Android Version: 7.0App: Hot Wheels Infinite Loop
Release date: Nov 16, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: Creative Mobile GamesCategory: game racing
Name: Hot Wheels Infinite LoopExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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* Nominated for exquisite Racing release and exquisite Mobile release at gamescom 2019 * Buckle up and start your engines as you smash, crash, and stunt your idea to victory! Put your beloved Hot Wheels® to the experiment and compete in epic missions to unlock, collect, and update legends like the Twin Mill™, Bone Shaker™, Rodger Dodger™, and Deora II™. The year is 2068 and Hot Wheels® has created an all-new automobile racing sport - the endless Loop. Perform epic stunts, accident into your competitors, smash your opponents, and take on gravity-defying loops in a race that makes legends and dreams come true! ADRENALINE-CHARGED CAMPAIGN MODE • Go on thrilling solo races in Campaign style & earn rewards • Race across multiple chapters designed to experiment your skills • Smash and accident your Hot Wheels® across recent York, London, and Japan • Boost your idea across the competition and take the top place UNLOCK, update & gather fabled HOT WHEELS® • Cruise across Career style to claim automobile bonuses for more stunting, racing and smashing • gather fabled Hot Wheels® and add outstanding skins • Win rewards and tier up by acquiring the rarest cars RACE YOUR idea across CHALLENGES • Take on daring tasks in missions style to receive peculiar prizes • Drift to fuel your boost and speed your idea across time trials • Monstrous nemeses and clever traps are ready to take you down - avoid them at all costs! Are you ready to take on the endless Loop? - mission Accepted! SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS • This edition offers monthly and annual subscriptions. • remittance will be charged to your Google run Account at confirmation of purchase • Subscription automatically renews except auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the topical period • Subscriptions may be managed by the usufructuary and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase • Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the topical period • You can annul your subscription at any time, but please note that you will not gain a refund for any remaining period of a subscription • Any unused portion of a gratuitous trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the usufructuary purchases a subscription If you have any questions or need any help, please reach our client aid at This edition is subject to an End-User licence Agreement: Privacy Policy: ©2020 Mattel.



Carol Curras  12-7-2020
This release is wonderful


Prince Gaming Yt 2  12-7-2020
Please 🙏🥺 muja alock bhage do thanks


Ritchel Reynes  12-6-2020


Jordan F.  12-6-2020
Parents watch nephew was playing this on my phone, hands it back to me and little did I know I gain an mail of $72 because he purchased stuff across the app! Of course he didn't know. babes don't exactly understand MasterCard's and money. I discover that taking advantage of babes and parents money. I managed to gain refunded across Google. Because developer mail is undeliverable 🙃. In edition purchases in a babes release is beyond rediculous.


Saburo  12-5-2020
Feels like a 50 mb release


Tariq Pathan  12-5-2020
outstanding guys. Please install it. It's just the exquisite release I played.


Sdeb Adhikary  12-5-2020


Star Pari1  12-5-2020
I like the release man we need to scan a our hotwheels and gain the hotwheels Ok


vicky Kr. sharma  12-5-2020
automobile release


vanessa rivera  12-5-2020
Soooooooooo coooooooool i run this release each time


Jesse Bayliss  12-5-2020
A lot of minor bugs. I report what I see, but they don't seem interested in fixing them. The main bugs that execute the release unplayable they gain around to eventually. newest time I was probably unable to run for a week, longer if you count me having to force kill the release after every race just so I would open a crate before it became fully unplayable. Things they declare will be repaired in the next upgrade aren't. Servers are often overwhelmed (per support) making multiplayer races intractable to steer\laggy


ALOK. COOL Doobay  12-4-2020
Akol doobay


Nexus TV  12-4-2020


Manoj Heda  12-3-2020
You will gain no recent automobile in the machine box.And you cannot buy a automobile


jeff yeet  12-3-2020
Since I've changed my phone, this release is extremely nice. But what's with the maintenance? It happens each time I open a automobile or soft box. Bruh, warn us when a maintenance is about to happen.


Edy Swasono  12-3-2020
extremely excellent is release


Alma Batiquin  12-2-2020
Gt assassin swift so excellent


ovl Madhu  12-2-2020
I like this release but it takes so tons time to open


Nichi Nichi  12-1-2020
Abdul muhaimin shahwal bin Abdul mutalip


Megan Gilliland  12-1-2020
I love Hot Wheels endless loop this is super enjoyment especially getting recent automobiles and I also love driving all the automobiles I gain in this release


Ashish Tilanthe  11-30-2020
What is is not getting started....stuck on the page and showing connecting something for me....I like this release


劉智永  11-29-2020
Can this release add tilt control?


U w U  11-29-2020
Did we really need to add 45 recent diverse elements needed for frickin upgrades?... no one desired this change. Revert the update system. Not to mention getting duplicate automobiles now. Never had that happen before


Tricia Limerick  11-29-2020
enjoyment release but SUPER glitchy.


Sebastian Davis  11-28-2020
excellent but time limit on some races I only finish at the newest second


aston corrass  11-28-2020
fantastic release A Bit Lagy Though. But Like Being In A Toy.


Jeevan Daa  11-28-2020
Its extremely extremely extremely extremely extremely excellent


Samantha Gunderson  11-27-2020
excellent release


Gurjeet singh singh  11-27-2020
Speed and realistic graphics


Trinay STG VR  11-27-2020


aldwin josh julio  11-27-2020
My Robert Downey the first place same time as the one that come 5th I love desire to see meI to


Stanley Thomas  11-27-2020
I actually liked the swipe control manner implemented in this game, gotta declare it was point on. beautiful excellent graphics and gameplay. This is as excellent as it may gain for a racing release on smartphone.


Joemarion Robinson  11-26-2020
i love this release im 10 if i come the number 1 on the ledar borad can yall send me some for gratuitous


Shades s  11-26-2020
I like this release extremely tons


paul mellor  11-25-2020
discover the interface idea too complicated, gameplay excellent though


Shamatha lankipalli  11-25-2020


kancharla Devi Sireesha  11-24-2020
Because I am not getting any automobiles


Shokit Husain  11-23-2020
exquisite of luck


Ronel Fianza  11-23-2020
when i run this release it so extremely extremely good and super cool if you desire a good release choose this


Jason keitaro Kusumah  11-23-2020
Keren aku suka mobil apa lagi release ini aku sukaaaaaaaa


Arthur Millagan  11-22-2020
Why can't you add a automobile trading upgrade


Jeremy Playz  11-22-2020
It is my recent favourite release


Jahidah abd samad  11-22-2020
Im so enjoy this racing game...I hope next upgrade will be more fun...I love this release so tons i hope you can gave me T5 automobiles please...


Sdharmaraj Sdharmaraj  11-22-2020
Its so nice😄😄😀🥰


Yassin Ghahramani  11-21-2020
حیفه یک گیگ ترافیکم خیلی مسخره اس


Madhusmita Sahoo  11-21-2020
I have downloaded hot wheels endless loop edition from from Google run shop but edition is not opening or working.


Aarohi Lal  11-20-2020


Natarajan Kaarthi  11-20-2020
I did not like this release bikas it requires internet


Giorgio Gosali  11-20-2020
so enjoyment


Avinash Sahare  11-20-2020
wonderful outstanding


Aryan 4A / Aishika 8A  11-19-2020


MIPPIE MUPPU  11-19-2020
NICE, can you put dodge charger R/T?


Preethi NA  11-19-2020
I love this release so 5 star rate


Robert Wolfstream  11-19-2020
I was a emotional wreck gain it when I first seen the release I was floored wink wink they really drove this release house


Max Gerald  11-18-2020
Not excellent gmae laikebsbjw c


Prashant Prashant  11-18-2020


Dhruv Sarda  11-18-2020
Bit cool but first automobile is slow


Roopsa Om  11-18-2020
This release is extremely good!(And no, I'm not a bot:)


Paul Flanagan  11-17-2020
wonderful graphics and gameplay, it's more like a AAA console racing title than a mobile game.


Lokesh Kumar  11-17-2020


David Styles  11-15-2020
This release rocks !!! Thanks for updates maintain up the fantastic work.


Mama smith  11-15-2020
I like hotwells


sven pro  11-15-2020
May beeee excellent 🦍🦍😎😂😂


Brian Lee Jun Hong  11-15-2020
It is a excellent release and platform, but the choices for automobiles and race tracks is limited, i hope there will be more selection to maintain us in the game.


Makhi Andrews  11-15-2020


Serwaah Bonsu  11-14-2020


Samima Rouisuni lina  11-14-2020
I got like xD


Benz ngaite  11-14-2020
excellent graphics no problems with this release it's so excellent execute sure to download it


Mihir Mudiraj  11-13-2020
This release has a bug cause I don't have the necessary parts to update my automobile but the release is still declaring to do it and it hangs there


anju eldho  11-13-2020
This release is cooler


shahima akther  11-12-2020


Jody Vance  11-12-2020
I really like the game, automobiles would be a little more realistic looking. I'd also like to be able to customize the button layout . I have big hands and I fat finger it all the time . extremely bugging which is why I gave 4 stars. Freezes up a lot, low Wi-Fi sign pops up often even though my signal is fine and the automobile will be sluggish. Sometimes have to tap buttons a few times to gain them to work.


Yash Choudhary  11-12-2020
Just awesone till now, racing feels so smooth and


Danny Oscar  11-12-2020


Nate M.  11-12-2020
It's a enjoyment little release but it's a classic freemium gambling machine. I spent veritable money to buy recent automobiles but can't buy what I want. It's a loot crate. 4 TIMES IT GAVE ME THE SAME automobile IT GIVES YOU gratuitous AT THE START AND I PAID REAL$ FOR THAT. Also the trick only shows recommendations for a divide second so you can't see it, the release is a convoluted confusing mess, there are four categories of in release currency and I don't know what they're for, I don't know how to update a car, it's not even a authentic race.


CT-Raider 7086  11-11-2020
Love it


shibu muttankara  11-11-2020
extremely excellent


John Gilfillan  11-10-2020
Its fun, the bounty multiplier for watching adverts just hangs on loading but never goes go video. Have to close and reopen to continue.


Gursaab Singh  11-10-2020
To excellent


Neha Sinha  11-10-2020
This is extremely excellent release


jyoti yadav  11-10-2020
It cannot download it is extremely extremely wrong


Herczenik Kristóf  11-9-2020
Asphalt copy.


Muhammad Syabil Hasif bin Muhammad Adam  11-9-2020
exquisite release Dude


charles charles  11-9-2020
Super release


Roada333  11-8-2020
There is a problem with the glitching each time i gain on the release it permits me claim my stuff in inbox then it freezes but otherwise its a cool release


Fernando Manangon  11-8-2020


Melanie Ramos  11-8-2020
IS cool


6-P Manlucot,Ysaiah Ruthermond S.  11-7-2020
This is the worst racing release I have ever played. All this release does is lag and your automobile suddenly speeds up then you crash.


Saraswathi Ramanujam  11-7-2020
Drifting control crazyyyyyyyy 😁😁😁😁😎


Gerlee Gerlee  11-7-2020



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