Android Version: 4.4WApp: Idle Magic School
Release date: Mar 3, 2021App Rating: 5
Author: LongamesCategory: game simulation
Name: Idle Magic SchoolExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Have you ever dreamed of residence your own magic school? Your dream will come authentic in this recent lazy magical game! You will build and expand your own magical school in the mysterious magical forest, upgrading magical courses, unlocking school scenes, enrolling students and helping them graduate to become a Dragon Knight! The gameplay is simple. Allocate your money wisely with diverse growth strategies on muggle training, dormitory leadership and attracting elite charmers to deliver fame to your magical school. You have diverse tasks to transaction with. After tasks are finished you will gain glory to expand your territories, such as Water Country where is around with violent rivers and students won’t be disturbed by the outside. You can also update magical trees to gain fruits which can be used to increase the charmer star grade. Additionally, launching converting machines are necessary, as muggles need transform into charmers by the machines before they are able to study magic. newest but not least, hiring recent staff in the stores will deliver more clients and earn more coins. Features: -Even if you do not log in the game, your school will play automatically, generate offline revenue, and build the exquisite magical school in the world. -Simulate veritable magic scenes and environment with wonderful animations and 3D graphics! -Full of diversified simulation business challenges. -The magical store continuously produces gratuitous coins. Remember to gather them. -Multiple choices of disciplines, professors, magical softs and growth strategies. -Explore your magical school with enjoyment and gain generous rewards and achievements! Train the brilliant charmers in history across the magical School!



Chelsea Hemmelgarn  6-28-2021
I really enjoy this game. It's extremely straight to run and I like the overall graphics. I just wish the other schools were attainable as I'm completed with the first one and nearly done with the second one.


Mastura Rahim  6-28-2021


Rachel Ellison  6-28-2021
I do enjoy this release and have enjoyed it, however I am at a point where I cannot progress any further, I've got 3 locked schools that I can't disclose and in the first school there are 2 more classes that I would disclose if I were only able to gain 40 more glory points but I can't because I have updated everything I can. unlucky really.


aina farhana  6-28-2021
This release is veryyyyyy good. It just if you desire money you have to watch adverts and it ok for me


bryce garner  6-28-2021
excellent graphics, enjoyment upgrades


Acid Vines  6-27-2021
beautiful enjoyment but not 5 stars because easy Harry Potter ripp.


Wendy Emmel  6-27-2021
so far so good, will see what the future holds


Kitty Lynn  6-27-2021
Super enjoyment game! I bought the $9.99 no ad, and I definitely don't regret it!


Angie Mackey  6-27-2021
seems like a excellent waste of time. There are only two schools, takes a couple days and then nothing. No other schools disclose


sarahjane mason  6-27-2021
love it x


Abi Dowding  6-27-2021
Absolutely love this game. adverts are optional which is amazing.


Jeanne Tremblay  6-27-2021
Hey! I'm trying to reach the aid team. I don't see anywhere I can send a message. I absolutely love your release but yesterday I lost a lot of progress, including 14,29$ I bought for the no-ads option, which I no longer have because of some bug. The remittance passed on my paypal and ive lost maybe 1 hour of progress, including my no-ads purchase. I'll gladely change my review for 5 stars (which I put yesterday) when I'll gain my money or my no-ads option back. Thank you. ^^ I've a little lost interrest in playing the game, will I lose my progress again? I generally never spend money on a game, this one I really love it but now I just really hope those bugs won't happen anymore and that I will gain a refund on my lost money. And when I check to buy again the no-ads, it says I already own this item, but I still have to watch all the adverts to gain the rewards! Please repair this. :(


kzkai khairi  6-27-2021
So when next enormous upgrade


Angie Spizzirri  6-27-2021
love this release


Siobhan Blake  6-27-2021
enjoyment and interesting


Austin Thomas  6-27-2021
This release is awesome!


KaitoAugust  6-27-2021


Nat Van  6-27-2021
this release is a simple lazy clicker nothing more


Jocelyn Warren  6-26-2021
It is decent release play. Wish it wasn't so pricey to set up dorms on top of classes. But otherwise, It is straight to pass time with. On that note, it could be good if the adverts for increase worked CONSISTENTLY rather than only half the time.


Nick Crouch  6-26-2021
Will you know when World 3 will be available? Absolutely love the visual feel and gameplay and have played across twice already.


Jacqueline Riha  6-26-2021
When are the next areas going to be released lol I've allready maxed out the 2 first areas I love the release


Mike Karns  6-26-2021
love it reminds me of harrypotter


Frank Smith  6-26-2021
to dozens Harry Potter references,could have thought up diverse names. otherwise it's a enjoyment game.


Benjamin Hoak  6-26-2021
seems to be lacking the other schools.


Gary Herndon  6-26-2021
I really love this game!😍😍😍 If I "branch out", can I go back and update former schools? If not, it's not value it, to build up like that!😠😠😠 ALSO...I propose that you take these students, and initiate a recent game!🤩🤩🤩 Thus, adding a recent dimension to this game!!!🥳🥳🥳


Aini Yahaya  6-26-2021
not boring like other lazy games!


RAGiN CRiNZ  6-26-2021
fantastic game.


Infinity Ideas  6-26-2021
I finished the first 2 worlds, can't disclose next world, a bit disappointed


Natasha Mailloux  6-25-2021
Only problem im having is trying to gain my first school up to 3k for stars. Otherwise I love the game. 2,960 I can gain up to where do I gain the newest 40 stars?


bos gaming second  6-25-2021
After the upgrade so far there's no troubles so so far I love the game.


Miranda Legault  6-25-2021
I'm loving this game. So far it's super enjoyment and hasn't bugged me to buy anything. I like it!


A B  6-25-2021
Utter garbage, which is a shame. As in policy of gameplay the release is beautiful solid. way behind it is tidy and track across with the way is well done. Slightly cringy as to what the release was trying to copy but outside of bit too forced in the trick was a extremely enjoyable experience. Yet release is p2w with 2 hours of offline progression. And while you can update this for free, 2 hours as a base is garbage. 10 hours could be annoying but reasonable given the fact you can update for freeslowly.


fweetto  6-25-2021
you got bored extremely easy, this is chill kinda game, so if you lookin for fun,chillax and no pressure game, than ig this is for you.


Jeremy Teague  6-25-2021
This release is really enjoyment for a lazy game. I have been playing for 3 days and nearly completed the first school. I like that everything actually changes as you update it. fantastic release that I highly recommend. Also doesn't require $$$ to promotion in the game. Their are clip variants but the release rewards you with enough currency to execute it value your time.


ChunJean Tan  6-25-2021
first map unable to contact 3000 glory?


Nicholas Sommerby  6-25-2021
So far this is an good game. My only worry are the blatant Harry Potter references all around, and even a place called Azkaban that you can start over in. For a release that has microtransactions, I'd ask the devs to be super careful and possibly tone down the obvious references. WB can be beautiful protective of their things as can Rowling, and I'd hate to see this release gain shut down when it's such a joy to play.


Nichole Cyr  6-25-2021
beautiful excellent game. Love the HP feel to it.


Lisa  6-24-2021
so far fantastic release but no cloud storage to run on cellphone and smartphone please ponder adding this


Kelly W  6-24-2021
Watch adverts to gain coins, and that's it, not the most interesting game.


Melissa Torrez  6-24-2021
amazing!!! I love this game, there's no adverts except you watch the clips for coins. it's extremely enjoyment and there's a lot of things to update and do!


zanderson03  6-24-2021
excellent release


Heather Charlesworth  6-24-2021
I absolutely adore this game! I cant wait for the recent maps to open!


Jessica Hughes  6-24-2021
Its a excellent lazy game. Hasn't forced me to spend money yet. there are adds but even then those aren't forced on you, you can pick to not watch the add.


PlayfulDead Creationz  6-24-2021
extremely addictive and fun. lovely graphics.


Elizabeth Bárbara  6-24-2021
fantastic release


Justin Ko  6-24-2021
release is enjoyment and you are not force to watch ad if you don't desire to.


Bridgette Morel  6-24-2021
really lovely game.


Shaik Karishma  6-24-2021
Even after the upgrade when I click on the adventure button, nothing happens. The option is not working...


Zezhuanth Irthos  6-24-2021
I love this release !!! BUT I HATE how when you step to the next place you start ALL OVER again... extremely wrong meager choice they made with that, they must repair that in the release and execute it more easier to gather stuff...


Arianna  6-24-2021
Been really enjoyment so far! beautiful straight to progress if you purchase the help, which I did. I paid for the no ads-get each incentive you could from an ad automatically perk. It was $10 and so far I'd declare it was value it. Love the instant bonus. Makes release go faster, but now I have to wait for the other schools. Was cheerful to spend money to aid the devs. good game!


DeathQatqt  6-23-2021
So far I love the song, graphics and the release but I just wished it will be good if there's things we can gain more money faster than watching more ad videos..


Stephanie samora  6-23-2021
it's idea more enjoyment than most lazy games!!!


JJ B  6-23-2021
Your release won't load. Update: I deleted the release completely, cleared the cache and everything, then downloaded again, same thing happened.


Sarah  6-23-2021
So far it's going well. I do wish ads loaded faster. deliver on more spells!


Christine Dupuis  6-23-2021
its an miraculous lazy game, excellent idea to pass the time.


Dan Moger  6-23-2021
So I played this release constantly for the newest 2 days and have to declare it is a lot of fun. I really like where this release is going and hope the recent content comes out soon as I've already done everything out so far. There are no forced adverts and there is no 2x speed adverts to watch, which is nice. Your progress doesn't feel hindered by not watching ads. The art mode is good as well. could defo recommend. Hoping for the next bit of content soon :)


BebeQuinn VODS  6-22-2021
Cant even gain past the loading screen. I've tried multiple things to repair it and nothing works, not even value the effort. discover a diverse lazy release to bide your time.


Starr Dixon  6-22-2021
I was thinking that maybe this release could be like the others with false advertisements that were too excellent to be true, but not this one. The adverts actually exhibit what you do, and it ended up being a more in depth release than I thought.


Rebecca Creager  6-22-2021
It won't permit me run it won't download


Falisha A  6-22-2021
Super enjoyment until you log in and discover hours of in release run time wiped away.


Jeremy Watson  6-22-2021
Tried to open the release 3 separate times and it won't load even after 15 minutes


Ben Sanchez  6-22-2021
edition doesn't execute it past loading screen. Stuck at 0%. I cleared the edition informations and cache, I uninstalled and reinstalled app. I waited 5+ minutes and no difference. My smartphone is a LG K31.


Wyn Mae  6-22-2021
I really like the game, been playing it for days and even maxed each thing. The next day its back to nothing. Pls repair this pleaseeeeeeee🥲ive even paid for it to execute the release more enjoyment but it keeps on returning to beginning.


killerofkings96  6-22-2021
Just download this and it won't start it just gives me a loading image and it wasn't load or do anything. Just uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same thing this this


Jessie Reed  6-22-2021
spelling error in dialogue at the beginning but. excellent release so far.


Marion Mustang  6-21-2021
enjoyment and cute. really enjoying the game.


Sara Byndum  6-21-2021
good little release


Gabe G.  6-21-2021
Can't even load the game, freezes on the first screen, zero stars


Kristina Schoen  6-21-2021
extremely cool release


Hara Jukuu  6-21-2021
can't stop playing... THIS IS CALLED ADICTION. rescue


Saikat Saha  6-21-2021
I enjoyed it



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