Android Version: 4.1App: Halloween Live Wallpaper
Release date: Oct 5, 2012App Rating: 4
Author: WasabiCategory: personalization
Name: Halloween Live WallpaperExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Halloween Night live wallpaper with spooky enjoyment background and flying bats / witch! Now comes with 4 diverse themes like Halloween pumpkin and ghost. To save battery, you can set FPS (Frame per second) option to lower value. To use: house -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers To develop more gratuitous live wallpapers, we have implemented some adverts in settings. advertising can aid our develop more gratuitous fantastic live wallpapers. This live wallpaper has been tested on fresh gadgets such as Galaxy and Pixel phones. Please reach us if your gadget is not supported. Note: If your wallpaper resets to primary after reboot, you will need put the edition on smartphone instead of SD card. Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Note: We avail gadget identifiers to personalise content and ads, to supply social media details and to analyse our traffic. We also share such identifiers and other news from your gadget with our social media, advertisement and analytics partners. See details:



LuLa  10-21-2021
Love the purple, set on slow. 🕷️🧟‍♀️


Kat Lee1107  10-21-2021
Pro: enjoyment & beautiful straight to use, just enough personalization. Con: Hate the ads, pro version expensive for an edition


Margie Rubio  10-21-2021
Cool edition


DOLLY P  10-8-2021
fantastic little edition for Halloween👹 liking the changes good choices and colours not over the top and not to spooky thanks🆙👍🧛‍♀️🦇☠️🧟‍♀️🆒💀🎆


Space Tiki  10-4-2021
Awesome! Love it!!!


Virginia Beaver  9-17-2021
2q in


Chai Vang  1-8-2021


Alicia Vaught  10-17-2020
Cool an awsome


Scottie Rose  10-17-2020
Luv it runs smoothly and excellent looking thinks for the gratuitous tool wear👍🇺🇸


Charles Licea  10-10-2020
Its a extremely cool edition ideal for halloween


danny Cobb  10-6-2020
I love your guys editions extremely excellent


Corinna Hoptroff  10-4-2020
I'd like to be able to customise the lightning! It's quite irritating!


Kasia B.  10-3-2020
Animated but creepy enough even for adults. Lots of enjoyment with variant of background colours.


Angie Johnson  10-2-2020


Jessica Z  9-21-2020
So fun!!


love it


Regina Mcquitty  8-19-2020
Love it.


Cindy Boatman  12-28-2019
I love how it looks on my cellphone .


Priya Viju  11-16-2019
excellent edition


Jeffrey Domkoski  10-31-2019
excellent ap


Zia Freeman  10-26-2019
fantastic colors, works well!


J. Salmonson  10-23-2019
extremely good app! Thanks. 👊My hubby thinks it's awesome!


Genisis Fivehundred  10-20-2019
This is the exquisite Halloween live wallpaper I have found. You have made my smartphone and me verdy scardy ha ha hA happy!!!


Froppy Girl  10-17-2019
I love how you can change the colers and theam of the backrounds of you smartphone have to have


Pauline Martin  10-12-2019
The motive why I gave this edition a one star because their is a problem with the app. Everytime I turned off my phone and everytime I turned on my phone that I have repeatedly downloaded the edition on my smartphone. I am extremely extremely sad and extremely fustrated. This edition is not value it.


Maria Salais  10-9-2019


Mary O'Bourke  10-6-2019
Love love this edition is so cool & real😳


sam Samuel  10-1-2019


jesus delgado  9-29-2019
Doesn't work OnePlus 6t


Mariah Scott  9-3-2019
This release is so boring it does nothing at all not even a release


Lily S  6-16-2019
I love this app. It was so outstanding looking and it gave me no problems at all! Happily surprised.


A Google user  3-13-2019


didya get some 4 U ?  11-7-2018
fantastic theme, love the choices to select background from


Debadutta Dash  11-4-2018
That was a amazing live wallpaper for a recent experience


tina hack  11-4-2018
I thank its fantastic


A Google user  11-4-2018
Works well. fantastic colors, enjoyment live wallpaper.


A Google user  11-2-2018
I don't think that I liked it was a wrong game.


Jhin  11-2-2018
THE exquisite


Jazmin Burhans  11-1-2018
Really enjoyment edition for Halloween...


A Google user  11-1-2018


China Patterson  10-31-2018


Andrew Spicer  10-29-2018
it's really lovely love the colors and the moving pics


kim smith  10-29-2018


patricia wilson  10-27-2018
I hate th I edition because it only has one wallpaper and I was hoping for something better




Jayson Santos  10-26-2018
Its a good


Barbara Butterton  10-25-2018
It is magic


A Google user  10-22-2018
I think this the exquisite I think everyone in the whole broad must be on it right now cuz u know the more the merrier thanks for reading my little lecture bye please don't ask me to rate this edition again because it gets annoying and u already know I absolutely love this edition


Katheryne_T R  10-22-2018
I love it!!


A Google user  10-21-2018


Than Aung Naing  10-21-2018
excellent edition


A Google user  10-18-2018
R in sufficing


A Google user  10-18-2018
Its cool and lovely wallpapers


A Google user  10-16-2018
Its cool


Gwendolyn Dickens  10-8-2018
exquisite live wallpaper I've found. Love the color and lightening.


A Google user  10-8-2018
I love it


Addison Bowser  10-7-2018
It is a good traditional Halloween wallpaper game!!! I love it!!!


A Google user  10-7-2018
Only 1 wallpaper hate


Susan Bates  10-5-2018


A Google user  10-5-2018
Love it


A Google user  9-27-2018
I really enjoyed this wallpaper cuz it takes me to my childhood thanks it's for me💜👌💯


A Google user  9-16-2018


Rebecca Lasek  9-3-2018
It's scary I love it


A Google user  6-23-2018


Francis Oklair  2-12-2018
Bien le enjoyment


Sara Lyn  11-7-2017
fantastic scary Halloween app! Got me in the spirit each time I looked at my phone. THANKS!


A Google user  10-29-2017
Coil wallpaper.


jen nifer  10-29-2017
lovely for Halloween.. doesn't seem to avail a lot of juice


A Google user  10-29-2017
just suits me with my Halloween widgets looks really excellent no need to spend money on these wallpapers as be changing for Christmas one's soon (so again thanks extremely good and simple) 🆓👏🆙👻🎃🆒🎃👻🆗


Can't wait to see or review this app.


a google user user  10-29-2017
wooooooo i love it😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱


Kevin Horder  10-28-2017
It's so tons enjoyment it's scary there's not a ghost of a opportunity that anyone could not like it


Nelly Carolina Espinel  10-28-2017
extremely spooky.


Kriss Bailey  10-28-2017
Awsome love thid blog


A Google user  10-27-2017
I think I love it so much.


A Google user  10-26-2017
Love it! 🎃 This is one of the exquisite live wallpaper apps!


A Google user  10-24-2017
extremely cool background that's why I gave ot 5 stars even moves and strikes lightning extremely cool


Brenda Hardy  10-24-2017
Love it first time but I'm in love with th


Adam Suzich  10-11-2017
Used it the past 3 Halloweens now!


Marion Santarelli  10-11-2017
extremely good ty


bellaunicorn1234  10-8-2017
I give it 5 stars because ppl declare it is excellent so SORRY


Nena swartwout  9-28-2017
Battery drainer


Cherie Elene  9-23-2017
So cute! Definitely the exquisite Halloween one.


April Young  9-13-2017
exquisite wallpapers. I love it!


Josh Albright  8-3-2017
Getting hit with adds while texting and other things! No thanks!


A Google user  12-4-2016
بدل میچسبه


A Google user  10-31-2016
It takes too long to download


Chelley Boyes  10-27-2016
I can't stand the thunder flashing as I'm light sensitive! So can't maintain it! Shame


Chick Magnet Punk #CMPunk #BestInTheWorld  10-25-2016
Stop the uncover for a badass live halloween wallpaper theme for your phone. This is truely the exquisite & the [only] live theme that is ideal for the furlough cheer:) Halloween of course,happy Halloween ya'll🎃....


Gaby Angulo  10-24-2016


Omar G  10-21-2016
Looks good!


Boogie  10-19-2016
Has some lightning effects, a flying witch and bats.. but the wings do not move. Two diverse scenes though. Ads.


Ruth  10-16-2016
After the upgrade you have a choice of two modes but unfortunately they are only labeled 1 & 2. No description. 1 is the original


Shoaib Khan  10-14-2016
excellent but no sound why?


Alexai Broen  10-12-2016
The wallpaper could be so tons better if you would control the bats. It's extremely "sticky" for lack of better words.


Molly Lee  10-12-2016
I know that I love it so tons


Dolores AugustLucero  10-9-2016
Flying witches. Moon. It's purple


Nancy Mills  10-8-2016
This is such a lovely Halloween wallpaper. I've used it on my smartphone and cellphone for the newest 2 Halloweens. There are dozens more editing variants than you generally discover in a gratuitous wallpaper app. Really like seeing the witch fly across, which she does fairly often. Love the recent moon background! Thanks Wasabi, your wallpapers are the BEST!


Mr. Burs  10-7-2016
Really good to have a veritable wallpaper


A Google user  10-1-2016
Looks excellent


A Google user  9-24-2016
Used it newest Halloween. I'm still going to avail it this Halloween. 👻👹👺👿💀🙈😎😈😨


A Google user  8-15-2016
this is exquisite


Reba Gibbons  7-30-2016
Love ❤ THIS.


madan lal  2-1-2016
Faaddduu MST jakaaaas nic# excellent love it


karan godlike  1-10-2016
extremely excellent lwp.


Michelle Abraham  10-30-2015
whenever avail it for Halloween 🎃 it's cool


Marshal Placards  10-29-2015


Rosemary Meyer  10-29-2015
I like the coloring instead of orange and black will avail next year


fred nupp  10-29-2015
No sound


Victor Francisco  10-28-2015
So cool!!!!


shakoyat asa  10-27-2015


Lau Justin  10-25-2015
hilarious enough


Joshua Bailey  10-24-2015
Cool wallpaper


Steve Krumdick  10-24-2015


Dorothy Rocha  10-23-2015
Scarry day


Phil Hanson  10-23-2015
wrong battery drain


Reba Gibbons  10-21-2015
Love ❤ this.


laura anthony  10-19-2015
I installed this for Halloween 2014, it was wonderful to have, so I'm installing again this year!


Alpin Karagözoğlu  10-18-2015


Donna Carroll  10-16-2015
Still love it !!!


yesenia mendez  10-14-2015
Love it


Danielle Cowley  10-10-2015
Love the apple of the graphics


caraLeigh  10-6-2015
One of my favs!


Cheryl Feathers  10-4-2015
This is so cool.


Billie Johnson  10-3-2015


Kathy Taylor  9-26-2015
Cool wonderful love it


Susan Poland  9-4-2015


Doreen Halliday  8-27-2015
Gr8 tiny edition love it,,,,, 😘


Venkatesh Chandu  6-12-2015


A Google user  6-5-2015
Can be moved to the SD card. As creepy as it looks and more!


Tiklu Das  5-26-2015
I like this charming wallpapers.



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