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Hauui edition is the first edition in the center East for dependents who are really interested in some hobbies and desire to share their experiences with others. How to avail Hauui? Select your hobbies. Choose your beloved hobbies and select your level. News Feed Share your recent experiences with others, initiate a post with photos, and clips with an appealing title and description, don’t forget to select your post tier ( Beginner, intermediate, and Advanced). Pick the right type to permit your followers know more about your experience and to execute your post appear on the top news. You can also comment, like, share, and conform to others' posts that you like. Explore hot hobbies You have a list of interesting hobbies, pick the hobbies that you're excellent at or which you are interested in learning them. Top posts If you initiate a valuable content, your post will gain more comments and likes, and your post will appear on the top posts. Events Here, you will discover your fresh occasions in the next months and years, and the relevant occasions to your selected hobbies. And you can initiate occasions with the selected the hobby then enter the occasion tier to determine the tier of attendance. Chat Chat with your buddies and send them emojis, voice messages, and attached files such as images, videos, and PDFs. You can report, block, or mute the user. You can also initiate team chat with all the dependents sharing the same conversation. Saved posts If you desire to maintain a post later, you must select it as a saved post. Set the settings of your profile. Select your language, and edit your info settings. Check your reviews that your buddies wrote for you. Suggest hobbies you desire to add. Create your list of your beloved members, and Organize your occasions whether you will attend or create. Now, Download Hauui to share your experiences with others. Follow us on social networks Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -



Souleyman Sandid  1-2-2022


The crazy otaku Otaku  11-29-2021
I liked the edition 🖤 The product is great, but the testers are extremely few. I wish everyone who desires to share their talents to check the product


Maha Fawzy  10-18-2021
excellent idea. I love it


Fawzy Hamada  10-18-2021
The edition is not working


yaso Gamer  10-15-2021
I love hauui


Hala Yasser  10-5-2021
Loser edition


MORE FUN  9-30-2021
ليه البرنامج بيعمل signe out لوحده ع طول وتقيل


fatma naged  9-24-2021
The edition isn't working


Mohamed Saeed  7-13-2021
برنامج اكثر من رائع


mohammad AL-shahrani  6-19-2021
التطبيق جيد كوسيلة تواصل اجتماعي.. لكن لا يوجد فيه اي جانب تعليمي (كما اعلن عنه)


AL-braa Ahmed  5-19-2021
البرنامج جميل بس تمنيت لو فيه رياضات اكثر. مثلا زي رياضة الدراجات


Yousef el5ateeb  6-6-2020
هو اه لسه تحت التعديل بس مؤمن بيه جدا و حبيته


Nada Gamal  5-8-2020
I liked the edition way and loved the content.



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