Android Version: 4.4App: Idle Slayer
Release date: Mar 25, 2020App Rating: 5
Author: Pablo LebanCategory: game casual
Name: Idle SlayerExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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lazy Slayer is an incremental game, where you control your character, picking up cash and afterwards on, slaying enemies! Go across an adventure starting from nothing and earn cash to update your gear. dependents will pay you better if you look nice. A lot of achievements and recent places are ready to be discovered and only you can discover what this release holds for you.



Loved by God  12-11-2020
user-friendly, good developers, excellent release


Christodoulos St  12-10-2020
Somehow, it left a burnin on my screen.


Mr_B _HHC  12-10-2020
fantastic little time waster. Love the graphics and sound too.


Jonathan Opperman  12-10-2020
Simple and easy. excellent idea to pass a little time


Mike Wood  12-10-2020
As an amateur release developer myself, I'd like to declare nicely done! I hope you gain lots of downloads. check this addictive game! Hmmm, only question... when do you beat the game?


Deppy  12-10-2020
beautiful fantastic release LulW


Robin Oscarsson  12-9-2020
It's straight to spend idea too tons time on this game.


Conner D  12-9-2020
Love this release


tun kameel  12-9-2020
wonderful game,it's simple but the skill tree is quite vast. I hope dev won't just stop here! Give us more afterwards on


Jenral Arm Girl  12-9-2020


Jacob Hill  12-9-2020
extremely amusing lazy release Even if you don't like lazy releases it value playing just for the audio


Benjamin Voeth  12-9-2020
I like that tje release is upgraded regularly and its a enjoyment distraction from time to time. It is just beyond annoying, when you watch an Ad to ameliorate the boxes to silver and gain only insignificant amounts of money. Had that about 7 times in a row now and that just feels like a waste of time. If you would gain at least 1/6 guaranteed bounty out of the boxes that could be appreciated a lot.


Extreme Noob frager  12-9-2020
It's good


Steve Martinez  12-9-2020
enjoyment release


Chetchy  12-9-2020
Love it. Love it. LOVE IT.


Austin Lane  12-9-2020
enjoyment at first, but the cps scaling is bad. Theres no point in raising any above 50 since you stop seeing any important change once you buy from one or two below it.


Krause & Asociados Law Firm  12-8-2020
The achievement for buying 25, 50, 75, etc doesn't work. Even when I buy the exact quantity of upgrades.


Daniel Killam  12-8-2020
I played this release for quite a while and never had to login. Was enjoyment until I upgraded it, and I don't have a login/password.


gail sauls  12-7-2020
I think u must add occasions to gain things but u need to have the sack element first


Skyler  12-7-2020
Fun, but slow. The random boxes aren't mighty enough most of the time to incentivise active play. I just try in once per day as a consequences. Until you gain the third minion it's REALLY slow. upgrade - the random boxes low monetary rewards are just insulting. My next update is 500 de, I just got a random box value 34 no...that's 0.0068 percent to next upgrade. I just need 1.5 million more and I'm there!!! Basically, that needs to be removed or fixed.


Nerijus Sinkevicius  12-7-2020
My experience with the edition is nothing more then fantastic, for such a slight release it has a lot. Love the pixalart. I hope you maintain working on it and maintain up the excellent work. could instruct to try, extremely straight to gain hooked.


Sam Ford  12-7-2020
excellent game, the adverts aren't annoying and you can genuinely enjoy the release without buying things if you don't have the cash. Definitely aid the dev with the microtransactions in release if you do discover yourself with extra funds. They are reasonably priced and useful.


Cole Bills  12-7-2020
This release made me commit tax fraud.


Keith Olsen  12-7-2020
You seem like a excellent dude, so I'll change it to a 5 star for you even if it's not my perfect gameplay. I'm staying with it a bit longer to see if active run gets busier and more interactive with upgrades. You would maybe tweak the individual values and shorten the delay time/distance between coin and foe spawns. So there is more interactivity on the image but upgrades/progression rate stays about the same?


Tatiana Samburova  12-7-2020
release for babes


Gene Auyeung  12-7-2020
brilliant part is the release is under active development. The recent mechanisms and upgrades are well thought out too


Elyria  12-6-2020
extremely fun.


Jay Ellison  12-6-2020
A fantastic lazy game, no forced ads, enjoyable progression for both active and offline run


Adam Blackwelder  12-6-2020
Cute, simple, and extremely enjoyment lazy update game!


Rutendo Mapeta  12-6-2020
Cant run this anymore. It just broke and now I just have a 0 coin count and a slayer runnning up and down a blue screen. Still haven't heard back. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Still same issue.


Jean-philippe Mailloux  12-6-2020
Finally a veritable lazy game. No fancy force adverts and pay 250$ for this pack that gives you nothing and others ads. Nope nothing of that. Simple, enjoyable, straight to run lazy game. You desire this game.


Robbie Melucci  12-6-2020
extremely enjoyment a straight to understand. fantastic incrimental lazy release


David Schmitt  12-5-2020
I gain bored of each lazy release after a day or two, but I will declare this release spices things up by adding the extra active item of collecting cash and behemoths by jumping, and also the big update tree and other features. I like that you can still run the coin/monster collection while perusing your next purchases in the shop. Five stars in comparison to other lazy games.


Andrew Huckabee  12-5-2020


edu bento  12-5-2020
extremely good, I maintain playing the release and whenever looking to ameliorate my release play. The wiki of the release helped me a lot to that improvend. Thanks.


PADDY ONEILL  12-5-2020
fantastic so far.


not me i promise  12-5-2020
fantastic release but it crashes alot (it crashes randomly not any particular area)


John Vorheese  12-5-2020
Its a excellent release but I desire to see animation in the water and lava also I desire to be able to jump onto platforms while I'm running. Things like boxes of slight hill could be kinda cool. Other than that I can't stop playing this game.


yaboi disciplined  12-4-2020
Love this game.


Gemoree Seri  12-4-2020


Pekka Vahlsten  12-4-2020
The audio in the primary world is exquisite chip tunes I've heard in years! 5/5! And as I was searching lazy Slayer to give this rating I saw there was a sequel, gonna download it now :D Awww that was a tease if I ever saw one =( Then again how could you ameliorate perfection?


How Do  12-4-2020
God level


Yoosuf Al-Maliki  12-4-2020
Quickly reaches a point of it being intractable to promotion and buy upgrade. audio is excellent though.


Jake Massey  12-4-2020
Love this game, was a bit odd when I first downloaded. Was recieving quests regarding behemoths I couldn't discover in the game. Since updating has been fantastic all over. Love the cross between lazy gameplay and actual gameplay. fantastic concept


Radu-Florian Pavel  12-3-2020
extremely casual, but also extremely fun!


Cee Eee  12-3-2020
This is most boring and asinine thing I have played.


Wyatt Humphreys  12-3-2020
Stable release with a decently balanced lazy system


Acation x  12-2-2020


Jaymes Wey  12-2-2020
Just upgraded the edition after completely finishing the release a while back (got each update in the soul tree) and once I upgraded it I lost all my progress. Once I clicked the restore 1.11 save thing, the whole release glitched out and its unplayable. :(


Riz plays  12-2-2020
When u run for a while it starts to lag badly to the point of one frame each 10 seconds


Jason Casey  12-2-2020
So far extremely simple and immersive. A lot of growth the more you play. adverts are not overwhelming and the bounty is value it.


Chris Anderson  12-2-2020
Really relaxing, simple fun, really lovely graphics.


Matt Carr  12-2-2020
straight to avail easy forward and isn't a super high price for no adverts only 5.99 aud


Oliveros, Jobeth Paolo  12-2-2020
it was enjoyment lazy release until the newest upgrade killed it for me. my release lags so wrong you might think its a high spec rpg or something. quite sad.


yusuf rahmatullah  12-2-2020
excellent gameplay, fantastic community


Scooby Dew  12-1-2020
idea too grindy. And prestige doesnt do about half of nothing. enjoyment while it lasted though


Gavin DeLong  12-1-2020
An lazy release made so well that I don't even permit it idle!


Craig Shields  12-1-2020
I maintain posting about the progress in this release with 0 replies I was at 287k% cps boost still stuck on just gloves tackle well now I'm at 2.5m cps boost and guess what STILL ON GLOVES this is rediculous I've cashed in 100k slayer point numerous times no where near the money to even disclose the next quest for maybe recent gear


Danish Patel  12-1-2020
wonderful release I've spent countless hours on! But alas, all excellent things should come to an end...cost to disclose the cape is just ridiculously high! It took me a lot of effort to gain to about 500 Oc Cps and be able to gain to 1 Ud within a day or so of ascending, so the recurring (have to buy each ascension) 1Dd cost of cape disclose is just discouraging. Perhaps a recent skill would allow retaining unlocked tackle kinda like the bow speed one? Shelving the release for now...will maintain checking for updates.


Razorr 98  11-30-2020
Simple, yet extremely addicting.


Scott Power  11-30-2020
extremely enjoyment in the afterwards release but still a ausome release


Mimiuri  11-29-2020
Замечательная игра. Поиграв в неё неделю, подумала, что этой игре пару лет, т.к. в ней много продуманности и способов прокачки. Отдельное спасибо разработчикам. Искренне надеюсь, что продолжат её развивать. 💙 💛 💚 Заслуженная пятерка.


Boog  11-29-2020
This is an lazy release that does not force adverts on you. You don't even have to watch adverts to progress, it's extremely refreshing and something I think we all can appreciate.


RiotforPeacePlz  11-29-2020
Was ok the pop up to remove adds was annoying so I dropped the rating.


Dustin Elias  11-29-2020
This release is crack. My only complaint is that I cannot jump on and off the boxes. Lemme parkour and do backflips and sht LUL EDIT: by boxes I mean background things; crates, buildings, etc. I think it could be super enjoyment to be able to jump on and off things in the background, but still be able to play across them, if that makes sense. Also, in the bounty game, when you fall in a pit, more time before respawn could be nice, it's genre of intractable to adjust when the character respawns immediately.


RoxPlays Official  11-28-2020
I LOVE this game. The audio is great, the gameplay is unique, just a couple of quality of life things I'd like to see, it'd be fine if you didnt add them it's just a preference 1:The ability to buy up to the next update for buyables, example: you have 32 swords, you tap on the "Next" button and if you have enough cash it'll buy 18 2: depending on what armors you have the character's look could change, for instance, if you had the gold armour, the chest piece could change to be gold in game.


Nick Meenachan  11-28-2020
I like the release a lot, but it's starting to have more and more stability issues. Rarely can I just start the edition on my smartphone now without it crashing or getting stuck on a black screen. I generally have to restart it once or twice. Even worse, it's started crashing after I run a few minutes, which is frustrating when you've got a bounty timer counting down. I've also tried to run on Bluestacks and if you maintain it going too long, it eventually drops to like 1 FPS and crawls. Hope they repair it soon.


Lana Rose  11-28-2020


john moore  11-28-2020
excellent time killer


Barrington Clarke  11-28-2020
enjoyment game. But my Cps for every weapon doesn't seem to increase after ascension with the ascension bonus.


Nicholas Bristol  11-28-2020
Played for a month or two really liked this game, my smartphone broke and it won't pickup my saved informations from the cloud so I'd have to start over again


Chaser 9000  11-28-2020
extremely excellent lazy release with lots of things to do, lots of upgrades to gain and no adverts except you desire to see them (and you get a lot of cash for them) and lots of achevments. extremely enjoyment and straight to undrstand. If you desire a excellent time waster this is the exquisite one ive played. one thing i wish could happen is that horizontal and vertical veiw was automaticle on but thats in the settings if you desire to turn it on.


Sayidee Iqbal  11-28-2020
This release is fantastic was excellent that maybe


codenametimelord •  11-27-2020
Came back to the release after getting on recent phone. Error says couldn't restore my over 2 months save. Uninstalled asap.


Chris Micke  11-27-2020
enjoyment game, no adds, no in release currency to buy, and only a few permanent upgrades that cost money, and they aren't expensive. Overall probably my beloved download all year.


Ahmad Massarueh  11-27-2020


Keanu Alaric Zeroun Arsyad  11-27-2020
Nevermind i talk my mom whats my mail


Russell Taylor  11-27-2020
The gameplay is okay, but can be improved. There isn't tons in policy of engagement for the player. extremely repetitive gameplay, it needs more engaging content and less concentrate on pay-to-win. -update- It wastes my time extremely well. Five stars.


Bradley Shafer  11-27-2020
Fun. good lazy release that you can try from time to time. I don't feel like my ascension bounty works correctly tho.


Harmonizing Lotus  11-26-2020
enjoyment but a bit slow sometimes


Julian Cedric Villamor  11-26-2020
extremely good! newest time i played it was decent but now its wonderful


Sera Abisaab  11-26-2020
I've got over 100 hours into this game, personally it is one of my favourite lazy releases and has been my go to release for ages. The idea the upgrades and the quests work are really cool. The release is super simple and straight to gain into learning as you go. For me it's a enjoyment release if you just desire to lazy as the title says like it says keeping you busy by tapping to gain foes or coins, If you like tapping perfect releases then this release will be beautiful excellent for you.


Gamer Wolf  11-26-2020
The release will occasionally slow down to near unplayable and then gain slower, forcing me to close to edition and relaunch the game. This needs to be repaired if it's a bug.


Nathan Jensen  11-25-2020
enjoyment time waster


Andrew Ballard  11-25-2020
Really unbelievable take on the incremental release genre.


SImon Harrison  11-25-2020
Was alright, until it gave me this crossplatform thing and deleted all my progress. Edit: I guess he upgraded it a bit so I can't be mad at a restart. It's a enjoyment release that doesn't demand a lot from you.


Nero Archangel  11-25-2020
Played about 2 months now. It seemed enjoyment for a while. Then upgrades started costing 100 000, 600 000, and now 2 mill or 12 mill. This is insanity. Low drop rates. You don't gain drop parts when afk only when in game. Feels like a main waste of time. If it takes you a month for a single update release is just not value it.


Brenden Y  11-25-2020
A simple side scrolling lazy game, but with a good quantity of depth, and a decent progression without spending any veritable money. adverts are reasonable, and readily ignored if you desire to, but give some good perks if you annoy with them. I've been playing this for a month or so, and while I've made fantastic progress, they maintain adding recent features. Honestly an unexpected gem of an lazy release


Onii Chan  11-25-2020
Ahhhh yeahhhhhhh


Jakob Jordan  11-25-2020
This is how you do an lazy game, folks. Optional adverts for rewards, latest ascending perks, and a enjoyment time-waster that will maintain you hooked for hours at a time. Bravo


Grim Reaper  11-25-2020
The release is fantastic but I only have one trouble after playing the release for about maybe 3 minutes it starts to slow to a crawl so tons that I have to close the edition and reload it just to run for another 3 minutes and repeat the process if this was repaired I'd then give a 5 star


Neikro Dent  11-24-2020
I hate dependents that think that all lazy releases are bad. This release is an example of excellent kne and I appreciate that. There are 2 problems in my opinion. 1. When you gain to Septillions (Sp) of coins, there isn't really tons to do unless farm souls until you gain a "game changing" ability from ascension. 2. The golems are beautiful mighty in policy of soul farming and I think that's good. What's wrong about them is that they only spawn in grass fields and coming back to grass fields is extremely time consuming.


Matthieu Crampon  11-24-2020
Really cool game. dozens thanks to the developer for the frequent updates! 🤗


Ash Collins  11-24-2020
A enjoyment lazy release with fantastic retro 2D graphics. new cloud save upgrade is a welcome addition, but the recent pop up that keeps popping up to ask me to buy the as gratuitous version is a pain in the hole


Joshua Arwine  11-24-2020
Updating rating after repair 😊


Ruben Lubbe  11-24-2020
Graphics 8 controls 7 gameplay 10


Mayo  11-24-2020
One of my beloved releases gonna run forever for sure!


Damien Wriedt  11-24-2020
A extremely enjoyment lazy game! You can enjoyably run it for 5 minutes or for an hour, and there's whenever something to come back to do.


Air Ben  11-24-2020
Really fun, if a little meaningless. 25 days in, i can declare the release feels infinite - if you feel stuck like you can't progress, then ascend and see what upgrades you can transform - it'll execute a difference! Dev keeps adding more in as well, so it's really got me coming back


Peter Angelo Pableo  11-23-2020
Bought the release now. I hope I don't gain save corruption troubles again.


Josh Young  11-23-2020
A excellent release if your just desire to grind out numbers across the flow this genre of release creates. Id like to give it a higher score but there are still a couple bugs and some things id like to see in the skill tree like reduced opportunity for normal gold reward. Actually i have all genres of slight ways that would execute a large difference but sick spare you hah.


Karien Pryde  11-23-2020
Horribly slow progress. It'll takes you years upon years of progress to even get an inch of progress.


Klint Golden  11-23-2020
Still entertaining.


Dan Beale Cocks  11-23-2020
enjoyment incremental game!


Ty Wilson  11-23-2020
It telled me to


Senior Cucklord  11-22-2020
beautiful enjoyment beautiful enjoyable


Marc P  11-22-2020
fantastic game!


Josh A  11-22-2020
This guy. Pablo. My man. excellent stuff. maintain it up. The developer is constantly adding recent stuff to the game. run it each day.


Vincent LC  11-21-2020
Trop répétitif, ennuyant.


Easton Hamilton  11-21-2020
No half bad, mabey a little slow in progression, but adds can be optional. Without paying.


Alexandre Galtier  11-21-2020
a extremely excellent idle/action game, remittance is possible but not essential to have fun.


Bryan Thomas  11-21-2020
One more thing, I noticed when you contact "NO" in collecting money, the release comes to a hault. I've ascended over and over again and bought all the upgrades I can. I gain to the point where i need 500 NO for the next update but even the orange boxes only give like 5 oc and the bounty phases only give about 1-3 NO if you entirely finish it. Its a enjoyment pass time but kinda discouraging to run at this point....but thank you for reading and replying I'll check to gain on discord soon


Robotic Coconut  11-21-2020
excellent concept, but needs some more work.


Scott Gregory  11-21-2020
fantastic release apart from each so often when you continue your game, your informations is reset and you start with nothing, it is repaired by restarting the game.


Jasper LaChance  11-20-2020


Xim Lafay  11-20-2020
The release is decently paced in the beginning, but around Qi or Sx, the cost spacing for GPS elements gets funky. I have 63 of the most expensive element yet I still don't have the ability to buy (or see) the next item. The exquisite idea to repair pace in the release could be to balance the costs in the element tab.


Richard Anderson  11-20-2020
It was enjoyment for a while but there is such a spike in prices starting around the glove update that creates a enormous wall. except your playing constantly expect to wait WEEKS for any lazy progress. Even when playing constantly, progress is slow.


Hadrick House  11-19-2020
Actually extremely enjoyment so far, delighted it's not ad grand unlike most other games, if that changes I will delete


Nick Forcier  11-19-2020


IMA MENIS  11-19-2020


demon fluff  11-19-2020
Its a extremely excellent release it has a giod fanbase and the owner is extremely active with us he will awalys take our sugestions into condrishion.


ōak plays games  11-19-2020
It can have some kinda enjoyment to it i meant its a bit to grindy


Walter B  11-19-2020
It's excellent can't wait for the crafting table, I bet worm are going to drop warm leather and demon are going to be horns/D-eyes, bees probably be hony but thats my prediction.


Kyle Torres  11-18-2020
I like



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