Android Version: 6.0App: Idle Inn Empire Tycoon - Game Manager Simulator
Release date: Aug 10, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: OUTLOU:D GAMESCategory: game simulation
Name: Idle Inn Empire Tycoon - Game Manager SimulatorExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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"Welcome to medieval times! And as most of the arguments here end with a fight, we are in need of a recent innkeeper for the Fat Boar Inn! Also you are right on time for Halloween celebration! - play an Inn, construct recent rooms, buy furniture and update it to deliver maximal conveniences to your visitors. - 5 Inns in diversified environments; - Operate a kitchen and bar to supply visitors with fundamental needs - eats and A LOT OF drinks! - examine recent services - brawl at the coliseum, chill at the bathhouse or examine recent and stylish stuff like fishing, arcade and diving; - gather pets that will roam around your managed inns; - Construct renowned landmarks to really execute your Inn stand out! --- Join our Innkeeping community to gain answers to your questions and all of the fresh lazy Inn Tycoon news! Discord Server:"



Ployapsorn Paksiiie  1-29-2021


Melissa Swift  1-28-2021
I was really enjoying this release and have been for a while but for some motive earlier nothing really worked then when I reset it, I lost all of my progress on the tier ๐Ÿ˜”, now the ads or pinata do not work either


Isabella Millauer  1-28-2021
I really liked the game, but when I reached the delighted Monk Inn I became more and more disappointed. Parts of the attractions are not animated, purchases are incomplete, it's missing the manager animation, the weekly occasion is whenever the same. It looks like the devs got bored with their own release and took shortcuts, that's just lazy. I don't understand, only the ingame aid is really nice.


Jessica Krabisch  1-26-2021
The release itself is cute. The little characters are enjoyment and I love seeing the quirky visuals for the diverse upgrades as you go. You can gain far swift without spending any money, just have to watch a LOT of ads. That being said, I've had the release for 3 days and have the first 2 inns at 100%. After I complete the relax I don't see a point in keeping the release or someday spending in it, since there's nothing to do beyond the upgrades. There must definitely be some additions to maintain dependents playing.


Alex Randall  1-26-2021
I think this is a really enjoyment release that doesn't force adverts in your face


K Ronnie  1-25-2021


Anna Salammbo  1-24-2021
Well made, the adverts are not forced. lovely graphics:) I enjoy playing it


Daniel Van guilder  1-24-2021
I love the release all about adverts are noy aways there to bug you you can watch them to gain a little bost or something love the occasion and just the inns i only have 2 rn but i love the release and its really the exquisite lazy release i played


ThreepwoodForest  1-24-2021
fantastic mechanics but it could be fantastic if there was a bit more of a challenge. I like how staff wages, power generation and advertisement costs work but in business there's whenever the unforseen costs. ways - * Disappointed or drunk clients would cause additional mess or injure requiring extra cleaners or repairs * Bouncers would counter the potential troublesome clients * Handy men would carry out repairs automatically like cleaners * Rare random occasions effecting money, repairs etc


Hellion's Tangents  1-23-2021
It was unplayable. This is a broken game. I did this with the fresh version. I'd give more features if I had any, I installed it, opened it, and it could load in and put me in then freeze after a second or two of being in the release


SixDeuce88 Breezy  1-22-2021
Love this game!!! Hands down what I run first to unwind. My only question is what happens when I've collected all 25 stars from all the Inns? I'm nearly done upgrading everything....


Guillermo Hernandez  1-22-2021
My benefits after the wage pay is 94k, I watch an ad to double this and all I got was 125k. I'm no math master but I know 125k is not double of 94k.


Rae Johnson  1-21-2021
beautiful lovely casual release


Harris Johay  1-20-2021
good releases


A of AA  1-20-2021
fantastic lazy offline game, can still run without internet


Deana Riley  1-19-2021
I was delighted with this release until I reached the delighted Monk's Inn. Once I reached that tier the release stopped loading, could constantly accident and could freeze on me. The ultimate straw before uninstalling was when I logged in ALL of my progress was deleted and I was forced to restart.


Robert Young  1-19-2021
Definitely value paying away the ads, but the price is a little high. They could gain more coins by making it 5 bucks instead of 10. More dependents paying is better than fewer for more. But its a enjoyment little game. sick be spending more on paydays, if the prices drop to excellent levels.


Robin Begley  1-18-2021
I could give this release 5 stars but nothing ever seems to load up. Even trying to buy something... it just keeps loading but never loads.. Never had a problem like this before Update: its even worse, if you Uninstall as I did to check repair the first problem, you lose all progress and purchases with no idea of recovery. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIA GAME!


Nguonnora Kao  1-18-2021
excellent game! I found that at Black Knight Inn Bath has sound even I disabled sound!


Samantha H  1-18-2021
It's a excellent release but need some more tiers as I've finished everyone now and only had it a a week


OMNIwizard Tempest Htet Aung DX  1-17-2021
What a hotel it has been!


Darkwear GT  1-17-2021
Keeps crashing


samuel ornelas  1-17-2021


zombieater666 z18109  1-15-2021
This release helped me so tons getting threw covid. Helped me relax.


Reece Blackman  1-14-2021
It's a enjoyment game. Lots of occasions circumstance at the moment, although it is the same occasion but with diverse rewards, genre of. Just can't seem to open the edition at the moment. It shows the title image and then just shuts off. Managed to gain on once yesterday. Otherwise enjoyment and enjoyable game. could like a recent Inn soon though


Nerdo Dad  1-14-2021
good game. but after you gain the 5 stars on every inn... what's next?


Laura Robinson  1-13-2021
The release hasn't properly opened for the newest 2 days. Everytime I check to start it just crashes.


Beverley Stevens  1-12-2021
Is the outpost the newest Inn? Or are there going to be more?


Natalie Hudson  1-12-2021
Love the release the little mini stories added alot to it I've beat it and will be keeping it hope they add more inns


Nicola Fullerton  1-11-2021
maintain getting a blac image during run the past few days.


Helen Baker  1-10-2021
Really like the release


Andrei Adam  1-10-2021
fantastic game. Crashes sometimes but I really like it. Also there are no forced adds


Aaron katzer  1-7-2021
Love the release but needs more ins as I've finished them all


Chocolate Moose  1-6-2021
Got to the 3rd territory and coins income is extremely extremely extremely low!!!! Makes me desire to uninstall it because I feel I can't progress.


Joshua Blizzard  1-5-2021
gigantic pay wall nearly immediately. Not extremely 'idle' when the inn isn't open while you're away except you pony up.


Dab King  1-4-2021
excellent release


JoeBob CletusJR  1-4-2021
Don't waste your time on this one. After playing for about 3 months I see the greed that entirely breaks the game. By the 3rd inn it becomes impossible to gain enough stars to step on and disclose the next inn without spending each single gem you've saved up and not used since minute-one (talking thousands), even after doing that and completely upgrading EVERYTHING, you still fall short and are left having to pay to step forward, no quantity of 'grinding' will gain you there. TL;DR: GREED!


James Paulson  1-2-2021
lovely release


paul 420  1-1-2021
wonderful lazy hotel game. unless when are you bringing out more hotels as I have finished them all


Emma Warren  12-30-2020


M  12-29-2020
A enjoyment game, but my employees maintain quitting when I leave the edition for a few minutes, even if it wasn't time for them to be paid yet.


Susan B  12-29-2020
completed the release & it was a good lazy game. Will reinstall when more inns are added


chris marvin  12-29-2020
What is next on this game? Im done with all topical levels/inns attainable


E Rain  12-28-2020
it's constantly night time. it's annoying


retired one  12-27-2020
I need to give credit where it's due. This is an incredibly well developed game. It's beautiful. No forced ads. Goals are achievable. No lag. No technical troubles at all actually. maintain developing releases of this caliber and you'll go far. The supporters of these genres of releases thank you. Edit: I still love this release but it needs a lot more permanent inn's. I nearly have chopper outpost at five star


Randy Engel  12-27-2020
enjoyment enjoyment enjoyment


Cassandra Murray  12-26-2020
fantastic time killer game. I really enjoy it, even the events.


CJ Y  12-25-2020
Freezes during startup tutorials and cannot progress


Dre JoBe  12-24-2020
Yet another ad campaign and money grab masquerading as a game.


Peter Allan  12-24-2020
I like this release a lot, as an lazy release it has kept me going for a few weeks but now I've completed the game, what do I do with the millions of coins left over? There is an occasion announced, Due to start in about 17hrs, the collective quantity of beer sold over the occasion is not explained whether it's in all inns or just one. The gems come in the form of duplicate cards, so no need to spend veritable money to finish this fantastic lazy game. Definitely 5* from me.


gamer boy  12-23-2020
Not wrong


syaoran li  12-23-2020
dont know why but 5 min in the whole image becomes a grey empty image


Meagan Siler  12-23-2020
enjoyment and very addicting!


Nihar Thakur  12-22-2020
excellent GAME. Waiting for the further inns if any planned


karley coffee  12-22-2020
exquisite lazy release ever!!


Simon Gutierrez  12-22-2020
It's a extremely intriguing game, I like how it's straight to manage funds, it's a excellent release to run always idle.


Keke Smit  12-22-2020
fantastic release but not enough levels. Was really loving this release but only so dozens taverns. ๐Ÿ˜”


James Brooks  12-21-2020


adelys rivera duran  12-20-2020
I like it so much.


jaxson live tv  12-20-2020
When I leave the release all my progress is gone and I have to start all over again ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข


Kd Patel  12-20-2020
cute game. i finished all tiers of this game. please execute some recent upgrade and add more resort and hotels. add recent hotels.


Travis Dunn  12-20-2020
Need recent inn


Tonia Dupus  12-19-2020
The adverts are messing up granting the rewards - I watch the ad then it spins like it's not connected and then makes me pick No or Watch Ad again.


Sarah  12-17-2020
I love these categories of games. Relaxing, challenging and entertaining. And of course buying and upgrading element in the rooms changes their look. That's the exquisite part! I hope they execute more like this one like a theme park or hospital. Even a spot stations where every one is on a diverse planet in our solar system!


Dyani Ariel  12-16-2020
completed all the taverns/inns in 2 weeks. I wish there were more avaliable, but it was fun! I enjoyed checking in to pass the time


stanislaw las  12-15-2020
excellent release


MARIO ARAYA  12-15-2020
excellent animation. I ended the whole thing in like 2 weeks, but it might be not the fault of the devs but mine for being THAT intense hehe.


Gz Gppn  12-15-2020


Britney Shubert  12-14-2020
Oh come on


Myron van Leuveren  12-14-2020
Had a excellent time playing across the game, I completed all the diverse taverns. It requires an insane quantity of adds to speed up the progress. I feel like either the adverts need to be more rewarding (10 minutes of bounty income per ad is just annoying, it lowers the enjoyment of the game.) The prices of the manager boosters seem too steep. 10 euro every for a release that I completed within 10 days without paying a dime seems a bit tons considering if I did buy them I could go across it even faster...


George Samonte  12-13-2020


Carolyn Eastgate  12-12-2020
Love this but I've ran out of Inns. Really hope you develop more. Finding it fun!!


ryan powell  12-12-2020
Because I never run it


Tabitha Cole  12-10-2020
wonderful release ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏโ—โ—


bernadette benoit  12-9-2020
I really enjoyed playing this game, the character are cute, I had no issues, and release run allowed you to readily update and gain elements at a fantastic pace, advertisement is par with most games, I have completed all levels, 25stars, chopper outpost, looking forward to more tiers outstanding job


Blob Fish  12-9-2020
Accidentally made a purchase and lost 10 dollars refund please


Joseph Jeffreys  12-8-2020
The screen was beautiful hilarious of two guys are their wooden cups that look suchlike to the art from Greek.


Sharlotte Jenell Green  12-8-2020
excellent release but to short to finish


Nicola Sheppard  12-8-2020
Love Love ๐Ÿ˜


Dana Lee  12-7-2020
This releases moves along, interesting.


Laura Hazelip  12-7-2020
beautiful cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž


Mira Lovie  12-7-2020
enjoyment release but you play out of tiers speedy when you buy it. Now it doesn't gain played because I've done everything I can do


joshua hicks  12-7-2020
It was boring, didn't have tons to do, and kept almost throwing in-app purchases at me to check and raid my wallet. Just step on you guys, there are better idling editions than this.


Maria Angela Evangelista  12-6-2020


Amber Judd  12-5-2020
Bought 2 managers and they aren't taking outcome could like my money back not what was promised in their description not delighted be warned when getting managers they don't work


Elizabeth Crisostomo  12-5-2020
Like this release but wish it have more parts and more to do


Amanda Grubbs  12-5-2020
fantastic game. But I'm hoping that you execute recent tiers soon


Amy Wachsmann  12-5-2020
release was outstanding and loved to run it until the most new update, that wont even install no matter what I do to repair it on my end. Now the release constantly glitches and I'm done trying on my end with no response from developers. unhappy to be deleting instead of just getting the problem fixed.


Mark  12-5-2020
Nothing but an ad machine, if you watch them you'll spend more time watching them than playing


Pyrozen Plays  12-4-2020
Like each other release


Brandon Dodson  12-4-2020
fantastic release so far. Really in depth. Love the design. 5 stars.


dragon angel609  12-3-2020
excellent release


dennardo woolery  12-3-2020
ok release


Matte Black  12-3-2020
enjoyment lazy tycoon release .


Lipika Biswas  12-3-2020
It's release offline Hai ya online Hai plz boliye


Ben Woodward-Willis  12-2-2020
I could have given it a 5 but since an upgrade I can't claim my diurnal rewards, keeps claiming I'm not connected to the internet despite watching YouTube before and after booting the release up


lance haynes  12-1-2020
Its an outstanding release love everything about it the features in this release is really thought out


John Thomas  12-1-2020
Now that i updated, the adverts quit working Edit:All excellent now



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