Android Version: 4.0App: IDM+: Fastest Music, Video, Torrent Downloader
Release date: Mar 8, 2017App Rating: 5
Author: Vicky BonickCategory: video players
Name: IDM+: Fastest Music, Video, Torrent DownloaderExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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IDM+ is the fastest and most advanced download manager (with Torrent download support) attainable on android. It's upto 500% faster than normal download. And it doesn't play background services if there's nothing to download and Smart download option is disabled which increases battery life. Read FAQs @ Tutorial @ IDM+ features: General: • Ad free • Download Torrent files using magnet link, torrent url or a torrent file on your device • Dark and Light themes • Supported languages: Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), Czech, Español, Español(Latin America), French, German, Greek, Italiano, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Magyar, Português, Português(Brazil), Русский, Polish, Slovak, Serbian, Türkçe, العربية, Afrikaans • Direct Download to SD card • Supports HTTP Live Streaming websites • Hide downloaded files from everyone • Smart download option to download files when you copy downloadable links to clipboard • Option to save usufructuary name password for auto login while browsing and downloading from password protected sites • Pause and Resume trait with supported links • Pause all / Start all / Remove all variants to save time • limitless retry aid with custom delay • Download are not stopped if edition is closed • Wifi only download support • Smart error handling so you don't loose any data • Download scheduler to schedule your downloads • Import download links from a text file • Export download links • Import download site from clipboard • Open/Share downloaded files • premium intimations with download progress (Combined as well as individual) • Supports vibration and info sound on download completion • Supports all formats: archive files, MUSIC, VIDEO, documents, softwares etc • aid multiple web browsers, including: primary smartphones browser, Chrome, Firefox etc • Sort files by name, size, date and categorize by categories and time Advanced: • Upto 5 simultaneous downloads • Multi part downloading - upto 32 simultaneous parts per download • aid for proxies (with or without authentication) • Speed limiter to limit speed of downloads (Global as well as individual) • Refresh expired links (Direct or using inbuilt browser) • Download password protected files • Calculate MD5 checksum Additional: • Built-in web browser with aid for multiple tabs, history and bookmarks • Incognito browsing mode • Download by automatically catching links of MUSIC/VIDEO from your beloved websites Please note that DOWNLOADING FROM YOUTUBE IS NOT SUPPORTED due to their policy of service Clarification for Access Permissions: • Network Connection (Internet Access) is for downloading file • Storage (modify or delete contents on your USB storage) is for storing downloaded data • Control Vibration: initiate vibrating outcome for essential notification • Wake lock to stop gadget from going into sleep style while downloading is in progress Disclaimer: Downloading and viewing of any file protected by copyright is prohibited and regulated by the laws of the country where you live. We assume no responsibility for any misuse of our App. If you like the edition please rate 5 star :)



LaTonia Wheeler  12-8-2020
I love this app!


Karthik Raj  12-7-2020
I like this edition extremely much. And edition Developer is extremely active and helpful, he cleared my doubt in telegram.


ShiVam SiNgh  12-7-2020
exquisite 👍


Amit  12-7-2020
Hi 👋 i think It's time to remove some unnecessary details from IDM+ & execute it lightweight & cool 😎


Praveen Daniel  12-6-2020
clips downloaded from Facebook are unable share via WhatsApp ,Even though it is in MP4 format ,WhatsApp shows " the file format is not supported " , and the clip thumbnail also empty in gallery but clip plays in mobile


Adarsh Bhardwaj  12-6-2020
Was using adm earlier but your browser (grabber) is better You have made a world class program And me as an indian am proud of you You are one of the faces of digital India Love you brother 💛 Thanks for your conform within an hour 😊


Michael G  12-5-2020
Does it's job


Khaja Ashrafuddin  12-5-2020
outstanding app. I purchase this to aid Vicky. good work friend


AフAㄚ • v૯ꈤɢΛŁAϻ  12-5-2020
One of the exquisite Download Manger attainable for Android! ideal for like me.. Really useful! instruct if you're looking for a download manger, just install it & you'll love it!


Abhishek Chaudhari  12-5-2020
I like the gratuitous version and i bought this but i desire some more details for spending can you please give some notification of pro version


DkD DoN  12-5-2020
extremely good edition


kaushik gogoi  12-5-2020
greatest app! Please add Timed Text Markup Language (.ttml) to the list of subtitle formats that IDM can recognise and grab. Thank you.


Rangarao Movva  12-4-2020
extremely good 👍


SOHOM REJA  12-4-2020
Waste of money same speed as idm even lower sometimes.


Ashu  12-4-2020
outstanding downloader


Ŧàß M  12-3-2020
Plz add the features/shortcut like to 1)Turn On/Off Dark style in Browser in menu...2)Toggle to Turn Off Mobile informations when downloading is complete.... To save data.. relax all is awasome...


Balasundar S  12-3-2020
Works perfectly.


Lamar Pickett  12-3-2020
I like it because it downloads what i need it shows the names and everything... But i tryed downloading a youtube clip just to see if it could it wouldn't permit me which youtube have limitations anyway... But other then that i like it.


Dee Money  12-3-2020
good edition


Evan  12-2-2020
A seemingly infinite number of details and setting tweaks, value the money.


A Marq  12-2-2020


Sachin Kishor  12-2-2020
I loved it.


Alam Ajani  12-2-2020
As i used since dozens years idm stay numbzr 1 in the world in internet download, i am readily hundle with indroid version, and its price is extremely reseanable


The Noob  12-1-2020
I have a trouble why i have observed now whatever i download like clips melody zip files it gain download to general file earlier it was not like that the zip files gain download in compressed clips in clip and everything was systematic whats incorrect now..


GEORGE GAIKO  12-1-2020
I really enjoy this app. exquisite for others i tested.


Pavan Brr  12-1-2020
After pause the torrent it will not start, useless just wasted money on it.


SID  11-30-2020
Please refund my payment.


Vivek Kumar  11-30-2020
good edition


A R  11-30-2020
No 2nd thought. Its awesome.


Aviral Agrawal  11-30-2020
I've tried my fair share of downloaders and this is the exquisite one on Android. Works on par with the one on PC (I know they're not the same)


Faris Sabaa  11-29-2020
not just the exquisite download manager .. it is one of the exquisite smartphones editions ever


ricky arevalo Nevado  11-29-2020
wonderful edition


Sadiq Iqbal  11-29-2020
outstanding 👍


vikash sinha  11-29-2020
Not for YouTube clips


Raghav Khurana  11-29-2020
This edition is the most featuristic and unique and developer is such a genre person who often runs the Giveaways. This is a should have edition for you if you often need to download big files and don't desire to loose your downloaded file in half idea because its resume trait will do the job for you, highly recommended should buy .


Lalita Tiwari  11-29-2020
Needs ui improvements Edit: Other than the ui, it's the exquisite option attainable with all sorts of functionality you can imagine, definitely value it


Finally Got an Extraordinary Download Manager.... value Buying It.... OMG Speeeeeeeeeeed.... Fastest clip Detection... And dozens More Here.. instruct Buying It..... Awesomeeeeeeeeeee.. edition By Developer VICKY BONICK .... .... .... .... deliver More Updates... good Download Manager..


Rakesh Tiwari  11-28-2020
wrong ui


Ed Peeples  11-28-2020
really a fantastic app.


Ajay Prajapat  11-27-2020
Please execute this edition for pc also, Please add other clips and music format option while download ing the file


Jovanka Chineza  11-26-2020
great, i just hope one day it has details like being able to download clip right away or those in idm in pc. thought, i still really enjoyed this. well done devs


Ullas VISUALS  11-26-2020
Better than any browser's downloaded manager.


sky five  11-26-2020
serviceable for usufructuary like me, I have a habit of attending online course. Needed to download pre-recordeded lectures. As there is no download option on them. Bit improvement is needed it catches clips and it's music saprately, as a upshot I need to combine + transform them using a pc software. I can do that but that's really time consuming process and possibility of failure is whenever there. Can you repair this problem? So we can have a content in once.? Thanks for reading.


Arpit Singh  11-26-2020
exquisite download manager


Anluo Chen  11-25-2020
Simply great!


sekhar chinthapalli  11-25-2020
always i check to download 1.6gb file, it's downloading 200mb file...


Mark Lopena  11-25-2020
Been using the normal edition and that was already of fantastic rescue to me. Buying this to rescue the developer. Thank you extremely tons for this. This is a lifesaver.


R Gress  11-25-2020
Has worked perfectly for me. I've had no troubles at all. Has detected and downloaded each clip I've tried to download and has done so extremely quickly. The adverts were not annoying at all, but I still paid for extended because it works so well.


Bristow Xavier  11-24-2020


master pudingzkie  11-24-2020
sorry for my first review, now i will give it max star, so satisfied.. downloading so fast, better than using idm on pc


Klint Davis  11-24-2020
Developer is responsive for edition support. speedy to resolve troubles and updates the app.


DEEPAK SINGH  11-24-2020
extremely useful. browse with ad block and ad gratuitous app. I love to buy it. Thanks.


ai aN  11-23-2020
Quite Impressive. Speed and stability excellent


Anmol Tengalkar  11-23-2020
Bought after using the regular version for a year or so. Refreshable site is a life saver 🙏


Dibyarup Nath  11-22-2020
I was highly contented with the normal IDM. It helped me download some clips from a google drive site my professor shared too which no other service would do. I purchased this plus version to aid Vikki. maintain it up bro. check to execute a version for the PC too. The IDM for PC is not the same as yours I assume. So if you do execute a variety of yourself name it something different...doesnt matter...I could appreciate it. Just one request. I am a student. So please execute it1 time purchase& affordable


pavan saxena  11-22-2020
Not working


Dhruva Sharma  11-22-2020
Android's IDM what else do you need.


Taye Escobar  11-21-2020
The exquisite edition on google run you can avail to download. The clip grabber is great 💪🏿💪🏿


subrat choudhury  11-21-2020
excellent experience and extremely swift download


Joju Antu  11-21-2020
fantastic App. Buy extended Version For More. Its Valuable. Thanks Now Its Good..


Rum Chunks  11-21-2020
I had a problem which the downloads stop after closing the app. Developer replied within just seconds (amazing) and that due to my phone's capability i reduced some setting and now it works normally. Thanks for the app. Money well spent.


ana abu bakar  11-20-2020
Thanks for the guide.


Imran Ansari  11-20-2020
I bought it because it says it is proxy supported but it niether work while downloading nor browsing. You guys must repair this or stop featuring it😠


EVIL'z乛PB  11-20-2020
exquisite Downloader edition for students ❤️❤️!! It's a multi-purpose downloader which I think everyone must have.


Naeem Petiwala  11-19-2020
Thanks a lot for ur intractable work.


Anoop V  11-19-2020
Super app. Rocket speed download. delighted to become their paid member too.


周小钦  11-19-2020
good app, excellent built-in browser, swift download speed!


carly joa  11-19-2020
fantastic app, I avail it for all my downloads. I've been having troubles with IDM+ the past few days, my downloads won't download and just maintain declaring "Downloading Metadata", the pause option for downloads doesn't work at all, and I've been having troubles deleting the files that fail to download. I still have the ancient version of IDM, which is what I've been using the past few days to download, but IDM+ seems to be having issues.


Muhamad Harif  11-17-2020
extremely exquisite downloader plus browser. Recomended for each one.


Meer  11-17-2020
When I resume torrent download it restarts from scratch after "checking files". Developer needs to work on it.


trojan av  11-17-2020
One of exquisite edition for download clips , audio etc .


Bhaskar Bhowmick  11-17-2020
It's a excellent download app. Only one issue: if I set the download address to SD card, download speed gets reduced. Please repair this issue. Thank you.


Angel  11-16-2020
Love it


Anthony Shipman  11-16-2020
Have to declare it is a edition value paying for. Cheap and works extremely well.


T.  11-15-2020
Heard fantastic things, really desired to like it. Pause on torrents stops working. Pressing pause does nothing. Clearing cache does nothing. aid via telegram said to clear data, but two days afterwards problem happens again, and I lose torrents every time I clear data. Telegram aid is useless and is more concerned with me changing my Telegram display name than actually helping.


ப்ரதீப்சன்  11-15-2020
Torrent கோப்புகளை பதிவிறக்கம் செய்வதற்கு இது ஒரு சிறந்த செயலி.


Tahir Saboor  11-15-2020
exquisite idm on store. 💕


Paul Lester Balao  11-15-2020
fantastic app, i was not disappointed the i bought the plus edition.. :)


Shah Faisal Khan  11-14-2020
splendid for mobile gadgets


Sachin Sudarshanan  11-14-2020
Please add _ Low,medium,high screen quality option in browsering,for low informations consumption.please look forward on informations saving..


Isfan Maulana  11-14-2020
fantastic downloader editions for smartphones


Anshiq Ashraf  11-14-2020
It's the exquisite download manager for Android. It speed of download is awesome. large thanks for the developers.😘😘



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