯 update your character abilities to become the spot liberty combatant we all need 🔫 Hundreds of diversified weapons, every one with its own abilities 🛡️ A one of a genre tackle system that makes it easier to update all soldier gear and customize your ideal fighter 🎲 Designed for both recent gamesters in the kind and hardcore shooter release players He is not a regular archer ,a tank champion or an arcade hunter, he is a laser shooting beast with some serious firepower



Cary Goodman  12-7-2020
5 star release just slipped and fell to a 1 star mess! Had first 2 heros up to tier 32 aleast and release restarted and had to start at beginning again! I spent at least $10 for nothing! I will never buy anything EVER again !


Chris Hull  12-6-2020
This release really suffers on the micro transactions. You can only run 4 times after you either have to wait til your energy increases, watch ads, or pay for it... yeah sick pass too wrong


Justin Lim  12-6-2020
Wow they deleted my review, luck based release even if you pay for chests that says "High Chance" to gain fabled and Mythical, you will most likely gain 3 Uncommon. Luck is also needed in getting the excellent perks you want, which can also be bypassed by buying more chests to gain fabled tackle so that you progress faster/easier. Don't waste your time in progressing normally cause you don't even gain excellent stuff from the gratuitous box.


Dug From The Earth  12-6-2020
Sluggish and laggy controls ravage the experience. Feels like you are trying to roll a stone around in deep water


Seeker of God's face  12-5-2020
There aren't enough restrictions for you and almost none for the third parties, must they decide to abuse our trust. The policy and conditions contract is ambiguous to the point where it would do someone hurt if a third party so desired, and that person could have no legal leverage or recourse... Forget it. There are NO releases that are that great.


Dema Noel  12-5-2020
A fantastic release and good idea, Graphics are still in 1998 and the gameplay is okay. The problem is the phases one is super straight and its gets harder and then super hard. Also mobs drop no weapons or recent items. Well it's not for me, in the release not tons to look for.


WaKkO wArNeR  12-5-2020
its ok its like robot champion but better


damian butler  12-5-2020
it slipped my chest. i had a key and the release ate it.


Leo я  12-4-2020
Gostei da jogabilidade e o visual é muito legal. Pode ser 4 estrelas mas o talvez preblema é como salvar o pregresso da conta no Google Play. Se eu fizer uma compra existe o risco de perder todo o meu dinheiro?


Boi Boi  12-4-2020
d pad has no locked mode. just another copy of other games. absolute of adverts


Brandon Le R  12-4-2020
a lot of fun! seems well balanced but HEAVILY monetized for a release thats just starting out Edit /12/4/20 I was really enjoying this game! destroyed my phone. I purchased a recent smartphone & contacted the developer since at the time there was no idea to backup my game. I asked if there was a idea to recover my game. The devs responded with "are you IOS or android?" I responded with android. over 2 months afterwards No reply. Really sucks. I spent $ in release to aid the devs. I have nothing to exhibit 4 it ):


Yoda Rocks  12-4-2020
gain rid of energy and it will be such a better game.


Darren Ashcraft  12-4-2020
its kinda laggy right off the jump when you start recent levels.. its like the release cant handle all the bullets flying at once..


Miguel gerardo Sedigo  12-3-2020
Just desire an upgrade i've completed it all and i'm at tier 150 at the plsss...update it already.....


Ivo Zlatev  12-3-2020
fantastic release


roldan enot  12-3-2020
I have nothing to declare about this release I think this release is outstanding


Dustyon Hann  12-3-2020
It is a excellent release ....when it actually allows you to run the release freezes terribly it's worse since the newest upgrade repair the bug and I could give you four stars


alexander chesham  12-2-2020
Got a recent device. Lost all my progress and purchases :(


Bart Fourie  12-1-2020
This release is extremely enjoyment to run but tough to expert and addictive as you desire to run the whole time. What is up with the super tough flying monsters? They can hit you from through the map and they charge so swift that you cant even react to them,why did you guys ramp up the dificulty to an allready chalenging game. A world i beat with dificulty to phase 20 i cant even contact the 8th phase and the boss phases is impossiblely tough now too


patrick bengullo  12-1-2020
completed the map. Whats next :( none.


David C. McGuire  11-30-2020
This release has so tons potential. What's really hurting it is there is no idea to save the release externally. So, you reset your device, gain a recent one or the like and you lose all of your progress. Also, there just aren't dozens options. There's no login bonus. One or two chests to spend in release money on. I think these are the two biggest hurdles. I hope they repair these troubles soon.


But Why  11-29-2020
The arena needs work I am on tide 70 however when you start the arena you are tier 1 with no perks making it nearly impossible to actually progress it either needs to start from tide one or give you perks. The aiming also needs work being able to tap a purpose to manually hit something needs to be added so dozens times when I have nearly died because the auto aim is targeting everything but what I want. Also need to add weapons to the 2 crates.


James Oden  11-28-2020
A extremely enjoyable game, but since the last upgrade I have had a main issue. Using the pistol that gives extra money coupled with the money boost mastery and the straight money perk does not actually award the quantity it says it will at the end of a run. Please proper this.


KORR  11-27-2020


A Boogie No Hoodie  11-27-2020
cool release


Kevin Juliette  11-27-2020
Controls are sluggish and they do not work with the Note 8 S-Pen.


Carlos Santiago  11-26-2020
I spent a lot of money on this release I didn't receive any excellent guns at all and I've complete this release in 1 week of having it with all the money I spend I must be able to maintain playing. this is wrong for business with a game.


bzerlocc  11-26-2020
Solid release just wish there were more tiers


Slick Gaming  11-26-2020
Too dozens adverts and now they just upgraded 11/26 to include more ads, $8 for weekly combat pass? No thanks. Greed is grand with this company. Uninstalled


Frank Peters  11-25-2020
Good, but not enough weapon. must add tier of weapon, behemoth lvl, territory lvl. etc


AL AL  11-25-2020
enjoyment game! But stuck at the extremely newest phase for ages :( variant of weapons n champions limited though.


matthew simpson  11-24-2020
This release is Pay to Play, all characters and guns are locked behind a paywall(all 4 of each).


Jannalyzer  11-24-2020
The release is enjoyable. opinions for more worlds and tier ups. tier 35 for keys are too little and tier up for characters until 50 was dissapointing but still enjoyment to play. release lags when too tons foes and bullets. Needs improvement 👌


Jeff Schmidt  11-24-2020
Was beautiful enjoyment for a little while, but I actually beat the game. Never expected to do that, needs longer campaign and more events, anything to execute the release newest longer really.


First Last  11-24-2020
I just hate the finish auto shoot... didnt gain past the intro


Kazem Haghighi  11-23-2020
its awesome,altho even that im playing on samsung note 10 i still scense lag.pls repair that. and hey..... pllssssssssss add coop qnd online and multiplayer


Matthew Perring  11-23-2020
enjoyment release just waiting for recent planet in next upgrade, might be enjoyment to execute an infinite style . There is an arena but you contact a tier and die there then when you start again you start on the same tier you died on. But with no perks previously achived.... could like an option to restart at tier 1 on the arena again . Maybe once a week ?


Classic Scooter  11-21-2020
While I DO enjoy playing the game, I'm only giving it two stars because of one major issue: grand frame-rate dropping. I'm not sure if this is only circumstance to me or not, but the frame-rate in every and each single room I enter whenever goes quickly from decent, to nearly downright unplayable. I've quite readily noticed that it seems to most likely have something to do with the foes themselves, as with every foe that spawns in the topical room, the frame-rate drops more and more. Pls repair it!


Arek Zelus  11-20-2020
The release is somehow fun, yet idea too short. Took me 5 days to do all the planets. Rewards from boxes are unbelievably bad. I've opened dozens of them and had only one weapon as reward. Also, it's badly optimized, because where there are too dozens pellets flying around, the release pacticly freezes. Overall, neither excellent or bad.


Bobby G Murillo  11-18-2020
I can't sign to my account so I loose everything I advanced in my ancient smartphone


Rod Vans  11-18-2020
cool game.


Ibrahim Lawal  11-17-2020
Love it


[Username Deleted]  11-17-2020
Opened the edition one day and all my progress was gone =[


Nurul alam Nurul alam sujon  11-17-2020


Briant Carson  11-15-2020
extremely straight to play, but still exciting and challenging! fantastic idea to pass the time!


John Smith  11-15-2020


Dorian Grey  11-13-2020
fantastic game, hooked


teddy umali  11-12-2020
the release is good.. playble offline is a plus. The new upgrade kinda good. I obly have one concern. it is so intractable weapon from the boxes. atleast increase the opportunity of getting one.


Mile high Smokey  11-11-2020
#1 shooter hands down can run hours


Bradley Coffelt  11-11-2020
Its a veritable shame, this release is enjoyment but it tries idea too intractable to gain me to avail veritable money extremely dissapointing.


Roy Burnt  11-11-2020
extremely enjoyment and swift paced. lots of unique ideas to execute the character our own.


louie sison  11-11-2020
Like other reviews. element RNG are idea below enjoyable. release succession is not rewarding plus the loot rate is far below tolerable. Who could like to grind for a excellent weapon? Not me. You waste too tons time for not even getting a blue item. Sucks.


Warren Lee Rivera  11-11-2020
It has been improving little by little. I don't know why the actual rewards for sign in take 24 hours to claim, but most of the things in my beta review have been fixed. Enjoying.


hahaha kekeke  11-10-2020


Jamar Thymes  11-10-2020
Be careful with your microtransactions because there is NO cloud save trait or idea to restore purchases. If you buy something and delete the game, you will NOT come back to what you unlocked... It's actually a finish scamming of the player, especially since the release uses loot boxes as a pivotal manner of progressing in-game. Seriously though, devs, where is your cloud save? Something like this must be top priority in any mobile game, or the lack of it, at least made conspicuous.


walker evans  11-10-2020
beautiful fun. comparable to archero


Jimmy Carnell  11-8-2020
a excellent idea to pass the time


Shay Holdnak  11-7-2020
extremely enjoyment and straight to start while still engaging at greater depths


Jaheem Gayle  11-6-2020


Damon Leong  11-6-2020


Hellhound Hellbound  11-6-2020


Aaron Pitt  11-5-2020
amazing game. I have a suggestion though. While EVERYTHING is serviceable in the arena, in challenges however alot of details are worthless if not flat out harmful (such as homing bullet) as such it could be good if we had a single AD based reroll, per recent mission, followed by 10-50 gem cost (with the recent harvester even 50 is not unreasonable to prevent exploitation) for every reroll for the remainder of that mission. Failing that please just give us a fourth button to "get nothing" that tier up.


Abishek  11-5-2020
An option to save the release progress is required. I am unable to transfer the progress to another device.


j j  11-5-2020
relaxin release


CT 666  11-5-2020


Bernard Nagotsim  11-5-2020
It's a excellent release to run during gratuitous time, but why does it take a long time to load ?


Julex Alquino  11-4-2020
Its nearly excellent but when theres so tons bullets on image the release lags. And after reaching planet 4 i cant buy regular spot chest and only says no ads. Please repair this


WYLSON YAXAR  11-3-2020
So bored just like that and done


Silent Gaming  11-1-2020
extremely difficult


Mantas Asminavičius  11-1-2020
outstanding release


Carmina Kearney  10-31-2020
fantastic little game.


Cody Woodward  10-31-2020
fantastic release so far! Only thing I could like to see if maybe occasions or challenges, basically another style to jump into. Also wouldn't mind having another option for controlling the champion or making the option to have the joystick stationary could be cool. All in all a great game!



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