Android Version: 4.4App: Hot Drift
Release date: Aug 26, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: Ionut IlutaCategory: racing
Name: Hot DriftExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Features: - Realistic drift racing release on mobile devices - 17 mighty automobiles with particular and realistic setup - each automobile behaves differently, feel the power and weight, discover your balance - unique driving on diverse surfaces asphalt, grass, sand - Trainig follow to ameliorate your driftig skills - Day or night tracks - Live cameras and replays - Turbo, blow off valve, gearbox and tires sounds - Flame exhaust outcome with sound - picture style to share your coolest drifts with your friends There are also 2 diverse points multiplier: "Drift Combo" multiplier and "Edge Drift" multiplier. - Drift Combo multiplier is increased by 1 always points contact 100, 200, 300 etc. - Drift Edge multiplier is increased when you drift near a wall (less than 1.5 meters) proportionally to closeness. You'll warning this bounty with a slow motion outcome and a text showing the multiplier factor. Car customize options: - Body color and glossiness - Rim color and glossiness - Caliper color - Wheel smoke color - Lights color - Windows color and tint Car tune options: - update top speed - update power - update shift delay - update weight - Adjust suspension height - Adjust camber angle - Adjust flange Coming Soon: - More cars. - More tracks. - More customize options - More tune options - Multiplayer We will upgrade and ameliorate Hot Drift constantly. Please rate and give your opinions for further improvement of the game.



abdul latif  6-15-2021


Oliver Howard  6-12-2021
It's fantastic but the thing I don't like is that you have to pay for most of the maps


ERIK Pop  6-6-2021
Genial bro


portocal69  6-6-2021


Paul  6-1-2021
The release keeps crashing even though I have excellent device. So unplayable


Syed aniq Quwaidir  5-23-2021


Blaze  5-15-2021
release is excellent nothing wrong but ameliorate the graphics for better experience.


Soldier 1st Class  5-5-2021
I don't know how to gain money and this release maintain on stucking


cheeky pumpkincheeks  5-2-2021
I'm excellent at this game.....


Athul krishna P. A  4-26-2021
I love this release extremely tons . I like toyota 86 l love that automobile good release I uncover a release like this .any ideas i like this release so tons .THANKZz πŸ–€


iris labanon  4-12-2021
This release Looks excellent


Russell Gambrel  3-9-2021


Infinity Official  3-3-2021
This is excellent release for me because my dream automobile is gt86 manual,gtr r35 nismo,mustang gt500,Lamborghini Huracan Evo and lamborghini Aventador SvJ


Anf Colony  2-17-2021
good but execute its grafix exquisite as possible And execute a gratuitous drive map this release Will be renowned


sftolis  1-31-2021
It's a good release a graficks is good a exquisite automobile on a release from me is max Toyota supra


Cj25gamer  12-23-2020


Jeremy Tamis  11-23-2020
I like this release but the bug is extremely fastest but is excellent to like summer automobile


Ross Godric Valdez  10-27-2020
I realized if you go in autumn downhill and drift on the inside leaves lol


AG Chan  10-7-2020


Brendon Ho  8-27-2020
The bug is in the whole summer course tunnel l, you will fly out pls repair it. BUT it is still excellent game..


Mihai Alexandru  8-6-2020
Bro i like it but its lagging so tons


Raymond  8-5-2020
Luv the release like initial d neext time can you do like initial d release


Gabby Reyes  8-1-2020
This release is really excellent cuz the toyota AE86 From initial d and i desire to you guys to add the downhill mountain from initial d plssss


Ripgggamer TTV  8-1-2020
A ha ahaha


Ang Sheau Yueh  7-25-2020
I love this game.


courtney Dodd  7-7-2020
It's got the authentic e86 its already fantastic T O F U


Sandra Navares  7-7-2020
Can you please execute it so that you can change the hood of the automobile and maintain up the excellent work


Jennifer Patasin  6-26-2020
it's so excellent


ζ‚ͺ鬼Ꮶẏō  6-16-2020
release Is Simply outstanding There Are dozens diverse Cars.There European & Japanese automobiles Even American & Suprisingly Even Some Police Cars.Many Customizations Including Changing Light Colors & Smoke.Interiors In All The automobiles Have Working Speedos & In My Opinion Probabaly The exquisite In Any release Its All diverse extremely Detailed.Only Complaints I Have Is The releases Graphics Its Not wrong But would Be Better Another Is The Sound & Needs A Redline Limit.I'll Be Getting Your Newer releases So I'll Be Deleting This.


Anwar Sadat  6-2-2020
Personal option: I think this release is marvelous. The motive is because it has a Toyota AE86! from initial D with the fujiwara store logo on it. Moreover it offer mountain track, which gives it a initial D feeling. I wish we would a bit more customization like Need for speed heat, or add more tracks, or even run online or regional co-op.


Austin Mckinney  5-9-2020
My number one release on my release list and i hope u guys add more cool bitchin rides


shielajake ramos  4-16-2020
The release is awesome!!!!! πŸ‘ it's perfect!! and I love the drifts to!!!!!!!!


Fehc llorre  4-14-2020
Add f&f automobiles and initial d automobiles with eurobeat for more drifting experience.


DebeddaGreat  4-9-2020
really a fantastic game. I hope the creator will put more jdm cars. really appreciate this masterpiece. 😊


Bryan Capuyan  2-9-2020


Amit Singh  10-3-2019


A Little Bit of Everything  10-1-2019
Super tare jocul 😎


Patrick Berecz  9-20-2019
Jurge group


danut maxim  8-27-2019
Super, recomand!



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