Android Version: 5.0App: How To Raise a Harem
Release date: Apr 5, 2021App Rating: 4
Author: 나니소프트Category: game role playing
Name: How To Raise a HaremExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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"30 minutes a day" unattended collection RPG game, “How To Raise a Harem” worldwide open! ■ admission to the game■ #1 TWICE: Once with your eyes and once with your ears! Feel the joy across illustrations with diversified charms and character CV that share your diurnal life from morning to evening. #2 Neglected systems for occupied modern people Even if you don't access the game, rewards will be accumulated, and run the release comfortably across a neglected system where characters grow. #3 infinite items of strategy In order to win in diversified contents such as phase and gild boss, it is necessary to gain buff considering your own deck composition and properties! Feel the thrill of winning the combat across strategic play. [Min Spec] - smartphones OS 5.0 and later [Access Guide] 1. (Required) Allow storage (device pictures, media, files) access - You need this privilege to save the file on your gadget that you need to play the game. - Request SD card write/read permission to download resources. - The Storage spot (device pictures, media, files) access permission includes permissions to avail storage. You need permission because you cannot read/write the news you need to avail the release when you do not have permission. [How to set and retract access rights] 1. smartphones 6.0 or higher - How to withdraw by access: gadget Settings>Apps>View more (Settings and Controls)>App Settings>App Permissions>Select applicable access rights>Approval or withdrawal - How to withdraw by app: gadget setting>App>Select applicable app>Select permission>Approach permission or withdrawal 2. smartphones version less than 6.0 - Because of the nature of the operating system, it is not possible to withdraw access permission, so you can only revoke access if you delete the app. We instruct that you update the smartphones version. [Customer Service] - client consultation: 070-7600-4541 - E-mail: [email protected]



Vpron  7-5-2021
Гра норм небольшие лаги присутствуют, ну видали и похуже


Night Fox  4-24-2021
The art is wonderful but the gameplay and occasions and such is not extremely interesting. The release also kicks me out from time to time after playing for ten minutes


Trev Dew  4-22-2021
Less rating for a less then enjoyment game. Changed rating because there is literally nothing to do in this game. Advancing requires hour upon days of afk gathering/training. Towers? Useless, Arena? unbalanced, Maze? Waaay too strong. Summoning units? excellent luck, rates are low, and the elements to summon are rare as ****. You only gain one ticket for 1-5☆ for completely completing diurnal missions. This recent occasion that came out is for high lvls only. Useless for recent people. 110% coins grab game. NOT recommended.


Cassius  4-21-2021
This release gets 2 stars for its splendid artwork and graphics. Definitely an M Rated game, but I don't mind that. I'm rating this poorly because the budget obviously went totally into character artwork. The release plays poorly, it's too intractable to progress, and gacha rates are sub-par. You WILL hit a wall where progression slows down tenfold. releases unoptimized in policy of gameplay.


DarkDevil Productions  4-20-2021
The only trouble I have with the game, is that after i run for a certain quantity of time the release starts to slow down and lag really bad, it even affects my smartphone speed. Needs to be repaired for 5 star rating. And no it's not my phone. Also needs more stuff to do, can't wait for recent updates. fantastic release guys


Thành Long Nguyễn  4-20-2021
It needs something like gold and exp dungeon. It take me about 40 minutes to run when the recent day come and 10 minutes in there was for watching ads.


Adam Melton  4-19-2021
It's an lazy release with anime girls. If not for the random crashes. It's an ok release over all. So if you have 2 gigabytes on you're smartphone or whatever. Give it a shot.


Gavin Hagan  4-18-2021
It is ok but I genre hate it


Juan Mckee  4-18-2021
Enjoy the game, major problem is that my release crashes after each combat


Matthew  4-18-2021
Requires internet, 2GB size, won't even load.


Steven Paz  4-17-2021
enjoyment release from what I can play. But it dose accident quite alot. Definitely a explicit release 😀


Neo Junkiat  4-17-2021
Skip the battle... Nobody is here for that... And to little summons...


seth thee_slol  4-14-2021
black image happenes after I press tap to run reinstalled it multiple times and still doesn't work ;-;


Godzilla gamer  4-14-2021
After you completely install this edition it tells you there's a requisite upgrade file that is like two whole damn gigabytes and then even after that you need to sign in/sign up for some sort of account for this app!??! Waste of time


Stephen Hartkemeier  4-14-2021
This release loads idea too slow!


Jason Bates  4-14-2021
Definitely a 'M' rated game. Artwork is great. Seems extremely playable for f2p. good job Devs!


Душин Владимир  4-14-2021
about 2GB! cheap assets. crushes. only 50 characters. nothing new. goodbuy


SonicDart Sonarutoku2.0  4-14-2021
ideal release guys, but there's a few adjustments that need to be made. First off, if this release is for 18+, the rating for the release has to be changed to an A for ADULTS ONLY(Explict=Mature). And second the release could be a lot more enteresting with a tale to go along with the game.


GLITCH93  4-13-2021
It keeps staying on the loading image and I don't know what to do


Joshua K.  4-13-2021
must be rated 18+


Emma Loraz  4-6-2021
Grpahics good. Gameay average. Too tons p2w. No recent servers. intractable to compete without $$


I dont care so i dont share  4-5-2021
Ohoho 18+



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