Android Version: 5.1App: IDLE GOG
Release date: Dec 2, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: Shanghai Gamewinner Network Technology Co., LtdCategory: game role playing
Name: IDLE GOGExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official



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excellent graphics, smooth controls and a good tale line as well. Its definitely a enjoyment release   0




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“IDLE GOG” is an exploration release that will take you to the other side of the magic world. When the spell was cast, champions rose and slaughtered all the demons. Enter the fantasy world and turn into a world savior! finish the phases and subdue the valley of darkness to get super power. ◇ All champions united and explored the Abyss - champions rose and destined to win. When strangers come, the lost world will open! ◇ A team of low tier champions summons Super champion - maintain training and become an promotion Hero, summon Elite Hero. Lead the mightiest group to the temple! ◇ diversified gameplay, no longer boring - Genie Lamp, everlasting Abyss, Zodiac, Boss Challenge. Change as you wish, combine famed Heroes. ◇ Cultivate unique strategies to ameliorate combat power – champion formation, attribute matching, and hidden strength! Formulate the pre-war strategy for a greatest counter attack! ◇ gain lazy rewards readily - Auto-battle when idle, AFK gets lots of rewards! Online for 5 minutes a day to gain gratuitous bonuses!



hkk  6-28-2021
nothing to do


Alex Millhollin  1-9-2021
gild integration sucks


Dio Drajat Pramada  1-9-2021
good lazy release


Aparjit Singh Sekhon  1-9-2021
excellent edition


Dennis Mwangi  1-7-2021
could have rated it hagher if it doesn't accident everytime you check to open it


Frost  1-7-2021
Worst idea to grab 💰


davidw workman  1-6-2021
horrible I just downloaded this release froze my smartphone twice. I had to restart smartphone release deleted without even trying it won't give it a second chance.


Hendy Hariadi  1-5-2021
Cool game... 👍


Rasuli Iman Fajri  1-5-2021
extremely pay to win. Developer is insanely greedy that they just slap a enormous paywall to impede your progress on literally everything to the point where it's nearly impossible to execute a progress except you pay. And no, your occasion are not free. The quantity of gratuitous rewards you can gain is abysmal. Like there's only 1% of your occasion that is fully free. The relax you have to pay. Avoid this release like a malignant tumor. Also lmao those fake 5★ reviews, god you guys are pathetic.


Patchz Tauaiti Mackinnon  1-5-2021
Problems logging in,loading intro is taking idea too long,so long I close & run other games,over a week so far,was enjoying until this occurred K update,uninstalled & downloaded again,is working fine now, excellent game,I run a number of lazy games,GOG looks set to take place over the rest,thanks for bringing out 1 that isn't intractable to figure out the diverse aspects of,things stay this idea I will 5 star next review update!


Michael D  1-3-2021
Total rubbish. The first hours you have fun, then the progress stops completely, you have to spend money to surmount your opponents, therefore the server dies after a few days, after the next few servers are merged because they are empty, waste of time and money, I don't recommend!!!


Sam Wood  1-3-2021
extremely clunky and unpolished game. Has potential to be extremely good, but needs a lot of work.


Koch Tucker  1-2-2021
straight to play. Automatic tier up. excellent graphicsand so far it's a excellent game. Thanks.


Balboa Harding  1-2-2021
fantastic release on the smartphone that actually goes in your pocket plus you'll be gratuitous to stroll around and enjoy a high end RPG


Elwood Zoe  1-2-2021
good Game!, good Graphics, extremely excellent Controls, fantastic Adventures, fabled RpG! I Really Liked This Game, All Rpg Gamers There Will run This!


Floy Ferne  1-2-2021
outstanding game! I love it. Seems like a really excellent game...ill upgrade my review as i run more..


Kelvin Harper  1-2-2021
fantastic game, some what laggy, much of recent contents, troubling bugs occur but quickly fixed! excellent support!


Parrish Roberson  1-2-2021
I love the release fantastic graphics excellent tale line all in all I could most definitely instruct it thanks devs thinking about becoming a moderateor


Jerrold Chase  1-2-2021
fantastic game. Graphics are exceptional. tale is good. 10/10


Amar Singh  1-2-2021
outstanding release But can you guys execute the chat a bit clean I mean execute a separate announcement one and leave the other for dependents to tell it will be enjoyment


Jaqueline Rhoades  1-2-2021
pretty release with fantastic graphics and storyline. infinite hrs of gameplay and entertainment.


Fanny Platt  1-2-2021
release is absolutely enjoyment to run .. jawbreaking graphics and definitely intriguing tale .. maintain up the excellent work .. !


Evelina Rod  1-2-2021
As a releases artist in rl I am picky when it comes to run mobile releases but this release has gotten me hooked to maintain playing. fantastic game!


Nicola Josephine  1-2-2021
Super addictive, can't put it down. Never bored whenever something to do with occasions daily.


Lanny Bagley  1-2-2021
extremely good release and excellent graphic and straight to run but we needed to spend money for. VIP point and more more. excellent elements


Baffin Lenard  1-2-2021
An wonderful story, outstanding graphics what more can I declare about this release unless just simply spectacular.


Lipscomb Dan  1-2-2021
pretty gameplay and audio scores, enthralling tale and decent voiceovers, a must! So cheerful I pre registered!


Hilaria Leal  1-2-2021
Love this release really cool fantastic graphics exquisite release on mobile excellent job 5 star. maintain up the excellent wrk


Bage Capps  1-2-2021
excellent graphics, smooth controls and a good tale line as well. Its definitely a enjoyment release


Bachelet Rock  1-2-2021
All around excited to gain deeper into the adventure. excellent graphics. straight controls. enjoyment release


Jacobs Denny  1-2-2021
love this game. so tons more things to do too and it's so tons fun. i've spent some money on this release too and it rewards generously. love, love, love!


Heath Elin  1-2-2021
This release is crazy fast. So tons to do. Addicting. Graphics tale line. Its all interesting. excellent jobs devs.


Dickson Chauncey  1-2-2021
The release run is amazing... Few lags and hiccups but its fine with me... I Think I found a excellent release that wont bore me... thank you!


Edith Gladys  1-2-2021
fantastic rpg, especially for mobile, controls and graphics are amazing, just a pretty release all together.


Eason Manuel  1-2-2021
extremely good release with extra ordinary gameplay and story. I can't stand waiting for the next skill upgrade and event. 100


Kathie Johnny  1-2-2021
Just enjoyed and excited to gain stronger. The content of the release are just nearly perfect, the graphics is so good and it's not too laggy.


Underwood Jimenez  1-2-2021
outstanding graphics and hands down the smoothest gameplay in an RPG


Daugherty Thomas  1-2-2021
Awesome, i just start yesterday. It's fantastic graphics, tale line, effects and etc even my smartphone settings is only medium. But i like it, and no topup problem. maintain the server up, will y'all devs..


Hilary Garfield  1-2-2021
good release cool graphics also extremely excellent tale and not any bugs yet


Pat Faith  1-1-2021
This is the exquisite experience on the exquisite release I've played in my life I love it the graphics are excellent controls up the exquisite and gameplay it has a excellent storyline and everything fantastic about it love this release can you execute that a recent character


Tania Cathryn  1-1-2021
extremely well balanced game. Even spending a little you can be in top 20 always. Too excellent storyline also. Loved this release . exquisite RPG for me till now


Elaine Shipp  1-1-2021
Highly recommended. The exquisite time killer it's very enjoyment and value playing. Thanks for bringing the pretty experience to us and maintain up the outstanding work.. Just a little request please add home trait


Land Geiger  1-1-2021
fantastic game! fantastic graphics, straight to choose up and go,. VIP is cheap and excellent returns occasions at start up!!


Andrew Johnson  1-1-2021
Enough-Is-Enough, I like the release and spent $.99; its not a console so it will not gain no more than $2; $5 if your lucky. Why you ask? Random Shutdowns... I set off to check it for 7 days. I like supporting releases however this release does have one main flaw and thats the grand concentrate on vip. Vip means money, so I gain it but not from me. Today, I met the summon energy requirements and guess what you have to be vip3 in order to avail it. Thanks it was enjoyment while it lasted, I'm putting the release down.


Adeane Henson  1-1-2021
Just started playing it again and it seems to be tons better. Lots to do and lots of excellent rewards. They are fair to gain gifts or you can spend veritable money.


Floy Roderick  1-1-2021
This release so far so good.. i wish they maintain the balance between server when it comes to cross server event, its a bit laggy.. but well.. we all do.. so i hope the dev repair it.. thank you..


Achebe Jeanette  1-1-2021
Love this game. Haven't done anything in 5 days unless run this release


Karl Kathy  1-1-2021
The release itself is amazing, it has dozens fantastic classes with an wonderful quantity of abilities and sub classes, it can be played manuely or auto if you are a occupied person with is great. Over all and a excellent adventure that does not bore.


Pennington Selena  1-1-2021
The release itself is amazing, it has dozens fantastic classes with an wonderful quantity of abilities and sub classes, it can be played manuely or auto if you are a occupied person with is great. Over all and a excellent adventure that does not bore.


EpXY channel  1-1-2021


Ben Livingston  1-1-2021
Been all threw the release cant discover the library the placment to put the code :(


Knox Gipson  1-1-2021
i love thise release it so addicted .. and so good please execute more excitement of thise release


Kerr Baldry  1-1-2021
Love all the character and also the gameplay


Fairchild Abbet  1-1-2021
fantastic Concept, wonderful Gameplay .. good Job


Edmund Foley  1-1-2021
i love this release i stop playing for awhile, didnt know what the was called till today and its fantastic in my opinion


Otto Harley  1-1-2021
excellent release ...but we need more combat in this release


Back Lavinia  1-1-2021
love it so tons . especially the graphic and such. wow. its satisfying


Cecil Lenard  1-1-2021
Its the exquisite ROLE run releases ive ever check before.. i will rate this 5 STAR for me. exquisite Rpg releases


Maye Scarlett  1-1-2021
THIS..... IS...... AN outstanding GAME!!!.There ar cool characters you can run as


Baily Normand  1-1-2021
played once back in the begining theyve been around for so long and got better each game!


Carnes Emily  1-1-2021
extremely good release excellent grahpics and auto battel i like this release ever..


Cervantes Magee  1-1-2021
exquisite release ever so tons to do alot of diverse classes it never gets boring


Sallie Rogers  1-1-2021
I am enjoying the release alot and can't wait for the game of with the recent mage class definitely having enjoyment so far


Yates Badcock  1-1-2021
5 star for graphic 5 star for better gamplay 5 star for the sound yeah thats my rating its extremely excellent


John Daniels  1-1-2021
completely locked up my smartphone when i tried to play.


Jonah Richards  1-1-2021
so excellent when u understand the game. . and only this release that donation tons and tons more reward for free. . i love this release so tons


Sanderson Gibbs  1-1-2021
outstanding release hope to see it on console sometime I think it could do fantastic


Penn Knight  1-1-2021
NEED AUTO complete phase ONLY its good release has more variants than other ALSO DONT FORGET WHEN U run ITS could TAKE ALL UR DAY Enjoy release veritable its excellent one


Abbet Hanson  1-1-2021
NEED AUTO complete phase ONLY its good release has more variants than other ALSO DONT FORGET WHEN U run ITS could TAKE ALL UR DAY Enjoy release veritable its excellent one


Hawthorne Good  1-1-2021
Been playing this release for years now. Still enjoyment to play. whenever upgraded from time to time.


Florrie Haines  1-1-2021
Really cool beat em up game, karats are straight to earn but the upgrading is straight to gain ahold of


Sheffield Klein  1-1-2021
This release is most...powerful Supers...I world like job


Vince Ernestine  1-1-2021
This release is most...powerful Supers...I world like job


Darcy Nash  1-1-2021
I love this release it works really excellent and the controls are really straight


Inge Lang  1-1-2021
wonderful release , i have played a lot of rpg online releases but this is thr exquisite of. i playe this release since it out


Hayden Tony  1-1-2021
Fun. amazing. enjoyable game. and i like the GM reward.


Ennis Bacharach  1-1-2021
wonderful afk farmer/afm looter category game, one of the exquisite lazy releases and can switch from idle/afk to playin the release yourself


Gamble Head  1-1-2021
fantastic fun. Like that i can tier up treasure chests, i picked the samuraish hero.


Henderson Norene  1-1-2021
excellent controls, excellent art style. Really excellent game.


Leah Ladd  1-1-2021
fantastic game! i know there are better releases out there but this release fantastic ! and whenever update!


Lavelle Hearn  1-1-2021
release is extremely excellent i like everything about it but their voices they sound hilarious but I still love this release I realy recomand this release


Helen Yolande  12-31-2020
Cool release wish it had a open world with more co-op content this could be top chart


Abrams Orville  12-31-2020
i really love the release it plays really well for me and the battle system is great.


Fleming Hays  12-31-2020
outstanding gameplay, staggering graphics, looking forward to progressing in this one!


Herman Mattie  12-31-2020
This is awesome! I freaking love it! The graphics are good and the gameplay feels fantastic


Nicolas Carl  12-31-2020
This release is beautiful fun, the controls are simple and that's what makes the release even better!


Tabor Whaley  12-31-2020
I started playing it the day it came out I pre registerd and finally I desired to give a review it is absolutely wonderful I love the graphics are wonderful and it is the exquisite rpg I love it


Garrison Madge  12-31-2020
good graphics and good rewards... please continue adding improvements


Tabor Francine  12-31-2020
its a good game. I hope they develop this release to interact gamesters not only in chat


Whitehead Flowers  12-31-2020
fantastic game, enjoyment to run and no need to spend lots of money to progress


Abdie Felicia  12-31-2020
I love the graphics and the release run is wonderful I love it I wish you guys could execute more releases like it


Queenie Leon  12-31-2020
extremely good graphics and controls are very wonderful really i enjoyed it lot this release is just awsome loved it


Ferguson Lawrence  12-31-2020
exquisite RPG release by far I really like it fantastic graphics, controls, gameplay everything's fantastic


Sawyer Mary  12-31-2020
Awesome. And good graphics. outstanding gameplay. And maintain it up


Elsie Carter  12-31-2020
I think it's a really excellent release the editor that made it leave a large thumb up guys this is the exquisite release that Ive evered played.


Jone Raye  12-31-2020
this release is beautiful damn fun..the battle feels satisfying and heavy..its intractable to explain but its outstanding


Reginald Georgiana  12-31-2020
run it each day, enjoyment distraction, straight to control straight to play.


Fallon Orlando  12-31-2020
good gameplay, smooth transition of skills. Auto function is remarkable.


Mae Easter  12-31-2020
This is a extremely excellent release it does not have adverts at all at least from my experience maintain up the excellent work!


Darby Noe  12-31-2020
Been playing on diverse accounts since released. wonderful release and I can't gain enough of it!! This release needs more recognition.


Corkery Christenson  12-31-2020
love the game..been playing since 3 months now and it's not boring at all and you gain excellent bounty ever month.. fantastic release


Noe Zenobia  12-31-2020
Freaking awesome, it's fun, wonderful and entirely value the hours spent on playing. Time to grind some more. One of the exquisite rpg releases ever.


Turner Dahl  12-31-2020
each time I gain a recent smartphone this is one of the first releases I get. The animations on it are amazing. Thanks for making such a fantastic and addictive game.


Franklyn Fran  12-31-2020
fantastic release much of classes, outstanding battles, cool costumes, excellent graphics,fair grinding system.


Cahill Ackary  12-31-2020
This release is really cool with the dependents that you pick it's like a release where you update your person then your character gets better and better.


Klein Kohler  12-31-2020
The release is straight to run and it's enjoyment has cool animation and there's a lot of action in the release that's why I gived it a 5 star rating.


Bain Yeager  12-31-2020
This is seriously a fantastic release for those who like Role Playing Games. Reminds me , a whole lot, so that's why I love it so much.


Badman Nixon  12-31-2020
This a outstanding releases I have ever run before... The graphic so outstanding and the characters so cool... I love so tons this game....


Flynn Link  12-31-2020
this release is outstanding plus you gain alot of gratuitous stuff so you can go a long time without paying for anything.


Garry Davison  12-31-2020
Absolutely love everything about this release wonderful graphics wonderful gameplay feel like you would do a tiny bit better on the leveling up but all in all fantastic release


Forrest Vesta  12-31-2020
fantastic game. I love the leveling system and you can also tier up weapons to execute them stronger. I instruct it.


Cecily Marsh  12-31-2020
Wow! outstanding release indeed straight to run and fantastic character design costumes for every character, check it out peeps.


Renata Jeffery  12-31-2020
release plays is playable and, fun. all the behind the scene options,upgrades,and wonderful values are where its really at.


Daisy Joanne  12-31-2020
outstanding release just maintain adding more phases and characters please i wish i would of atleast design how i desire my character to look skin color etc but the release is still magnificient ;)


Man Herrington  12-31-2020
exquisite looking Avatars around. This release has extremely excellent controls and is straight to understand. Tutorials for days.


Peg Harland  12-31-2020
wonderful game. extremely interesting release for anyone who likes RPGs. Devs also stay active and upgrade regularly.


Jordon Hammer  12-31-2020
good game..thanks for the gratuitous reward...ill expect more gratuitous reward to come,I hope there will be a gratuitous code for recent gamesters so we can invite more buddies to play...thanks


Wesley Desiree  12-31-2020
very addictive!!! cool graphic, cool gameplay, clean design, especially much of freebies!!! been playing this release for nearly a week~ so far so good!


Patience Martha  12-31-2020
I love the game. The auto style made it straight for me to grind. I also love the concept of being able to run all the classes. each upgrade is a blast, much of rewards.bthanks for this amazing game.


Denton Salome  12-31-2020
fantastic release indeed Kudos and hands up to u devs. Graphics are fantastic gameplay is excellent and newest but not the least the devs are generous


Carlisle Hampton  12-31-2020
extremely excellent release not visually stuning graphics though but overall gameplay is extremely good, swift pace and absolute of surprises


Law Carolyn  12-31-2020
The exquisite RPG on mobile. It has the exquisite all around release play. Not the exquisite at everything but the exquisite on average. They don't skimp on the rewards so even gratuitous to run is viable. In depth and extremely engaging and trully worthy of a 5 star rating.


Lisa Achebe  12-31-2020
ok so this release is actually really fun. i at first though that the combos were too automated and flowy, but i found that it was the character i was playing and after playing 5 more characters and i found that its entirely fine and that its a really enjoyable release


Sheldon Orville  12-31-2020
awesome,I just saw this in google run shop and just check it out.cuz im looking for a release when im bored,then this release appeard....this release dont bore me though has so dozens lives(that hearth thing) and has large rewards unlike the other games,and can avail all the characters and has a future if more and more updates to come,keep it up Devs..


Gertie Lee  12-31-2020
I loved this game! extremely smooth, no Lag even my smartphone only runs at 1GB RAM, and the gameplay is superb, the Characters are look so Cool and Sexy, I really really loved sexy female characters and artworks that's is a bounty to the gameplay of this game! highly recommended to the gamers that love RPG


Lawson Titus  12-31-2020
long time player! good game! Listen here! this release is awesome! ive been playing for awhile maybe too long lol the gameplays whenever solid. leveling up takes awhile but well value it! try it out! i highly instruct it! extremely fun! addictive! action packed! whenever something to do!



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