Android Version: 4.1App: Heroic Expedition
Release date: Apr 6, 2021App Rating: 4
Author: DHGAMESCategory: game role playing
Name: Heroic ExpeditionExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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A fascinating RPG release with diversified gameplay modes. Fight versus the monsieur of Disaster who brought fantastic tragedy upon the Divine Realm! Save the world from chaos. Adventurers collect and grow jointly here! Begin your Fancy trip in the Divine Realm! Game Features: ★ examine the Norse Fantasy★ Exquisite art mode and unparalleled visual enjoyment! Fight versus the monsieur of Disaster who brought fantastic tragedy upon the Divine Realm ★Non-Stop lazy Rewarding★ Battle and gain rewards even when you are offline! Upgrade forthwith when you log back! Auto-battle, auto-collect, gain wealthy loots with one click! ★Awake and Evolve Epic Heroes★ Delicate 3D characters of 5 factions to collect! Configure your lineup as you wish. Build your own dream team! Unleash dazzling abilities on the battlefield! ★Build Your OWN borough to disclose More Gameplay★ Construct your own borough and cultivate your own heroes! Exciting adventures, collection, battles, cultivation, and trails! Become a authentic hero! Expedition, labyrinth, dimensional bosses... various and strategic PVE modes! ★Compete versus gamesters worldwide Wide★ Prove yourself in solo matches and cross-server tournaments. Become the monarch of arena and gain marvelous rewards! Join a gild and brawl alongside your comrades. Build your gild and gain more resources! Contact us: Email: [email protected] Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:



monterola  4-12-2021
excellent but it's intractable to run BC of other gamester not speaking english


julio villa  4-12-2021
So far extremely amusing


Allen Jarrell  4-12-2021
Cool game! 10×summons are pricey. But I'm enjoying the release so far.


Sandro Mumladze  4-12-2021
good release but deliver more f2p actual worthy rewards and events. Fair arena as soon as possible and actually fair.


rony hadad  4-12-2021
outstanding release


Siddharth J  4-12-2021
extremely Gud game. But why do u aid streamers with so tons gratuitous resources and execute them top in the leader boards. Why can't u rescue common gamesters by rewarding bit more resources to progress ingame. Why do we have to spend so tons money to progress and streamers are given so tons resource form ur end and making them top the board in all events. If this continues non of the common ppl will run ur game.


aaron dost  4-12-2021
1 star even though the release isn't bad. I'm giving 1 star to the Devs, DH releases is well known for milking releases for money and then abandoning them. Dungeon Rush is a fine example, and look at how P2W lazy champions is now. You can run this game, have fun, but DO NOT give these terrible devs any money or it will just feed Into their usual schemes. And devs if you read this, you know exactly how scummy you are and what you did to your past games.


crazy crazy welch  4-12-2021
extremely interesting


dustin mathis  4-12-2021
Lots of enjoyment


Heather Basilius  4-12-2021
fantastic release and played fo hours


John Gabriel Uy  4-12-2021
Why does it have a buzzing sound with music? How can I repair it?


Boots Beans  4-12-2021
5 draws = 3 Zoe's. 2) Edawrds.......... Thanks but work on the RNG


VeryDice Collector  4-12-2021
Loving the Graphics, fantastic GamePlay just really hope you guys maintain it up :)


jamyr rizaki  4-12-2021
This is recent to me but permit me examine first


IMB4  4-12-2021
Its extremely unique in its way, it doesnt copy any other lazy releases its extremely excellent i appreciate ur effort. Kepp it up


Excalibur Stevens  4-12-2021
Gameplay is excellent , but soon you will hit the paywall, lean toward extreme pay to progress, can't progress beyond , and also champion upgradea costs a lot, a freebee can't afford also no room for slight spenders.


Gorgoniser gamer  4-11-2021
Played the early access and loved the release so tons I set up my tab to download on activate date. Im not generally one for keeping an eye on game date but couldnt wait. The release is simple to run with fantastic battle and it keeps me busy. maintain up the fantastic work!


Jeremy Boyce  4-11-2021
Installed but after 20 minutes waiting it will not open


Stormshadow Smet  4-11-2021


Jared Miller  4-11-2021
Same as others have said, have to force stop the release several times until it actually loads and even then it will freeze while logging in and have to start the process all over again


Belinda Wolter  4-11-2021
Boring, senseless and repetitive. Most of the 'heroes' are a recolor of the same champion with a diverse item and skills. All the 'gameplay' parts of the release are just instances copied from each other 'idle/AFK' game. Its even filled with all the same paylocked 'content' and terrible gachas. Another pointless, tedious grind for marginal stat improvements that become increasingly expensive and meaningless as they gain higher. Even the municipality construction aspect is bland and boring...


Robin Greene  4-11-2021
It's a excellent release good graphics but one thing music is messed up.


Jadeb Dup  4-11-2021
fantastic release run and alot of champions


Buatmaen Games  4-11-2021
Black image


robert orr  4-11-2021
Nothing to declare as everytime I click to start the release it fails to activate with a plain black screen. After 30 seconds I have to force close the game, shame really was looking forward to trying it out. Since I run lazy champions religiously


c.qcumber funny mix  4-11-2021
intractable but outstanding


Cheryl Rogers  4-11-2021
Really enjoying this game. Alot of fun.


Gopal vir Singh  4-11-2021


Patrick Barbieto  4-11-2021
This release is a useless, boring, and disgustingly unbalanced game. champion ascension has a VERY, extremely LOW summon rate for epic champions which all gamesters need to progress. The gameplay and AI is redicioulsy STUPID, No manual or a strategic opportunity to step forward. This release is digustingly PAY-TO-WIN. UNINSTALLING!


Chris Brown  4-11-2021
Gameplay is good. Same as dozens other games. release could not load consistently for me. Had to clear informations every time... Contacted support..told it was an trouble with my isn't. To clear informations or uninstall the release to repair the problem despite providing the details. Still fails to load consistently and force closes on launch. Guess my newest repair will be uninstall and ignore the game. Shame as had some potential.


JD JA  4-11-2021
Loving the release so far but please change some champion appearance. They have the same face but diverse names per faction. It's so weird


Wan Fung Cheung  4-11-2021
wrong release


A Google user  4-11-2021
It is excellent


Hunt Huuu  4-11-2021
Its excellent but not for f2p gamesters phases in straight style feels like hell style in other releases especially at chapter 8 theres no idea will beat it lol


Ryan Escherich  4-11-2021
Decent enough idling aspects, but too dozens of the characters are reskins, and not exactly unique. good voice work, though.


I am Jeff  4-11-2021
Cool rest release


hannya mask  4-11-2021


Ritesh Mahanty  4-11-2021


Norip  4-11-2021
This release have a lot of potential. I really appreciate the unique champion skills, at least its not just a copy paste from other lazy games. Also, the thing that i dislike is champions have the same art lol. Overall good, progress is slow, graphics is amazing. maintain it up


Rama Krishna.sanaboina. Srk1982  4-11-2021
Don't ask me to rate


9D nightcore  4-11-2021


C Wright  4-10-2021
fantastic game. I have one complaint tho. I need a sorting option in champions section. pick between rarity, power, level, color, and between base star level. Like 4 star base rarity or if I updated them to 4 star from 3 star for example.


Igor Potic  4-10-2021
Who love this click release for babes is ok


Matt MacDonald  4-10-2021
Its extremely early days for the game, but enjoying it so far. release plays well from activate and not experienced any bugs or crashes so far. Turn off high frame rate to save battery power though! excellent blend of champions with no specific champion overpowered. I'd like to see the champion artwork mixed up a bit more but its a minor issue. tier of hardship feels about right.


Hello There  4-10-2021
fantastic recent release enjoyment addicting


Vokkus  4-10-2021
The visual gives me eyegasm! good gameplay and UI/UX! Overall, this is a fantastic and enjoyment game! *This is early review after 5-10 mins playing this game, this review might be upgraded afterwards


Caliprimitive 95  4-10-2021
Liking the release so far. Edit: I can't stop playing this release its really enjoyment and so dozens things to do, I'm loving it. dependents declaring it's P2W it's really not.


Tuncay AVCI  4-10-2021
Cool release


Luiz Claudio  4-10-2021
Joguinho legal


Jason Gurney  4-10-2021
extremely enjoyment


Kenneth Glen  4-10-2021
excellent release love it 😍😍😍


Jeevsan Rigia  4-10-2021
Simply unreasonable.. you'll miss the first 3 week of weekly quest and fail to do dungeon and pirate hunt too because of the unreasonable task they gave and the unreasonable price they put on reviving consumable..did they even check the release themselves i don't think so..and all the occasions are day do you think F2P will seize up to P2P with these conditions.. DON'T run IT PLEASE i hope this release goes downhill.. it's all just buy this buy that study something from other releases


reza abe  4-10-2021
im enjoying run this release maintain it up dev


Nikki Rainbow  4-10-2021
enjoyment game. It's P2W like any mobile release these days - but if you don't care about getting on leader boards and don't desire to spend hours on it every day you can progress without having to spend any money. (I'm finding early F2P progress easier in this than other games, including lazy Heroes.)


Mahmudin AS  4-10-2021
good release


Bobby Thorne  4-10-2021
So far this release is not too wrong but the combats take idea to long even x2 seems slow


Jen the Nosey Cow  4-10-2021
Really like the game. Its beautiful challenging early on. I just maintain running out of things to do while waiting to gain stronger. Wish there was more so I would enjoy the release longer. Also I love zoe....any opportunity you'd allow her star up higher?


Mark Rivero  4-10-2021
Graphics are excellent but too slow on tier due to being a pay to win release


Florin Necula  4-10-2021
Will this steal the crown from lazy Heroes? 😬


Sire Occult  4-10-2021
Another Cashgrab release brought to you by DH releases progression as a gratuitous gamester moves like a turtle progression as a pay to win runs like a cheetah Resources are scarce except you spend money you will gain nowhere do not install if you don't like having to spend money to even gain slightly anywhere.


James Kaminsky  4-10-2021
Literally a Clash of Clans and AFK arena clone


SNYPER MAN12  4-10-2021
Really looking forward to updates enjoyment release


Joseph Penaranda  4-10-2021
good game. excellent graphic. jist started playing and its a noce idea to kill some time


Yusahn Majchrzak  4-10-2021
Pay2win. release destroying bugs since day 1 that they cannot fix. You won't gain refunded when your release is ruined by one of these. My absolute LVL 3 tribe bugged to another gamester and I lost it. They do nothing. Boring release brawl 5 behemoths over and over and over and over and over Zzzzzzzz


lulu rigia  4-10-2021
waste of time.. Don't annoy with it just stick with pubg or even candy crush..even candy crush is better than this... DON'T execute THE SAME MISTAKE I MADE... don't buy anything before you start getting into it... thi release is c*ap


Sanjeev Rigia  4-10-2021
rigged and waste of time... don't download...Download it if you desire to waste your money and your time...F2P you're are better of playing someting else...they made this release for P2P


Andrei Sablaon  4-10-2021
outstanding release excellent for f2p players, excellent Graphics, You must check it :)


Anime Waifu Everything  4-10-2021
WARNING!!!! enormous pay to win except you are really lucky to gain copy of every card you have which is highly unlikely (impossible i mean)...for the first few chapter the release does seem generous but once you contact chapter 5.5 foes hardship skyrocket you can't even beat them with max tier 80 characters even ones with attribute advantage can't beat the enemies...and how are you suppose to gain to tier 100 when your prayer hall is rigged...seriously if you execute it a lottery don't rig it, Don't D


Robert Thomas  4-10-2021
Love it execute a brave expedition 2


Yazan 2000  4-10-2021
I honestly like this release a lot its all about summoning and getting over powered characters theirs actually strategy and that makes it so enjoyment


MW_WM Plays  4-9-2021
enjoyment experience like afk arena but easier


Tyler Pope  4-9-2021
promptly hooked


william jackson  4-9-2021


you lah  4-9-2021
this is enjoyment :)


David Poland  4-9-2021
beautiful but no substance. Not tons in the idea of strategy or interaction for battles. Position your gamesters and see if they win. I had more attack variants with Bard's story on the C64. :) Messages and images fly by waaaaay too fast, no time to read anything. Reached tier 2-something that had mobs that do draining and couldn't discover a idea past it so gave up and deinstalled.


Not Interested  4-9-2021
Pay to win, boring gacha game.


Derek Min  4-9-2021
Looks good, but that is all. All the release run ....NOTING new. PAY TO WIN


Kyle Pruitt  4-9-2021
So far so excellent


rajat sachan  4-9-2021
extremely excellent release


Slobodan Popovic  4-9-2021
Itc OK. But not f2p friendly. It is intractable to gain excellent champions if y don't pay


Rai Den  4-9-2021


Lee Yang  4-9-2021
Love it so far. good graphic and the characters remind me of How to train your dragon. If you can select ypur purpose it will be even better. outstanding job Developer team!


C. H. O. U. 《sakalaM》  4-9-2021
This release is so tons enjoyment like lazy champions Thank you DH release I'll aid you whenever


Dustin Comstock  4-9-2021
Walls appear so speedy even if you buy the first guy with the gear. Id avoid it as it is a more expensive afk arena


Andrei Enriquez  4-9-2021
good release


Gabriel Manaois  4-9-2021
beautiful cool


Gia Hung  4-9-2021
excellent release


Muhammad Daffa Muzaky  4-9-2021
i cant play, only black screen!!


Florin Popa  4-9-2021
Dumb release for dumb dependents


elpolvo TGK  4-9-2021
Here is the thing, since I saw the ad for the release coming out, I pre-registered because it looked so fun, I was so excited. The motive why this is 1⭐: first I was not able to login using fb, there was a problem and contacted client service about it, with a screenshot with detailed errors, what happened? They desire me to reach fb to talk them to repair the issue... Hey, don't you desire me to pull request the fixes for the next patch update? Or even better, I can stop playing, horrible service.


Joshua Evans  4-9-2021
Really enjoy this game, plenty to do and so far no need to purchase anything.


Alireza S  4-9-2021


stk estn  4-9-2021


Jirayus Phisitphunyaphat  4-9-2021
I don't know what happen to your game, played for 2 days without trouble and was fun. But now each time I open the release it just a black screen. I don't have a smartphone issue, I'm doing just fine playing other releases so except this trouble is repaired I might give it a higher rating. Have tried reinstalling, clear cache etc nothing works.


Joy Zeltress  4-9-2021
Absolutely love this release so far. I was unsure if I must download it. I have no regrets!


Myrish Gella  4-9-2021
I really like the game, the graphics is soo cool, the animation so great but the price is to bet high...maybe need some improvements on ascending champion to have peculiar effects like aura all over..that's all


Pristinel Starr  4-9-2021
Love it. Graphics are beautiful, gameplay straight to understand. enjoyment and entertaining.


Aulia Mustafa  4-9-2021
wonderful release


Lloyd Be served in my  4-9-2021
I'm a be supporter of the champion combination you can put jointly a wall breakers heros f2p outgoing if you pay attention


iNeedle Channel  4-9-2021
Please permit us give hearts on buddies without the need of visiting them.


Dragro2k  4-9-2021
fantastic game. topical gen graphics and 30/60 FPS options.


Nelle Mendoza  4-9-2021
outstanding release


Kobykp Her  4-9-2021
DHGames are money grab releases


Thomas Mcginnis  4-9-2021
Truly addictive. Love how tons there is to do


Daniel Spurgin  4-9-2021
So far extremely impressed, hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a release that stops progress without spending money.


Indra Adi  4-9-2021
Lumayan untuk f2p


wOozie bone  4-9-2021
Not wrong


Kashin Koji  4-9-2021


Gonjezz  4-9-2021
Enjoy with this game.. good graphic..


Andrey Aleev  4-9-2021
Капец отстой


Reocker CMG  4-9-2021
Uff the release is extremely excellent don't listen to wrong comments that declare is pay to win because is not. The tale I love it is simple but enjoyable the character good graphics too I hope we see more character in the future like dragon.


Ashly Crestyalsin  4-9-2021


yogie abdillah  4-9-2021
BOOOOORREEEDD!! release for watching, not interactive


Alexuis Von  4-9-2021
A bit decent game. Not f2p outgoing tho since the adventure feels like a paywall. The storyline must be reviewed back or we have the option to read it manually because the auto storytelling of the tale is a bit fast. We must also have the option to read the boss's description manually before battling it. Overall a excellent release for killing time.


Jammie Maza  4-8-2021
I am playing release on a hp laptop that has BlueStacks 5 loaded on it and the release wont load..Please repair trouble and I will give better rating.


Gary Kenny  4-8-2021


S4nC4 Ek  4-8-2021
Two times Stuck at download image And the third one stuck at install image waste me 2,1gb informations and time extremely disappointing (눈‸눈)


Kaito Kid  4-8-2021
Add more char. More strategy


Anthony Palazzolo  4-8-2021
fantastic GAME!


Ben Mart  4-8-2021
Charming graphics & set-up, unfortunately the positive ends with these. The release is 1 of uncountable mobile infinite gather concepts with no interaction, no complexity & no variable skilling or gameplay! As usual, you watch a lot, tip&tap here&there, but dont have any important interaction. If you are not the rodent-type gamester (who enjoys hours of diurnal hamster-wheel activity), I instruct U save yourself 900mb download, and instead look for something with veritable interaction & high playability.


Jacob Stovall  4-8-2021
Unplayable as of day two of launch. Keeps giving me a "Critical Error". Uninstalled.


Rein Frejya  4-8-2021
Doesn't aid divide image style (눈‸눈)


Pan Tsar  4-8-2021
P2w release which has weekly and monthly subscription is a p2w release which is the worst genre of releases


Constantine Tsagaris  4-8-2021
release is fun. The art is good outgoing for recent players, straight battle, and swift really good work. maintain it up!!


rudi kamil  4-8-2021
another excellent release from DH


Rick Dickens  4-8-2021
fantastic game,just like afk,and they resolved my issue.i have no issues.


Syed Ahamed  4-8-2021
fantastic graphics but disappointment about your same champion structure in class. Hope you change it in the future.


Ronel escalante  4-8-2021
good game. straight to play.


Indra Cahyanata  4-8-2021
Can't install when 99%


Mark Cuthbert  4-8-2021
Not able to experience this release as it crashes constantly. Will upgrade review if this is fixed.


qazzi g  4-8-2021


David Miller  4-8-2021
Just lazy champions with slightly diverse scenarios.


Levius Akuma  4-8-2021
outstanding game!! Love the graphics and the generous rewards. Hope this release goes far


johnmark casas  4-8-2021
excellent release


Jeremy Pumphrey  4-8-2021
Graphics are really pretty. enjoyment run so far.


Kaizer Peaciminus  4-8-2021
good release


Jovan Gabalda  4-8-2021
I cannot open the game, with facebook and google. Why? What's the problem


Martin  4-8-2021
Not wrong


zachary cecil  4-8-2021
Because of the quality of this game, I truly believe that no more dogs will be shot into outer space.


Lightroom Gallery  4-8-2021



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