Android Version: 4.2App: Hyperlocal Weather (Dark Sky Powered by) & Radar
Release date: May 26, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: darkskyandroid.appCategory: weather
Name: Hyperlocal Weather (Dark Sky Powered by) & RadarExtension: Apk
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System: AndroidSource: Official


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Weather and widget edition for smartphones that provides topical weather conditions and high accurate hourly and minutely hyperlocal weather forecast, with live rain radar map. Powered by Dark Sky weather. * diurnal and hourly hyperlocal weather forecast * straight to set up and straight to use. Simple usufructuary interface * veritable time rain storm radar map (Doppler radar) in live animation * Next hour rain forecast in chart which you exactly need * It is fully Free. adverts remove option (No adverts - ad free) ** It's interface is diverse but weather prediction informations comes from Dark Sky, so it can be alternative * Download size is small, you can readily download * Minute by minute prediction & down-to-the-minute prediction (minute prediction informations from Dark Sky weather) * Weather prediction alert * 3 transparent widget and topical condition notification in info bar * Background animation depending on topical weather conditions * Sunrise-sunset and moon phases * Weather prediction summary on house screen * Radar focuses your exact location *1x1 Weather widget *Next hour rain widget We will continue to ameliorate the application, please stay tuned. Meteorological Parameters Shown: - follow live storm radar maps - Hyperlocal hourly weather forecast - The possibility of rain (rain, snow, windy, sunny ...) - Temperature - Feels like temperature - Average wind direction and speed - maximal wind speed observed - Humidity - Pressure - Ultraviolet ray index (UV Index) - Visibility Explanation from developer : The edition will shows to you the Dark Sky informations until they close the service (They declared service will close end of 2021). Before they closing service of course we will add one or more informations source as an alternative like aerisweather, accuweather, worldweatheronline etc. The product will never close down. More explanation is on the "About" page within the application.



Brittany   6-10-2021
As a biker, its saved my butt plenty of times!


Pamela Romick  12-8-2020
I just desire to know if this is attainable to share and family library I had dark sky then it was taken from us because it went to iPhone and I'm so delighted to see it my husband will be extremely delighted I desired to share with him run shop family


JosΓ© R. MartΓ­nez  12-7-2020
Past: The first section disappears if you scroll down. Present (12/7/2020): it ia working great!


Shane Minor  12-7-2020
This is an accurate and practical app. There is nothing I can declare negative!


Stephen Andrec  12-6-2020
Clear, concise and accurate


James Eutize  12-5-2020
Lots of weather information.


Andrew De Witt  12-5-2020
I found it really accurate for my area. However, I can't seem to gain the 'pro' version. propose the developer checks the functioning of the 'Go on' button.


Janet Kingdon  12-5-2020
After some initial hiccups, this edition is working well and gives a extremely trustworthy forecast. My one wish could be that it automatically changed address when I did as opposed to having to manually change it ... but that's down to Mr Google's limitations ... so I'll give it 5 stars, don't see why it must lose one for something that's not its fault :)


Luis Moure  12-4-2020


Brad  12-4-2020
It's an accurate weather edition with a extremely annoying rating request info


don t  12-4-2020
Had a glitch, but dev came to the help nearly immediately. Now it's working as fantastic as it whenever did. dozens thanks.


Lin Ennis  12-2-2020
Been using it only a couple weeks here in Sedona, an ecotone with microclimates because of the stone formations. Here, it can rain in ones front yard but not in back! I installed this for more accurate night time temperatures so I can cover a few plants in extreme weather. So far, I like it!


Bradley Coleman August  12-2-2020
Brilliant, I love all of the weird informations like the UV index and the moon phase. It's fun. I also don't give it my location, because it's pandemic, where am I going? So I like that it works just fine with the ZIP code and no permissions.


Steve Forssell  12-2-2020
Thank You. Your recent upgrade repaired the problem.


Denise Ediger  12-1-2020
Longing for DarkSky. Cluttered and inaccurate. Often off from other editions by 10 degrees. Difficult to see hourly or 7 to 10 day forcasts. The news is in pop up and so spread out you have to work to gain what used to be so elegant, serviceable and easy. You are powered by Dark Sky but nit at all like that app. Now I have eight weather editions i have to jump between and gleen notification from every one.


Henrik Andersen  12-1-2020
This edition is a finish joke. Ever since Darksky was taken away from android, I have been looking for an alternative option. Spotted Hyperlocal which initially seemed quite accurate and it had a userfriendly interface. I paid for it and now it's useless. In London it has showed clear sky for 3 days when it was fully overcast. Today it is clear and it shows overcast. It can't even gain the extremely fundamentals right, what utter nonsense. I will reach Hyperlocal for a refund as this application is not fit for target and lurs the client into thinking it's a viable Darksky alternative - they must not even be allowed to avail that name


Egor Palchyk  11-30-2020
This product is...okay. Just okay. Superficially, it has enough informations listed. I hate the buttons at the bottom having no labels, but fine. The news seems accurate enough. And "pay for no ads" is a plus. Functionality, it compares itself to the defunct Dark Sky. Let's compare. It likes to close on its own, not activate on boot, or just not upgrade for ages. It also doesn't auto upgrade your location, just weather in one location. And, the "severe weather notification" has never notified.


Robert Monahan  11-29-2020
fantastic edition for the fresh weather


Jonathan Kinser  11-29-2020
extremely accurate, with lots of serviceable news at a glance on the major screen.


Gareth Barnes  11-29-2020
Today the edition says clear and sunny all day. The BBC edition says light cloud and then dark cloud. I am sitting under light to dark cloud. How can the edition be so wrong?!


Mario Gonzalez  11-28-2020
excellent πŸ‘ I love it πŸ˜€


John Garland  11-28-2020
exquisite exactness in my experience


Nick Bailey  11-27-2020
The edition is mostly excellent and has just enough information. But the info is whenever out of date - it just doesn't seem to ever exhibit me the topical weather which is most annoying.


Pete Gavalas  11-27-2020
City/town names are too slight on my LG anyway which also makes them blurry


Kari Simons  11-27-2020
Most accurate weather edition I've used yet


Emanuel Oliveira  11-26-2020
unhappy one of the widgets only works in UK/US


Grandpa Reads Bible Stories  11-26-2020
excellent app. Fast. Well organized.


Jonathan Veit  11-26-2020
The interface is well-organized and intuitive. It must allow you to avail it with just WiFi and mobile networks to save battery life like other weather apps. Instead it requires GPS also which burns battery. Change that and it gets 5 stars.


Beth Gibbs  11-25-2020


Chauvin Emmons  11-25-2020
I wish the forcast went farther out.


Martyn Hd  11-25-2020
could be good if tidal news would be included somewhere. This would then be my only goto weather app. Otherwise a fantastic app.


Herman Greene  11-25-2020
We love this edition because it gives excellent regional weather.


Reg Mitchell  11-25-2020
straight and accurate


Ryan Strode  11-25-2020
smartphone started crashing right after download


Break Bomb  11-25-2020
Literally worked once. Went to settings to change to Celsius, never worked after that (the adds still work though). RIP OG dark sky, you will be truly missed.


TinedGuitar6043  11-25-2020
I gain time, temp, wind speed, wind direction, pressure, without the worldwide warming propaganda. Radar too!


Scott Owens  11-23-2020
fantastic ap!


Steve Johnson  11-22-2020
Clear and more accurate than others


Steven Lemcool  11-21-2020
I love it !


Gil Delamare  11-21-2020


Cameron Shaw  11-21-2020
Been great. Accurate. would avail slightly better designed summary pages. A bit same same. Love the rain forecast for next hour feature.


CHERYL WILSON  11-20-2020
The radar shows what has happened...not the forecast!


Paul Hill  11-20-2020
No conform from developer when emailing


Justin Welborn  11-20-2020
The edition was fantastic until it forced you to watch and add to close it, uninstalled immediately.


Richard Nicklen  11-20-2020
Very, very, extremely serviceable


Gabe Uebel  11-20-2020
Longtime Dark Sky user. fantastic edition


Dave Smallwood  11-19-2020


Lorna J  11-19-2020
It has all the news I'm looking for, I suppose. The interface isn't quite as... usufructuary outgoing as Dark Sky, and I wish I had the option of defaulting to the hourly view on opening instead of having to click across a bunch of unlabelled randomly shaped buttons at the bottom to discover things. I also wish I would turn off the image saver widget, without also turning off the temperature in the status bar up top.


Dean Stiller  11-19-2020
outstanding edition swift exactly what I need


Jeffrey Morris  11-19-2020
This is the exquisite gratuitous weather edition I've ever used on an Android. I highly recommend..


David Yacuoby  11-17-2020
Love it....


JIll Reid  11-17-2020
So cheerful you guys developed this app. I used Dark Sky for years. Thank you for developing this edition when smartphones lost the avail of Dark Sky!


Candy Russell Roe  11-17-2020
Love this edition


Mok Swagger  11-17-2020
extremely usufructuary friendly. Alltho i wish it showed sunrise/sunset more readily.


D. Dial  11-17-2020
good app.


Derek Castree  11-17-2020
greatest u


Lynn Kennedy  11-17-2020
Clear and straight to gain weather. No doubt about what day you are looking at.


Richard Howle  11-17-2020
Good, reasonably accurate, edition


Kenny Grybel II  11-16-2020
wonderful edition


Kevin Berman  11-16-2020
Love it


carl green  11-16-2020
After Dark Skies was taken off smartphones I changed over to this app, it was meager in comparison to start off but is improving with each update.


marcio sousa  11-15-2020


Steve Bryant  11-15-2020
fantastic edition extremely accurate


Mark Doll  11-15-2020
Decent weather app. could love to see precipitation % in the 4x1 widget instead of humidty.


Walter Kerr  11-15-2020
I like the interactive map.


Willard Weimer  11-15-2020
extremely informative


Troy Fields  11-15-2020
fantastic weather edition exquisite one I've found


Stephen Peterson  11-14-2020
Seems to be doing the job. beautiful easy forward. Simple interface.


Scott mck  11-14-2020
fantastic app, really like the interface, and it is beautiful accurate for me. I really wish you would view future weather on the Radar bit though, just having the past is genre of senseless imo, could be 5 star if not for this. And the rain graph is really excellent but wish you would press on it to exhibit further into the future too.


Pauline Mc Grath  11-14-2020
extremely accurate


John Wallace  11-13-2020
edition had improved some, but now has perpetual ad that takes up the bottom of the screen. Uninstalled, trying something different.


Pamela Dowe  11-13-2020
strong weather notices sounds good!


oi Sassy Maate  11-13-2020
The UI is overy confusing. So dozens diverse animations and icons going on. The UI looks like something easy out of computer class in the 90s. again just another horrible weather edition littered with adverts with the option to pay the ransom and remove the forced a subscription price lol


Joey B  11-13-2020
A excellent replacement to the soulless DarkSky


Joe Lombardi  11-12-2020
Works great. excellent interface.


Fernando Mendoza  11-12-2020
Poorly designed, not attractive. Doesn't work well except you pay. Sorry for the mediocre review.


Bulldog Bull  11-11-2020
So far so excellent


Jeff Williams  11-11-2020
outstanding weather edition


denise oloughlin  11-11-2020
Gives me what I need


Graeme Pauley  11-11-2020
nearly as excellent as Dark Sky


DA40driver  11-9-2020
Knocked it out of the park!


David Butler  11-9-2020
My beloved weather app. straight to avail and seems quite accurate. My only problem with it is was it was difficult to discover how to remove the adverts because the sandwich bars at the top left are about as dark as the background on my phone.


Mark Stacey  11-9-2020
Absolutely fantastic app.... 100 percent more accurate than the met office edition


Patrick O Mahony  11-9-2020
So far it's been extremely accurate. fantastic edition


Gina Angulo  11-9-2020
I like it


scott thompson  11-9-2020
Yawn, after several months I'm bored with Hyperlocal. Lots of beautiful Fandango but Clunky interface. Too tons searching\scrolling for the news I want. Updates are whenever promised but not happening. Active radar map is great. exquisite I've seen but the relax isn't value it.


Lar E  11-9-2020
Not enough time with edition yet. If its anything like the inRoute app, sick have to revise my 4 star rating.


keith johnson  11-8-2020
trustworthy predictions.


George Gleason  11-8-2020
fantastic edition straight to avail with all the notification I need.


Lance Richard Morton  11-8-2020
Previously used Dark Sky and now managed to discover this app. I'm extremely delighted with edition and looking forward to further updates. Highly recommend. πŸ˜‰


George Thanos  11-6-2020
Add Beaufort


Stu Cook  11-5-2020
I have tried dozens diverse weather editions in my time and none have combined both ease of avail with exactness of details. This edition tries to equip you with intel on the length of wet spells as well as execute it super obvious in the widget any weather alarms applicable. The only place I discover this edition falls down is that I have to settle for my address as "Greater Manchester" rather than my municipality or avenue address. I can overlook it due to this edition being so straight to avail and customise.


Falk Osthus  11-3-2020
delighted enough with it, only the widget does not upgrade


nathan silver  11-2-2020
Wow!! try Out Thid App!!


John Miller  11-2-2020
fantastic app!


Restore All Concete Inc  11-2-2020
Love the look of this edition but the temperature is idea off not accurate at all


James Leyland  11-1-2020
fantastic edition that will be familiar to previous dark skies users.


Catriona Thom  11-1-2020
regional weather. generally accurate.


Lloyd Durgadeen  11-1-2020
extremely accurate news provided about the weather


Alex Poxon  11-1-2020
Really looking forward to rain alarm notifications!?


Tony Brown  11-1-2020
Radar only gives historical account, no predictive forecast. And when edition is closed you are confronted with advertising. Annoying. Deleted. Developer responded to declare I can buy the pro version to eliminate ads. Searched for it, couldn't discover it. Also no mention of pro version giving predicted radar. I've no interest where the rain has been, I desire to know where its going to be and when. I've switched to WeaWow. good


Burwil Chance  11-1-2020
Needs percent opportunity of rain on prediction widget.


Luke Kicklighter  10-31-2020
So cheerful Dark Sky brought back smartphones service


Vicki Banks  10-31-2020
This edition has been a great replacement for the Dark Sky edition (so far)! Thank you for this tons needed app!!!


William Inluv  10-31-2020


Mark Jones!  10-31-2020
Just needs a rain alert and it could be great.


Meg Keen Loehr  10-31-2020
Most accurate temps where I live.


Ken Hewitt  10-31-2020
extremely accurate


Shelly Larson  10-30-2020
fantastic app- using it since dark sky ended. Only thing I wish is that the radar could exhibit future and not just up to the minute radar info. It's good to see what's coming up and where a storm etc is heading.


Richard Payne  10-30-2020
excellent alternative to Dark skies, could like animations to be smoother


Daniel Sutfin  10-30-2020
idea overpriced. The 1X1 widget is a large disappointment. It's not Dark Sky. And like a dummy I paid for the 3 month.


Archie Bunker  10-29-2020
How do you not have alarms yet? Needs rain alarms and strong notice alarms if your going to compete versus the others. Also % opportunity of rain on 3 day widget and in future prediction on major page could be nice. I know if you hit the day it gives it but could be be handier on widget and major screen.


Tony Harrison  10-29-2020
Going across Tropical Storm Zeta right now and this edition alarms and notices doesn't work. info banner keeps declaring "couldn't update". Only idea to upgrade is to open up the app.


Not Sure  10-29-2020
fantastic weather edition overall. Interface is good and it's beautiful accurate (at least where we live, in the mountains). My only complaint, is that the widget never updates. You press the 'update' at the top right corner, but it never actually updates. Once you physically open the app, then the widget updates.


O. Fernando Tapia  10-29-2020
Fantastic, informative, swift


Alan Clark  10-29-2020
Lots of pertinent news


Bobby Wood  10-28-2020
Found this edition because the one that I was using is no longer receiving updates... so far so good. my only question is does this supply you with shove intimations of weather alarms in your area, or do you have to constantly open the edition to see any alerts?


A Google user  10-28-2020
fantastic for remote, local, domestic weather!


nigel sture  10-28-2020
This is excellent unless that the radar only goes up to the topical time, it does not predict rainfall for the coming hours, the veritable Dark Sky radar did, which was tons more useful.



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